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About Wave Accounting

If you’re running a small business, you may have to rely on free accounting software like Wave Accounting. It will help you to manage your business finances with no fuss. It includes online payment, invoicing, payroll, mobile receipts, and more features. 

Wave Accounting Review: About Wave Accounting
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Accounting software is a great option for financial management solutions. It provides clarity to manage complex financial data. Therefore, no more handling your business accounts in time-consuming and confusing spreadsheets. 

Wave Accounting is a trusted accounting software to consider. It offers free accounting and invoicing features. Yes, you heard it right. It is 100% free to use. Wave has no free trial or subscription. You can use it to keep your money organized like a pro. 

Over 2M business owners and self-employed has been used Wave Accounting. It also has 21k+ followers on Facebook, 5.4k+ followers on Instagram, and 12.9k+ subscribers on YouTube.

Additionally, Wave appears in the popular news, including Forbes, ValueWalk, and Net Influencer. It has become a top Editor’s choice in Forbes as Best Free Accounting Software for its ease of use. 

How does it work? Is it actually free? This Wave Accounting review will help you get closer to this accounting app. We’ll discuss Wave’s pricing, pros & cons, reputation, support, and testimonials. 

Let’s get started!

Overview Of Wave Accounting

Founded in 2010, Wave Accounting is an award-winning financial management software company. Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie are two people behind Wave. The company is located in Toronto, Canada.

Wave received incredible enthusiasm from customers since it was first launched. In 2011, the company managed to reach 100,000 clients. A year later, Wave exceeded 500,000 customers. It shows the company’s progress in its successful endeavors running smoothly. 

In addition, the first product launched was free online accounting software. It was followed by payroll and online payment services in 2012. Wave also introduces several features afterward, such as invoicing, personal advisor, and mobile receipt.

Wave software is used by more than 2,000,000 North American small business owners today. This tool helps business owners to deal with their accounts with its simplicity. Again, it’s free!


  • Free software
  • Only available in USA and Canada
  • 30-day free trial for payroll service
  • 5-stars customer reviews
  • Excellent level of customer service 
  • Secure your data in physical and electronic

Wave Accounting Software Reviews

Invoicing and payments become the most crucial wheels in the business. Hence, you must use Wave Accounting to manage finance data efficiently where spreadsheets fail.

Wave Accounting Reviews: Wave Accounting Software Reviews

Wave is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses manage their finances. It is a web-based tool that requires a stable internet connection to adapt. Thus, it allows users to navigate their money fearlessly. 

Besides, the free financial management software is easy to use. It includes basic money tools such as invoicing, income and expense tracking, bank connections, and reporting. It is ideal for keeping accurate records of financial data more efficiently.

Wave Accounting Key Features

Here are the following features to run your business smoothly:

Other than that, Wave also provides a mobile app. It’s free to download for PC and smartphone, both for Android and iOS. Likewise, the App offers an all-in-one place to access recurring billing, online payments, or other financial data reports.

We’ve done an in-depth review to help you better understand each feature. So, let’s check it out!

Wave Accounting Reviews

Accounting is part of your business at every step. But, controlling the cash flow and other financial transactions might be stressful. That’s why you need Wave Accounting Software to handle all accounting reports.

Wave Accounting Review: Wave Accounting Reviews

It is suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs to track finance business. In addition, it also highly reliable and secure. Hence, it is accessible on the go through your phone with no barriers. 

Moreover, this accountant-friendly software is free. It saves you time and cash to organize your income, payments, invoices, and expenses. Wave will assist you in beating the tax season fatigue.

Wave Accounting Advantages:

  • Add sales taxes
  • Manage cash flow with ease
  • Customize accounts
  • Import data automatically
  • Access helpful reports
  • Unlimited bank data connections 

To begin your journey with Wave Accounting, please create an account only in minutes. You can access all accounting benefits after login to your account. Moreover, it includes unlimited income and expense tracking and makes unlimited bank connections. 

Wave Invoicing Review

Change your outdated invoices with Wave Invoicing! It helps you create professional invoices to manage your customer’s payments. You can also customize your invoice based on your business branding.

