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About WORX Tools

Have you been in a situation where you are too lazy to trim your yard? It must be because that activity is too time-consuming and energy-draining, right? However, say no more cause we have WORX Tools here.

WORX Tools Review: About WORX Tools
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WORX Tools is a brand that primarily provides home and garden needs. It includes grass trimmers, lawnmowers, portable power cleaners, chainsaws, drills & drivers, and any good product.

All of their products come with robust power and performance. Therefore, you can get things done more effectively and efficiently. They are a solution for every household!

Moreover, you probably know their name before coming to this review, and that’s understandable. It’s all because they are famous on social media, with 58.5K followers on Instagram and 129K likes on Facebook.

However, it’s ok if you don’t know them yet. Through this WORX Tools review, we will help you learn this brand so that you can understand why this brand is perfect for you. Let’s get started!

Overview of WORX Tools

It all started in 2007. At that time, WORX Tools innovated the Worx GT Trimmer. With a passion for innovating power and performance, this brand finally expanded the business into a brand that provides hundreds of essential corder and cordless products.

However, speaking of its dedication, all of its commitment to the technology industry was influenced by one mission. It is to provide an excellent solution for solving everyday problems regarding tools. As simple as that!

Therefore, this brand strives to innovate easy-to-use power tools for indoor and outdoor equipment to realize its mission. They continue to offer more fantastic products to help every customer’s job to be done quicker and better.

So today, its products already help thousands of customers. Their job is getting more and more convenient to handle. In the meantime, this brand will remain the top brand in this industry and continue innovating game-changer products.

WORX Tools Review

When we see their collection, we can see that all products may solve common problems of households and seem to be the usual tools on the market. However, things become more exciting at this point.

WORX Tools Reviews: WORX Tools Review

Rather than offering the usual tools, they offer more powerful equipment conveniently. They combine a traditional tool with app integration, AIA technology, and more. This is why they are considered next-level engineering.

However, you will understand once you see the list of their products by yourself. You’ll find all of their products in the list below. So, we hope you find what you have been looking for so long. Check it out!

WORX Tools Category Collections

Power Share

20v power share and 40v power share.

Lawn & Garden

Leaf blower, leaf mulcher, nitro lawn, landroid, hydroshot, trivac, power cleaners, and more.

Power Tools

Drills, drivers and nail guns, paint sprayers, switchdriver, nitro power tools, and more.

Home & Recreation

Coolers, crafting tools, ebikes and escooters, lighting, and more.


Trimmer accessories, batteries and chargers, chainsaw accessories, and more.

Battery Type

20v power share, 40v share volt, 56v max lithium, and 40v power share.

Further, we will review their 5¬†best-selling products from all the collections. We suggest you read them carefully in case the products are something you truly need for your life. Then, let’s jump to the next section!

WORX Tools Leaf Blower Reviews

It’s sometimes frustrating to see thousands of leaves fill your ground, right? While it looks messy, those leaves can also fly to your terrace and, even worse, enter your home. However, don’t worry! The 20V Power Share Leafjet Cordless Leaf Blower will come to the rescue!

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools Leaf Blower Reviews

One thing that stands out the most from this leaf blower is its variable air control. This feature allows you to switch between high volume and high speed. Thus, it is an excellent choice for you who want to clean your ground with a single go.

Moreover, it comes compact, which lets you bring it around and use it wherever you want. Even better, it is also lightweight. You can operate the leaf blower with one hand only, and all the leaves will be gathered in one place and ready to take out of the ground.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Sonic Turbine Fan Technology for high-capacity air volume at 130 MPH
  • Includes charge level indicator
  • The dual air intakes enable an excellent output with greater air volume

If you think this leaf blower is what you’ve been looking for, you can purchase it now. This 20V Power Share Leafjet Cordless Leaf Blower comes at an affordable price. Check the price in the following list:

  • Tool + 4.0 Ah Battery: $169.99
  • Tool Only: $99.99

WORX Tools Electric Leaf Mulcher Reviews

Is throwing a mountain of leaves complicated? We understand that situation. The vast size of leaves makes the volume much more significant, and it’s hard to place them in a single trash bag, right? If it sounds like your problem, let 13 AMP Electric Leaf Mulcher do the favor.

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools Electric Leaf Mulcher Reviews

This leaf mulcher is the symbol of convenience. You only need to place your trash bag under the mulcher and throw the leaf on it. After that, this leaf mulcher will shred the leaves and turn them into small pieces. Finally, these tiny leaves are no longer a big deal to throw.

Besides, with its high-efficiency bladeless mulching system, you don’t need to wait for hours. Your trash bag will fueled within minutes. This is because the leaf mulcher can mulch up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute. What a powerful tool!

Product Highlights

  • Easy to fold for compact storage
  • Available to mulch up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute with its 13.0 Amp motor
  • It has a clean-air motor cooling system
  • Highly efficient

Further, you probably wonder how much this leaf mulcher costs, right? You may be shocked, but this 13 AMP Electric Leaf Mulcher only costs $189.99. What an affordable price, isn’t it?

