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Yhangry Review 2023 → Bring The Best Private Chef to Your Home!

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About Yhangry

Do you ever wonder how much is a private chef for a night? Or how much does a private chef cost per day UK? Don’t worry because Yhangry offers the best price with a professional chef at your place.

Yhangry Review: About Yhangry
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This online service company offers various menus to choose from. In addition, the chefs are all experts in this industry, allowing you to have the finest dining course. 

Customers have full access to selecting the menus and chefs. The team is ready if you’re on a diet and need Kosher foods. And if you’re a Moslem that must eat halal food, the chefs are all steady to help. 

The brand is famous, and you can see it on Dragon’s Den, Forbes, Times, Evening Standards, etc. It has many loyal customers and more than 32K followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

So if you need a private chef, stay tuned in this Yhangry review. So, without further ado, let’s move to the brand’s overview!

Overview of Yhangry Best Private Chef at Home

Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal founded Yhangry in 2019 with total funding of $1.5 million. This startup business benefits all the UK society in handling home dining. 

In addition, the chefs are experts in cooking. Many of them come from classy academies and Michelin stars. These professionals will bring dining to the next level.

Furthermore, the founders intend to bring a better salary for the private chefs by giving 0% commission. This company doesn’t only offer the chef service but also hires a chef.

The service is more than marvellous because chefs will cook at your place, serve the guests, and clean your kitchen perfectly. But, currently, it only serves UK citizens. So let’s hope it grows significantly to serve customers over this country. 

Below I’ll write the highlights of Yhangry. 

Yhangry Highlights

  • Provide private home chef service for the UK wide
  • The chefs are experts and professionals
  • It provides a wide variety of cuisine
  • Customers can adjust their needs based on the guest number, allergies, cuisine, budget, etc.
  • The booking process is simple and easy.
  • Home service includes cooking, serving, and cleaning.
  • Cancellation is eligible for several terms and conditions
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Yhangry Review

You’ve learned enough about this online service company. So now, let’s see what this brand offers. 

Yhangry Reviews: Yhangry Review

As discussed, the brand provides private home chefs for clients. I’ll explain what menus and what kind of chefs you can select for your event. 

Thus, let’s move immediately to the menu exploration in the following section! 

Yhangry Menu Exploration Reviews

Menus are essential in the dining schedule. As the homeowner or organizer, you would create a fascinating event with delicious cuisine for your guests. 

Yhangry Review: Yhangry Menu Exploration Reviews

So, this brand offers twenty-one menu classifications to choose from. Here they are:

Italian Pan Asian Fine Dining
BBQ Mexican Christmas
Brunch Middle Eastern Modern European
Canapés Party Indian Fusion Meal Prep
British African & Caribbean French
Group Experiences Afternoon Tea Kids
Meal Prep-Lunch and Dinner Peruvian Mediterranean

Besides the abovementioned classification, you may also explore the dishes created by the chefs. But if you want to make a menu bundling, the team is steady to help with a Free Menu Consultation

So, visit the link below and select the cuisine you prefer the most!

Yhangry Chefs Exploration Reviews

If you prefer choosing the chef over the menu, read this section carefully. As I told you in the previous area, the chefs at Yhangry come from classy academies and have many achievements.

Yhangry Review: Yhangry Chefs Exploration Reviews

They are experts in cooking with years of experience. These are some examples to look at:

  • Vijayen M is a Superchef that was trained at Le Cordon Bleu with a 46pp/£260 min fee
  • Nicholas A is a Superchef who is also a part of Gordan Ramsay Group, offering a 26pp/£260 min cost
  • Fouad M is a Superchef and Yhangry’s top chef that offers 33pp/£325 min cost

On this platform, you’ll also find other chefs from Michelin Star Chefs, Masterchef Finalists, AA Rosette Winners, and so on. Of course, every chef will offer different prices since they cook diverse cuisine too.

Therefore, let’s select your chosen chef to serve the best for your guest! 

Yhangry E-Gift Cards Reviews

Who says that customers can only eat fine dining for themselves? Not! This brand offers E-Gift Cards to surprise your beloved people. 

Yhangry Review: Yhangry E-Gift Cards Reviews

You can treat them by giving them a voucher for a specific amount. This product is available in six amounts: £100, £150, £250, £350, £500, and custom. 

You name the price and insert the email of the receiver. Then, the team will immediately send the gifts once you finish the payment. So, click the link below and order them with the best dining service! 

How does Yhangry Work?

After understanding the service, let’s move from booking to completing the dining process. In this section, I’ll try to break it down thoroughly.

