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About Xula CBD

Founded by an interdisciplinary cannabis professional of 16 years, Xula makes it important for women to feel good in their own skin and bodies.

Xula CBD Review: About Xula CBD
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Xula is a brand that sells CBD tinctures with herbal formulas to deliver optimal performance. The CBD used comes from the brand’s own hemp farm, ensuring the highest quality.

Established in 2020, the brand now has 2K+ followers on Instagram, making it quite popular among the public.

Moreover, its efforts in the industry have been featured in Washington Post, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Broccoli, Leafy, MoMA PS1, and many more. What a Superb achievement!

Can this company help you live a more fulfilling and serene life? Heading into it for the real details, this Xula review will dig into the products, prices, ratings, and more to help you decide if this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Xula CBD

In a tragic storm of events against the background of the November 2020 elections, Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and his business partner, Karina Primelles, gave birth to the hemp brand, Xula.

Founded out of Karina Primelles and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey’s mutual respect and experience with medicinal plants, they realized the lack of herbal solutions for people with painful periods and cycles.

As an interdisciplinary cannabis professional for 16 years and working in the legal market since 2005— through her visibility, Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey hopes to create more space for women and black women in the cannabis industry.

Taken from the Mexican vernacular, xula (choo-luh) chul-ha chula \ ˈchül ə \ chill, intelligent, cute, balanced — to feel good in one’s own skin. Xula is defined as chill, intelligent, cute, and balanced.

Xula is a Latina and Black-owned hemp brand based in Mexico City, organically grown in the USA. Developed with the expert guidance of herbalists and doctors, the brand’s herbal formulas focus on anxiety, menstrual cramps, sleep, menopause, and hormonal toning.

Xula centers its work on helping women feel comfortable in their bodies and attain overall wellness through the transformative power of hemp and herbs. Each of its formulas is 100% clean, organic, and triple lab-tested to do just that.

There are thousands of CBD tincture options, but none quite like the Xula brand- which blends traditional medicine and cutting-edge herbal science and testing.

So, what makes this brand so extraordinary? You’re about to enter the brand review section to find out!

Xula CBD Review

Founded in 2020, Xula strives to bring CBD and traditional herb fusion formulas to make women feel good about themselves and their lives.

Xula CBD Reviews: Xula CBD Review

According to its official website, the company sells CBD tinctures products for anxiety, menstrual cramps, sleep, menopause, and hormonal toning.

The company has sold its products across the United States and gained hundreds, even thousands of loyal customers.

Xula Best-selling Products

  • Xula Lights Out
  • Xula Calm + Clarity
  • Xula Happy Hormones

Thus, relax and keep reading this article to learn the formulas and properties contained in these products!

Xula Lights Out Reviews

Reach new heights with deeper, better-quality sleep with Xula Lights Out! It is a tincture created to help the body return to its ideal circadian rhythm. Likewise, it contains seven powerful sleeping pills and supports a smooth transition from the day’s drama to a night of deep and undisturbed sleep.

Xula CBD Review: Xula Lights Out Reviews

Moreover, the Lights Out tincture now has a new look and an improved formula. Its new formula is tastier and stronger. The Lights Out tincture now includes 2.5x more cannabinoids, 500 mg to 1000 mg CBD, and 75 mg to 200 mg CBN. That means fewer drops for a similar effect.

Even better, the brand added valerian and chamomile and removed California poppy, kava, and hops to give this blend a more subtle flavor while maintaining its effectiveness. Some customers love Lights Out tincture because it is relaxing and especially helpful for women who struggle with sleep.

At a starting price of $54.00, we believe Lights Out will help you achieve better quality and more relaxed sleep.

Xula Calm + Clarity Reviews

Chill, focused, thriving. Xula Calm + Clarity‘s herbal blend of blue vervain rose, and damiana helps relieve anxiety and nerves while improving focus.

Xula CBD Review: Xula Calm + Clarity Reviews

Calm + Clarity is your favorite clean yet clinical approach to managing everyday distractions. The formula contains organic botanicals that target the parasympathetic system which is the source of anxious feelings.

The manufacturer has enhanced the look and potency of this Calm + Clarity by adding 200mg m CBG ore. Hence, it harnesses the power of each herb, meaning more support at a lower dose.

On its website, the company proudly informs that 100% of customers love this Calm + Clarity formula because it keeps them grounded and relaxed. At $57.00 you can afford to have this Calm + Clarity for your better nerves and focus.

Xula Happy Hormones Reviews

Xula Happy Hormones help restore balance to your hormonal cycle, and to feel better day to day, physically and mentally.

Xula CBD Review: Xula Happy Hormones Reviews

Designed and rigorously tested by people with gynecology, the Happy Hormones formula features seven powerful botanicals, to fight PMS and support hormonal balance.

Happy Hormones now comes with new packaging and formula, with 1000mg cannabidiol for comprehensive mood and stress support.

Over 90% of consumers love Happy Hormones due to its formula which is good at helping relieve PMS symptoms. Starting from just $44, you can get this Happy Hormones formula for your hormonal and mental health!

