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About Winstons Beds

Quality sleep is essential for humans. So, you might need a comfortable dream mattress that feels like you’re on a cloud of marshmallows. Well, the dream is about to come true, my sleepy mate. Because Winstons Beds is here.

Winstons Beds Review: About Winstons Beds

Winstons Beds provides the best sleeping experience by providing premium beds and mattresses. The company has been in the industry for generations since 95 years ago. Thus, there are no more questions about their expertise in bed.

Furthermore, the brand proclaims they are part of the Furniture Ombudsman FHIO and the National Bed Federation. Also, it has been featured in famous publications like Key Facts and Country & Town House.

What’s more astonishing is that all the products are accredited with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guaranteed quality definitely makes their customer satisfaction high. Moreover, it has more than 660+ followers on Instagram.

So, discover why the company is the go-to beds brand and learn more about its innovative features in this Winstons Beds review. Without any further stalling, let’s make our way!

Overview of Winstons Beds

Winstons Beds was established in 2020, but the products are made by a manufacturer over 95 years old. The founder is a duo of mother and daughter, Tina and Rebecca Swain.

The background that formed this brand is some family members experienced back problems. This includes Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis. These diseases are the result of mattresses that do not meet health standards.

However, mattresses that fit medical standards were far from affordable at that time. This situation made them venture into making their own bed brand. They want people to get the best mattresses at reasonable and transparent prices.

Then, the company partnered with experts in British heritage to create luxurious handmade mattresses. Together they researched and developed each product to have remarkable quality.


  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Made by British Handcrafting Heritage
  • Part of the FHIO
  • 100% nature
  • Created by approved NBF members
  • Manufactured over 95 years
  • 60-night and 100-night trial
  • Free shipping
  • 30 years guarantee

Winstons Beds review

Winstons Beds can optimize your sleep quality with premium products. You might wonder what kind of mattress they have that can upgrade it.

Winstons Beds Reviews: Winstons Beds review

The prominent feature of Winstons Beds is the exceptional quality materials. The brand blends advanced springs, premium foam, and natural materials. It creates a soft and luxurious mattress surface.

In addition, the company uses authentic British Handcrafting Heritage in the craftsmanship of its products. They use traditional techniques whose quality has been recognized by the world.

Winstons Beds Product Categories

I bet you can’t wait to discover what collections this brand has. So, here you go:


  • Pocket Spring Mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Natural Mattresses
  • Zip and Link Mattresses
  • Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow Top Mattresses

  • The Dreamer
  • The Highland
  • The Heritage
  • The Duke
  • The Winstons No2

Luxury Beds

  • The Shallow Divan
  • The High Divan
  • The Ottoman Divan

Mattress Toppers

  • The Winstons No2 Mattress Topper
  • The Duke Mattress Topper
  • The Winstons Heritage Mattress Topper
  • The Winston Dreamer Mattress Topper

We want you to understand everything about the products deeply. Thus, we bring 3 best-selling items. They’re The Winstons No1, The Heritage, and The Ancoats. Let’s begin with the first product!

Winstons Beds The Winstons No1 Reviews

The company presents The Winstons No1. a luxurious mattress with super soft materials that provide a deep sleep sensation.

Winstons Beds Review: Winstons Beds The Winstons No1 Reviews

Winstons No1 is a 36 cm thick masterpiece composed of 18 distinct layers. It has 100% natural premium quality materials such as English lambswool, British fleece wool & cotton, hand-teased silk, and 15 other materials. In the center of the layer are 3000 calico springs.

When you lie on its surface, you’ll feel the waist and lumbar synchronization. Thanks to the excellent contouring of the top layer. It can maintain optimal spinal alignment. Also, it has a temperature control that soothes your body throughout the night.

Furthermore, you can find the spring tension that suits you best. There are extra firm, firm, medium, or soft. Not only that, but Winstons No1 is also available in multiple sizes. You can choose between single, small double, double, king, or super king.

Product details

  • High-rich 7350 GSM
  • 100% Lancastrian Cotton and Chemical free cover composition
  • Wool Rosettes tuft 
  • Best for back pain, Arthritis, Sciatica, and Fibromyalgia
  • Sleep position for back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination
  • Medium firm feel

Thus, spoil your spine by paying starts from £3,499.99 for The Winstons No1. Your body will thank you afterward.

