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Yollando Review 2024 → Ship Your Favorite Turkey Shops in One Basket

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About Yollando

Oh, no! Your favorite Turkey shops do not open international shipments? Now with Yollando, you can get your favorite parcels from Turkey sent to you!

Yollando Review: About
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Operating exclusively in Turkey, Yollando is a Turkey worldwide package delivery and shopping service that you can order from anywhere. It is built to help Turkish international enthusiasts to get the desired items.

With 4/5 star ratings on Facebook and accumulated 30K followers on every social media, Yollando is a shopping and shipping service based in Turkey you want to keep as your trusted aid.

But what makes it worth trying? Below, I will unravel the Yollando Review to help you decide whether this shopping and shipping service deserves your favorite Turkey stops or not. Let’s begin!

Overview of Yollando

Founded in 2016 by founder Serdar Güvenkaya, Yollando is a Turkish-based shopping and package forwarding service that many international buyers rely on.

With the tagline “From Turkey To The World,” its warehouse serves as your home address in Turkey to receive all of your packages from different shops.

Not only does it offer a shipping service, but it also offers a shopping service you can trust.

You can order a wide variety of knick-knacks from fashion items, accessories, cosmetics, books, electronics, jewelry, shoes, food, and more, spread all over the land of Turkey.

As if your feet are walking through Turkey’s local shops, the team will personally come to the shop and buy your requested stuff.

With the repackaging and auto-rescale service, you will get your item shipped in minimal dimensions to save so much cost!

Yollando Highlights

  • Unlimited shopping from any local Turkish shops
  • Communicative call service and customer care
  • Easy to use
  • Offers 20-80% discounts for international shipping
  • Press your packaging to the minimal dimensions
  • Provide multi-lingual service: English, Arabic, and Turkish

Yollando Reviews

Turkey has a lot of attractive points, especially its food, furniture, and clothing design, and we can understand why people are coming home with lots of heavy suitcases to pack the Turkey vibes with them.

Yollando Reviews

However, what if you are at home and linger for Turkey goods? Since not all stores in Turkey can make international shipments, Yollando provides a practical solution for you. You can use the Yollando warehouse address as the receiving address.

In addition, it also has additional services such as free storing, package consolidation, and buy for me, which I will explain below.

Yollando Free Storing Service Reviews

After you get the Yollando warehouse address as your recipient address, the local Turkey shops will send your package to the warehouse.

Yollando Review: Yollando Free Storing Service Reviews

There, they will keep all the items on your behalf for a few days. Here’s the time limit for storing packages in the warehouse varies:

  • 15 Free days for basic members
  • 60 Storing days for premium members

If your storing allotment exceeds the period, you will be charged +1 euro/day if you don’t immediately send a repackaging and shipping request to your country.

The maximum storing limit that applies to each member is 100 days. So, within three months, you should ask for the ‘repackaging’ service to Yollando so they can ship it to your country.

To get this access to your Turkey address, you can sign up as a member of Yollando by clicking the button below.

Yollando Package Consolidation Service Reviews

Consolidating packages (or auto-rescale) helps you to reduce the package dimensions for the most affordable shipping price.

Yollando Review: Yollando Package Consolidation Service Reviews

So, before you send a repackaging service, ensure you also request the auto-rescale service. Immediately, Yollando performs the following technicalities:

  1. Open each of your packages
  2. Repackages it densely with new boxes and bags to get a more minimalist and secure package size.

So, you can save more on shipping costs with smaller package sizes. Each package that gets auto-rescaled will cost $2.

To get your Turkey package auto-scaled, you can sign up at the link below.

Yollando Buy-for-Me Service Reviews

Buy For Me is a service you can use if the Turkish shop you want to buy from does not accept foreign credit cards. Here’s what you need to do to get this service after choosing your shopping items:

Yollando Review: Yollando Buy-for-Me Service Reviews
  1. Log in to your Yollando account
  2. Click on the Buy For Me section
  3. Paste the link of the item you want to buy
  4. Click the “add item” button
  5. Once done, click “confirm request”

Now, you have to wait for payment confirmation to the Yollando account according to the number of items you ordered via email. Immediately, their Shopping Consultant will order the items for you.

The company recommends that this service request is made in real time. For example, you make payments immediately to avoid stock-outs or price fluctuations. Therefore, this service request will only be processed during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 08.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Saturday 08.00 AM – 3.00 PM

Yollando charges 10% of the total groceries purchased using the buy-for-me service.

To get your Turkey items ordered, you can submit a request by registering yourself first by clicking the link below.

Who Is Yollando For?

If you’re looking for a shopper and shipper from Tukey to do the shipment and stuff for you. You can try Yollando. They have reliable sales, delivery, as well as customer service.

Yollando Review: Who Is Yollando For?

