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WeWard Review 2024 → App to Convert Your Steps into $!

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About WeWard App

Do you love walking? Have no motivation to walk? No matter which one, you must be aware of how beneficial walking is. Well, WeWard is here as a game changer on your daily walk.

WeWard Review: About WeWard App
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This platform is a reward system app that allows you to obtain points from your steps. These points can be converted into money, gift cards, or donations. Also, you can find other extra missions to earn more.

This app is already pretty popular worldwide, with over 20 million users. Not to mention, it’s featured on Glamour, The Sun, Cosmopolitan, TNT Magazine, Forbes, Elle, and others.

The tremendous enthusiasm for this app also shows from 1.3M followers on Instagram, 211K on Facebook, and 5.9K on TikTok. But is WeWard safe? Our WeWard review will give you all the info about this app. So, keep scrolling!

Overview Of WeWard

What is the WeWard app? It’s basically a mobile app that was developed to convert steps into money. Based on Crunchbase, it was founded by Nicolas Hardy, Yves Benchimol, and Tanguy de La Villegeorges in 2019.

Those founders realized how good simple walking is to our bodies, minds, and the planet. Sadly, not all people are aware of how walking can change them. That’s why they developed this rewarding mobile app.

It was founded to help many people walking by any means. Now, it has helped 600K tons of CO2 with thousands of small business supports. It also works with UNICAF, Wake A Wish, United Nations, and more for donations. Can’t you see how this app is full of love? Just like its logo.

WeWard Reviews

One of the simplest things to do to maintain your health is walking. It’ll help you stay fit and adopt carbon-free mobility for a better environment. So, its mobile app is designed to make walking more enjoyable.

WeWard Reviews: WeWard Reviews

By taking steps, users can convert their moves into money. You can also visit intriguing places near you and enjoy the vibe. Furthermore, it also works with multiple partnerships with small businesses.

So, it also has an app for individual users, and the premium company offers. But is this app really good to go? Hence, our WeWard review will dig deeper into how it works and the reward system!

WeWard App Reviews

The WeWard app offers an easy-to-use interface and is lightweight on your smartphone. Visit Google Play and App Store for app downloads on Android and iOS platforms. Besides, it has the premium version, which is WeWard Company.

WeWard Review: WeWard App Reviews

The app is very simple, where you can see your daily steps and convert them. It’s also pretty comprehensive, with the option of conversion. You can even choose where to donate your money.

Aside from that, your progress is recorded to monitor your own improvement. It includes days, weeks, and months. What’s more, it has a ranking feature to help you feel challenged and see your competitors. You can even share your achievements.

In addition, the app already comes with a map. So, users can find listed places, monuments, parks, and shops to try somewhere new and earn more. Thus, bring your walk to the next level for rewards for free!

WeWard How It Works

Most people are still questioning “how does WeWard work?”. Truly, it’s very easy to figure out, like we’ve mentioned before. You can install the app and do the registration.

WeWard Review: WeWard How It Works

Once you have an account, you can start your journey to walk and earn Wards. Further, this brand has partners that will become part of your challenges. It can be like shopping or visiting the place.

Over time, your points will pile up. Just visit the gift section to convert it into cash, discounts, donations, and more. See, it’s very good to know that your simple activity can earn cash and extra benefits for your body.

WeWard Rewards

The WeWard rewards are something that you can gain from your activities and challenges. We also call it Wards. Further, how much money you’ll get depends on the mission and country. Here are some of the ways to earn points:

  • Walking
  • Shop or enjoy the deals
  • Play games
  • Visit shops, monuments, and parks
  • More

After you get the points, feel free to convert them into cash, charity donations, gifts, or vouchers. Moreover, the users can even get the money using PayPal, Visa, in-game currencies, and gift cards. So, start your journey to earn rewards!

WeWard Partners Reviews

Alongside its amazing walking app, WeWard has another exciting offer. What is it? Please welcome Weward Partners. So, WeWard Partners can be a new way to promote your business.

WeWard Review: WeWard Partners Reviews

As mentioned before, this app has a mission to visit shops and places. So, this partnership is offered to give a chance to be visited by users.

It’s pretty flexible to be the agent of well-being using this partnership. Besides, it can work for organizations, brands, retailers, communities, health centers, local authorities, and more.

Shockingly, this app already works with a myriad of remarkable partners. It includes Netflix, Nike, Levi’s, Adidas, Decathlon, Body&Fit, and more. Indeed, the program is a great way to increase your business visibility.