Winstons Beds The Heritage Reviews

Get ready to be transported back in time with The Heritage. It proudly presents a super comfortable mattress that combines classic with premium horsehair.

Winstons Beds Review: Winstons Beds The Heritage Reviews

This elegant The Heritage is filled with 11 layers of natural fibers. You’ll find the comfort of English lambswool, hand-teased alpaca wool, British highland wool, and many more. With the number of layers, it makes the thickness of the mattress to 44 cm.

Moreover, the thick layers enclose 1600 calico pocket springs. It provides comfort when you lie down on it. Also, the mattress adapts to body shape. This ability makes the entire back supported by the softness of The Heritage. It indeed reduces back pain.

Also, you can pick a bed size that suits you. The company provides single, small double, double, king, or super king. Not only on size, they also allow you to determine the spring level you desire. You can decide whether your bed has extra firm, firm, medium, or soft springs.

Product details

  • High-rich 10600 GSM
  • 100% Lancastrian cotton and chemical-free cover composition
  • Wool Rosettes tuft 
  • Best for back pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Sciatica
  • Sleep position for back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination
  • Soft feeling

Therefore, make the best decision to upgrade your sleeping routine with The Heritage. Get a good night’s sleep with this bed, starting from £2,499.99.

Winstons Beds The Ancoats Reviews

Has your partner ever complained about how ‘active’ you are when sleeping? Give your partner back the peace she craves with The Ancoats zero motion transfer.

Winstons Beds Review: Winstons Beds The Ancoats Reviews

The Ancoats is composed of 4 layers. They are English lambswool, British fleece wool & cotton, British highland wool, and Organic flax. The main spotlight of this product is the 1500 responsive pocket springs. It provides super minimal shaking.

In addition, this mattress uses hypoallergenic materials. Thus, if you or your family have allergies to certain materials, The Ancoats is your best solution. Also, the surface uses chemical-free materials and 100% natural fibers.

Moreover, this mattress has a large size range. You can select a single, small double, double, king, or super king. Your freedom does not stop there. This brand also provides 4 spring tension options, firm, extra firm, medium or soft springs.

Product details

  • High-rich 4000 GSM
  • 100% Lancastrian cotton and chemical-free cover composition
  • Wool Rosettes tuft 
  • Best for back pain, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, and joint & hip pain
  • Sleep position for back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination
  • Medium soft

Thus, my fellow rebel sleeper, you can still actively move while sleeping with your partner. You won’t hear your partner’s ramblings anymore. All you need to do is own The Ancoats starting from £1,199.99.

Winstons Beds Pros & Cons

Since we already know the details of the product. We’ll give you a quick glimpse at the Winstons Beds’ most notable advantages and disadvantages. Glance over the table below!


  • 100% nature fibers
  • Variety of mattress types and sizes to choose from
  • Chemical-free cover composition
  • Superior comfort beds and mattress
  • Winston EQ3 Bed is available if you like to shop custom bedroom furniture
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Large selection of sizes
  • High-quality materials
  • Customizable options
  • Friendly customer service
  • 60-night and 100-night trial
  • 30 years guarantee


  • Limited physical store

Who Is Winstons Beds For?

Winstons Beds products are designed for all people looking for high-quality beds and mattresses. This includes everyone who wants to get quality sleep, fix back problems, and upgrade their beds to be more luxurious.

Winstons Beds Review: Who Is Winstons Beds For?

Additionally, this brand is perfect for individuals who have sleeping preferences. It is because the company allows customers to customize beds and mattresses. Therefore, you can find your dream luxury bed here.

Winstons Beds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Aren’t you curious about what customers are actually saying about the products? We also think about it! Therefore, we compile several feedbacks to reveal the actual quality of Winstons Beds.

Winstons Beds Review: Winstons Beds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The company has gained attention from several online communities. Trustpilot accumulated a grade of 4.5/5. Also, this brand received an excellent rating from Reviews io, 4.98/5 stars. On the official website itself, the products get the following scores:

One buyer says:

It is a beautiful mattress that supports my body all night, especially my back. It has a very competitive price. I am very excited about this purchase

The customer was satisfied with the product’s ability to support his back comfortably. Also, it has a reasonable price.