WORX Tools Lawn Mower Reviews

It’s always tiring to mow grass in your garden, right? It’s all because there are probably thousands of tall grass there, and mowing them all will take forever. However, say no more! With a 40V Power Share 4.0AH 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower, all tasks will done quickly from now on.

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools Lawn Mower Reviews

Being cordless will always be a convenient way to finish your task quickly. Fortunately, this lawn mower comes with cordless features. It means you can easily mow your entire garden or yard without being stressed about calculating the cable to the main supply.

Moreover, this lawn mower is lightweight, ensuring you can move and use it efficiently. The weight becomes crucial to consider before purchasing a machine, especially when you buy it to reduce your workload. Thus, this lawn mower is genuinely a perfect option for you.

Product Highlights

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use and store
  • Can mows up to 5,500 sq. ft. on a single charge
  • Charge indicators available
  • IntelliCut feature for more challenging conditions
  • Powerful battery

Now, mowing the grass in your garden is no longer a big deal. With a 40V Power Share 4.0AH 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower, you can visually make every garden more clean and neat. Thus, add to your cart now! Check the price list below.

  • Tool + 2 (4.0 ah) Batteries: $299.99
  • Tool + 4 (4.0 ah) Batteries: $398.99 sale from $598.99 (bonus 2 power share PRO 4.0Ah batteries)
  • Tool Only: $179.99

WORX Tools 20V String Trimmer Reviews

We all know that grass won’t only grow in the place where it is accessible and visible. Sometimes, wild grass is near your fence, and you can handle it with a big mower. However, don’t worry! Let’s trust the 20V Power Share GT Revolution 12″ String Trimmer.

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools 20V String Trimmer Reviews

With its mini mower, you can precisely trim the grass in unreachable places, such as below the fence or between rocks. Plus, the long handle enables you to control them wherever you want.

Besides, it has patented COMMAND FEED Technology, which automatically extends fresh lines as much as you need. Thus, you don’t have to stop. Just press and trim all at once.

Product Highlights

  • 3-in1 flexibility string trimmer
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lightweight
  • Less downtime with a new extra spool holder
  • Free 6-pack spools for life

Further, this 20V Power Share GT Revolution 12″ String Trimmer has several prices. It is based on what you are purchasing. To know the details, check the list below.

  • Tool + 2.0 Ah Battery: $119.99
  • Tool + 4.0 Ah Battery: $149.99
  • Tool Only: $89.99

WORX Tools Hydroshot Reviews

Is seeing bird specks of dirt, mud, or grime on your ground exhausting? When you are in this situation, what tool do you use to clean them? Water hose? Come on! There is a more convenient way to clean your ground. Meet 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner.

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools Hydroshot Reviews

With its portable form, you can easily place this Hydroshot anywhere. As long as there is fresh water, this Hydroshot can handle the water in a blink of an eye. Thus, this tool is perfect for you who want convenience cleaning your things.

Likewise, being portable makes this Hydroshot versatile. Whether you want to clean your ground from grime and bird dirt or clean your bike, you can lean on this tool. Exactly! Aside from being portable, its powerful performance can also eliminate grime on your bike within seconds.

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight, portable Hydroshot power cleaner
  • Delivers maximum efficiency at 585 MAX PSI and, at the same time, minimizes water usage at .90gpm
  • Available for every freshwater
  • Versatile 4-in-1 pressure nozzle for easy switching of water stream intensity

Send this 0V Power Shae Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner home now. You can check the price list in the list below. Check it out!

  • Tool + 4.0 Ah Battery: $229.99
  • Tool Only: $129.99

WORX Tools Pros and Cons

With all the good things we discovered in the previous section, it’s not fair that we skip the bad side of this brand. Thus, we have already prepared the WORX Tools pros and cons here. Let’s find out what they have on both sides!


  • Powerful performance
  • Massive products in the collections
  • Separate buying of tools and batteries available
  • Convenient features
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable prices
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • 30-day return policy


  • For CA residents, some products may be exposed to chemicals including lead and more (Proposition 65 warning)

Who Is WORX Tools For?

WORX Tools is a brand dedicated to every household. They have numerous tools to help you in your indoor and outdoor work. It includes trimming weeds in a yard, mowing grass in your garden, repairing your table, and more. All your need is ready in this brand’s collection.

Moreover, as the name suggests, their tools work powerfully and effectively. All their innovative products can help your job to be done quicker and better. Thus, it is perfect for you who doesn’t have much time in doing the household maintenance task.

WORX Tools Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

It is always exciting to read the reviews from customers who have already purchased the products. Thus, we specially prepare this section for you. Let’s find out what their customer think about the brand and the products. Check the details below!

