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About XTRATUF Boots

Footwear is naturally built to protect feet from dirt, sharp objects, and other conditions that cause harm. Unfortunately, footwear nowadays focuses more on design and forgets about function. Sounds like your problem? Then say hi to XTRATUF Boots.

XTRATUF Boots Review: About XTRATUF Boots
Image: facebook.com/XTRATUF

XTRATUF Boots is the definition of a brand that embodies the function of footwear more than anything. This brand mainly sells footwear collections from boots, shoes, sandals, etc. However, what makes their products different is their performance.

All of their boots are made from high-quality material built specifically for durability. Each boot is carefully crafted with sturdy construction to provide extra protection for feet. Thus, unlike other boot brands, all these products are mainly worn in rough terrain. 

Moreover, their exceptional protection doesn’t compromise the design. When you look at their collection, all the boots have attractive designs. Thus, you can also use it as a daily wear if you want to.

Further, we found that this brand has 85K followers on Facebook and 125K followers on Instagram. That’s a massive number, right? If you are curious why this brand got so much attention and is genuinely worth the hype, stay on this XTRATUF Boots review.

Let’s get started!

Overview of XTRATUF Boots

We are afraid to tell you that we can’t find the information about the founder and the exact time this brand was built. However, we find that XTRATUF Boots is a brand under a company called Rocky Brands, Inc. This brand dedicated its first products to people in Alaska.

Their mission is to provide flexible and durable footwear to help all Alaska workers get their best protection. Fortunately, it works as they expect. This brand now become an Alaskan icon and is part of what it means to be Alaskan.

However, things get interesting by now. As their name becomes more and more recognizable, the demand also becomes higher and broader. Now, this brand provides footwear for people in Alaska and the whole United States.


  • Powerful protection features
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable insole

XTRATUF Boots Review

Being an Alaskan icon, this brand has numerous boots in its collection. Not only that, this brand also has boots for everyone. Whether you are looking for men’s boots, women’s boots, or kids’ boots, you can eventually find one that suits you the most here.

XTRATUF Boots Reviews: XTRATUF Boots Review

However, before we go to their entire collection, let’s break down each feature that makes them considered one of the brands with the strongest boots in the market.

First and foremost, of course, its durability. Their boots have been performance-tested and proven durable even in the most demanding conditions. It is tested from the Misty Fjords to Kodiak and from the Bering Sea to Harrison Bay.

Next, the 100% waterproof feature. This feature enables you to walk freely and stably and maintain only the comfort you can sense on your feet while working on challenging terrain. Hence, it is the most reliable partner to keep your feet dry and safe.

XTRATUF Boots Products

Alright. We know you hold your curiosity very well, but we will present the collection now. You can check and explore them through the table below.

Men Find a perfect match for your feet! Whether go casual with Men’s Kiata Waterproof Sneaker or stay with maximum protection with Men’s Altitude 15 In Legacy Boot.
Women Girls, enjoy your water exercise or land-based peacefully! Don’t forget to take your favorite sneakers, for example, a pretty Women’s Riptide Water Shoe.
Kids Stay stylish with your kids! What about wearing a couple, such as Kid’s Ankle Deck Boots?

Fortunately, we will review their 5 best-selling items from all collections. How would the review be? Let’s meet them closer in the next section!

XTRATUF Camo Ankle Deck Boot Reviews

It’s getting hard nowadays to find lightweight boots. Most of the boots on the market are identic with heavy and bulky size. However, don’t worry! Men’s 6 In Duck Camo Ankle Deck Boot won’t treat you that way.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Camo Ankle Deck Boot Reviews

This ankle deck boot is known for its lightweight design. It’s the perfect match for you who need protection but remain flexible. In addition, its slip-on feature makes it a perfect go-to style, enabling you to stay simple and convenient.

Moreover, this boot features a Duck Camo design with brown goring and orange pull tabs. At this rate, the overall look will be the best for your daily wear. Thus, are you ready to keep stylish in every situation? Yes!

Besides, it also has anti-slipping features. This feature enables you to stay balanced while walking on an unstable surface. So, you can comfortably walk in a wet area, such as on a slippery downhill caused by rain.