The next buyer says:

My Heritage is really amazing. It has sophisticated support, and the top is easy to style. It is also cool, airy, and comfortable.

This shopper was happy with the product. It was very breathable and comfy all night.

One more customer says:

The Ancoats is nice and as soft as advertised. It also doesn’t make the slightest shock when I move on it.

One more customer felt the unparalleled softness of the product he purchased. Moreover, the mattress is entirely resistant to any moves.

So, there you have it, folks. Winstons Beds is truly cherished and loved. They’re satisfied with the comfort, the features, or the price. You can also feel that benefit by bringing the product to your home.

Is Winstons Beds Worth It?

Shopping for matters is no cakewalk. You’ve to consider many things. Thus, we recommend Winstons Beds cause it’s worth every purchase. The company has premium materials with handcrafted production. It allows you to experience the best sleep ever.

Winstons Beds Review: Is Winstons Beds Worth It?

Furthermore, the product literally gets your back so well. The mattress has many layers that can adjust to your body shape. Thus, it can make your back comfortable and relieve back pain.

Equally important, the materials used are 100% natural without chemicals. Those who have allergies to certain materials can rely on this brand. It is because the company has hypoallergenic materials.

Winstons Beds Shipping Policy

We’ve heard some really great things about the brand’s shipping. Winstons Beds ships internationally! UK citizens exclusively get free shipping. Once you place an order, the company will process it within 72 hours before handing it to the delivery service.

You might wonder when your mattress arrive, so we’ll give you a little spoiler. The shipping time depends on location and the product type you ordered. All bed bases and headboards take 5-8 weeks for delivery. In contrast, mattress toppers and bed linens take 5 to 7 weeks. For more details, check the delivery page.

Winstons Beds Warranty Policy

Winstons Beds gives its customers peace of mind against the risk of manufacturing defects. The company provides up to 30 years guarantees. You can claim it by contacting them within 72 hours.

However, some products like The Elite and The Essentials Orthopaedic have 5 years warranty. There is also 10 years guarantee for The Alderley, The Pro. and the rest get 30 years guarantee.

As mentioned, these guarantees cover manufacturer faults such as spring sticking, stuffing clumping, depth sagging up to 2 inches, and others. Other than those things, the warranty is not applicable. 

Winstons Beds Return Policy

The company understands you need time to get to know your new mattress better. That’s why Winstons Beds offers a 100 nights trial and 60 nights trial for Alderley and the Pro mattress.

Then, how is the mechanism? It’s easy. The company confidently allows you to experience sleeping with their products for a minimum of 30 nights and a maximum of 60 or 100 nights.

If you find something that makes you uncomfortable, you can contact [email protected]. The team will provide a replacement mattress on the same day.

How To Contact Winstons Beds

Whether you have something lingering in your mind that we still haven’t answered in this Winstons Beds review, we encourage you to contact the company through the following contact methods:

The company’s customer service is a bed expert. You can reach them every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Where to buy Winstons Beds?

Did something in Winstons Beds catch your eye? You can visit the official website to fulfill your desire. Find a wide range of premium mattresses classified by size, type, and spring tension.

Winstons Beds Coupon Codes & Promos

Throughout this review, we track any discounts the brand offers. We discovered that you can subscribe to their email to get the latest information regarding promo codes and big deals.

Furthermore, the company often holds massive discount sales of up to 40%. You could diligently check on the official website.

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Winstons Beds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Winstons Beds reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Winstons Beds Ltd located?

This company is located at 76 King Street, Manchester, UK, M2 4NH.

Can I find discount code at Winstons Beds?

Yes, you can. However, there is currently no discount code. You can often monitor the website to see if this brand releases tons of discounts or promo codes at any time.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Winstons Beds Reviews & Ratings

After all, Winstons Beds is the most reliable brand for beds and mattresses. It provides comfort, luxury, and 100% natural materials. Also, they commit to customization so that customers can find the perfect bed according to their preferences and needs.

Why delay any longer? Upgrade your sleep quality and improve your health with this brand. Head to their official website or contact the team to get assistance. Start getting a new wonderful experience throughout the night. Have a nice dream with Winstons Beds!


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