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About Wrappily

Sending and receiving gifts with eco-friendly wrapping must be incredible. Fortunately, Wrappily exists to reduce rubbish worldwide by producing recyclable wrapping tools for everyone!

Wrappily Review: About Wrappily
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Wrappily is a unique brand that milling, printing, and packaging products in Washington State. You must see items from this company since it offers qualified wrapping tools designed by illustrators worldwide.

The company works with famous designers to create more fancy wrapping papers. In addition, it has been featured in many popular magazines such as HGTV, Sunset Magazine, Health Magazine, etc.

Moreover, the brand has been appearing in some popular media, including ABC World News, USA Today, Good Morning America, Hawaii News, etc. Even better, the brand has 9.9K followers on Instagram and 1.8K on Facebook.

Next, I’ll break down the founder, manufacturer, and products in Wrappily reviews. Thus, stay tuned, and let’s move to the next section immediately!

Overview of Wrappily

Sara Smith was tired of seeing gift wrap in her house. She intended to create a helpful solution for the planet with more sustainable items. Then, she founded Wrappily in 2013.

This woman grew up in the printing industry thanks to her dad. Her house in Maui, Hawaii, is the headquarter of this brand. However, the manufacturing process takes place in Washington State.

The founder wants to have more fancy designs and decides to work with talented designers and illustrators. Some stay in Brooklyn, Seattle, the Netherlands, Honolulu, etc.

In addition, it focuses on creating great products with no harmful ingredients. Instead, Smith wants the items to be recyclable and easy to composite. Thus, the brand works hard to serve every worldwide customer with qualified gift wraps.

Wrappily Highlights

  • It offers recyclable. eco-friendly gift wraps
  • Provides excellent products to save the earth
  • Made in Maui with Washington State manufacturer
  • It has friendly and helpful customer services
  • Ships internationally
  • Offers free shipping for orders $75+
  • Offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Provides returns, exchanges, and refunds
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Wrappily Review

Now I know you have more curiosity regarding the brand. It has a marvelous idea that everyone needs to reduce rubbish worldwide.

Wrappily Reviews: Wrappily Review

This company offers many classifications for every item. Here they are:

  • Recyclable Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbon, Twine, and Gift Bows
  • Gift Tags and Toppers
  • Eco Shred
  • Christmas and Holiday Essentials
  • Eco Easter Essentials
  • Bundle and Save

Reviewing all of the categories will take time. So, I decided to focus on three best-selling items from this company. Thus, let’s go to the first review now!

Wrappily Enchanted Garden Reviews

Enchanted Garden is a crowd-favorite winner in the annual EarthDay Design Contest by Wrappily. It features a magical realm with bunnies and a swan.

Wrappily Review: Wrappily Enchanted Garden Reviews

Tamara Houtveen designed it with a heart. She is a Netherlands illustrator who works with this company. In addition, you will love it since it has a peaceful ambiance with blooming flowers.

As the name implies, it is a perfect wrapping gift for baby showers, kids’ birthdays, and people who love romance. Plus, it is printed in Washington State on recyclable newsprint.

This product comes in flat or folded with gift tag stickers. You’ll get three sheets in every pack. Conversely, a single package is around 21.5 x 34 inches.

Wrappily Enchanted Garden Highlights

  • It has beautiful garden patterns
  • Made by Netherland’s illustrator
  • Perfect for kids, baby showers, and adults who love romance
  • Recyclable prints

Therefore, you can add a ribbon to the gift, and everything sets! So, let’s take your wallet and purchase this paper for only $10!

Wrappily Copper Paper Ribbon Reviews

Are you looking for a paper ribbon? Then, I’ll describe one of the best-selling items by wrapping. It is a Copper Paper Ribbon that is eco-friendly, made of natural fiber, and free of plastic.

Wrappily Review: Wrappily Copper Paper Ribbon Reviews

The copper shade is perfect for any wrapping paper. In addition, you can shape it into any form! This item is sturdy yet versatile for gifts.

It also has a crinkle texture so that you can tie it creatively. The ribbon is 1.5 inches wide, and every spool is 25 yards. As a result, you can use this water-soluble dye ribbon to delight many receivers.

Wrappily Copper Paper Ribbon Highlights

  • It offers a beautiful shade for any wrapping paper
  • Made of natural fiber and plastic free
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, and water-soluble dyes
  • Shapable and sturdy
  • It has a long texture

Hence, let’s give more touch to your gifts by purchasing the product for only $7.25!

Wrappily Complete Eco Gift Wrap Bundle Reviews

Who doesn’t love Christmas? No one! Wrappily offers Complete Eco Gift Wrap Bundle that becomes a Christmas wrapping paper gift bestseller!

Wrappily Review: Wrappily Complete Eco Gift Wrap Bundle Reviews

It is the best goodies you can use to provide sustainable and beautiful gifts under the tree. Moreover, it is reversible patterns, allowing you to be creative on every side!

This bundle contains three sheets of O Tannenbaum wrapping paper, three sheets of Poinsettia/Painterly wrapping paper, three sheets of marbled or mistletoe wrapping paper, three sheets of stags and birch wrapping paper, 12 tags scenes, snow pop-out gift tags, and two red and gold paper ribbon rolls.

