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XTool Review 2024 → Award Winner Laser Cutting Machine!

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About XTool Laser

Are you a small business owner or a DIY maker who likes to make 3D models? To make your creations a reality, you may discover xTool as one brand that offers laser-cutting machines. Well, it’s unsurprising since they already lead the company in this field.

XTool Review: About XTool Laser
Image: xtool.com

XTool is a brand offering a wide selection of desktop laser cutters and engravers, laser-cutting machines, and materials to turn your imagination into reality and cut creations precisely and cleanly.

It’s unquestionably that you’re curious about this brand since it is already all over the place in this field with 21.6k Instagram followers, 55.3k of Facebook followers, and even 12.8k Youtube subscribers.

Furthermore, it has a proven high-quality product with a D1 laser cutting machine and even the latest launch M1 laser cutting machine, as the Reddot Winner 2022.

But does this brand live up to its fame? In this xTool review, we’ll look more profound at this brand to see its credibility, including company profile, product feedback, customer services, perks, and what its customers say. So, let’s dive deeper!

Overview of XTool Desktop Laser

XTool was established in 2012 with Jasen Wang as the founder and CEO. He found that making an idea and creations into reality is not easy. The Makeblock emerged while looking for solutions to these problems.

At first, this product focused on STEAM education, helping an underage student improve their creativity. They can build educational infrastructures by creating a robotic module, laser cutter, and coding software.

But in 2020, the machine switched into the laser machine business that still sticks to its primary purpose as solutions for creation. So, it has a broader target market than students who can use it and everyone, even businesses or hobbyists.

What is impressive about this brand is that it can provide tools and materials that can be used for laser cutting machines. The Support xTool also provides software and tutorials that can help their customers.

XTool Laser Engraver Review

If we talk about reviews, the section that must include is xTool laser reviews. Their product has been everywhere, but how about its quality? Well, we’ll break down this matter in this section.

XTool Reviews: XTool Laser Engraver Review

XTool Laser Products

  • P2
  • S1
  • F1
  • D1 Pro
  • M1

Currently, on their website, you’ll find some laser-cutting machines and a wide range of materials, accessories, and services.

However, we’ll review our top 3 picks, including their best-selling and the latest launch, since there is a wide selection of products. So, let’s jump right in!

XTool D1 Pro Reviews

The first product we’re eager to review is this xTool D1 Pro 20W, which people are curious about. This laser engraving and cutting machine is ultra-accurate and fast performance, suitable for those who are looking for a quick and robust 3D printer.

XTool Review: XTool D1 Pro Reviews

It has higher productivity with a higher speed of 400 mm/s so it will work at such a decent speed. In addition, the highest engraving and cutting performance can reach 0.0004 inches, making it work more accurately than other products.

This xTool laser is much more budget-friendly but as powerful as the traditional CNC machine, with a 120W power putout that is suitable for heavy-duty performance. The chemical-reacting stainless steel allows it to engrave colorful patterns with 340+ colors.

The easy focus adjustment can be accessed with only three steps in 5 seconds, so you can hassle-free adjust it. This laser engraving and cutting machine is available in two color options, metal grey and golden red, for only $1,199.99!

XTool M1 Reviews

The XTool M1 is an ultimate gift-making laser and blade-cutting machine that allows you to make a DIY gift on any occasion. Since it combines a hybrid laser and blade, it can be the best option if you want to work with a wide range of materials.

XTool Review: XTool M1 Reviews

The hybrid laser and blade can engrave and cut over 300 materials, including vinyl, leather, wood, paper, fabric, cardboard, ceramic, plastic, and many more. It will work ideally for thick material ultrafine lines, engraving, and cutting. Besides that, the blade can smoothly cut the softer material.

This M1 can achieve true 10W output power, cutting the 10mm wood in one pass. Likewise, the FAC lens and compressed spot technology perform an ultrafine 0.01mm engraving precision with the 15000mm/min speed.

