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About WPCodeBox

Are you a web programmer? Then, you may have been sick of copying and pasting your code snippets one by one. Therefore, let’s check what’s inside WPCodeBox!

WPCodeBox Review: About WPCodeBox
Image: wpcodebox.com

Do you know what this store or service provider is? Yup, it is a website that allows all web programmers to save their code snippets on the cloud safely and effectively. Uhm, is it?

But do you know why it’s effective? Of course, it’s because the system from this site enables you to share those codes on numerous sites simultaneously. So effective, right?

In addition, we also love to see more people recognize this site. Specifically, there have been over 4.1k social media followers, and we hope you are the next one. Will you?

Next, another big thing is the huge recognition of this site. Several names, like wp-content, Softpedia, WPArena, Product Hunt, and others, once talked about WPCodeBox.

Finally, are you interested to know more about this site? Certainly, it might be super helpful for you who are working with WordPress a lot. So, let’s read our WPCodeBox reviews!

Overview Of WPCodeBox

After reading the introduction above, do you feel happy to find an alternative for your programming activity? We’re so happy to hear that. But do you want to know more?

Then, let us tell you this. As we have said, in WPCodeBox, you can easily manage your code snippets for multiple WordPress sites. It’s even better because it just takes some minutes.

Let’s be grateful to the founder, Maghetiu Ovidiu, who has been in the PHP development industry for over a decade. Therefore, WPCodeBox has done the task very well until today.

In addition, the site also has a Snippet Repository. It is a primary facility from WPCodeBox that enables you to search a growing library of ready-made snippets. Pretty good, right?

Ultimately, WPCodeBox will be everyone’s favorite for its most effective function. But before you go with this, let’s be passionate about this review till the end to be a lucky customer!

WPCodeBox Review

There are so many things to talk about WPCodeBox. And if you are with us today, be ready to find more surprising news about this site. But what are we going to have in this section?

WPCodeBox Reviews: WPCodeBox Review

Once again, WPCodeBox is a helpful and reliable place for all web programmers. Then, this site is compatible with numerous page builders (Oxygen, Elementor, Bricks Builder, etc.)

Besides that, adding code snippets to your WordPress site can reduce plugin usage and enhance functionality. Hence, you need this site’s effective program to make it possible.

On the other hand, you may ask whether this site supports all code snippet types or not. The answer is ‘yes,’ and you should know those supported code snippet types here:

WPCodeBox Code Snippet Types

  • PHP Code Snippets
  • JavaScript Code Snippets
  • HTML Code Snippets
  • CSS Code Snippets
  • SASS Code Snippets

The last thing is that WPCodeBox has the most powerful Code Editor built into a plugin. In detail, it automatically suggests WordPress actions, hooks, and functions based on context.

However, what will we have as a ‘main course‘ today? Let’s always be curious until this review ends. So, enjoy reading, learning, and deciding! We’ll be by your side during this whole page!

WPCodeBox 2 Beta 2.0 Reviews

This year, WPCodeBox proudly presents the WPCodeBox 2 Beta 2.0 as its new features. But do you know what it is and how it generally works for all programmers?

WPCodeBox Review: WPCodeBox 2 Beta 2.0 Reviews

Specifically, this feature allows you to manage and write WordPress code snippets with safety in mind. And, of course, you can expect fewer errors with it. 

Then, what about the changelog? First, you can execute and save code snippets faster from a functionality plugin without loading them from the database.

In addition, you can see the following list to see the further changelog:

Changelog Includes

  • New Code Editor Features
  • Customization Options
  • New Code Snippets Conditions (user logged in & user device)
  • Quality Of Life Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Code Editor Features

Finally, it is just a quick and super brief overview of WPCodeBox 2 Beta 2.0. So, for a better experience, why don’t you download it through your account?

WPCodeBox Installing Plugin and Theme Reviews

Are you a WordPress developer who frequently installs plugins on your website? Then, let’s see how Installing Plugin and Theme With No FTP Access below!

WPCodeBox Review: WPCodeBox Installing Plugin and Theme Reviews

We all know that the process can be tricky if WordPress is not set up well. Sometimes, when attempting to install a theme or plugin, it prompts for FTP details.