Xula Pros & Cons

Of course, the company’s dedication to customers isn’t the only selling point. This review found some other pros & cons during our research:


  • Originally grown
  • High-quality ingredients
  • High effectiveness
  • Positive customer ratings
  • FDA Disclosure & third-party tested


  • Limited options
  • No counseling service
  • No international shipping

Who Is Xula For?

As the name implies, Xula is for women who are experiencing period issues— to make them feel comfortable living with their uterus, vagina, and body.

Xula CBD Review: Who Is Xula For?

The brand strives to provide hemp-derived tinctures that benefit a variety of hormones. The name, which the brand interprets as “feeling comfortable in her own skin,” offers a multitude of CBD supplements, ranging from sleep aids to high-potency full-spectrum options.

Known for its products that support all cyclical period experiences, we believe Xula’s herbal tinctures can help you achieve a cyclical period with a healthy body and mentality.

Xula Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We can’t call this a coherent review without considering the perspectives of others- especially those who have tried the product. Based on the brand’s website, here are some customer opinions regarding the product:

Xula CBD Review: Xula Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For Lights Out products, this brand gets an average of 4.7/5 star reviews based on 26 reviews. That means 88% of people would recommend this product. One customer praised this product for its effectiveness, saying:

I have been taking a full dropper every night before bed and am finally getting the rest I need! Thank you!

Next, Calm + Clarity received an average of 5/5 star reviews based on 32 reviews. We are very impressed with this number! One customer who was helped by this product said:

Absolutely love this stuff, it’s the perfect way for me to get the yummy body feelings of cannabis in the morning without being sedated all day 🙂

Lastly, Happy Hormones gets an average of 4.9/5 star reviews based on 27 reviews. That’s also pretty impressive. A happy customer said:

I have been taking uff! and mhm! together. And they are bomb. I really feel that i am less anxious before my period and my cramps are almost non-existant. I think I am also a bit more calm in general.

From the reviews we got through the brand’s website, we can conclude that almost 98% of customers love Xula products because of their proven effectiveness. Thus, you should not hesitate to trust your investment in this product.

Is Xula Worth It?

This Xula review says that this brand is worth trying. In addition, the outstanding customer reviews speak of its products’ quality thanks to their effectiveness.

Coming with a range of medium to high potency, the products offered by this brand allow for an open-ended experience of health benefits with quality formulas.

The prices are very affordable, along with the product return service that ensures customer satisfaction. Furthermore, given the brand’s achievements in major media, we believe it is worth investing in.

How To Contact Xula

If you would like more information about this brand, please get in touch with the company via:

The company will promptly address your concern as soon as you express it.


3003 West Olympic Blvd Ste 205 Unit 5. Los Angeles, CA 90006

Xula Shipping Policy

Currently, the company only ships its products within the US. This includes US territories and non-contiguous states such as Alaska and Hawaii.

Once you make payment, the company will ship your order within 1-4 business days. Please note that the company does not ship on weekends.

You will receive an order confirmation email once your order has been placed. An additional email with your tracking information will be sent once the order is processed and shipped.

The company is happy to offer free USPS First Class shipping on all orders within the continental US. The average transit time for USPS First Class shipping is 3-5 business days but it can take up to two-three weeks.

If there is an incorrect address entered or there is an urgent issue with an order placed, please contact [email protected] immediately by including your order number in the subject line.

Xula Return Policy

If something is not quite as satisfactory as expected, the company offers a 30-day return policy from the time the order is received. Please note that the product must be unused and in its original packaging.

All you have to do to utilize this policy is by contacting the company at [email protected] with as many details as possible about why you want to return the opened product.

Once your return request is received, the company will provide you with a return label and the fee will be deducted from the total refund amount for the returned product.

Where to buy Xula CBD?

After reading this review, we expect all of you, every woman who experiences period pain, to want to buy Xula’s excellent products. Don’t worry, you can get all its products on its official website, www.xulaherbs.com.

On the official website, the brand also provides you with various offers, discounts, and voucher coupons that you can utilize to buy the products at a lower price!

Xula CBD Coupon Codes & Promos

Apart from product reviews, getting products at a lower price is another thing you need to look for. And the good news is that we are here to help you save more cash when shopping for all Xula products. Some of the discounts and promo info that we get include:

  • Give your friends $15 rewards and claim your own $15
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $45
  • Get 15% OFF + exclusive access by subscribing to the newsletters
  • and many more

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Xula CBD

Xula CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Xula CBD reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Xula?

Xula was founded and is owned by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, along with her business partner, Karina Primelles.

Where is Xula based?

Xula is a Mexico City-based hemp brand that is organically grown in the USA. Currently, sales and shipping-related matters are managed in the United States.

Does Xula provide international shipping?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t provide international shipping. Currently, the company only ships its products within the US— including US territories and non-contiguous states such as Alaska and Hawaii.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Xula CBD Reviews & Ratings

Xula has become a leading brand of CBD tinctures, which has been recognized by several media platforms. The brand consistently delivers products formulated for anxiety, menstrual cramps, sleep, menopause, and hormonal toning.

The formula is 100% clean, organic, and triple lab-tested. By entrusting your healthcare products to Xula, we are confident that you will achieve good physical and mental health.


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