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About xSuit

Many people sacrifice comfort to look good, even though clothing should have comfort as its primary function. That’s why we recommend xSuit. So, you don’t have to compromise comfort for style!

xSuit Review: About xSuit
Image: facebook.com/xsuit

Who is xSuit anyway? So xSuit is a brand that creates comfortable and stylish modern clothing for men worldwide. Not only comfortable and stylish but also easy to care for.

The brand seeks and develops the most advanced technologies to create the best comfortable garments. Thus, all men worldwide can look their best all day long in optimal comfort.

Through innovative construction, the brand uses special fabric yarn blends. So each piece perfectly balances softness, stretchiness, and structure.

Its success in the men’s apparel industry broke boundaries. The xSuit even became a brand that set new standards. How great!

Another surprising thing is its early beginnings with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns resulted in recognition as the highest crowd-funded lawsuit. They raised over $650,000 in funding, making it the most funded suit ever.

Since their remarkable achievements, they have been featured in popular publications like Forbes, Men’s Journal, Business Insider, etc. They are also gaining a huge social media following. Over 35k on Facebook and 105k on Instagram are their latest numbers.

But does its popularity guarantee its quality? You’ll find the answer in our xSuit review. So stay with us and find interesting proof of its popularity!

Overview of xSuit

Maximilien Perez, the brand’s founder, thought about traditional suits that were uncomfortable, stiff, and difficult to maintain. Then, he came up with the best solution after many years.

He spent months researching and prototyping. But his time was worth it. In 2016, he proudly launched his clothing brand, xSuit.

The first collection was born with wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric. It also uses exclusive nano-technology for added odor and stain resistance. An impressive first collection, right?

As we mentioned, they managed to break into the market with their first collection. Of course, it resulted from all the products with minimalism in mind. They believe in quality over quantity. Less is more!

So no wonder that all of its clothes last 5 times longer than average. It’s of the highest quality. They even create them with designs that are easy to mix and match. Thus, giving you the freedom to create your style.

They have a special mission in addition to creating clothes with the best materials. The brand wants to reduce waste in the textile industry by reducing its footprint.

That’s why they use recycled materials in all stages of the production process. They constantly strive to reduce their environmental impact to create a sustainable world.

Its mission and purpose might make you curious about its products’ quality and clothing collections. Therefore, we invite you to see its clothing collections in the next section. Let’s move!

xSuit Review

Before going into details on their quality, there are a few things you need to know about their clothing products. So, each xSuit clothing collection has a different material usage version.

xSuit Reviews: xSuit Review

The brand developed it specifically in its 4.0 and 3.0 collections that use 8-way stretch fabric. So it can provide freedom of movement and maximize comfort. It also uses thermo-fused seams for the best maximum durability.

But whether it’s 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0, all versions have the same nanotechnology. So they’re all resistant to odors, stains, and wrinkles.

The new collection is now available in version 4.0. This collection features a lightweight chest, shoulder canvas, and pocket flaps. Hence, giving it a more classic look than the previous 3.0 collection.

Aside from its charming collection, check out some of the clothing collections below.

xSuit Clothing Product Category

All of its apparel products are formal wear. However, the top quality of its apparel brings greater comfort than most formal wear.

To see the real quality, let’s go to the product review. We’ll take you to the best product as an outlook. 

xSuit 4.0 Suits Reviews

You may have never considered a suit more comfortable than sportswear. But 4.0 Suits is here to make it happen! Even the brand guarantees this suit is the most comfortable in the world.

xSuit Review: xSuit 4.0 Suits Reviews

The brand produces it using an exclusive 8-way fabric. It’s also extremely lightweight and breathable. Thus, unlike anything you’ve ever worn, it provides the ultimate comfort.  

Version 4.0 combines everything for a complete stretch suit. You can use it for any occasion, including perfect for work, plays, and everything in between.

Additionally, its cutting-edge design and technology make it wrinkle-resistant. So you can look your best every time with minimal effort. 

Another interesting thing is that its advanced nanotechnology feature makes the fabric repel liquids like magic. Thus, making it less stain and odor. Even the liquid from the xSuit 4.0 doesn’t leave a trace.