The FDA Certificated of Class I can ensure the safety of the usage. The built-in viewing cover can filter the blue light to protect the eyes, and the built-in fan with the pipe is designed to blow away and terminate dust, smoke, and spark.

You’ll get the machine, material package, strong grip mat, light grip mat, exhaust pipe kit, and five 45° replacement blades in one box. This Red Dot Winner 2022 machine can be purchased for only $899 from its original price of $1,299!

XTool Laserbox Rotary 40W (CO2) Reviews

Do you need a laser box for a small business? Then this Laserbox Rotary 40W (CO2) can be your top choice. This laser box is included as the best 3D laser cutter machine for small businesses, making it suitable for hobbyists, designers, DIY makers, and even professionals.

XTool Review: XTool Laserbox Rotary 40W (CO2) Reviews

This laser bost redefines and reimagines laser performance for education and creation. It uses a high-resolution ultra wide-angle camera and AI visual algorithm to bring creation into reality.

The live camera preview can preview and visually position it on the nation with an embedded 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera that allows you to monitor the performance in real time.

Plus, unlike other laser machines in this list, this 3D laser cutting is equipped with rotary engraving that will enable it to engrave 360° for cylinders from 3mm to 70mm in diameter.

The 3D laser cutting also comes with a pen that allows you to design on paper or directly to the laser box material. It also features a smoke purifier and early warning system, making it eco-friendly and safe even for kids.

This Makeblock xTool Laserbox Desktop 40W  is a smart laser cutter machine that can work with a PC and mac to access the xTool software. Lastly, it can be purchased for $3,999 to engrave and cut on flat and cylinder material.

XTool Laser Engraver Pros and Cons

Before deciding to grab the brand’s product, let’s grab some of their pinpoints below!


  • Cutting laser machine that has a broad customer target
  • Safety features and a well-built machine
  • Wide selections of materials
  • Red Dot Winner Machine
  • 30 days return policy
  • Limited time warranty
  • Positive reviews


  • May require some assembly
  • Not all products get free shipping

Who Is XTool For?

XTool is a company that develops and offers 3D cutting lasers and software that offers easy access and high-performance machine.

XTool Review: Who Is XTool For?

This brand offers a wide selection of materials and products with different functionality and model that make them suitable for nearly everyone. In this brand, you can find machines suitable for your needs. So, it is likely a must-have item for small business owners, designers, hobbyists, DIY makers, or even professionals.

XTool Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From what we have reviewed above, this laser cutting and engraving machine seem completely flawless. But it seems impossible, though. Thus, we have surf to their official website to find genuine reviews that can be used as consideration factors.

XTool Review: XTool Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On Judge.Me, we found that this brand has 6558 reviews, with 90% giving 5 stars and 8% giving 4 stars which is such an outstanding rating number provided by the customers. So next, let’s see what customer feedback on their products:

The build carried about 25 minutes and was really straightforward. I could do my first burn within 5 minutes of finishing the assembly, and everything is working great.

The customer above stated that it has an easy assembly and the product can work perfectly without any downside. The following review we have attached a review that has flaws in the products:

Feels stable and well-built, used rotary attachment, and works well. The only issue is that it is louder than anticipated and sounds like an air compressor or pressure washer when operating. Not sure if that is normal.

As we can see above, the customer stated that everything about the rotary seemed fine and worked great, but the customer complained about the sounds. However, we could not find any reviews with the same complaints. Let’s move to the following review:

It’s a nice machine once you begin to learn it and the software. If you want to learn something new or add something to your business, I recommend the M1.

The customer stated that this machine could be a great option if you just started learning to use the machine, and it can be used for business. Overall, we can see that all of their products have positive reviews. We barely find any negative reviews, and some of them are not real deal breakers.

Is XTool Worth It?

After investigating this brand this far, we can see that the brand is worth it. This brand successfully provides some options for cutting and engraving machines that will suit your needs, whether for business or DIY makers.

