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Will and Bear Review 2023 → Sustainable Hats for Every Adventure!

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About Will & Bear

Outdoors journey will be complete if you have a fancy hat. Will and Bear are glad to provide the most comfortable fedora hats and beanies from sustainable materials.

Will and Bear Review: About Will & Bear
Image: facebook.com/willandbear

Moreover, this Australian brand has many collections to offer. The owners intend to pay back nature by creating products with 100% wool and natural fiber. 

Even better, every purchase will result in planting ten trees. This company is B-Corp certified and works with Two Percent for The Future. They have been planting 1.9m trees on 780 acres of Forest Garden since 2016.

The brand has an excellent reputation and features in Australia Style Magazine. It also has 178K followers on Instagram and 30K on Facebook. 

If you’re curious, continue the reading to get to know the brand’s owners, products review, and testimonials on Will and Bear review. Thus, let’s start with the overview!

Overview of Will & Bear Hat Co.

Loz (Will) and Alex (Bear) have been living outdoors for a long time. These two come from Tasmania and have had a marvelous experience in Australia. 

They began this business in 2015 with qualified 100% materials of wool and natural fibers. Nowadays, the owners work with professional milliners from Inner Mongolia and China. 

You’ll love the brand’s products since Loz and Alex are inspired by nature. They love to live on the roads and travel from one place to another. Even better, they also serve customers online and offline. 

Worldwide, customers can purchase the item efficiently because it ships internationally. You can get products on the website, visit the physical store, or buy them from a stockist.

Plus, the packaging features recyclable cardboard with zero plastic. Below are the highlights of this hat company.

Will and Bear Highlights

  • Provides qualified hats made of sustainable materials
  • Suitable for kids, youngsters, adults, and elderly
  • B-Corps certified company 
  • It offers many shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Provides one-time payment and 4-times installments
  • Provides recyclable packaging
  • Serves online and offline at physical stores or stockists
  • Ships internationally
  • Offers free domestic shipping on orders of $150+
  • Offers 30-day returns and refunds
  • Every successful purchase will result in planting ten trees
  • Has many feedbacks from customers

Will and Bear Review

After understanding the brand’s hat review, you must know what this company offers. 

Will and Bear Reviews: Will and Bear Review

This hat company has many best-sellers, from Andy, Cooper, Calloway, and Rider hats. It also classifies the product into seven groups, are:

  • Wool Hats
  • Straw Hats
  • Buckets
  • Caps
  • Beanies
  • Accessories
  • Gift Cards

The brand also has Little Kids collections for toddlers and youngsters. But let’s focus only on the three best-selling hats. So, let’s begin with the Calloway hat review! 

Will and Bear Calloway Reviews

Say hi to Will and Bear Calloway! The first best-seller rated UPF 50+ fedora hat is available in five colors: Cream, Fawn, Tan, Ash, and Black.

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Calloway Reviews

This hat is made of 100% Australian wool with high-quality, biodegradable, natural, and recyclable. Moreover, it is resistant to odor and changes continuously according to the season.

Once it is winter, the wool will be warm, and vice versa. You’ll love it because the fedora style has a wide, flat 7 cm brim. In addition, the crown is around 11 cm, making it perfect for your head.

You may also choose a suitable size between S to XL. The pinched crown results in a perfect silhouette. It has a matte leather band accessory and an embossed leaf logo.


  • Made of 100% sustainable Australian wood
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Promotes perfect fedora style with a great silhouette
  • Available in five shades and four sizes
  • Suitable for outdoor adventures
  • An ideal companion for all seasons 

Therefore, you can wear this Will and Bear hat comfortably for outdoor activities, protecting you from the sun. So let’s buy it for one time-purchase at $129 or a four-time installment for $32.25!

Will and Bear Andy Oak Reviews

Now, look at Will and Bear Andy Oak, a classic fedora with aesthetic effect! This hat is perfect for anyone unsure about the hat size. In addition, it features an adjustable sweatband that will suit every dimension of the head.

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Andy Oak Reviews

In addition, you can choose between S to XL sizes and three shades: Cream, Oak, and Auburn. The 100% biodegradable and natural Australian wool makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

Wool is a flexible material for this hat. It will cool during the summer and change to hot during winter. Furthermore, it features a 9 cm brim with a 12 cm teardrop tall pinched crown.

This hat also has a natural leather accessory and antique embossed brass studs. The brand ensures you get UPF 50+ from wearing this product. Therefore, it will protect from the shining UVA and UVB sunlight.


