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YFN Review 2024 → Affordable Jewelry for All Females!

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About YFN Jewelry

Are you looking for affordable jewelry? Then, look no further than YFN. This company offers you high-quality sterling silver and gold on every product.

YFN Review: About YFN Jewelry
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Moreover, the designs are beautiful and unique. You’ll get a recommendation with different themes, such as animals, alphabets, and engraved jewelry

The company also serves worldwide customers and ships to twenty-six countries. Even better, you can customize an order by submitting a design. 

Although it has not been seen yet in publication media, this jewelry brand has more than 10.1K followers on Facebook. So if you’re interested in this YFN review, stay with me until the end because I’ll break down the brand’s products and policies! 

Overview of YFN Jewelry

This company was founded in 1998 and became a world-leading jewelry manufacturer. Initially, the brand’s name was Yafeini Co. But it changes the name to a simple name YFN then. 

Sadly, it doesn’t tell the owner and founder. Hence, this jewelry brand utilizes high-quality sterling silver and gold in its products. Furthermore, many people are falling in love with it since the prices are affordable. 

Its mission is to provide contemporary jewelry according to the customer’s feelings that can express their individualities. Due to this mission, it offers a customization order for anyone who wants a one-and-only design. 

In addition, this brand serves worldwide customers through the official website, application, and marketplace. Below are the YFN pros and cons.

YFN Pros

  • Provides jewelry at an affordable price
  • Offers many themes and provides customized orders
  • Suitable for all females of all ages
  • It suits many occasions and is perfect for gifts
  • Provides AR-Try On application 
  • Available on the website, marketplace, and application
  • Serves one-time payment or four-time installments with ZIP
  • Ships worldwide
  • Free US shipping on orders of $70+
  • Free international expedited shipping on orders over $120
  • Provides 60-day return 
  • Refund is applicable to store credit or original payment method
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

YFN Cons

  • The application is quite unstable.

YFN Jewelry Review

You have enough insights regarding the brand’s overview. However, do you know what this brand sells?

YFN Reviews: YFN Jewelry Review

Currently, this jewelry company offers seven categories:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets and Ankles
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Body Piercings
  • Customized Orders
  • Charming for Pandora 

But let’s focus only on these three items:

  • Horse Heart with Girls Pendant Necklace
  • Silver Sunflower Stacking Rings
  • Sterling Silver Engraved Inspirational Bracelet

So, let’s move to the first best-selling product in the following section without further ado!

YFN Horse Heart with Girls Pendant Necklace Reviews

Do you like a horse? Then, Horse Heart with Girls Pendant Necklace is a perfect choice! This jewelry is made of 925 silver material which colors are available in three: Silver & Gold, Silver & Rose Gold, and Silver & Black.

YFN Review: YFN Horse Heart with Girls Pendant Necklace Reviews

Its size is 26 mm x 20.2 mm, with an 18 + 2 inches Rolo chain length. You can buy or give this item to your beloved people during the graduation ceremony. 

In addition, the stone is durable due to its abalone shell type. This horse necklace will be a great pair on your daily outfit. It is easy to mix and match and beautify your neck marvelously. 

The brand intends to create it for teenagers and females around 20 to 30. Not only is it beautiful, but also the item is luxurious. 


  • Made of 925 silver material and abalone shell stone type
  • Available in three colors
  • Suitable for daily or significant events
  • Ideal for teenagers and adult females

So, let’s buy this necklace for $49.99 or pay a four-times installment for only $12.50 with ZIP!

YFN Silver Sunflower Stacking Rings Reviews

Sunflowers symbolize warmth, positivity, and happiness. This second item is another best-selling item from YFN. Silver Sunflower Stacking Rings weigh around 2.5 grams and are made of 925 silver.

YFN Review: YFN Silver Sunflower Stacking Rings Reviews

It is beautiful and well-made. Even better, it features an engraved written: “You are my sunshine” in the inner part of the ring. 

You’ll receive a ring, jewelry box, gift bag, maintenance guide, and polishing cloth in one package. Thus, it can complete your outfit in the summer or spring!


  • Made of 925 silver material 
  • Suitable for daily or significant events
  • Customers will receive complete compartments in one package

The price of this shining ring is $28.99. Then, let’s get the offer by clicking the link below! 