Yhangry Review: How does Yhangry Work?

So, please read carefully to understand the steps. 

  • First, create an account on the official website. 
  • Then, visit the Submit a Request page.
  • Fill in the first form on the event date and the time. 
  • Next, choose what you want the chef to do between cook and serving at home or delivering the food.
  • Move to the serving style, and select the event you’ll do based on the seated or standing. 
  • Afterwards, fill out another form concerning the guests. The categories are yourself, family, friends, colleagues, partners, etc. 
  • Choose a type of chef you prefer, such as good value, fine dining, or celebrity. Remember that this classification will result in a different budget.
  • Customers can adjust the budget or stick to the chef’s prices. Ensure you put a suitable price for your guests.  
  • If you choose a home chef, please tell the team about your kitchen’s capability for the chef to cook. 
  • Customers must enter the allergies they have in the following step. If you don’t have one, then skip it immediately.
  • Tell the team on what occasion and briefly explain how you want it to be. 
  • Lastly, you need to input your postcode or city, and the team will recommend it to several chefs available. 

Note that the home chef service will cook at the event’s place and serve the guests. This chef will also clean the area neatly and leave no dust. So, let’s book early to get your schedule’s most professional and preferred chef! 

Yhangry Careers

This company doesn’t only offers private chef service, but it hires a professional chef to join the team. Below, I’ll break down the requirement and job application process. 

Chefs Requirements

  • Candidate must be a professional to apply.
  • Candidate must submit a CV, hygiene certificate, and DBS
  • If a candidate has no DBS, the team will help with a discounted one

So please complete the requirements above before applying for the job. 

How to Apply 

After fulfilling the requirements, please follow the steps below to apply for the jobs.

  • Sign up for an account at Yhangry’s official website
  • Visit the Become a Yhangry Chef page and click Start Earning
  • Fill out the form requirements completely
  • Once your application is accepted, you need to make a menu compilation
  • If you don’t have a menu yet, the menu consultation got your back covered
  • That’s it! Your profile is uploaded on the website!

Fortunately, the job application process only takes up to 5 minutes. Once a customer orders your service, you can come and finish the jobs. You’ll get the payment within 48 hours after the job finishes. 

Yhangry Chef Partnership Benefits

Working under pressure is terrible for your mental health. But you can be self-employed once you join this brand’s professional chefs. Plus, it offers six benefits for all chefs! 

Yhangry Review: Yhangry Chef Partnership Benefits

Here are the benefits you’ll obtain from joining the team.

0% Chef Commission You name the price of your service. The chefs will get all expenses. Plus, the tip is 100% yours. 
Flexible Schedule You don’t have to work all day. Instead, choose the date you are free to cook for the clients!
Fast Payment Chefs will get the payment within 48 hours. No delay, no lousy day!
Build Personal Brand Utilize the brand’s name and reputation to build your name. Stay focused and be professional! 
Multiple Ways to Earn Money If you’re creative, try to create your menu and earn more money!
24/7 Chef Support If you need help, the team is ready 24/7 and offers you free public liability insurance!

Then, are you interested in joining the team? Then, prepare the requirements and make people smile with your cooking!

Why Should Customers Book at Yhangry?

There are many private chefs in the UK that you can hire for dining. However, don’t you curious about the benefits you’ll get from booking at Yhangry? 

Yhangry Review: Why Should Customers Book at Yhangry?

So here I am explaining to you the five benefits for customers to have the Yhangry private chefs.

  • Easy Booking
    The booking process doesn’t take a long time. Instead, it is simple, and you can do it effectively from your phone or laptop. It only takes around 5 minutes to finish the process.
  • Adjustable Dining Needs
    Customers can adjust the event’s needs regarding the cuisine and special conditions. For example, you may request specific food or get rid of ingredients due to allergies.
  • Adjustable Budget
    You can adjust the budget for your event. For example, if you want to add a guest, you can reduce the budget on food. Or if you don’t like complicated things, then stick to the chef’s price.
  • Complete Service
    The chef will finish the job perfectly, from cooking the cuisine, serving the delicious meals, and cleaning the kitchen. You don’t even need to move to get the job done!
  • Easy Cancellation
    Suppose the plan changes in the date; you can reschedule or ask for a refund. If it fills the requirement, the team will kindly make it right for you. 

Therefore, customers can have a great event with the help of experts and serve all the guests with the best service. 

Who is Yhangry For?

This best private chef London supplier targets the UK society to book appointments from this company. Luckily, the service is available to all citizens across the United Kingdom. 

Yhangry Review: Who is Yhangry For?