Therefore, you need this alternative. Specifically, to install WordPress plugins without FTP access, ensure proper write permissions for the wp-content folder.

Then, what if it doesn’t work? You can download and enable the “Install plugins & themes without FTP” snippet from the WPCodeBox Snippet Repository.

So, does this Installing Plugin and Theme With No FTP Access review help you? You never know until you try. Then, don’t forget to check the details below!

WPCodeBox WordPress Code Snippets Assistant Reviews

Do you find it hard to figure out a good code snippet for your WordPress? Then, let us give you a hand with WPCodey – WordPress Code Snippets Assistant (AI-powered)!

WPCodeBox Review: WPCodeBox WordPress Code Snippets Assistant Reviews

First, let us learn what WPCodey is. Further, it’s the first WordPress Code Snippet Generator (powered by AI) that quickly creates custom code snippets to fit your unique needs.

Then, the better thing is that WPCodey is free to use for WPCodeBox users. You may log in with your WPCodeBox credentials to generate WordPress Code Snippets using AI.

Furthermore, WPCodey can also generate code snippets based on plain-language inputs. Thus, it’s removing the need for old-school Code Snippet Generator forms.

So, who wants to try this AI-powered feature? Overall, WPCodey – WordPress Code Snippets Assistant (AI-powered) is the one to consider for your easier WordPress-ing life!

WPCodeBox Pricing

Have you been excited to purchase some services from WPCodeBox? Then, there’s no better section to tell you other than this pricing part:

SOLO ($69/year) AGENCY ($119/year) TEAM ($89/year)
1 domain Unlimited domains 5 domains
1 Year of Updates 1 Year of Updates 1 Year of Updates
1 Year of Cloud Access 1 Year of Cloud Access 1 Year of Cloud Access
20 snippets of cloud storage Unlimited snippets of cloud storage 100 snippets of cloud storage
1 API Key for Cloud Access Unlimited API Keys for Cloud Access 5 API Keys for Cloud Access
  Access to Snippets WebApp Access to the Snippets WebApp
  Priority Support  

Dear all programmers, the pricing above is divided by the type of customer (solo, agency, and team). So, which price suits you?

How Does WPCodeBox Work?

Do you need an understandable and helpful tutorial to bring you to the best WPCodeBox service? You have no other choice than to explore this section:

  1. First, click here to visit the company’s website
  2. On the homepage, click the ‘Get WPCodeBox’ button, and it brings you to the pricing section
  3. Then, adjust the pricing to your needs and click ‘Get Started’
  4. Next, fill out your personal data (email, country, and zip code)
  5. Finish the payment process and enjoy the service!

So, what makes you not try those steps?

WPCodeBox Vs Code Snippets Pro

Let’s have a fair competition before everything drops. Who agrees? Tell us your fire starts burning to see this:


  • Number of domains: Up to unlimited
  • Price: Starting from $69 per year
  • People in the community: More than 3.3k
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • Operation time: Less than 10 years

Code Snippets Pro

  • Number of domains: Up to 200 domains
  • Price: Starting from $39 per year
  • People in the community: More than 3k
  • Money-back guarantee: 14 days
  • Operation time: 10 years

WPCodeBox Pros and Cons

Staying in our review means that you shouldn’t miss any section, especially this! Do you know what this section tells you about? Yes, the pros and cons are here:


  • Efficient and effective system of code-snippets management
  • Safe and reliable clouds to save your code snippets
  • Able to connect with multiple WordPress site
  • Keep releasing new features
  • Reasonable price offered
  • Support for all types of code snippets
  • Work well with all plugins and themes
  • Worldwide service may be available


  • Lack of information about the company’s background
  • A bit hard to find the site’s ratings and more reviews

Who Is WPCodeBox For?

Being a full-time web or WordPress programmer is not an easy task, indeed. So, sometimes, you need some helpful features and services to help you overcome those obstacles. And the one before your eyes is WPCodeBox.

But can everyone shop from this store? If the ‘everyone’ you mean is ‘all web developers and programmers‘, especially those who work with WordPress, then it’s yes! After all, we don’t think other jobs suit the company’s service than them.

