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About Wood Majestic

There are many reasons why adding an indoor fireplace at home is something worth considering. Whether it is to create a cozy atmosphere, beautify the interior space, or even bring about a romantic setting.

Wood Majestic Review: About Wood Majestic
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Obviously, when you have a luxury home, it should be equipped with luxury smart fireplaces as well. Then, are you looking for a brand that provides fireplace products like this? If so, Wood Majestic is the best place to look for it.

Wood Majestic is a brand that works as an authorized retailer to provide various types of luxury fireplaces, firepits, and other home appliances from industry-leading brands. Apart from being luxurious, its luxury products are also priced at a low price in the market.

Currently, on its social media, Wood Majestic boasts a total of 3.7k followers on Facebook and Instagram. They also have a YouTube channel containing product reviews and descriptions with 90 subscribers.

Well, with so less information about this brand on the internet, you might find it challenging to learn more about them. Not to worry. Through this Wood Majestic review, we will reveal information about the brand’s overview, best-selling products, customer reviews, discounts, and more.

Overview of Wood Majestic

Unfortunately, we could not find any information about the founder of Wood Majestic. But one thing for sure is that the brand is based in Delaware, United States. It operates as an online retailer of luxury home products from industry-leading brands.

From its establishment until now, this brand has become an authorized dealer of 250 different brands in the fireplace, chimney, wood stove, and outdoor living industries. The brand’s success is in line with its mission,

“to create the most thoughtful spaces for peaceful minds.”

In addition, this authorized dealer is also committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction. Hence, they always offer high-quality and authentic products while remaining affordable.

For the success that this brand has achieved, Wood Majestic has received various awards, such as Diamond Authenticity, Platinum Transparency, and Top 1 Shops.

That’s a little overview of this authorized dealer. If that’s not enough, you can learn more about the brand by reading Wood Majestic’s pros and cons below.


  • Offers a wide range of luxury fireplaces and firepits from various industry-leading brands
  • Affordable
  • Authorized retailers of brands like Dimplex, Prism Hardscapes, Napoleon, Primo Grills & Smokers, and The Outdoor Plus
  • Receives many awards, such as Diamond Authenticity, Platinum Transparency, and Top 1 Shops
  • Provides many discounts and promos
  • FREE US shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Excellent customer service


  • No international shipping

Wood Majestic Review

As you may already know, Wood Majestic is an authorized retailer of luxury fireplaces and firepits from industry-leading brands. Currently, they carry products from well-known brand names, such as Dimplex, Prism Hardscapes, Napoleon, Primo Grills and Smokers, and The Outdoor Plus.

Wood Majestic Reviews: Wood Majestic Review

On its official website, this brand stocks various product categories for fireplaces as well as firepits. For fireplaces, the products available are linear electric fireplaces, square electric fireplaces, see-through electric fireplaces, wall-mounted electric fireplaces, and fireplaces accessories.

As for firepits, the brand provides product categories like fire pit tables, fire pit bowls, round fire pits, square fire pits, and other fire pit accessories.

However, among the many products that the brand carries, there are three products that have become best sellers. These three products are:

Wood Majestic Review: 3 Best-Selling Products

  • Dimplex XLF74 IgniteXL 74″ Linear Electric Fireplace
  • Prism Hardscapes PH-426 Moderno 5 Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl
  • Dimplex 33” Slim Line Built-In Firebox

Curious about what kind of quality these three products offer? If so, then let’s move on to the next section!

Wood Majestic Dimplex XLF74 IgniteXL 74" Linear Electric Fireplace Reviews

Let’s start with the first best-selling product, the Dimplex XLF74 IgniteXL 74″ Linear Electric Fireplace. This is a linear electric fireplace that comes with a stylish and adaptable design to be installed in various rooms in your home.

Wood Majestic Review: Wood Majestic Dimplex XLF74 IgniteXL 74" Linear Electric Fireplace Reviews

Not only is the design stylish, but this XLF74 can also showcase stunning flame effects thanks to the multi-fire XD flame technology. You can also customize its color flame effects to suit your desires in transforming your living room into a luxury place.

With this Dimplex electric fireplace, luxury and beauty are what you will always find in your living room. Why? Because it is equipped with a contemporary acrylic ice bucket bed that can add beautiful diamond-like light reflections to your space.

Plus, there is also a clean-face design that can provide stunning panoramic views, giving a luxurious and comfortable impression to your luxury home.

Even better, this IgniteXL linear fireplace uses the Comfort$aver ceramic heating system to provide powerful energy savings. With this system, this linear fireplace will automatically adjust the fan speed and heating wattage to suit the needs of the room.


  • Dimensions: 39.6 cm (H) x 188.4 cm (W) x 14.7 cm (D)
  • Stylish design
  • Diamond-like acrylic ice bucket bed
  • Comfort$aver ceramic heating system
  • Customizable color lighting effects
  • Built-in touch control
  • Multi-fire XD flame technology

If you are interested in installing this Dimplex XLF74 linear electric fireplace in your home, then you can make it happen by paying $3,149.99.