WORX Tools Review: WORX Tools Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Wait, before we go to their review, let’s see the rating of their best-selling products:

The first customer said:

This is genuinely a superb compact lawn mower. It’s super lightweight, and I have no problem cutting the grass in my garden. I love that the set of batteries lasts 40 mins, which is enough to finish my job.

This happy customer said that he loved the compact lawn mower he ordered. The reason is that the machine is lightweight and does the job perfectly. This customer mentions that he has no issue cutting the grass with the machine. He also stated that the battery life is perfect for handling a cutting job simultaneously.

Moreover, this customer said that:

Very happy with the purchase. This leaf blower is very handy and lightweight. It has great power to blow and direct the leaves to wherever I want. I also love the design.

Meanwhile, this customer is happy that the leaf blower he purchased is lightweight and handy. He mentions that he is satisfied with the purchase because it has excellent power that efficiently cleans the leaves.

Then, what about other customers? One of them said:

Great customer service and also great product value. Thanks!

From the review above, we can see that this customer praises the customer service cause they are excellent. This customer also stated that the products he bought have great value.

Further, we can see that all customers are happy with the purchase. They said that the products have great features and functions. It works very well, as it claims. Plus, some customers also praise the customer service cause they truly have excellent service.

Is WORX Tools Worth It?

In short, yes. Their dedication to technology can help everyone do their household tasks more efficiently. This is because this brand ensures that all its products have excellent performance.

WORX Tools Review: Is WORX Tools Worth It?

However, they understand that such indoor and outdoor equipment always comes in an advanced system. Therefore, they take the concern and turn all their products into an easy-to-use machine so everyone can use them hassle-free and stress-free. Hence, we believe that WORX Tools is worth purchasing.

WORX Tools Shipping Policy

This brand uses FedEx as its main courier. However, if your order weight is less than 70 lbs, USPS may deliver it. Moreover, you can also get free standard shipping if your order value is over $99. However, this free shipping isn’t available for AK, HI, GU, VI, and PR.

Further, since there isn’t much information regarding shipping on their website, you should contact their customer service if you have any questions or are seeking additional information. Or else, you can directly check information about shipping on the checkout page.

WORX Tools Return Policy

Unhappy with your purchase? No problem. Since this brand has a 30-day return policy, you can always get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the products.

However, you must ensure the products are still in the original packaging and contain all original components. If you are ready to return the product, you must get the WORX return label, or else you can’t return it.

To get the label, log in to your account on their website, then find a ‘Return this Order’ button under the Order Tracker page. Follow the instructions, and your label will emailed to you.

However, if you order the product through the phone, call the customer service phone number at 1-866-354-9679 to request your return. Accordingly, if you need detailed information, go to the Return Policy page.

How To Contact WORX Tools

Need some information regarding specific products? WORX Tools has your back! You can contact the customer service, and they will assist you responsively. See the contact below!

Moreover, if you need a rush answer, this brand offers several ways to answer your problems instantly. It includes a ‘Smart Assistance’ below on the website and ‘Frequently Answer Questions’ through the Contact page.

Where to buy WORX Tools?

Are you ready to bring this brand’s products to your home and garden? If you nod, you must wonder where to buy WORX Tools products, right? The answer is right on their official website.

However, you can go to their store to shop their products offline. If you ask, “Where is the store near me?” Simply check their Store Locator. Moreover, this brand’s stock is also accessible at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

WORX Tools Coupon Codes & Promos

Welcome to the section where you can get all the available deals on this brand. We know that having an excellent final price is also one thing that makes you happy. Thus, let’s turn it to be real. See the list below and follow the instructions for the best price.

  • Spin a wheel and get a chance to save up to 20% OFF your order
  • Activate up to 50% OFF selection tools when purchasing on their Clearance. Apply code DEAL10, DEAL20, DEAL25, DEAL30, DEAL40 and DEAL50
  • Claim 10% OFF on your next purchase. Get the coupon code with your military ID
  • Obtain 10% OFF your purchase by joining their VIP text list
  • Acquire 20% OFF discount codes, exclusive sales, and more by subscribing to their newsletter
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99

Reveal all coupons
WORX Tools

WORX Tools Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for WORX Tools reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is WORX owned by Home Depot?

No. WORX Tools is the subsidiary of a company named Positec Tool Corporation.

Is WORX made in China?

Yes. WORX Tools products are manufactured in Suzhou, China.

Is WORX still in business?

Yes. WORX Tools is still in the business. They are currently owned and distributed by the Positec Tool Corporation.

Who is the founder of WORX tools?

WORX Tools is a brand under Positec Tool Corporation, and the founder of that company is Don Gao.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of WORX Tools Reviews & Ratings

Certainly, WORX Tools must be your solution if you need indoor and outdoor tools to simplify your maintenance activity. They have equipment with greater power and performance to help your job get done quicker and better.

Moreover, they also come at affordable prices, so they won’t break your piggy bank. Thus, are you ready to make your house peaceful by having an advanced tool that works? Then, go to this brand’s website and finish your payment today!


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