Plus, you must know that the items are plastic-free with PLA packaging. You can ask for it flat or fold it for easy storage. Therefore, the receiver can recycle and compost the wrappers with ease.

Wrappily Complete Eco Gift Wrap Bundle Highlights

  • It contains complete wrappers for Christmas gifts
  • Recyclable, plastic-free, and easy to composite
  • Easy storage
  • Made in Washington State

Thus, you can get this printed and packaged Washington State-made wrapping paper bundle for $70. Get it now, and you’ll get a discount for only $66.49!

Who is Wrappily For?

Honestly, this company intends to save the earth by producing eco-friendly items for wrapping gifts. It does not have specific targets, but everyone can use the products from Wrappily.

Wrappily Review: Who is Wrappily For?

Purchasing items from this brand is a great movement you can make for life. Although it isn’t easy, the move is to help the earth from non-recyclable rubbish. Thus, everyone is helping to decrease the rubbish number on the planet and doing much recycling for the sake of our environment.

Wrappily Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I know you wonder how satisfied the buyers are after purchasing items from this company. It has a 5/5 rating from 138 reviews on the official website.

Wrappily Review: Wrappily Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In addition, the brand sells products on Amazon. It receives more than a 4.4/5 rating from customers. One of the customers said:

This is very nice – I thought the sheets might be annoying, but they’re actually easy to manage. And so great that it’s eco-friendly. I didn’t think it was too thin at all. Have already bought more.

This customer stated the nice part of wrapping paper from Wrappily. Even better, she can manage it well due to the excellent material. The plus point is the items are eco-friendly. She even buys more for stock!

Another buyer stated:

Very nice and strong-feeling wrapping paper! I love foxes, so I was excited by this find. The print is excellent, and the colors are vibrant. A very unique wrapping paper, as it has the texture and feel of newspaper, without the ink smudging. I am very satisfied, and I look forward to using it to wrap gifts. Service was excellent, and they let me know every step of the way, the status of my package. I would order from here, again.

From the statement above, you can see that the buyer is excited about the package. They are precious and qualified. She even mentions how helpful the service is. Thus, she knows the package status and decides to order more.

I must say that this company performs excellently to provide the best for every customer. As a result, many customers are satisfied with the products and services. They are even willing to purchase more!

Is Wrappily Worth It?

First, you must know that the brand does perfectly in treating the planet by producing eco-friendly wrapping gift devices. Wrappily is worth it, indeed.

Wrappily Review: Is Wrappily Worth It?

The company intends to save the earth by reducing paper rubbish worldwide. Furthermore, it has beautiful designs that attract many people. So not only is this brand works excellently, but also it is a worth-checking and worth-buying product for everyone in the world.

Wrappily Shipping Policy

This brand ships internationally with applicable fees. It requires one to three business days to pack your orders. Lucky you, it offers free shipping on orders $75+!

Once the package sends, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the tracking number. However, this company is not responsible for the delivery. If you find a problem with the shipment, please get in touch with the shipping company, such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

You may email [email protected] for further information regarding the shipping policy. Afterward, the team will make it right for you.

Wrappily Return Policy

First, you must know that this company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It provides returns, exchanges, or refunds for unsatisfied customers.

You can claim this offer by contacting the team at [email protected]. Afterward, you can ask for an exchange or refund. However, the shipping fee is non-refundable. Also, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee.

How to Contact Wrappily

Further questions regarding this eco-friendly brand may follow the following steps:

  • Shoot an email at [email protected]
  • Call the team at (888)-532-6816
  • Hit a direct message on Instagram or Facebook

Where to buy Wrappily?

Hip, hip, hooray! The brand is available in several marketplaces. However, you can visit the official website to get exclusive deals from the original company.

It is also accessible on Amazon, Earth Easy, and Earth Hero. So kindly check the place you prefer and get your desired item immediately!

Wrappily Coupon Codes & Promos

Well, I know you’ve been waiting for this section a lot! Don’t worry because I’ll break down the promotions below:

  • Subscribe to the official website to get exclusive deals
  • Check out your desired product on the Clearance Sale page
  • Take a spin on the bottom left of the website for current discounts
  • Get a 25% off holiday collection wrap, ribbons, and gift tags with code GETREADY

Also, you can visit Wrappily’s official website for further sales and promo codes!

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Wrappily Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Wrappily reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Wrappily?

Sara Smith is the founder and CEO of this brand.

Is Wrappily eco-friendly?

Yes, the brand’s products are composite and 100% recyclable.

Does Wrappily ship internationally?

Yes, the brand ships internationally with particular shipping fee.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Wrappily Reviews & Ratings

The amount of rubbish on earth has increased a lot lately. Wrappily appears to save and help you decrease waste by producing eco-friendly products. They offer qualified items you can utilize to give presents to many people.

It might be a challenging movement since it is not easy to save the earth. But you can trust the brand because they also serve worldwide.

The brand also works with talented people to design the best gift wrap. So, are you ready to save our planet? Then, let’s purchase items from this manufacturer and give the best presents to your beloved people!


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