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Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

Having a classic home with great interior design is the dream of almost every homeowner. Some homeowners want to have a custom made designs for their homes. For example, using plantation shutters is one of the greatest ways to have customized designs for your window.

Plantation shutters installed in your window makes your home look perfect. The installed shutters allow you to control light and privacy in your home.



1. Durable and long-lasting: Plantation shutters can withstand constant attacks by children than shades making them more durable. Proper and consistent maintenance of the shutters can increase their life span.

2. Customize your home: You can make arrangements with the shutter company to design plantation shutters that can comfortably fit your window. You can have the window covering customized based on your preferences; size, shape, style, color, and material of your choice.
3. Lower energy cost: Plantation shutters are more energy efficient because they contribute to about 25% of energy bills in your home. They have an R-value to measure thermal resistance up to 4.0. In colder months, the plantations can retain the heat while during warm months they reduce hear transfer. As a result, it makes your HVAC unit to easily control temperatures in your home. Furthermore, it will be able to reduce energy costs in your home.

4. Light control: You can easily adjust the shutters for more ventilation and sunlight in your home. It has a different configuration to adjust the amount of sunlight you want in your room. The different louvers of varying sizes provide you with a varying view.

5. Increase your property value: Since plantation shutters are custom made and considered as an investment to your home, they increase the value of your home. Therefore, homes with plantation shutters tend to cost more.

6. Excellent customization: Plantation shutters are excellent in customization as it can fit any kind of window or home and still look nice. When you collaborate with your home interior design company, you’re sure to see top-notch customization.

7. Durability and longevity: Of course, plantation shutters are highly durable and can withstand attacks from pets or kids in the home. Proper cleaning and maintenance and cleaning would make it last long for you to enjoy.

8. It increases property value: This is another top benefit to be enjoyed by using plantation shutters in your home. Unlike other window types like blinds, plantation shutters stay permanently in your home so, in case of selling the house, it would increase the value.

9. Good energy efficiency: Plantation shutters have good energy efficiency that allows for the right air to come in the home and even stay after it is closed. With the plantation shutters, you wouldn’t make use of your fan or air-condition, as there would be fewer needs for those.

10. Sound insulation: The plantation shutter is a good sound insulator in the home as it helps to reduce the noise from outside or roadsides. This is certainly what modern homes need because noise can cause discomfort.



1. Expensive: These shutters are customized based on the window measurement and the quality of the material. This makes them very expansive compared to the standard blinds or shades.

2. Frequent maintenance: To increase the life span of these shutters, you have to clean and tighten the louvres more often. Therefore, you need to frequently maintain them.

3. Permanent: Once you invest in the plantation shutters, the shutters are permanently installed on the windows; unless you call the shutter company to come back and professionally remove them. Changing them can cost you even more

4. Limited variety: There are a few types in the market. The majority go for soft window treatments that consist of shades and draperies. This is because the material, color, texture, and pattern can be more modified compared to the plantation shutters.

5. Takes weeks to install: Having custom-crafted shutters may take weeks to be permanently installed on your windows. The window measurements, the style, and shape must be crafted before designing the shutters that fit your window.

6. No hiding: There is no complete hiding with a plantation shutter as most persons would want. With shutters, you would still see rays of light in the home during the day and that isn’t cool for all.

7. High initial cost: The cost of infusing the plantation shutter in your home is high and discourages a lot of persons from purchasing it. It isn’t the most expensive of windows but its high, since it’s a long time investment.

8. It inhibits furniture placement: Plantation shutters kind of hinders furniture placement in your home as any obstruction with the window, you wouldn’t enjoy it. A plantation shutter inhibits you from placing furniture in areas of your taste.

9. Needs consistent cleaning and maintenance: As we all know, it is important to clean and maintain our windows for durability. But plantation shutters need a more thorough and consistent cleaning which not all owners can maintain for long.

10. May not fit your home style: Plantation shutters do not fit with all styles in a home and it would be difficult to fit a misfit home style. For most windows like blind, it would be easy to make it fit with your home design, but that is almost impossible with plantations shutters.

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  2. Jonathan Hansen

    It’s valuable that you mention that plantation shutters can help improve the energy-efficiency of your home. I’ve been looking for a way to reduce my energy spending, so I’m thinking about buying some plantation shutters for my windows. I’m going to search for a reputable business in the area that can sell me some plantation shutters.

  3. Jesse Ford

    Thanks for mentioning that the dream of most homeowners is having a great interior design. My wife and I are considering getting plantation shutters because we’re thinking of renovating our living room to provide more shade during the brightest times of the day. I think it’s wise for us to contemplate getting shutters from a reputable supplier to help the interior of our home look as nice as possible while also providing a good amount of shade.

  4. Conrad O'Connor

    It’s awesome that you mention that plantation shutters can help raise your home’s resale value. I’m thinking about putting my home on the market soon, so I’d like to buy some plantation shutters for the windows before I do. I’m going to see if there’s a good business in my area that can sell me some plantation shutters.

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