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About Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service

A virtual assistant is a helpful aid in managing tasks and assignments. Wing Assistant exists to fulfill the need of an individual, small businesses, and big companies.

Wing Assistant Review: About Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service

Wing Assistant is a company that provides virtual assistants to businesses and individuals. They have high-qualified and experienced virtual assistants.

They are also native English speakers, so they can communicate effectively with clients from all over the world.

This brand is a result of four founders for worldwide customers. They offer valuable services in many realms. You can even choose a sensible thing for you to manage your job wonderfully.

The company already features in Google and Capterra. They also have A+ for Business Accreditation from BBB. Many customers seem to believe in the brand, proving that they boast more than 2.1k followers on Instagram and Facebook.

So, I’ll provide more profound research regarding Wing Assistant reviews from the brand’s history, mission, services, customers’ think, and more to help you get informed whether they’re worth checking out. Let’s get into it!

Overview of Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service

Karan Kanwar, Martin Gomez, Roland Polzin, and Saideep Gupta created this start-up AI business in 2018. Wing Assistant provides every client with a dedicated assistant that is well-educated, well-mannered, and speaks English.

Every client will have a Customer Success Manager to supervise the task and service. In addition, it is the first virtual management assistant software to manage tasks, file sharing, and team collaboration.

You can trust the brand since they have excellent ratings from well-known organizations. Moreover, you can get a discount on your first order. Therefore, it is a perfect companion in many occupation realms, including marketing and general purposes.

Now you know a little further about the brand, let’s see the pros and cons before we jump over the Wing Assistant review.


  • Provides dedicated virtual assistants and CSM
  • Available for worldwide clients
  • Suitable for individuals, small businesses, and big company
  • Offers a variety of realms in many industries
  • Virtual assistant can work anywhere
  • Offers worldwide job opportunity
  • Has many good feedbacks from clients


  • Some customers may experience bugs in the applicable software

Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service Review

If you are looking for a way to outsource your administrative, customer support, marketing, or sales tasks, then Wing Assistant is a great option.

Wing Assistant Reviews: Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service Review

They offer a wide range of services, and their virtual assistants are highly qualified and experienced. They are:

Wing Assistant Virtual Assistant Service Review

Administrative tasks Scheduling appointments, managing email, and creating presentations
Customer support Answering customer questions, resolving issues, and providing refunds
Marketing Creating content, managing social media, and running Ad campaigns
Sales Qualifying leads, generating proposals, and closing deals

I know you’re wondering about what the brand has to offer. It has a total of 15 services that are helpful for startups and SMEs.

But, for the time being, I’ll only focus on the General Tasks because it is the most common service for a virtual assistant. So, let’s get into Wing Assistant review!

Wing Assistant For General Tasks Reviews

Let’s begin this section with Wing Assistant For General Tasks reviews. It is the most common type that the brand has to offer to every customer.

Wing Assistant Review: Wing Assistant For General Tasks Reviews

This service provides nine tasks. Here they are:

  • Tracking invoices and expenses
  • Managing personal or team calendars
  • Performing web research and creating reports
  • Answering phone calls
  • Handling internal support
  • Handling CRM tools
  • Arranging travel requirements
  • Ordering products and supplies
  • Responding to emails

All of the tasks above differ in three packages:

Part-time Service

It occurs for one user for four hours from Mon to Fri, including a dedicated assistant and one Customer Success Manager. The VA will work anywhere with a 5-minute response time. Plus, you can manage it via call, text, mobile app, web, and so on. Get this service for only $499/month.

Full-time Service

It occurs for three users for eight hours from Mon to Fri, containing a dedicated assistant and one Customer Success Manager. The VA will work from anywhere with a 3-minute response time. You can manage the tasks via call, text, mobile app, web, etc. Grab this workflow service for only $899/month.

Full-time 2x Service

It occurs for five users for five hours from Mon to Fri, plus a dedicated assistant and two Customer Success Managers. The VA will stay working anywhere with a 3-minute response time. You may manage the service via call, text, mobile app, web, etc. Take this service with workflow for only $1699/month.

Wing Task Management App Reviews

Every client who utilizes services from this brand will get access to Wing Task Management App. It’s practical to quickly check every task and connect you with the virtual assistant.

Wing Assistant Review: Wing Task Management App Reviews

Furthermore, the founders create it with valuable features, are:

  • Built-in Video Messaging: It is helpful to manage instruction and documentation videos
  • Dedicated Chat System: Provides excellent access to connect with the virtual assistant
  • Media Library: Offers library to upload images and videos for accessible assistant
  • Share Credentials: Allows your assistant to access every file and marketing apps

To conclude, the application will be a place to give access to between you and your assistant. Therefore, tasks are accessible and finished in no time.

How does Wing Assistant Work?

Are you interested in using the service from the company? If so, take a look at the steps below to get started!

  • First, schedule a call with the team to learn better about this brand. You’ll have every answer you need regarding this brand.
  • Second, meet the Customer Success Manager who is responsible for your package. Please get in touch with the CSM whenever you face a problem.
  • Next, manage your account in a free application from Wing Assistant. You’ll get access to a secret password, workflow management, etc.
  • You are all set! That’s it, and you can work with the virtual assistant and get everything done in several minutes!