Being associated with this app also allows you to give a better image for your business. This shows your action in improving health benefits and environmental improvement. Hence, enroll your company now!

Who Is WeWard For?

We think this walking reward app is suitable for everyone. Mainly, it’s ideal for adults above 16 to claim the money. So, it’ll best for modern users to be more motivated and productive when walking.

However, remember that this app is not available for all countries. It reaches the global markets in some countries. For instance, it encompasses the US, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the UK, and other countries.

WeWard Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Curious about what the user said? Well, we should see their testimonials to see any flaws and strengths in the app. Luckily, its site obtains 2,551 reviews with a 3.8/5 average rating on Trustpilot. Also, its app has huge ratings and reviews.

WeWard Review: WeWard Reviews: What Do Users Think?

Here’s the data:

  • Google Play: 4/5 rating from 99.1K reviews
  • App Store: 4.8/5 rating from 5.5K reviews

Can you see how well thousands of users give high ratings to their experience? It shows how satisfied they are while using the app. Here’s one of their opinion among WeWard reviews:

I love this app. It is super simple to use. I began to utilize it at the end of April and obtained my first 15 EUR in November. I did not make much effort. Simply walked as I always did and watched ads…

Aside from the positive reviews, we must check for their complaints. Here’s one of the negative reviews:

Since today, I’ve been experiencing a bug that crushes the app after it begins counting the steps. My app is already up to date. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled it and then restarted my device…

All in all, most users like how simple the app is. Also, they can make money or points without much effort. But indeed, some of them state that it needs time. Further, other complaints are only about minor bugs.

However, the app will have regular updates to improve performance and experience. Aside from that, everything is good. Even on Reddit, it has good reviews. These are truly fantastic triumphs as far as its careers.

Is WeWard Worth It?

Some of us may already know how beneficial walking is. But we just can’t keep ourselves motivated. The WeWard is a worthwhile app on your phone to earn money from your activity.

WeWard Review: Is WeWard Worth It?

With the app, you not only gain body benefits but also money. Also, you can even turn your shopping to gaming activity into points. On top of that, we love how the app is simple to use and safe.

Is WeWard Legit?

Many prospective users scour Reddit to find the answer to “Is WeWard legit Reddit?”. That’s why we also carefully checked its platform for their opinions. And the users clearly state that the app is legit.

In addition, its legitimacy is also shown by its over 100K 5-star ratings. Plus, your collected data is safe with a secure payment process. This vividly shows how trustworthy this app is.

WeWard Pros And Cons

It may be hard to grab the point from our long reviews. Hence, look at the pros and cons below to help you decide!


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Free without cost
  • Beneficial for the body and environment
  • Multiple partnerships to help gain points from your shopping
  • Various activities available to earn points
  • Fun mission and place visit recommendation
  • Good walkers community
  • Diverse forms of points conversions
  • High ratings and reviews from users


  • Obtaining enough points takes time
  • Minor bugs

How To Contact WeWard

Have any questions regarding its app? The customer service will gladly help you and give the answer. So use the details info below!

Headquarters Address

49, Avenue d’Iena
Paris, 75116

Where to buy WeWard?

Ready to walk and earn? Then, you should visit the official site at www.wewardapp.com to get the app. It works on iOS and Android!

WeWard Coupon Codes & Promos

Interest in reaping your hard work? Well, you can check the “My Wards Balance” page to see the best deals. Aside from that, you can share your referral code with friends to get more!

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WeWard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for WeWard reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How to make money with WeWard?

So, how does WeWard make money? You can get money by walking, completing challenges, visiting places, making purchases, and more.

Is WeWard a safe app?

Yes, this app is completely safe. Your data is completely confidential and highly secure.

How does the WeWard app work?

This app uses a reward system to do walks and challenges to collect points.

Is WeWard bank transfer safe?

Yes, it is. The company ensures your data safety. The transfer request has also already been checked by its anti-fraud department.

Do you get paid to walk on WeWard?

You can earn Wards when walking and cash them for money, charity, discounts, and more.

How do I delete my WeWard account?

Deleting an account on its app is easy. If you already have an account, simply open the app and log in. Then tap the cogwheel at the top of the page. Scroll down to find the “Delete My Account.”

Ask a question?

Conclusion of WeWard Reviews & Ratings

Knowing how you can have more from walking is so lucky. It’s not even killing two birds with one stone. You can get money, a fit body, have fun, and even promote a better earth.

It’s a great way to get passive income and do something of high value. On top of that, we like how it has a mission to help us visit new places and challenge ourselves. Hence, start your steps and gain so much from WeWard!


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