Materials & Care

  • 9% elastane, 31% polyamide, 60% viscose
  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle and in cold water/ hand wash
  • No dry cleaning
  • Use mild detergent
  • No need to use fabric softener
  • Hang it up to dry in the shade
  • Iron only when necessary
  • Use low to medium settings when ironing
  • Don’t iron across seams

This charming suit comes with 5 attractive color options. You can choose some nice colors like Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Gray, and Light Gray. The size options are also extensive. Also, the length is optimized for most people from 5’2″ to 6’4″.

In addition, the stitching goes through a rare process that takes 4 times longer than normal stitching. As a result, the $599 suit has smooth, even seams that hold their shape and last 5x longer.

xSuit 3.0 xJacket Reviews

Do you like the modern style? 3.0 xJacket offers a more modern look without being too formal. The brand designs modern men’s suits to solve all the problems of traditional clothing. So, you can look modern and neat with comfort and freedom all day.

xSuit Review: xSuit 3.0 xJacket Reviews

The brand designed it with Infinite Flex fabric technology for the best stretch comfort. The brand even tested it on yoga experts and extreme sports athletes to see how much freedom it gave the user. The result they got was truly limitless!

Moreover, its natural wrinkle-resistant feature keeps you looking neat all day long. It also minimizes your need for ironing. Without worrying about your blazer wrinkling, you can now put it in your suitcase.

While most suits can only be dry cleaned, the 3.0 is fully machine washable. So say goodbye to expensive dry cleaning bills!

Furthermore, the advanced nanotechnology also works well to repel liquids and stains. So you can look clean and dry all day long. You can even save time and money on maintenance.

Materials & Care

  • 9% elastane, 31% polyamide, 60% viscose
  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle and in cold water/ hand wash
  • Hang it up to dry in the shade
  • Iron only when necessary
  • Use low to medium settings when ironing
  • Don’t iron across seams

The suit length is optimized for most people between 5’6″ to 6’4″. However, the brand recommends sizing up if you are between those sizes, as most customers say it runs small.

If 4.0 comes with 5 colors, this one has 3 exciting color options. Choose Jet Black, Midnight Blue, or Graphite to match your style. Get your sleek, athletic blazer for any occasion now at the sale price of $199.

xSuit xBriefcase Reviews

You’ll find accessories like ties, cases, and more, along with the popular suit collection. Well, we will take you to another collection, xBriefcase.

xSuit Review: xSuit xBriefcase Reviews

The xBriefcase serves as a place for your work files and adds a charming touch to your look. This best briefcase for the modern man will organize and protect all your day’s essentials.

Not only does it have great looks, but it also has great performance. It comes with features Industrial-grade hard shell panel. Additionally, high-density foam padding provides superior protection for your devices like laptops and more.

Moreover, its waterproof fabric keeps your valuables safe and dry in any condition. Thus, you can move anywhere and in any condition with confidence.

The brand also uses premium bio-leather and ballistic nylon that resists chipping, abrasions, and scratches. So makes it resistant to a lifetime of use.

It has 19 smart pockets to organize all your devices and items. Also, making it easy to find the items you need. This modern bag also has ergonomic handles and a padded shoulder strap to maximize use.


  • Dimensions: 12.0″ x 16.0″ x 3.5″
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Fits laptops up to 16.”

Materials & Care

  • Ballistic nylon and premium bio-leather
  • you only need to use a damp cloth for superficial cleaning
  • The brand recommends all other maintenance by professionals

Further, this suit only comes with 1 black color option to match all your outfits. Even the minimalist design and subtle elegance of the luxurious materials come at an affordable price. For just $349, you can have a designer bag without the hefty price tag.

3.0 Vs 4.0

The brand recently released the 4.0 version of its clothing collection. You might wonder what’s different between the new and previous collections.

After our review, you may have a slight idea of the differences between the 4.0 and 3.0 collections. But what are the details of the differences between the two? We found some people asking what the specific differences are between the two.

So, if you are one of them, you are lucky to visit our xSuit review. We’ll list what are the differences between the 3.0 and 4.0 collections. Thus you can consider which fits your style better and makes you more comfortable.

Let’s start to see what’s new about version 4.0. Also, see how it compares to the previous version 3.0.

