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Whistlepig Whiskey Review 2023 → Bourbon to Rye Whiskeys Are Here!

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About Whistlepig Whiskey

We all may agree that there’s no happier moment when whiskeys are not around. Do you think so? If your friend invites you, ensure he has some bottles of Whistlepig Whiskey to bring you fly.

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: About Whistlepig Whiskey
Image: facebook.com/whistlepigwhiskey

Who is this Whistlepig Whiskey? Honestly, we have no words to describe what or who it is, but the best whiskey producer for all whiskey lovers. Say ‘hi‘ to them and let your freedom start.

Then, what else can you expect from this? If knowing that they got the most-awarded rye whiskey title is important for you, then that’s how the facts will tell you. Is everybody drinking from them, too?

Yes, everyone does! Another interesting fact is the brand has gained over 311.6k followers from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Does following them give a new whiskey addiction? Even more.

So, if your drinking whiskey habit gets boring lately, we guess the problem isn’t you but the place where you shop. Therefore, who’s excited to read Whistlepig Whiskey reviews?

Overview Of Whistlepig Whiskey

All people need whiskey, and no reason can stop them from getting their best bottles. Then, how does Whistlepig Whiskey set its highest standard in the industry? 

The company’s key success doesn’t come from how long it began. However, each bottle produced daily sets them higher, so more people come to give their first sip.

From a little lick to a hard sip, that’s what people will experience after having Whistlepig Whiskey stream through their throats. But do you know this brand is best for its rye whiskey?

Exactly, yes. Furthermore, this type of whiskey should contain at least 51% rye, and that’s where the sensation comes from. Additionally, the up-to-18-years age label strengthens the taste as well.

So, is Whistlepig Whiskey going to be your next new addiction? Or will it be your first sip of whiskey instead? We have so many things to tell you, so enjoy your scrolling down moment!

Whistlepig Whiskey Review

Enjoying a relaxed night with these bottles on your table. Will you mark it as one of the best nights on your calendar? But we won’t let you pick random bottles. That’s why this section exists.

Whistlepig Whiskey Reviews: Whistlepig Whiskey Review

Imagine having that best sensation when those whiskeys stream down through your throat and warm you inside. Fortunately, it’s no longer your delusion since the product categories are here:

  • Well Aged Whiskeys
  • Single Barrels
  • Super Rare
  • Custom Engraving
  • Gift Sets

Moreover, what do those categories have? Let’s not waste your time with each bottle since the best-selling ones are here. We’ve told you, right? There shouldn’t be any random bottles in your shopping cart.

Whistlepig Whiskey (3 Best Selling Products)

  • Farmstock Rye
  • Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon
  • Smokestock Wood-Fired Whiskey

So, who’s ready to raise the glass and do the happiest ‘cheers‘ ever? Therefore, before becoming Whistlepig Whiskey’s loyal customer, let’s be our loyal reader, only for today until you get your bottles!

Whistlepig Whiskey Farmstock Rye Reviews

Discovering a bunch of Farmstock Rye‘s bottles in your whiskey storage must excite you daily. But why should it? Better be silent, read our review to shut you down and give you an ‘I got it‘ moment.

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: Whistlepig Whiskey Farmstock Rye Reviews

Don’t you think whiskey aging is vital to create a characteristic taste? Yes, and it’s great to know that this Farmstock Rye whiskey is aged in the company’s custom barrel, Vermont Estate Oak.

In addition, another great thing is the use of the purest material in its production. They are water, a 3-year-old Rye Whiskey with a 6-year-old whiskey, and a 10-year-old whiskey from Alberta, Canada.

Farmstock Rye Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Sweet and fragrant scent (vanilla, maraschino, roasted chestnuts, and cigar box aroma)
  • Palate: Oak, toffee, and baking spices
  • Finish: A pleasant rye spice will give you a warm and lasting sensation

So,  is Farmstock Rye your ideal type of whiskey? Befriend with them isn’t free, and there’s a $74.99 you must pay. But the sensation you’ll get is truly worth your money! Do we sound like joking?

Whistlepig Whiskey Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon Reviews

What’s better than Farmstock Rye? Honestly, there’s no better whiskey from Whistlepig than their own products. So, is Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon also good? The answer is here below!

