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Waterdrop Review 2023 → Trusted Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

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About Waterdrop Filter

Today, Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems like Waterdrop are widely installed among US households. It is a smart water purification solution that removes harmful pathogens and impurities found in tap water. 

Waterdrop Review: About Waterdrop Filter
Image: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

When it comes to reverse osmosis water systems, the first thing that comes to mind is Waterdrop. Exactly, Waterdrop is the world-leading manufacturer of water filtration. They provide a wide range of water filters to ensure everyone has healthy drinking water. 

Further, this brand became the top seller of water filtration products with 5-star reviews on Amazon. The products have also been featured in several media like Forbes, Good Housekeeping, The Spruce, Observer, Best Reviews, and more.

You can also find Waterdrop on social media with huge recognition. They have 14k+ followers on Facebook and 11k+ followers on Instagram. 

So, if you’re new to reverse osmosis water systems, Waterdrop can be your fresh start. To simplify your search, our Waterdrop review will guide you to explore the brand further. Ready to begin? 

Overview Of Waterdrop Filter

Founded in 2015, Waterdrop is a top brand that provides water filtration appliances using a reverse osmosis system. As we all know, the RO water system is more than just filtered water. It can help purify water from contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Of course, all products are thoughtfully designed to provide a healthy drink for every family around the world. They use advanced technology that balances function and design to achieve professional, intelligent water filtration.

Besides, this brand emphasizes high-quality products that are safe and reliable. They have already received trusted certifications in terms of safety products such as NSF/ANSI 42 & 58 & 372, Water Quality Tested, UPC, and FCC certification.

That being said, Waterdrop water filtration can help to reduce the usage of single-use water bottles, which can lead to pollution. It also has a positive impact on the environment, providing clean and safe water quality.


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  • 30-day easy return 
  • 5-stars reviews
  • Exclusive offers
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Waterdrop Reviews

Safe drinking water shouldn’t be a luxury and hard to reach. Hence, Waterdrop offers the best water filters at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. You can use this product to get crystal clear and healthy water quality for a more comfortable life.

Waterdrop Reviews: Waterdrop Reviews

Wondering which type of water filtration to buy? You can find many products that suit your needs. Of course, all products are made with safe and trusted materials clinically tested to purify your drinking water.

Explore the best products by category!

Waterdrop Products:

RO Systems G3P800, G3P600, water dispenser, waterdrop tankless reverse osmosis system, instant dispenser, and more. 
Under Sink Filters 3-stage water filter system, ultrafiltration, dual carbon water filter, single stage water filter, and more.
Countertop Filters Electric pitcher, lucid 10-cup water pitcher, faucet water filter, high-capacity pitcher water, and more. 
Outdoor & POE Filters King tank (2.25 gallon) water filter, car water filter, RV water filter, garden hose filter, and more. 

Additionally, each filter device has a different period for filter replacement. To simplify your purchase, Waterdrop provides RO System filter replacement for each water filtration item sold separately. 

So, are you ready to keep your water cleaner with Waterdrop? Find the perfect filter for you here! We’ve compiled the best-selling product reviews to help you pick up the ones you need.

Waterdrop RO System G3P800 Review

If you are looking for the hottest product in Waterdrop, then you will find The Tankless RO System G3P800. This water filter has 800 GPD ultra capacity with a fast flow. Imagine you only need 6 seconds to produce one cup of water.

Waterdrop Review: Waterdrop RO System G3P800 Review

G3P800 brings an excellent water filtration experience with its advanced water dispensing technology. It can filter the water with a 3:1 drain ratio. This means it can produce 3 cups of filtered water from only one cup of wastewater.

Besides, the G3P800 is highly safe to use. It follows a 9-stage filtration process and is clinically tested based on NSF/ANSI 58 & 372 standards. In addition, the reverse osmosis filtration system filters harmful substances up to 99%.

Therefore, this water filter effectively reduces heavy metals, PFAS, and fluoride for healthier water. That’s right. You can always drink fresh and pure water for your ultimate wellness without worry.