Product Details

  • Slip-resistant
  • Pull-on tabs
  • 100% waterproof
  • 7-14 sizes available
  • Duck Camo design

Feel free to move into a watery area! Purchase this Men’s 6 In Duck Camo Ankle Deck Boot now! It cost only $115.00. Go to the website now and add to your cart immediately!

XTRATUF Women's Ankle Deck Boot Sport Reviews

Who says boots can’t be used for usual sports activities? While other boots may find it challenging, with this Women’s 6 In Ankle Deck Boot Sport, all is possible.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Women's Ankle Deck Boot Sport Reviews

Symbolizing comfortability, this Ankle Deck Boot Sport allows you to experience a boot with a sneaker feel. Thus, you can use this boot for your jogging, running, and any other exercise without the fear of both breaking the shoes and scratching your ankle.

Unlike the usual boots with a heavy weight or minimum air circulation, these boots have none. It is super lightweight, even 30% lighter than other deck boots in the overall collection. This lightweight will help you to move around freely and enjoy your activities at their peak.

Moreover, it has waterproof protection and commercial-grade slip resistance. Hence, you can have fun running in a wet area. Plus, thanks to that feature, it enables the boot sport to have ultimate durability.

Product Details

  • 100% waterproof
  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining
  • Exceptional outsole quality
  • EVA/PU insole
  • Recommend half sizes order up
  • 5-11 sizes available

As the name suggests, this boot sport is for women. So, girls, if you want to do your daily sports activity with more robust protection than usual sneakers, this Ankle Deck Boot Sport is perfect for you. The price is only $135.00. Grab it fast!

XTRATUF Men's Legacy Boot Reviews

Do your job require robust footwear to protect your feet from bad weather and rough terrain? Perfect! No footwear can do all those assignments as excellent as Men’s 12 In Legacy Boot.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Men's Legacy Boot Reviews

Being an icon of hard work, this legacy boot is made from a triple dipping technique, which creates a highly resistant barrier. It will easily combat many organic and inorganic acids, chemicals, and contaminants. Thus, the powerful protection is undeniable.

Likewise, it has latex neoprene. Aside from being sleek and stylish in the visual, it also has solid functionality. It is ozone-resistant, far softer and lighter than ordinary rubber, and 100% waterproof. Thus, your feet will undoubtedly secured.

However, what you have to highlight from this Legacy Boot is its non-marking slip resistance. This boot has a Chevron outsole that endures in the most extreme conditions. So, it can be your reliable partner to accompany you in a challenging landscape.

Product Details

  • Hand-layered construction
  • Triple-dipped shells
  • 100% waterproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Recommend half sizes order up
  • 1 3/4 inches heel height
  • 5-14 sizes available

Protect your feet as they deserve! With Men’s 12 In Legacy Boot, any challenging terrain is no longer a problem now. Lucky you, this boot is currently on sale! You can get them at $63.99 from the original price of $140.00.

XTRATUF Women's Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot Reviews

Have you been in a situation where you find out your feet swell caused by standing for a long time in the sea? That must be hard. However, don’t worry! No footwear can help you better than Women’s Wheelhouse 6 In Ankle Deck Boot.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Women's Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot Reviews

One that stands out the most from this boot is the size. This boot provides a wider fit than the usual deck boot. Thus, it will give freedom to your toe and heel so that it won’t feel hurt even for more than 12 hours standing and in contact with water from the sea.

Moreover, this boot is also oil-resistant. It means this boot is also perfect for you who work in a kitchen daily. Since cooking is identical to oil, it isn’t surprising that you will quickly notice the floor has some slippery parts. To make it safe, these shoes are what you need the most.

Likewise, it enables maximum comfort for your feet. The insole features an EVA/PU blend insole. That material can be an ideal choice to keep your feet cool and dry. Hence, you can move freely without any fear of sweat between your feet and your boots.