Wood Majestic Dimplex 33” Slim Line Built-In Firebox Reviews

On the second list is the perfect fireplace for those who prefer a square shape over a linear one, the Dimplex 33″ Slim Line Built-In Firebox. Coming with a square shape measuring 32.7″ x 28.8″ x 14.3″, this Dimplex can give any room a realistic stunning ambiance without taking up much floor space.

Wood Majestic Review: Wood Majestic Dimplex 33” Slim Line Built-In Firebox Reviews

In addition, you can also customize this electric fireplace with a variety of trim options available. You can choose one of the several trim options to create an appearance that suits you.

Better yet, this Dimplex square electric fireplace features patented electric flame technology that can display various captivating flame effects. Likewise, it can also be operated in two ways, flame only or flame with heat.

What’s even greater about this square electric fireplace is its energy efficiency. That’s right. Because it is equipped with a fan-forced air circulation system that can provide amazing heat control performance, it allows for more efficient energy use.


  • Dimensions: 32.7″ x 28.8″ x 14.3″
  • Optional trim
  • Customizable flame effects
  • Patented electric flame technology
  • Fan-forced air circulation system
  • Manual control and remote control

Interested in turning your living room into a luxury one with this square electric fireplace? If so, then you can immediately prepare a budget of $889.99 to bring it home.

Wood Majestic Prism Hardscapes PH-426 Moderno 5 Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl Reviews

Do you love to spend an evening chatting and relaxing with your family, loved ones, or friends? If so, then you can add to the fun of your evening chats with the warmth of this Prism Hardscapes PH-426 Moderno 5 Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl.

Wood Majestic Review: Wood Majestic Prism Hardscapes PH-426 Moderno 5 Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl Reviews

You can operate this fire pit bowl with either natural gas or propane fuel. Which one is best? It all depends on your preference. On top of that, it has a heat output of about 65,000 BTU, providing just the right amount of warmth for the surroundings.

True to its name, this fire pit comes with a bowl-like design that measures 16″ (H) x 36″ (D). Moreover, it also has a functional 25″ hole in the center, which you can use to fill with lava rock.

Not only that but this Prism Moderno 5 is also handcrafted through a special patina finishing process, giving it a unique and authentic design. Besides providing warmth to the surroundings, this fire pit can also enhance the beauty of your backyard.

Interested in adding the Prism Moderno 5 fire pit to your backyard or patio? If so, you can take it home for $1,620.

Who is Wood Majestic For?

As you already know, Wood Majestic carries a wide range of luxury fireplaces and firepits from various industry-leading brands. For that reason, this brand is best suited for any of you who are planning to spruce up your home with luxury fireplaces and firepits.

Wood Majestic Review: Who is Wood Majestic For?

Through its official website, you can find fireplaces and firepits from brand names such as Dimplex, Prism Hardscapes, Napoleon, and The Outdoor Plus.

For the products, you can find models of fireplaces and firepits, ranging from linear electric fireplaces to see-through electric fireplaces, fire pit bowls, square fire pits, and many more.

Wood Majestic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wood Majestic is MAJESTIC! As a furniture brand, they got an incredible rating on Judge.me with 4.73/5.0 stars out of 3,104 reviews. This certainly shows how amazing this brand is in providing luxury fireplaces and firepits.

Wood Majestic Review: Wood Majestic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Due to the brand’s prowess in providing various types of luxury fireplaces and firepits, they also get almost perfect ratings on all three of their best-selling products. Isn’t that amazing? Check out the bullet points below!

  • Dimplex XLF74 IgniteXL 74″ Linear Electric Fireplace is rated 4.98 out of 5 stars from 42 reviews
  • Dimplex 33″ Slim Line Built-In Firebox is rated 4.90 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews
  • Prism Hardscapes PH-426 Moderno 5 Concrete Gas Fire Pit Bowl is rated 4.92 out of 5 stars from 39 reviews

We understand that mere ratings are not enough to convince you when buying a product from a brand. Additionally, you need genuine customer testimonials. For that reason, we have summarized some genuine customer testimonials that we found on the official Wood Majestic website.

Fantastic fireplace. This has been the focal point of my living room since it has been installed. Everyone is in love with it, and the flames are absolutely realistic.

The first testimonial comes from a customer who purchased the DIMPLEX electric fireplaces. In her testimonial, she revealed that the fireplace is so stunning because it attracts people every time they visit her living room. Plus, she praised how the flames that this fireplace displays are so realistic.

Not only that but the Dimplex 33 also received positive testimonials due to several aspects that it has.

Beautiful looking product. Reasonable price. Knowledgeable customer service representatives. On-time shipping. I bought this more for decorative purposes than for additional heat. Easy install.

Based on the testimonial from the customer above, this square fireplace has an attractive design at a reasonable price. Aside from the quality of this fireplace, this customer also expressed her satisfaction with how this brand has knowledgeable customer service and on-time shipping.

Apart from fireplaces, the firepit products that this brand has also received positive testimonials as well. As the customer below said.

We absolutely love this fire pit. It has the ideal height to stay warm and enjoy an evening outdoors by a fire with friends.