  • Made of 100% sustainable Australian wood
  • It has an adjustable feature
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Promotes classic fedora style with aesthetic effect
  • Available in three shades and four sizes
  • Suitable for outdoor adventures
  • An ideal companion for all seasons 

So, visit the link below to pay on a one-time purchase for $149! Or, get this hat with a four-times installment at $37.25!

Will and Bear Cooper Reviews

This final product is inspired by 60s New York. Will and Bear Cooper is an adventurous and stylish unisex fedora hat. Even better, you can get coffee and Bone in two shades.

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Cooper Reviews

It is also available in S to XL with an adjustable internal sweatband. So everyone can get it and adjust the size comfortably based on the head size.

Furthermore, the natural and biodegradable 100% Australian wool will change simultaneously every season. It will be a warm one during the cold season and vice versa.

You’ll love this hat on your head because it has a natural leather accessory and antique embossed brass studs. Therefore, the UPF 50+ will protect you during the adventurous outdoor journey!


  • Made of 100% sustainable Australian wood
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Promotes stylish fedora style inspired by 60s New York
  • Available in two shades and four sizes
  • Suitable for outdoor adventures
  • An ideal companion for all seasons 

So, get your wallet and pay on a one-time purchase for $159! Plus, it is available on a four-times installment payment method for $39.75!

Will and Bear Sizing Guide

As discussed, the company offers many kinds of hats for adults and kids. However, you must confuse about the sizing. 

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Sizing Guide

First, do the steps below to get your correct hat measurement:

  • Prepare a measuring tape or string with a ruler
  • Then, find where you want your hat to have a seat on your head
  • Measure the suitable point of the seat
  • Match the number with the size guide, and voila! You’ve got the correct size! 

Below is the sizing guide from this hat company:

Size Cm Inches
Kids 53 cm 20.9″
Small 55 cm 21.6″
Medium 57 cm 22.5″
Large 59 cm 23.2″
X-Large 61 cm 24″
XX-Large 63 cm 24.8″

It recommends sizing up if you’re unsure between the big or small head. But if you have more questions regarding the size, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

Therefore, you can get the correct number to have the most comfortable hat for your head! 

Will and Bear Hat Care

Hats are similar to clothes, meaning you must take care of them to keep them good and stay on point. The brand provides hat care that you can practice.

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Hat Care

Note that the company made every product handcrafted. In addition, wool and fiber will fade in time, which is normal. But let’s take a look at the guide below for more caring:

  • Please do not put the hat on its brim or uneven surfaces. Instead, turn it upside down to keep it in its original shape.
  • It recommends building a wall hat to keep the shape marvelous
  • Please avoid washing machine because it can make your hat loses the shape
  • Brush the dirt on the surface with a hat brush or soft brush gently with a counter-clockwise movement
  • Use a sponge or gum eraser if your hat gets any stains or smudges
  • Please avoid putting your hat inside a hot car or being exposed to the sunlight when you’re not wearing
  • Please avoid artificial heat to dry the cap. Let it dry naturally
  • Hold the hat on the brim, not the crown
  • If the hat loses its shape, boil a kettle and wave the brim once the steam is released. Believe yourself and try to reshape your lovely hat

Kindly visit this page to learn more about how to take care of your hat. 

Comparison: Will and Bear Vs Akubra

Truthfully, there is another brand that sells hats from Australia. It calls Akubra. Below I’ll provide a comparison of these companies.

Image 1: Will and Bear
Image: facebook.com/willandbear
Image 2: Akubra
Image: facebook.com/akubraofficial

Will and Bear

  • It only existed for seven years 
  • Serves online, in-store, and to stockists
  • Ships internationally
  • Create a Little Kids version for children


  • It has existed for 145 years
  • Only serves online shopping and stockists, while the retail factory remains closed.
  • It only focuses on the Australian order. 
  • It doesn’t make hats for kids; it only has small sizes.

Who is Will and Bear For?

The company intends to create comfortable hats for all ages. So, it is suitable for kids, youngsters, adults, and the elderly. 

Will and Bear Review: Who is Will and Bear For?

You can get yourself or your beloved people the hat as long as it fits their hats. In addition, Loz and Alex prepare sizes for everyone. As a result, customers can get the convenient size for every life journey! 

Will and Bear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I know you are curious about the brand’s rating and customer testimonials. Below, I’ll explain clearly the number and reviews.

Will and Bear Review: Will and Bear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, these are the rating for the three abovementioned products:

  • Will and Bear Calloway receive a 4.9/5 rating of 1278 testimonials, with 99% of buyers will recommend it to a colleague. 
  • Will and Bear Andy obtains a 4.8/5 rating of 401 reviews, with 96% of customers will recommend it to a friend.
  • Will and Bear Cooper get a 5/5 rating out of 8 reviews, with 100% of buyers will recommend it to an acquaintance. 