YFN Sterling Silver Engraved Inspirational Bracelet Reviews

The final piece of jewelry I’ll review is Sterling Silver Engraved Inspirational Bracelet. This item can motivate you to make more effort because the engraving is written: She believed she could so she did

YFN Review: YFN Sterling Silver Engraved Inspirational Bracelet Reviews

The brand creates it for all females of all ages. It is made of 925 silver with a white gold shade. Furthermore, the bracelet is adjustable, allowing you to have a comfortable accessory on your hand. 

The stone length is 48.8 mm x 1.92 inches which are made of cubic zirconia. Not only the bracelet, but also you’ll get a jewelry box, gift bag, maintenance instructions, and polishing cloth. 


  • Made of 925 silver material and cubic zirconia stone
  • Suitable for daily or significant events
  • It has a motivating engraved
  • Suitable for all females 
  • Customers will receive complete compartments in one package.

Customers can wear it for daily occasions or any important events. It will be a great pair with the Sunshine ring above. So, let’s shop this bracelet for $54.99 or pay $13.75 for a four-time installment with ZIP! 

YFN Personalize Jewelry Online Application Reviews

You know that buying jewelry online can be complicated. Sometimes you make a mistake during the time to make an order. But don’t worry because this company has got your back covered!

YFN Review: YFN Personalize Jewelry Online Application Reviews

It creates a Personalize Jewelry Online application available on Android and iOS. Furthermore, it has an AR-Try On feature, allowing you to visualize the item on your body.

Customers may also purchase their desired items through this application. Even better, the YFN offers free shipping on every purchase you make on this app! So not only is the design simple, but also it gives customers many beneficial features. 

YFN Size Guide

I know that size always matters before purchasing jewelry. So, in this section, I’ll tell you how to choose the right size. 

YFN Review: YFN Size Guide

Please follow the steps below:

  • Prepare a thread, ruler, and a pen
  • Then, measure your finger or neck to get the size of rings and necklaces.
  • After that, count the length using a ruler.
  • Match the number you obtain in this Ring Size Guide or Necklace Size Guide
  • That’s it! You get your most fit jewelry!

For the ring, the customer can add some millimeters to give room to breathe. So, please do the steps by the explanation above so you won’t get the wrong number! 

YFN Jewelry Maintenance Instructions

Jewelry is a beautiful thing that you must take care of. Or else it will tarnish and lose its blinking side. So, this brand will guide you in jewelry maintenance.

YFN Review: YFN Jewelry Maintenance Instructions

Please read the guide below carefully. 

  • Keep the jewelry away from wood and chemicals because they can speed up tarnishing.
  • Store the jewelry in a ziplock bag. Don’t forget to squeeze all air inside to prevent moisture. 
  • Store the silver jewelry with chalk because it can absorb moisture
  • Avoid wearing jewelry during bathing, swimming, and showering
  • Keep the jewelry from skincare, perfume, and body lotion
  • Use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove dirt on the jewelry

If you follow the guide, you can keep the quality and have long-lasting, shining jewelry. 

Who is YFN For?

This company targets ladies of all ages. It has no limitations because its products have a different theme that suits girls, women, and the elderly.

YFN Review: Who is YFN For?

Furthermore, you can purchase the one you like the most as long as it suits your preference. So, you can beautify yourself by wearing jewelry from YFN. 

YFN Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to an essential part of this YFN review. In this section, I’ll define customer ratings and testimonials. So, here we go!

YFN Review: YFN Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First of all, here are the ratings from the abovementioned jewelry on YFN Amazon’s store:

  • Horse Heart with Girls Pendant Necklace obtains a 4.7/5 rating from 1474 reviews
  • Silver Sunflower Stacking Rings gets a 4.5/5 rating from 342 customer testimonials
  • Sterling Silver Engraved Inspirational Bracelet receives a 4.6/5 of 163 reviews

The ratings are pretty high. So here’s a buyer’s utterance to complete the proof.

Bought this for a birthday gift for our niece, and she loves it! Great value, and it will be a cherished keepsake!

This customer is happy because he found a great gift for her niece. Even better, the necklace is valuable and needs to be looked after all the time. 

Another review said:

I absolutely love this ring! It has nice thick band and I like that. The sunflower is beautiful and fits very well! Overall, a very beautiful ring! The packaging is amazing!