Furthermore, customers can choose the menus and chefs freely. It is a great privilege to allow you to customize your needs for different occasions. Not only is the service excellent, but it will also result in fine dining! 

Yhangry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Don’t you wonder about the testimonials from using this brand’s service? Then, I’ll break down the rating and customers review in this section. 

Yhangry Review: Yhangry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This company obtains a 4.8/5 rating from 526 reviews on Trustpilot. To provide complete evidence, here is what a client said:

Cristi was excellent and the food was delicious. Cristi prepared everything very professionally, and it was perfectly timed and cooked. I’ll certainly book him again. Highly recommended!

This client is beyond happy with the private chef’s service in cooking and serving. In addition, the chef is professional, and the food is tasty. As a result, this client will book him one more time! 

Another testimonial said:

Martin was a spectacular chef on many levels. The food was delicious and the evening flowed like clockwork. The kitchen was left spotless making the experience a joy from beginning to end!

This customer is beyond happy due to the chef’s service. Chef Martin cooks deliciously and serves all the guests well. Furthermore, the cleaning is flawless, making the customer delighted. 

The last one stated:

Straightforward and easy to arrange. Chef Jonny and his food on that day were excellent. Would highly recommend 🙂

This client finds the brand fabulous due to the easy arrangement and straightforward booking. She is also satisfied with the food made by the chef and recommends it to other people. 

Therefore, Yhangry does its best to provide excellent service, from booking to cooking and cleaning. Many customers are beyond satisfied with the process from the start to the end, especially with the tasty dishes! 

Is Yhangry Worth It?

Definitely! This online service brand offers professional chefs to bring to the dining course. Furthermore, Yhangry is a worth-it company to trust

Yhangry Review: Is Yhangry Worth It?

You can customize the booking appointment thoroughly from the number of guests, age category, menus, and even special needs. Of course, customers are king, and you can ask what you require. 

Moreover, this company prioritizes you to provide the best cuisine from different countries and cultures according to your faith. 

Is Yhangry Legit?

I know you must find it worrying about booking a private chef at your place from a website. However, don’t worry because Yhangry is legit and has an excellent reputation.

Yhangry Review: Is Yhangry Legit?

The official website is ready to answer all your needs regarding the quote. Furthermore, you can contact the team quickly since the information is well-written on that page. 

Not only that, this company receives a high rating from many satisfied customers. Thus, every customer’s needs are well-arranged on the website, allowing you to book a chef efficiently. 

Yhangry Cancellation Policy

Something may happen, and it is unpredictable. So what if you must cancel your fine dining? Then, look at the cancellation policy below:

  • Customers must contact the team at info@yhangry.com to cancel the booked appointment
  • If the cancellation period is too short, please call the team at 020 4525 5238
  • Customers who cancel the plan more than seven days of the plan will get a full refund
  • Customers who cancel the event around 6 to 4 days of the plan only obtain a 50% refund
  • Customers who cancel the appointment 72 hours before the event will not get any refund
  • A booking appointment during Christmas and New Year’s Eve is non-refundable

What about the chef cancelling the planned appointment? 

  • The team will immediately arrange for a similar menu with a new chef.
  • Customers can get a full refund if the newly arranged chef is unavailable.
  • Suppose you change the date; you’ll receive a 110% store credit in your account’s wallet.

How to Contact Yhangry

Do you have further questions or curiosity regarding this company? Then, contact them through these methods:

You may also visit social media to get instant responses

  • Facebook: yhangry
  • Instagram: @yhangry
  • YouTube: yhangry Private Chef Service
  • Twitter: @YhangryChef

Please allow 24 hours for the team to reply to your questions. 

Where to buy Yhangry?

Do you need to hire a private Indian chef at home or a professional chef for fine dining? Then, visit this brand’s official website and book one for yourself. Remember to log in to your account before requesting a quote. 

Yhangry Coupon Codes & Promos

Eureka! Let’s see what this online service offer for exclusive deals; here they are:

Kindly visit the official website and social media for other discount codes and promotions. 

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Yhangry in other countries.

Yhangry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Yhangry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Yhangry?

The founders of this private chef London service are Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal. 

How much is a personal chef UK at Yhangry?

The price to hire a chef to cook at home from this company starts from £100, including groceries. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Yhangry Reviews & Ratings

Planning a dinner with your beloved may take time and effort. However, you can skip that part since Yhangry got your back covered! 

This company offers private home chefs for all events and lets you adjust the needs of the cuisine to the expert chefs. Therefore, let’s book a date and has the most enjoyable event now! 


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