XTool Review: Is XTool Worth It?

In addition, the product has been equipped with safety features that make it safe for you to operate, even with your children. They also offer affordable prices and high-end features that you can leverage.

Most importantly, you can also find a wide range of materials and xTool software that you can leverage for designing and monitoring the machine’s performance. So overall, we see how this brand is worth it and reliable!

XTool Shipping Policy

According to the xTool shipping policy, all Laserbox Rotary purchases will be eligible for free shipping without minimum purchase, excluding xTool D1 Pro, xTool M1, and material/accessory orders.

For martial/ accessories in the US, free shipping will be eligible if the purchase is over $99, or it will cost $15 and $30 for international shipping.

Here is the estimated arrival time for each product:

  • XTool D1 Pro: Shipping in 1-3 business days for the US and Australia
  • Laserbox Rotary: Shipping in 8-15 via UPS/FedEx for US address and 8-50 days via DHL/FedEx/UPS international shipping
  • XTool M1: Shipping in 1-3 business days
  • Material/Accessory: Shipping in 5-13 for US and 10-17 for international shipping via DHL/FedEx/UPS

For other products, the shipping cost will be billed at the checkout, depending on the delivery location. Unfortunately, this brand isn’t eligible for shipping in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, Armed Forces Pacific, Hawaii, Armed Forces Europe, and Armed Forces America.

XTool Return Policy

Are you afraid that you are unsatisfied with the purchase? Fortunately, there is an xTool return policy where you can ask for a return within 30 days after the receipt. If you are within this period, you can ask for a refund or exchange as long as you have proof of your order.

To start your return, you can email them, and they’ll give you the returned address. However, if you ask for a return, not because of the quality problem, you’ll be responsible for the shipping cost, which is not refundable.

If the returned item has arrived and is confirmed, it will take 3-5 working days to process the refund that will be billed to your original payment method.

How To Contact XTool

In case you have unanswered questions after reading this xTool review this far, you can contact the brand’s customer service at:

Their service team is ready to answer your inquiry or assist you in your shopping journey every Monday to Friday from 9:00-18:30 PDT.

Where to buy XTool?

Are you ready to get your very own laser engraving and cutting machine? To purchase the products, you can visit the xTool official store to ensure you can obtain authentic products backed with a warranty and return policy.

If you’re an EU customer, you should purchase their products through the European store. Lastly, you can also find them on Amazon.

XTool Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you a budget-conscious customer? Well, if you are, you don’t have to worry since this brand offers a wide range of products on sale.

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Need more? You can check the link below to obtain exclusive xTool discount codes!

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XTool Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for XTool reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is xTool manufactured?

This automotive intelligent diagnostic supplier is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Can the xTool cut wood?

Most of their product is an engraving and cutting machines that compatible with a wide range of materials, including cutting wood. However, you need to see the wood thickness cutting capability before using it.

Is xTool better than Glowforge?

XTool laserbox and Glowforge have high cutting and engraving accuracy, but xTool laserbox has higher advantages. Laserbox has a clean cut, air pump, and 3 auto-focusing modes.

Whereas the Glowforge has only 2 focusing modes, uses a fan, and has a dirty cut. So indeed, their product has high accuracy, but xTool offers more exquisite work than Glowforge.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of XTool Reviews & Ratings

Recently laser engraving and cutting machines have become highly demanding because many people like to make custom items. Not only for DIY usage, many people use it as a small business since its demands increase. xTool is a brand that offers laser engraving and cutting machine that has powerful performance and can work with a broader range of material.

Not only the machine, but they also provide a wide selection of material that has been carefully tested to ensure you can give the best results. This brand also offers excellent customer service, including overseas warehouse, replacement policy, warranty, and many more.

After what we have jotted down in this xTool review, we can see how this brand offers higher product quality than other competitors. So are you ready to have a highly cutting-edge machine that provides precise laser cutting in your home? Go check them out!


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