This buyer is delighted to purchase the sunflower ring. She loves the texture, beautiful shape, and excellent packaging. Furthermore, it fits her finger well. 

So, I can conclude that YFN performs excellently in providing beautiful jewelry for all customers. Many people are satisfied with the quality and well-made design. Plus, the packaging is safe and incredible! 

Is YFN Worth It?

I know that you might feel confused about purchasing an item from this brand or not. However, YFN is a worth-it brand that will provide exceptional jewelry!

YFN Review: Is YFN Worth It?

Furthermore, its products are created from high-quality materials and well-made designs. As a result, many customers have proven its quality and fallen in love with the items.

Hence, you can trust this company to beautify your neck, wrist, ear, and finger with gorgeous jewelry! 

Is YFN Legit?

You know that you must always be aware of online shopping. But don’t worry because YFN has a legit website to trust on. 

YFN Review: Is YFN Legit?

This brand’s website contains a secure SSL and payment. In addition, it provides information regarding the accepted payment method, which results in a user-friendly marketplace.

Furthermore, it writes the customer’s needs before and after purchasing the item. Such as product explanation, shipping policy, return policy, and contact customer service. So, buy jewelry from this place because you won’t get scammed. 

YFN Shipping Policy

How fortunate you are because this brand ships worldwide. Here are twenty-six countries that this brand covers:

Australia Austria Belgium
Brazil Canada Denmark
France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy
Japan Luxembourg Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Poland
Portugal Russian Federation Singapore
South Korea Spain United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States  

In addition, the brand offers free standard shipping without minimum orders and free express shipping on orders of $120+.

The team requires one business day to prepare your package. Comparatively, customized and engraved purchases need around 3 to 5 business days to ship. 

YFN Track My Order

Once your order ships, you can check your inbox because the team will send you a confirmation letter. Try to seek a tracking number to see the shipment process.

Afterward, visit the Tracking Order page. Customers can input a tracking number or an order number. Both of them will lead you to the shipping process. 

YFN Return Policy

Customers can return the items within 60 days. However, it is ineligible for sale items and customized orders. 

Remember that customers must return the products in their original condition. They must be unused, have labels, and be in their original packaging. 

To return, please get in touch with the team at [email protected]. Customers must resend it using a trackable shipment courier. 

Furthermore, the brand offers refunds in store credit or the original payment methods. Please let the team know if you prefer a refund to the original payment method. 

YFN Customer Service

Further questions regarding this jewelry company may follow the steps below:

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Ask directly on the bottom right live chat on the official website 
  • Send a Whatsapp message to +86 15356976182
  • Hit a direct message on Instagram
  • Send a messenger on Facebook
  • Visit the office at Unit 2, 22/F 109 Argyle Street, Mongkok, KL, HK

Please wait for at least 24 hours for customer service to respond. So if you haven’t received any reply, please wait a moment. 

Where to buy YFN?

Lucky you because this company is available on the official website, application, and nearby marketplace. It sells the product on Amazon’s store to ease you in choosing your desired item! 

Furthermore, you can download the Personalize Jewelry Online Application free on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Are you ready to purchase the item now?

YFN Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you waiting a lot to come at this section? Then, let’s see the promotions!

  • Subscribe to the official website to get limited offers
  • Save 15% off during Christmas Sale 
  • Save up to $40 off on orders of $60 during Christmas Sale
  • Buy two items to save 25% off, and buy three things to get 35% off
  • Sign an Affiliate program to earn a commission
  • Join the Influencer program to obtain a 10% commission on a successful referral code 
  • Enjoy free standard shipping for domestic and international orders
  • Take free express shipping on orders of $120+

Kindly visit the official website and social media for other exclusive deals and promo codes. 

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YFN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for YFN reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns YFN?

Sadly, the brand doesn’t mention its owner or founder. But customers can purchase the products securely since it is business active. 

Does YFN ship internationally?

Yes, the brand ships worldwide with different policies. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of YFN Reviews & Ratings

YFN offers an excellent reputation for leading the jewelry industry. It can satisfy many females with beautiful products with different themes.

Even better, it suits all ages, which allows youngsters, adults, and the elderly to wear it. Then, are you ready to beautify yourself with this brand’s items? So, let’s check the article out and pay for it immediately! 


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