WPCodeBox Review: What Do Customers Think?

If we have talked something nice about this company, what about other customers? Welcome to the testimonial section, and better decide after you read it till the end!

WPCodeBox Review: WPCodeBox Review: What Do Customers Think?

Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard for us to find the company’s detailed rating on most rating platforms. However, we have brought the customer reviews to read in the following list.

Then, let’s start with this review:

WPCodeBox is an amazing plugin that comes with exceptional support at an affordable lifetime price. As a freelance website designer, I always add this plugin to every website I create because it provides incredible value for money.

See? In addition to its good and reliable service, WPCodeBox also comes with an ultra-cheap price, resulting in more customers purchasing. 

Next, don’t forget to check this, too:

When I first used WPCodeBox, I knew my agency would immediately switch to it. The UX and shortcode are fantastic, and the cloud snippets feature makes managing dozens of websites so much easier.

From this review, we know that WPCodeBox is everyone’s favorite. When it brings a little good thing to one customer, we’re sure there will be more customers coming to it.

Also, you may need this:

WPCodeBox is an amazing plugin that allows you to organize your code snippets efficiently and load them only when necessary. This helps you get rid of bulky plugins and speed up your website with an easy tutorial. Also, the interface is lightning-fast and extremely user-friendly.

Then, this last review proves that relying on your WordPress needs on WPCodeBox makes everything efficient, fast, and effective. And don’t forget the user-friendly function is also here!

Finally, does this section change your mind? If you only had a little interest in the company previously, you may now want it so bad. However, don’t go anywhere since we still have more!

Is WPCodeBox Worth It?

Are you not kidding to ask that question? We understand your concern, but let’s not put it on this company. Since the beginning, we have known that WPCodeBox is truly worth purchasing and trusted.

WPCodeBox Review: Is WPCodeBox Worth It?

In addition, the company also consistently releases new features for all customers, so there must be more satisfying feelings when you are in. Therefore, are you now interested in joining the community? It has no due date, anyway.

How To Contact WPCodeBox?

So, can you say once again that you’re happy to be part of WPCodeBox? Asking questions and clicking the ‘follow’ button is all FREE! Then, let’s check where you can find them:

  • Contact form: Fill it out here!
  • Social media: WPCodeBox
  • Facebook community: WPCodeBox Community. Register yourself!

Since the company has opened a private Facebook group for the members, kindly visit the Facebook group. Then, does it require some costs? Of course not. They are all free.

Where to buy WPCodeBox?

The only trusted and reliable site to get the best code-snippets manager? At this point, you have no better choice than WPCodeBox’s official website. We have told you the steps and tutorial, right?

WPCodeBox Coupon Codes & Promos

Can you leave our review without reading this section? We know you all can’t. So, what offers will you have on this site?

  • Get a special saving on your purchase with a discount code: intricacies
  • Another big saving is also here with a coupon code: suggestions
  • Enjoy 25% off your purchase with a discount code: convertdeal
  • Redeem a coupon code: LIFETIME with a discount
  • Cost-free in joining a Facebook private group

So, do those offers satisfy you a lot? If you need more, we still hide some surprising things below:

Reveal all coupons

WPCodeBox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for WPCodeBox reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns WPCodeBox?

The owner and founder of this company is Maghetiu Ovidiu.

Where is WPCodeBox located?

We can only make sure that the company is in the United States of America. However, the specific address is not found.

Does WPCodeBox provides an international service?

WPCodeBox doesn’t explicitly mention it. However, when you’re about to fill out your data before purchasing, there are several country choices there. Thus, we can say that this company may provide a worldwide service.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of WPCodeBox Reviews & Ratings

As a web developer or programmer, do you agree that copying and pasting so many code snippets for multiple sites is not effective? Fortunately, WPCodeBox is here to save you. You have learned everything about it well, right?

Then, you may not have a little hesitation about this site. In WPCodeBox, there are only efficiency and effectiveness you will find. We understand that living with so many codes in the brain is not that easy, but when you can make it a bit easier, why not?


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