3.0 Vs. 4.0

4.0 3.0
Price Range: $599 – $799 Price range: $449 – $699
8-Way Stretch (Maximum range of motion) 8-Way Stretch (Maximum range of motion)
Ultra Comfortable (Extra lightweight & breathable) Ultra Comfortable (Extra lightweight & breathable)
Machine Washable (No more dry cleaning) Machine Washable (No more dry cleaning)
Thermo-fused seams (Enhanced Durability) Thermo-fused seams (Enhanced Durability)
Stain Resistant (Repels stains & liquids) Stain Resistant (Repels stains & liquids)
Wrinkle-Resistant (Look sharp all day) Wrinkle-Resistant (Look sharp all day)
Half Canvas (Shoulder & chest canvas) Unconstructed (Most lightweight design)
Designed with Two Buttons Designed with One Button only
Customizable sizing (Sleeve & Pant Lengths)

If 4.0 gives a more classic look but still feels stretchy, then 3.0 provides a more casual feel. Some changes and improvements in each iteration of the suit give you preference. Adjust which one suits your style better. Still, both have a comfort that can’t be compared!

xSuit Vs State and Liberty

The number of brands selling suits on the market may make you confused to decide. Therefore we will compare xSuit with different brands. So we hope you can see how the advantages of the brand with another.

We chose State and Liberty to compare with xSuit. So, let’s see together which of the two is superior!

Image 1: Comparison
Image: facebook.com/xsuit
Image 2: Comparison
Image: facebook.com/stateandlibertyclothing


  • 8 Way Stretch
  • Machine Washable
  • Wrinkle Resistance
  • Stain Resistant
  • Enhanced durability up to more than 5 years of use

State and Liberty

  • Regular stretch for some products only
  • Machine Washable
  • Wrinkle-Free
  • Non Stain Resistant
  • It doesn’t claim to increase durability

xSuit Fit Guide

Buying clothes online is not easy. You have to make sure that the size fits your body. Fortunately, brands have made it easy & convenient to find your suit size.

Here are 2 ways you can do it:

  • Use xSuit’s AI Fit Finder
    • No measurements required
    • Answer simple height, weight, and age questions
    • Takes less than 1 minute
    • Check the size the brand recommends for you on the size chart
  • Consult the Size Chart
    • Determine your size using key measurements
    • Easily compare sizes to each other and your measurements
    • Easy to navigate and intuitive
    • Tips to help you take your measurements

The size chart of each product is different. Therefore, the brand lists each size chart on each collection. So, we recommend that you check the size chart of each product and adjust it to your size.

xSuit Pros and Cons

The quality of a brand’s products and services must have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to know before deciding to buy the product. We prepare xSuit Pros and Cons to help you find the considerations that you should know.


  • Unbeatable comfort
  • No hassle and effortless maintenance
  • Timeless style & elegance
  • Built to last
  • Free shipping for all US orders over $150
  • Ships internationally
  • 45 Day risk-free trial
  • 1-year warranty


  • It’s quite expensive
  • International shipping is only available for some countries

Who is xSuit For?

xSuit only provides clothing for men. The design of its products is more oriented towards clothing for modern styles. The style of clothing is also more suited for formal events. However, you can wear it for any occasion. It’s perfect for work, formal parties, dating, etc.

Also, it’s suitable for men who like to look neat. Despite its neat appearance, the comfortable quality of the suits doesn’t restrict you from moving freely throughout the day.

xSuit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

How important is it to know what other customers think about a brand? It’s certainly important. Other customers’ opinions and reviews are very influential and can be a critical consideration for other customers.

xSuit Review: xSuit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Therefore, we prepared some customer reviews to help your consideration. We found that more than 35,000 customers around the world left positive comments. So, what do customers think? Let’s start with the first review!

The greatest suit I ever purchased! This is the most popular suit in my wardrobe. Solid construction, comfortable to wear. All the pockets and durability make it perfect for business travel.

The xSuit collection is even the best in customers’ closets. It proves that the quality is indeed better than others. But besides the quality of the product, is the service also as great as the product?

I have always received excellent customer service and communication. They respond to emails quickly. They always ask if there is anything else before they close the session. The quality of the products is top notch and they continue to get better and better each year.

Both reviews prove the quality of the product and service is outstanding. Even many customers highly recommend xSuit to other customers. What are you waiting for? Many customers have proven how good the brand’s quality is. Now, it’s your turn to prove it.