In her testimonial, this happy customer expressed how pleased she was with the purchase of the PH-426 fire pit. According to her, this product comes at the perfect height to stay warm and spend an evening outdoors by a fire with friends.

Overall, Wood Majestic succeeded in fulfilling their mission as a luxury fireplaces and firepits provider. Indeed. The three near-perfects that the brand’s best-selling products received are proof that they have succeeded in fulfilling that mission.

From the three testimonials above, you already know that quality, beautiful design, easy installation, excellent customer service, and timely shipping are the aspects that make this brand succeed in satisfying its customers. Do you agree with our claim? If so, please take the time to rate our reviews.

Is Wood Majestic Worth It?

No question about it. We would confidently say that Wood Majestic is worth your consideration. Referring to how the brand earned a 4.73 rating on Judge.me, near-perfect ratings for all three of its best-selling products and 3000+ positive reviews, it’s easy to say that the brand is something you should consider.

Wood Majestic Review: Is Wood Majestic Worth It?

Moreover, even though the brand has been around for less than 5 years, they have managed to get various awards, such as Diamond Authenticity, Platinum Transparency, and Top 1 Shops. This fact proves that shopping at this brand is the same as getting high-quality yet luxury home products.

Wood Majestic Shipping Policy

Based on the brand’s shipping policy, they currently only accept shipping domestically within the United States. Even so, they provide FREE US shipping for all purchases you make on their official website.

Once you have completed your order and payment, your ordered products will be processed within 1-3 business days. However, the brand offers two free shipping services: standard ground shipping and standard freight shipping.

For every purchase of products weighing less than 150 pounds, the brand will ship your ordered products using standard ground shipping, such as FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, and USPS Ground. On the other hand, if your order weighs more than 150 pounds, your order will be shipped using standard freight shipping.

In addition to the free shipping option, which has an estimated arrival of 2-3 business days, there is also an expedited shipping option for those of you who want to receive your ordered product as soon as possible.

Wood Majestic Return Policy

Well, customer satisfaction has always been the brand’s top goal. That’s why Wood Majestic offers 30 days return policy, which means you can return your ordered product within 30 days after you receiving the product.

Please make sure that your ordered product comes in the same condition as you first received it, unused, unworn, and in its original packaging. By ensuring all of the above, you are eligible to start the return process.

If you have met all the conditions above, you can send an email to [email protected] to start the return process. Later, if your return request has been received, their customer service team will email you to inform you whether your return request is approved or not.

How To Contact Wood Majestic

Besides providing you with luxury home products, this brand also strives to give you an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. For that, in case you need assistance with your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer service through the following contacts.

  • Phone Number: (347) 901-5493
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: On the bottom right of your screen

Alternatively, you can also ask for assistance from the brand by using the form available. There, you just need to fill out your information, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and message you want to ask for.

Besides the form, you can also head over to the brand’s address at 4202 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11224, USA. The brand’s office is available Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Where to buy Wood Majestic?

As a furniture store that sells a wide range of luxury fireplaces and fire pits from industry-leading brands, the best place to buy Wood Majestic products is its official website. Apart from getting access to a wide range of fireplaces and firepits, you can also enjoy various discounts and FREE US shipping.

Wood Majestic Coupon Codes & Promos

There are luxury home products means there are luxury discounts as well. In the hunt for the Wood Majestic discounts and promos to save on your purchase? Well, you can get them through the bullet points below!

  • Use the code SAVE150 and get $150 OFF on orders over $2000
  • Sign up for the newsletter and unlock 10% OFF on your purchase
  • Enjoy FREE US shipping on all orders
  • Grab up to 90% OFF on selected sale items on its official website

We know that you may feel that these four discounts are not enough. Not to worry. In addition to the discounts above, we have additional discounts in the form of coupon codes that you can find by clicking the button below. Just hit the button, and happy luxury home shopping!

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Wood Majestic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Wood Majestic reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Wood Majestic offer to ship internationally?

Yep, this brand offers to ship its products worldwide.

What brands of products are available at Wood Majestic?

Currently, this brand carries a wide variety of products from brand names, like Dimplex, Prism Hardscapes, Primo Grills and Smokers, Napoleon, and Superior Fireplaces.

Does Wood Majestic provides a warranty?

Sure you do. In line with their goal of customer satisfaction, this authorized retailer offers a warranty for every product. So, if you find your product arrives with a defect, you can contact [email protected] or (347) 901-5493 immediately.

Once your warranty claim is received, the brand will arrange for their technical team to come to your home to diagnose the defect. For more details, you can check the warranty policy page on the official website.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Wood Majestic Reviews & Ratings

You have come to the end of this review. All in all, Wood Majestic’s title as an authorized online retailer is not an unreasonable one. They have managed to become a retail store that provides a wide range of luxury fireplaces, firepits, and other home appliance products from various industry-leading brands.

Plus, all the products that the brand sells come at the cheapest and most reasonable prices available in the market. So, if you are in search of a luxury yet affordable fireplace or firepit to beautify your indoor interior or outdoor space, then Wood Majestic is the place to go.


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