With multilingual services (English, Arabic, and Turkish), Yollando’s shopping and shipping services are the solutions for all international shoppers who want to collect groceries from Turkey without language or national border barriers.

Moreover, its buy-for-me and auto-rescale services are a reliable channel for those of you who want to make international purchases more economical and efficient.

For parents, single men, women, and teenagers, Yollando can be your go-to for purchasing Turkish goods because it has a wide range of categories that can be shipped internationally.

Is Yollando Worth it?

After digging on the bulk of reviews, I’d say Yollando is quite worth trying.

Yollando Review: Is Yollando Worth it?

As when it comes to delivery, many things can happen. Delay, wrong address, the recipient is not at home and more trouble. This kind of problem occurs with Yolanda too. There are also some customers complaining.

However, I see thoroughly that their team is very communicative in solving the issue. They answered all of the critics to entangle the case and figure out the solutions for the clients. Communication is the best thing about a package delivery system; I think Yollando nails this aspect very much.

With the generous discount code, reliable shipping process, and communicative customer service, I believe Yollando is an online shipping service worth trying.

Yollando: What Do Customers Think?

Many things are going on when it comes to international package delivery. The same things happened to Yollando too.

Yollando Review: Yollando: What Do Customers Think?

However, they work their best to greet the customers with the best problem-solving techniques. Most customers have written that they highly appreciate and value Yollando’s services, from the shipping, customer care, and price.

On their Facebook page, there are various kinds of feedback given to this service. Even though some customers do not recommend them, the recommended ratings are way higher.

Just like so, you can see Sigal Falk, a satisfied client writes:

A year and a half that I have been using the service of Yolando in particular. […] All inquiries to them are welcome and done immediately, and most importantly, the service is fast at excellent prices.

Another customer, Karin Gil also says:

Their customer service is amazing. They have many ways to reach them, and they’re always nice and responsive.

Overall, customers’ satisfaction and pride in Yollando’s performance are evident from the collection of reviews written. They praised their improved service through responsive delivery, purchasing, and communication. Many also say that they will only use Yollando for their Turkey international shipments in the future.

How Does Yollando Work?

Yollando works in only two ways as your reliable shopping and delivery service. For the shopping service, they will help you become a payment converter since most Turkish stores do not accept foreign credit cards.

Yollando Review: How Does Yollando Work?

They also work as your Turkish recipient address. They will store your packages on your behalf for a certain number of days and deliver everything to you based on your request.

Apart from that, they also do the shipping. They will repackage your items and scale them (under your request) to help you get the most affordable international shipping costs.

Yollando Shipping Policy

After collecting all your packages, Yollando will ship your items within 1 business day for express shipments immediately after you submit a shipping request.

They will ship your order on weekdays, while the team will process your items on Monday if the payment is made on the weekend.

The international shipping partners will ship your package you can choose: Turkish Cargo, Economic express, UPS, DHL Express, Qatar Airways Cargo, SKY NET, or CDEK.

For further shipping information, you can access the Shipping Calculator on the web since every shipment will differ on the product you ordered and the country’s destination.

Yollando Return Policy

Yollando also offers a procedure to return your order to a local seller under the following circumstances:

  1. You are charged a handling fee based on the weight and dimensions of the package to Yollando.
  2. It will be your responsibility if there is a shipping fee for returning items to local shops.

However, if your return is an item purchased through buy-for-me, there will be no handling fee for you. Please note that this returning policy applies only to locals (inside Turkey).

How to Contact Yollando?

Get some questions about Yollando shipping and shopping service? You can hit them up through the following contacts:

  • Phone: +90 (216) 343 35 72
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat (on the bottom left end of the website)

Yollando is open to any questions, feedback, and more interactions on Monday – Friday 08.00 AM – 06.00 PM, while Saturday 08.00 AM – 03.00 PM (TRT).

Where to buy Yollando?

All-access to Yollando’s services is available exclusively through its website. You only need to register by providing your email and mobile number to get your recipient address in Turkey. Later, you can check the categories and do your shopping.

Yollando Coupon Codes & Promos

Yollando is offering 20% off shipping to every first-time buyer. This shipping discount is valid in all countries. Also, an 80% discount is given under certain circumstances.

Want some more discounts? They also have special discounts per item. You can even get a 7% discount per item purchased with a unique code once you register an account.

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Yollando Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Yollando reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How long has Yollando been operating?

They have been operating since October 2016.

What currency does Yolando accept for payment?

They accept payments for Euro, Dollars, and Turkey Lira.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Yollando Reviews & Ratings

From Turkey to the world. Yollando bridges all the international purchases you want to make with stores in Turkey. From buying clothes, accessories, books, jewelry, food, and even furniture, you can count on Yollando for all of it.

With fast-growing services, highly communicative customer service, reliable packaging services, and affordable shipping rates, Yollando is your bridge to collect everything with Turkish vibes.


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