Who is Wing Assistant For?

The service from Wing Assistant is suitable for an individual worker, small business, or big company. The brand offers various services that everyone from different realms may benefit from.

Wing Assistant Review: Who is Wing Assistant For?

In addition, it works excellently to assist your business hours and check every to-do list, allowing you to finish every task in seconds. Therefore, you wouldn’t find it confusing to get things done based on priority.

Wing Assistant Careers

This company is famous for its virtual assistant service. However, it’s also a good place for applying for Wing Assistant jobs. It offers hundreds of positions available in different realms.

It’s eligible for worldwide application, except for the US-based only. Some available realms include General VA, Executive Assistant, Marketing, Writing, Sales, Customer Service, Social Media, and so on.

The brand offers remote jobs which you can do it anywhere. It also provides a different salary based on your experience and the skills you apply. Therefore, you can check this page for further information concerning jobs opportunity at this company.

You may also visit the review of Glassdoor concerning the workers from Wing Assistant. They will give you insights into the situation and benefits of working there. 

Wing Assistant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You must wonder how many ratings this brand has. It gets a 4.4/5 rating from Google Play Store, a 4.9/5 rating from GetApp, and a 4.5/5 from Product Hunt. Of course, the brand gets a good reputation from many platforms for no reason. To prove the rating is accurate, let’s see what customers say about them.

Wing Assistant Review: Wing Assistant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here is what one reviewer said:

Wing is the solution for business that is considering outsourcing tasks and projects that want reliability, efficiency, and results. I couldn’t imagine operating my company without using Wing for our daily business operation which has helped our company to significantly thrive.

This customer finds a virtual assistant from this company helpful, and she can’t live without it. Moreover, she believes the service will help any business finish tasks and projects. It’s a practical thing that her company requires to grow significantly.

Another testimonial stated:

I love the workflow tool that enables my assistant to do all of my recurring tasks without me reminding her. Additionally, the Slack integration is very cool and convenient. Until a few days ago, there were still a few bugs. However, the new software version does look much nicer and works pretty well so far.

This one said the customer’s assistant did the task well without any reminders. He also thought Slack was marvelous. Although he found bugs, the new version of Wing Assistant’s software developed well and worked excellently.

Here, I can say that this brand works pretty well to serve the customers. Even though some find the application bugging, other factors do not stop customers from continuing to trust this company.

Is Wing Assistant Worth It?

Living busy with many tasks and assignments will confuse people and businesses. However, Wing Assistant exists to help you in managing every order. Merely get the service, and every job will finish in a minute.

Wing Assistant Review: Is Wing Assistant Worth It?

You won’t forget which job to prioritize first. Therefore, I must say that the brand is extremely worth it, period. Everything is well-arranged, the virtual assistant is helpful, and every customer can marvelously develop the business or job.

Is Wing Assistant Legit?

Truthfully, Wing Assistant is legit because they can provide everything in one touch. You can set every task or assignment from the assistant you work with. In addition, the platform supports the web, Android, iPhone, and even iPad.

Wing Assistant Review: Is Wing Assistant Legit?

The company also offers excellent support from many connections. For example, you can contact the team via email, FAQs, knowledge base, call, and live chat.

On the other side, the people who apply for this company benefit from accessible work anytime and anywhere. Even better, the training occurs on three methods: live online, documentation, and videos.

So not only is the customer benefit from taking service, but also the workers and team from this brand get a perfect place to finish the job.

How to Contact Wing Assistant

Please follow the steps below for further information about the company:

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Call the team at +1 (888) 477-4327
  • Ask directly at the live chat on the bottom right of the official website
  • Schedule a call with the manager on this page
  • Hit a direct message on Instagram or Facebook

2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA.

Where to buy Wing Assistant?

You must know that this brand promotes quality and excellent service. Furthermore, you may get information about the service and career in two places. First, go to the official website for a complete guide.

Second, download and install the Wing Assistant application at Google Play Store or App Store. This compact and phone-friendly version allows you to get in touch with the team whenever and wherever.

Wing Assistant Coupon Codes & Promos

Fortunately, this brand offers discounts and promotions on its official website.

  • Subscribe to the official website via live chat
  • Get $200 off on your first order with the code: WYYSXW

Kindly visit the website for further information regarding Wing Assistant discount codes.

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Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Wing Assistant reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Wing Assistant?

Wing Assistant’s founders are Karan Kanwar, Martin Gomez, Roland Polzin, and Saideep Gupta.

Who is your assistant in Wing Assistant?

Your assistant is a highly-trained employee who is well-educated, speaks English, and has completed four to six weeks of training programs.

Where is Wing Assistant located?

It is at 2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA.

What does Wing Assistant do?

This online service company offers virtual assistants to aid customers in many realms. You will find it helpful since it will handle the affairs you need to develop your business. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Wing Assistant Reviews & Ratings

Everyone has different tasks and assignments. However, it’s not easy to manage everything by yourself. That’s why Wing Assistant appears to be a valuable companion for every person worldwide.

The brand performs well in providing dedicated assistance for many industries. In addition, it is accessible worldwide from anywhere. Merely choose the service and get the help immediately. So, let’s check which service suits your needs and finish the job quickly!

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