Wave Accounting Review: Wave Invoicing Review

Besides, this invoicing software can control your business’s cash flow. Your customers will complete their payments quickly without missing a beat. As a result, it will keep track of your sales. 

You can also access all your customer information while tracking all the payments in one place. It will build a great impression on your customers. Not to mention, the invoicing software is free. Who can say no to that? 

Wave Invoicing Advantages:

  • Build more professional invoice
  • Get paid quickly within 1-2 business days (credit card)
  • Automate bookkeeping 
  • Highly secure for all online payments
  • Accept all major cards

Furthermore, it can connect with Apple Pay. Also, all major cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc., are available. You will also get instant notifications when you get paid by customers. Sign up for a free Wave account now! It won’t take long. 

Wave Payroll Reviews

Paying employees has never been easier with Wave Payroll. It is suitable for small businesses to pay employees and contractors independently.

Wave Accounting Review: Wave Payroll Reviews

Wave Payroll offers the freedom to run your payroll accurately without complications. You can set automatic payroll in your journal entries. It will be connected to your Wave account. We think it is much more effective instead of manual bookkeeping.

Just imagine paying employees with just one click. Wave payroll allows you to organize tax filings and payments on time. You can always keep track of your expenses better and more transparent.

Wave Payroll Advantages:

  • Pay employees in minutes
  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Control self-service like a breeze
  • Easy access to important documents and tax forms

If you want to try this payroll software, start a free 30-day trial once you sign up for Wave. After that, you will be charged a monthly fee to access more features. Here is the detailed price:

  • Tax service states: $40/monthly
  • Self-service states: $20/monthly

Wave Payroll is highly recommended to save time in handling small business payroll. It is guaranteed accuracy—no need to worry anymore about that. Let’s try it!

Wave Accounting Pricing

In terms of price, Wave guarantee that it won’t break the bank. The company offers free access to online tracking income and expenses and invoicing features. But, if you want to use the other features, you can expect to spend:

  • Invoicing: $0
  • Accounting: $0
  • Bank Payments: 1% per transaction
  • Mobile Receipts: $8/monthly
  • Payroll: Starts at$20/monthly
  • Advisors: Starts at $149/monthly

How Does Wave Accounting Work?

You can sign up for Wave to begin your financial journey with Wave Accounting. Then, complete the available information, such as your business name, address, type, currency you use, and more. 

Once you’ve created an account, you can access the features instantly. Next, select which features you want to use. Apart from the accounting and invoicing service, you must complete payment before using them.

Wave is also available in a mobile App. Download the App through your phone and get the go-to access from anywhere. It’s so simple, right? 

Wave Accounting Tutorial

Looking for tips on getting started with Wave Accounting? Take it easy. Wave creates easy step-by-step instructions for all users. So, check the guidelines page and follow the direction carefully!

Wave Accounting vs Quickbooks

Which one is better: Wave Accounting or Quickbooks? Well, there are so many accounting software out there, like Quickbooks. To help you understand better, we’ll break down the differences between those two companies. 

Wave Accounting

  • Features: Invoicing, Mobile Receipts, Payments, Payroll, Advisors, and Accounting. 
  • Price: Free (Accounting & Invoicing)
  • Rating: 4.4/5 from 1451 reviews (Capterra)
  • Integrations: Google Sheets and PayPal
  • Free Trial: 30-day free trial (Payroll)


  • Features: Invoicing, Payroll, Accounting.
  • Price: $25/month (Essentials) and $70/month (Plus)
  • Rating: 4.3/5 from 4200 (Capterra)
  • Integrations: 400+ business apps
  • Free Trial: 30-day free trial

Wave Accounting Pros & Cons

Wave Accounting has its strengths and weakness, just like other free accounting software. Check it out to learn more!


  • Free accounting software
  • Easy to set up recurring billing
  • It has excellent features to choose
  • User-friendly interface
  • Handling multi-current accounting is much simple
  • Secure payments
  • Unlimited invoicing 
  • Best selection for its use


  • Basic options for the reporting

Who Is Wave Accounting For?

If you want to save money to handle your financial business task, add Wave Accounting to your list. This accounting software offers the simplicity of accounting at no cost. The best part? It’s quick and easy to manage.

Wave Accounting Review: Who Is Wave Accounting For?