Product Details

  • Commercial grade with a slightly wider fit
  • Dual-density insole for comfort
  • Supported upper at the toe, heel, and pull-on tabs for durability
  • Oil-resistant
  • SRC-rated outsole
  • 6-11 sizes available

Don’t let your feet hurt! It’s always better to get a boot with maximum comfort. Fortunately, this Women’s Wheelhouse 6 In Ankle Deck Boot exists. Get this now at $135.00

XTRATUF Men's Insulated Legacy Lace Boot Reviews

Looking for a men’s boot with an attractive visual can sometimes be challenging. It’s all because all men’s boots typically have a generic design. However, say no more! Meet Men’s 8 In Insulated Legacy Lace Boot.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Men's Insulated Legacy Lace Boot Reviews

This boot is the definition of once in a blue moon. If you look at the visual, you will notice that the design looks like cowboy shoes but in a modern way. The color combination will give you a warm and cozy vibe that is perfect for any outfit match.

However, aside from the attractive visuals, the functionality is still at the top of the list. It has a leather upper with 100% waterproof performance. Besides, the triple-dipped shells enable extra tough and tight protection for your feet.

Moreover, it has unique details. It is the lace features. These features enable you to hug your ankle warmly or allow the air to flow through if the lace is loosened. Perfect to wear in winter and wet weather!

Product Details

  • 100% waterproof 8″ leather lace-up upper
  • Non-marking, slip-resistant outsole
  • Triple-dipped shells
  • Hand-layered construction
  • Acid and chemical-resistant
  • Attractive design
  • 7-14 sizes available

Moreover, are you curious about how much you must prepare to get this Men’s 8 In Insulated Legacy Lace Boot home? Don’t worry! This legacy boot is currently on sale. You need $99.99 to send this home. However, before the price changes to the original $185.00, you better place an order now!

XTRATUF Boots Sizing

Is it hard to measure your foot size and match it with the size range of XTRATUF Boots? Don’t worry! This brand has a size guide for you with the same concerns, which is a tricky size count.

First, place the paper on the ground and put your foot on it with your weight slightly forward to ensure your foot is entirely in a flat position. Then, draw a line following your foot. Next, measure the distance in inches or centimeters. Finally, match it with the sizing table on the Size Guide page.

XTRATUF Boots Pros and Cons

Before we go further, looking for this brand’s pros and cons is essential. Thus, read all the XTRATUF Boots Pros and Cons in the table below.


  • Powerful, high durability
  • Solid and sturdy constructions
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional quality of insole and outsole
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable prices
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Free shipping on orders of $75+
  • Hassle-free 30-day return policy


  • No international shipping

Who Is XTRATUF Boots For?

XTRATUF Boots are built to help those who need strong footwear that withstand wear and tear. It includes farmers, fishermen, and any other job who works closely with rough terrain. This is because this brand’s products can help protect feet at its finest.

However, this brand is also a perfect fit for everyday use. Not only offer comfort but all the products are also known for having the look. Plus, this brand has a collection for all ages and all genders, from men, women, and even kids.

XTRATUF Boots Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

When we are still in doubt about purchasing something, it is always a better decision to read the review from a customer who has already purchased the products. Thus, if you still doubt, please read this section carefully.

XTRATUF Boots Review: XTRATUF Boots Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We have already picked the most helpful review among thousands of reviews on the website. We already did the assignment, so you don’t need to find the review from Reddit cause it takes a lot of time. Thus, are you ready to start?

Let’s begin with the ratings for their best-selling products:

One customer said:

Amazing boot! It has a solid and sturdy construction. They stretch and fit comfortably. It is rugged and well-made. Thank you!

This happy customer said that the boot has a sturdy and well-made construction. However, what makes him happy also comes from comfort. The shoes fit on his feet at its finest.

Another review said:

It is surprisingly comfortable for a waterproof rubber boots. They are lightweight and easy to wear. Just order a pair of leather pull-ons. I like it so much!

The review above shows that this customer is satisfied with the purchase. He said the boot is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear. It shows that this brand’s quality is truly as it claims.

Next, there is a review of the customer service that said:

Amazing customer service and great quality. I was looking for a certain size, but it was out of stock. However, I got an email when it was back in stock with a link to order. The boots are truly good-looking and well-made.

This customer shared that the size she was looking for was out of stock. However, the customer service helped her thoughtfully. As soon as the stock is ready, customer service sends an email to this customer with the link included so it can simplify her shopping experience.

Further, we can see that all customers are happy with their purchase. While having the best quality in their products, the customer service also works responsively. At this rate, it isn’t surprising that this brand has so much attention from people worldwide.