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: Whistlepig Whiskey Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon Reviews

The first special thing about this whiskey is it boasts a strong flavor with a pleasant sweetness left after each sip. We can say it comes from a high corn mash bill, complemented by a dash of rye.

Moreover, this whiskey has also been through a 6-year aging in barrels. Therefore, it adds depth before bottling at 100 proof, letting you keep it 100 with Bourbon or Rye. Isn’t it good, do you think?

Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Caramel corn with hints of oak
  • Palate: Creamy mouth due to its vanilla and maple
  • Finish: A herbal tea with honey

So, have you added Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon to your shopping cart? That’s good! After tasting one sip, we promise you won’t regret your $49.99 purchase!

Whistlepig Whiskey Smokestock Wood-Fired Whiskey Reviews

Do you know Traeger, the grill tools brand? But do you expect to have whiskey from the collaboration project of Whistlepig Whiskey & Traeger? Let’s bring Smokestock Wood-Fired Whiskey to the table, then!

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: Whistlepig Whiskey Smokestock Wood-Fired Whiskey Reviews

We guess drinking this whiskey during a BBQ party in the summer will be great since Whistlepig Whiskey says so. All you need to do is call all your close friends, and we’re sure they already know their assignments.

Furthermore, this whiskey is aged in American Oak, charred to level 3, and proofed with slow-smoked water made from Traeger Apple Wood pellets. Then, we guess it’s also hard to handle since it’s in an 86-proof bottle.

Now, if you think Smokestock Wood-Fired Whiskey matches your type of whiskey, send them to your hug. Finally, you must spend no more than $72.99 to bring you (not only) tipsy but even higher.

Whistlepig Whiskey Pros and Cons

If having a hotter side of review is what you want, what about seeing Whistlepig Whiskey in its pros and cons? Once again, we won’t let you shop wrong at the end.


  • Great taste
  • Aromatic scent
  • Long aging process
  • Lingering taste
  • 100 proof (50% alcohol is available)
  • Competitive price
  • Engraving custom bottles are available


  • No information about the company’s background
  • No phone number

Who Is Whistlepig Whiskey For?

Do you think everyone can freely drink alcohol, especially whiskey? Of course not. In the United States, you should be at least 21 years old to get your first sip. And that’s not something to deny.

In addition, adults with alcohol is something common in our surrounding, right? And if you’re now searching for well-qualified ones, Whistlepig Whiskey can send a truck of bottles before your door. So, who’s ready to have a shot?

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is drinking whiskeys from Whistlepig Whiskey the best decision? We know that you aren’t still 100% sure to shop before checking this section.

Whistlepig Whiskey Review: Whistlepig Whiskey Review: What Do Customers Think?

First, let us inform you that the brand scores 84.71 out of 100 based on 90 votes on the Whisky Base website. Then, what about the customer reviews?

If you’re unsure about the numbers, let’s see how these words work for you! So, what customers and other people have said about Whistlepig Whiskey?

The first customer’s review is here to convince you:

I discovered the Whistlepig boss hog whiskey while searching for the pit viper product but it was sold out. Since then, it has become my favorite whiskey. For my old summerstock whiskey, I use the 10 year old version. However, I prefer to drink the 12 year old neat to fully appreciate the unique characteristics of it.

If this customer was so happy with his 12-year-old whiskey, then which whiskey would you go with?

Then, you shouldn’t miss this too:

As you savor this roadstock rye whiskey, you’ll notice a range of flavors, including sweetness, spiciness, caramel, and mint. The finish leaves a refreshing sensation, almost like a mouthwash. Another user highly recommends this roadstock rye for its bold and rich taste, making it a great standalone option…

We’re thrilled to see this customer share his satisfied experience with the various ranges of whiskey tastes. Is it hard for you to believe? Give it a shot, then!

Besides that, this last review won’t let you leave without buying one:

You can savor the bold and rich flavors of this Rye 18 year old whiskey on its own without the need for a mixer. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and oak are highlighted, and it finishes with a pleasant, long-lasting spiciness. Overall, it’s a highly enjoyable whiskey.

Since the beginning, we’ve known that all Whistlepig Whiskey are already perfect on their own, even without any mixer. So, isn’t it the time to enjoy your whiskey most simply?