Therefore, Wave Accounting is a perfect tool for micro-businesses and small businesses on a budget. The free accounting management software helps them keep track of their financial book. 

This free accounting software is also suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, or contractors. It provides customized accounting solutions in one place.

Is Wave Accounting a Legit Website?

Yes. Wave Accounting is a legitimate company that offers online accounting software. The company is a PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider. It has powerful protection by 256-bit SSL encryption. So your data will be completely secure when using Wave. 

Furthermore, Wave software is nothing to be hesitant about. You can use it totally free for invoicing and accounting features. The website is easy to navigate. It will simplify your search like a breeze. 

Wave Accounting Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Thousands of small business owners trust Wave software to manage their money. It is easy to use and free. However, what are their actual opinions on Wave’s performance overall? Let’s get to know the customer’s journey with Wave Accounting without further ado! 

Wave Accounting Review: Wave Accounting Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • According to App Store, this tool receives 4.5/5 from 5.7k reviews
  • Based on G2Crowd, this tool gets 4.4/5 from 287 reviews
  • While from Capterra, Wave App receives 4.4/5 from 1451 reviews

The first customer mentioned:

I use Wave for invoicing. This app is very helpful for times when I’m not at my desk, but needed to refer to my invoice, check on payment status, record payments, or other additional tasks …

From the statement above, Wave App is flexible. It can help user to handle customers’ billing and payments online quickly.

Another buyer said:

Free tools. It is easy to manage invoices, quotes, receipts and annual accounting tools for tax and documenting. Also, it’s easy to use, and you can add multiple businesses to the same profile.

Moreover, Wave App has many tools to control business money online. It is simple to use and can be accessed easily.

One happy buyer claimed:

Perfect for small to middle businesses. It is easy to use and a great way to track expenses and income over various periods of time. Highly recommend …

Wave is highly recommended for micro and small businesses, like what the customer above said.

Overall, Wave App is effective for small businesses to manage their finances. Most users give positive reviews. They feel satisfied with the features. It also offers ease of use to access the tools. 

Is Wave Accounting Worth It?

If you’re looking for free accounting software, Wave Accounting is one of the best tools. This App has everything you need to manage your finance data like a breeze. For sure, it is worth trying

Wave Accounting Review: Is Wave Accounting Worth It?

Additionally, you can select features to optimize their business while saving time and money. It will help you to arrange your business expenses better. Plus, it will support your business to grow like a champ. 

How To Contact Wave Accounting

Customer service is available 24/7 to all customers. Feel free to ask them if you need help related to the software by using the following: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Use Live Chat once you login to Wave account
    (in the bottom right corner of every page)

You can get in touch with them from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:45 pm Eastern.  

Where to buy Wave Accounting?

To begin your accounting journey with Wave Accounting, open the website at waveapps.com. The website design is seriously on-trend with its impressive illustrations. You can dive into the website for hours without getting bored.

Wave Accounting Coupon Codes & Promos

As a Wave Accounting reader, you can’t skip this part. We’ll tell you about the current discounts and how to claim them. Here we go!

  • Grab 25% OFF on Mobile Receipts service
  • Sign up to start free accounting and invoicing software 
  • Join the subscription to receive exclusive deals and other insights related to business

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Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Wave Accounting reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Wave Accounting actually free?

Absolutely yes! Wave Accounting and Invoice software are totally free. You can enjoy it without trials or subscriptions. 

What is Wave used for in accounting?

Wave provides the accounting tool you need to organize your accounting business. It allows you to access online transactions, accounting reports, calculate taxes, and more. 

Can I still use Wave Accounting?

Absolutely yes! You can create professional invoices quickly and track your business expenses at no cost. 

How does Wave Accounting make money?

Besides offering free accounting software, Mave has paid software, including Mobile receipts, Payroll, Payments, and Advisors.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Wave Accounting Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Wave Accounting is a one-stop management money tool you need to establish your business. It is reliable software with easy access to its features. The tools make your business more professional.

In addition, Wave is one of the best lists you can rely on for free accounting tools. It also provides many advantages to your business. Your money stays well-organized while saving you time. Pretty impressive, right? Visit the website and select the features options!


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