Is XTRATUF Boots Worth It?

Offer a reliable partner footwear for every situation and terrain, XTRATUF Boots is the symbol of worth purchasing. All of their boot is built to last and withstand everything. Their exceptional features, such as waterproof, slip-resistant, and lightweight, can indicate their worthiness.

XTRATUF Boots Review: Is XTRATUF Boots Worth It?

Moreover, aside from being outstanding protection, this brand’s product also has a visually appealing design. They don’t settle for less when it comes to the look. It is why this brand is also perfect for everyday wear.

XTRATUF Boots Shipping Policy

This brand offers free shipping on orders over $75 in the contiguous US only. It means orders to AK or HI are unavailable for free shipping. Thus, there is a charge of a flat fee of $15/item or pair ($22.50 for items under $75) or FedEx 2-day with a flat fee of $35 ($42.50 for items under $75).

Moreover, the shipping method available is FedEx SmartPost and Ground Economy. Regarding the delivery time, it varies based on the customer’s location and typically takes up to 4 business days. See their Shipping Policy if you want to read the detailed information.

XTRATUF Boots Return Policy

Happy news! This brand offers a 30-day return policy. Moreover, they won’t ask you questions, no shipping costs, and no restocking fees once you are unsatisfied and start the return. That’s because they want to give 100% satisfaction to customers.

However, you must ensure that the product must be in a new condition, in the original packaging, with tags and labels in place. To start a return, fill out the form through the Return Portal for the contiguous US. While for AK/HI, you can create your return by contacting their customer service.

XTRATUF Boots Warranty Policy

XTRATUF Boots offers a 1-year limited warranty for normal use against manufacturing flaws and defective workmanship. This warranty also covers Gore-Tex bootie liners against leakage (1 year) and waterproof issues (6 months).

However, this warranty cannot cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, holes worn in toes, punctures, burn marks, cuts, fire, improper shipping and handling, and more. You can find the detailed information through the Warranty Policy page.

If it appears to be a defect, the brand will replace the product if possible. However, if, in any case, the exact replacement can be made (for instance, caused by a discontinued product), there will still be an equivalent value issued by the brand for the customers.

How To Contact XTRATUF Boots

Things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you can also have some problems during your shopping, and it’s understandable. However, if you face such a situation, you can contact the customer service team via the following:

Where to buy XTRATUF Boots?

It’s always easy to shop this brand’s collection. You can go directly to their official website and find all their collections. However, there are alternative places to get this brand’s product, such as Amazon and store retailers. “Where is the store near me?” See the Store Locator to find it.

XTRATUF Boots Coupon Codes & Promos

Promo codes, free items, and discounts are what every shopper in the world is looking for before purchasing something. Thus, to make this XTRATUF Boots review complete, we will also help you to find all deals and promotions from the brand. See them closer below!

  • Enjoy various discounts when you purchase their Sale
  • Sign up for their newsletter and unlock 10% OFF, exclusive offers, coupon codes, and more
  • Earn commission by joining their Affiliate program
  • Get free shipping and returns on orders of $75+ for contiguous US

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XTRATUF Boots Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for XTRATUF Boots reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

It is probably because they provide the most potent protection footwear. All their boot collections are designed to be durable from weather, rugged terrain, and tear.

Are XTRATUF boots made in China?

Yes. XTRATUF Boots are made in China.

Why do Alaskans wear XTRATUF boots?

It’s all because XTRATUF Boots has the powerful feature to keep the feet dry and safe. Plus, all their products are known to have high durability.

Are Xtratuf boots good quality?

We think so. All of their products are made with high-quality materials that last for a long time. So, it has high durability, which means a good quality option to protect your feet.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of XTRATUF Boots Reviews & Ratings

When it comes to footwear products with high durability and potent protection, XTRATUF Boots will always be at the top of the mind. The reason comes from their exceptional construction. Aside from being well-made, all the boots are built to last for long. Thus, say no to changing the boots once a month!

On top of that, all the boots have superb features. It includes waterproof, slip-resistant, anti-acids and chemicals, and more. So, are you ready to protect your feet with this brand’s products? If it’s a yes, then jump to their website now and start to purchase yours!


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