Finally, how do those reviews work for you? We know you now only need to open your mobile bank account, finish some payments, and see how those bottles arrive in your house on the next day.

Is Whistlepig Whiskey Worth It?

Is Whistlepig worth it? It has been our passion to know that this is the only section left to convince you to shop for whiskeys from Whistlepig. Then, what’s the answer to the earlier question? Definitely, yes.

Furthermore, the Whistlepig Whiskey distillery location is in Canada before it moves to Vermont for a further aging process (from 3 up to 18 years). Then, with its long process, there’s only one thing to guarantee: product quality. Hence, Whistlepig is a 100% worth-buying whiskey producer.

Whistlepig Whiskey Shipping Policy?

What do you expect to ship those bottles of whiskey to your house? A truck, train, or plane? You better order now to see how the brand’s shipping policy works. Or do you want us to tell you everything?

For your information, the brand only ships inside the United States. In addition, you should know that an adult (21+) signature is required for delivery. Then, the brand also mentions that the shipping cost is already included for orders above $50.

Last, you may expect your whiskey to arrive within 3-15 working days. Also, there are several States which are not included in shipping. They are like Alabama, Alaska, Maine, Hawaii, Montana, and more. 

Whistlepig Whiskey Return Policy

Does Whistlepig Whiskey accept my return?‘ Unfortunately, all sales are final, whiskey lovers. Thus, there’s no return or exchange for unaccepted reasons when buying from this store.

However, you may apply for a refund or replacement if your whiskey is damaged during shipping. For further information, kindly contact [email protected] within 30 days after you receive the whiskey. Finally, you can also contact the same email to cancel orders (within 24 hours). Be a satisfied customer!

How To Contact Whistlepig Whiskey?

Keep flying with Whistlepig Whiskey? Of course, you can. Then, do you know how to reach them out? See everything below:

  • Social media: Whistlepig Whiskey / Whistlepig Rye
  • Email (shipping & return info): [email protected]

Can I find the Whistlepig Whiskey near me?‘ Of course. If you live in America, it’s always around you. Then, you can visit to the following address:

Company Address

Whistlepig Whiskey Parlour
1792 Quechee Main St, Quechee, Vermont

Where to buy Whistlepig Whiskey?

A good, tasteful, and well-qualified whiskey at an affordable price? We’re just saying that the only place to get them is in Whistlepig Whiskey’s official website. Or do you find them in other stores? Be careful! You may shop the non-original version!

Whistlepig Whiskey Coupon Codes & Promos

Dear whisky lovers, let’s make your shopping experience happier by having some discount codes! ‘Can I?‘ Of course. Thus, let’s see what awaits you below:

  • Subscribe to the email to get the store’s latest news
  • Redeem the promo code SPRING15 to get 20% off your order
  • Enjoy a 10% off with discount code FREESHIPPING on your order

So, you won’t shop without those offers, right? Also, we all hope to find more discounts in the future, right? Hence, input your email address into the subscription box and get earlier notifications about the store’s big sale!

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Whistlepig Whiskey

Whistlepig Whiskey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Whistlepig Whiskey reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Whistlepig Whiskey good?

Yes, all whiskeys from Whistlepig are good since they all have been through a long production process.

Is Whistlepig a bourbon or scotch?

We found no scotch whiskey in the Whistlepig. Most of them are bourbon and rye.

Is Whistlepig bourbon or rye?

Absolutely, both. All whiskeys from Whistlepig are divided into two: bourbon and rye.

Is Whistlepig PiggyBack bourbon?

Yes, some of the whiskeys from Whistlepig are bourbon (primarily made from corn).

Is Whistlepig Canadian whiskey?

Yes, it’s Canadian. Before the long aging process in Vermont, USA, the Whistlepig whiskey was processed in Alberta, Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Whistlepig Whiskey Reviews & Ratings

Are all whiskeys from Whistlepig Whiskey for sale?‘ Surely, yes! We’re happy to see you finally find the best place to shop for whiskeys during your tough days. Also, we guess your friends will be happy to come to your home and do the ‘cheers‘ together. 

Our review above shows that not everyone can consume alcohol, especially whiskey. However, if you’re above 21 already, no one can stop you from getting some. You are a great party organizer, right? So, we’re sure turning a casual night into the most memorable one is an easy task for you.


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