Is xSuit Worth It?

This brand proves that suits can come with minimal maintenance when other suits require a lot of maintenance. You can even machine wash them without paying for expensive dry cleaning.

The design is also stylish and has a timeless elegance. So your look is always attractive and never goes out of style. Beyond its timeless design, its quality is built to last.

Every detail of the brand is expertly crafted and durable. The fabric reliably repels liquids such as stains and odors thanks to advanced nanotechnology.

The fabric is also woven with exclusive patterns. This makes it wrinkle-resistant and presentable all day long. It also absorbs moisture and breathes well. Thus, it can resist odors and is great for rapid weather changes.

You won’t find another suit that stretches as much as xSuit. That’s why xSuit is worth it! Get maximum comfort and freedom throughout the day and be unbeatable with its clothing collection.

xSuit Shipping Policy

The brand ships internationally to reach its international customers. However, they can only ship to a few countries. The destination countries include the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

They also offer free US shipping with a minimum purchase requirement. So, you need to order $150 and above to get free shipping within the contiguous US. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay a $15 shipping fee if your order exceeds $150.

All your orders are processed in 1 to 2 business days. Then, the brand will ship your order immediately by sending you a tracking number. Check your tracking number on the Track Your Package page.

Currently, the brand offers priority shipping only. This shipping takes about 3 to 7 business days for most countries. But the brand can’t guarantee delivery time. It may vary depending on the address and order volume.

xSuit Return Policy

The brand offers returns or exchanges to ensure customer satisfaction. You have 45 days from delivery if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase. However, you must follow the terms and conditions.

The xSuit returned product must be:

  • New condition
  • Unaltered or unwashed
  • Still in its original packaging and tag
  • No odors, stains, or signs of wear

Further, the brand offers a free return or exchange. However, it only applies to contiguous US territories. They also provide a digital USPS Prepaid label for your return or exchange item.

Your refund is applied to your original payment method or store credit. Please allow up to 7 business days for review and approval. You’ll receive your refund immediately upon return approval.

Contact customer service first for detailed information. Don’t return the item before contacting customer service!

How to Contact xSuit

Do you still have questions about the brand? Then we recommend you to check Frequently Asked Questions. But if you can’t find the information you need, please contact customer support:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1 888-699-7848
  • Fill out the contact form with your full name, email, and message.
  • Leave your message on xSuit Support, available at the bottom right corner of the site.

Alternatively, you can send a message via Direct Messaging on social media. The brand’s social media is available to visit below:

  • Facebook: xsuit
  • Instagram: xsuit
  • Twitter: @thexsuit

Where to buy xSuit?

Get various discounts and attractive promos for purchases through the official website. You can also get various policies like free shipping or a money-back guarantee.

xSuit Coupon Codes & Promos

Lucky you! The brand offers several discounts and promotions that you can get when you purchase through its official website.

  1. Save up to $250 by visiting the sale page on the official website
  2. Receive $200 when you sign up your email for a limited time
  3. Military discount: Simply contact the customer service team via email for special discount codes
  4. Wedding party discount: Please contact customer service via email to get a coupon code for your entire party
  5. Affiliate Program: Start earning commissions by sharing your affiliate link
  6. Enjoy free us shipping for orders over $150

Reveal all coupons

xSuit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for xSuit reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of xSuit?

Maximilien Perez is the owner and founder of the brand. He is a fashion designer and travels a lot. Therefore he knows what is best for his collections.

Where is xSuit manufactured?

xSuits are designed within the USA and Canada and manufactured within China.

What is xSuit made of?

The brand makes its collections with high-end polyester blends developed in Japan. As a result, its collections come with high stretch and breathability.

Where does Xsuit ship from?

The brand ships all orders from one of its four warehouses in Pittston, Dallas, Miami, TX, FL, PA, or Hong Kong. It depends on the customer’s location and stock availability.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of xSuit Reviews & Ratings

The xSuit clothing collections combine the latest technology and timeless fashion. You’ll get stylish yet comfortable suits to wear all day long.

The price may be high, but there’s no denying that it’s worth your money. You have nothing to lose by spending your money on premium clothing. The clothing collection brings ease to your personal and professional life without limits.


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