Those numbers are incredibly high, proving that the products from Will and Bear are marvelous. For example, one of the reviews said:

The hat is exceptional quality and beautiful to wear. It is exactly as described, and I will definitely be purchasing again!! A wonderful Australian product!

A customer is beyond delighted to receive a qualified and beautiful hat. Plus, it is as same as described. She promises to buy again from this brand and claims that this Australian hat is lovely!

Another review said:

I really like my new Andy Cream hat; it’s wide brim is great for sun protection. I also like the hat as it looks good and the colour goes with everything in my wardrobe.

This buyer finds Andy from Will and Bear is perfect for protecting her from sunlight. Plus, she falls in love because the color can go with any clothes she has in her wardrobe.

Therefore, I must say that there is no significant problem with this company. Instead, Will and Bear perform marvelously with the excellent hat for every customer on every occasion! 

Is Will and Bear Worth It?

Hats are a great companion that can complete your appearance. However, it must have features to protect you from UV A and UV B. So, Will and Bear is a worth-it brand.

Will and Bear Review: Is Will and Bear Worth It?

It creates excellent hats with natural and sustainable materials. Even better, the hats feature UPF 50+, perfect for outdoor occasions.

The mission From the Earth, For the Earth, implies significance for this company. Therefore, you can trust the company to provide more functional accessories for all ages. 

Will and Bear Shipping Policy

Lucky you because the brand ships internationally to serve worldwide customers! In addition, it offers free domestic shipping on orders of $150+.

The team requires a day to two days to prepare your purchase. Here is the shipping cost you must know:

Country Cost Estimated Shipping Period
Australia (orders <$150) $10 2-8 business days
Australia (orders >$150) Free 2-8 business days
Australia Express Shipping  $20 – $50 1-2 business days
New Zealand $12 6-12 business days
United Kingdom $40 7-12 business days
Major countries in Europe $40 7-12 business days
Rest of the world $40 Unpredicted (Check the possibility on this page)

Once your order ships, the team will send you a confirmation email and a tracking number. Please allow a day to process until you track your package. Then, if you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

Will and Bear Return Policy

First, you must know that this company prioritizes quality. However, you can claim 30-day returns when you purchase the hat. 

The policy is only eligible for full-priced and sale items. Note that the final sale items are not included. You must return the unused, unworn item in the original packaging with the original tags. 

There are three different policies for returning products. Here they are:

  • Online purchases: Customers must contact the team first at this link to initiate a return
  • Physical In-store purchases: Customers can only return the product at the Currumbin, Queensland
  • Stockists: Customers who purchase from this place can only return to the following site since it operates independently

Please remember that this brand only gives a store credit for a refund. Therefore, you won’t receive a refund on your original payment method. Suppose you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

How to Contact Will and Bear

Further queries concerning the company, hats stockists, wholesale, and other questions can follow the steps below:

Note that the team will reply during business hours, from Mon to Fri 8 am – 4 pm AEST. 

Where to buy Will and Bear?

I know you’re interested in buying the hats, so here are the places to buy products from this brand:

  • Purchase on the official website
  • Get the item from Will and Bear physical store at Currumbin, Queensland
  • Visit this link to get the nearest store across Australia, New Zealand, Bali, USA, and Japan 
  • Buy from the brand’s official Facebook Shop

Please ensure you get your desired hat from the original sellers or retailers. Thus, you can avoid fake products and get the most comfortable ones for yourself! 

Will and Bear Coupon Codes & Promos

Yahoo! Let’s see what kind of promotions and coupon codes you can get from this company! Here they are:

  • Subscribe to the official website and get 10% off, access to exclusive content, sales, and updates
  • Free AU shipping on orders of $150+

Currently, it only has these two exclusive deals. But please visit the social media and website to get more discount codes and sales! 

Reveal all coupons
Will and Bear

Will and Bear Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Will and Bear reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Will and Bear?

Loz and Alex are the owners of the brand. 

Where are Will and Bear hats made?

The products are made in Australia with the help of professional milliners from Inner Mongolia and China. 

Does Will and Bear ship internationally?

Yes, it ships internationally with different costs and shipments. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Will and Bear Reviews & Ratings

Living outdoors will make your skin get in touch with the sunlight directly. However, you can wear a functional hat from Will and Bear, which is made of biodegradable materials.

Furthermore, the items have beautiful shapes that can bring more points to your outfits. So, which of the products above that you prefer the most? Now, let’s visit the website to purchase your desired hat! 


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