Product details:

  • 99.9% UV sterilization rate with a 500-year lifespan
  • Safe materials with no stagnant water
  • Integrated circuit with no leaking points
  • Smart screen display spigot
  • TDS indicator
  • 2x water production speed

Not to mention the sleek and tankless design that saves up to 70% of under-sink space. This will be your smart item for producing pure water. So, let’s buy G3P800 today at a special price of $999.00 for healthier and cleaner water at home! Your health matters a lot.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser Review

Upgrade your water dispenser with the Waterdrop A1 Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser for a pure water drinking experience. This hot and cold water dispenser is NSF 372 certified for lead-free materials. So it is guaranteed safe.

Waterdrop Review: Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser Review

Let’s go over the design first. It features a sleek design with 18.3″ x 7.8″ x 17.1″ size. Additionally, the stainless steel black finish adds a touch of luxury and elegance to every room. You can put it perfectly in your living room, dining room, or office without plumbing.

Moreover, this A1 water dispenser allows you to enjoy chilled water with its powerful cooling ability at 41℉. It also gives you the convenience of making your favorite hot beverages with only 3 seconds of instant heating.

The best part? It’s more than just a regular water dispenser. Instead, it helps to reduce over 1,000 impurities found in the water with 6-stage filtration. It also features a UV-LED light system to sterilize the double water tanks to produce clean and pure water.

Product details:

  • 2:1 low drain ratio
  • 100 GDP daily production rate
  • 204 oz water tank capacity
  • 110-120V / AC
  • 60 Hz rated frequency
  • <500 TDS level
  • Easy replacement with only 3 seconds

This water dispenser also features a smart touch screen with multiple mode options. Overall, it is perfect for families seeking easy access to water. So, are you interested in getting one? Buy today at $699.00 and use coupon code to get special price!

Waterdrop Pitcher Review

In addition, you can try the Chubby Pitcher Water Filter (WD PT-04) for another smart choice to find a water purification solution. Of course, it is entirely safe to use as it is made from BPA-free materials.

Waterdrop Review: Waterdrop Pitcher Review

Compared to the regular pitcher, this one has a 5x filtration capacity that can hold up to 200 gallons. Further, the filter has a 400% faster flow rate to enjoy instant fresh water. It only takes 1 minute to fill the entire funnel.

Not to mention the smart life indicator. This excellent pitcher features 3 filter life indicators to monitor filter usage at any time. The Blue color indicates that the filter is “good,” then for the Orange Red to “replace soon” the filter. While the red is a sign for “replace now.”

What about the design? You’ll love it the first time you see it. The Chubby Pitcher has a trendy design with a stylish white and light blue combination. Plus, the natural wood handle enhances the design and functionality.

Product details:

  • 10-cup water filter pitcher
  • 200 gallons (757 liters) capacity
  • 2.3 lbs weight
  • 10.4″ x 5.3″ x 10″
  • 0.2-0.5 GPM
  • 41-100℉ Temperature

Thus, you should switch to this pitcher water filter to keep your water clean to drink. It only costs $27.49. If you buy today, you can buy this using a unique code. It’s highly recommended.

Waterdrop Filter Installation and Replacement Instructions

With so many products available at Waterdrop, it’s no wonder that you will confused about the installation. However, no need to worry because each product arrives with a detailed user manual to help you with installation and usage. 

What about the replacement instructions? You can find the instructions also in your package when you order the replacement filters. If you feel stuck, watch the video on the YouTube channel @waterdropfilter.official. 

Waterdrop Pros & Cons

Let’s explore the pros and cons of Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filtration!


  • A smart choice for a water filter device
  • Use an advanced RO system to filter up to 99% radioactive substance
  • Made with safe ingredients
  • NSF/ANSI 58 & 372 certified means the products are highly safe to use
  • Fast water flow
  • Stylish design with smart features
  • Easy installation with no fuss
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some customers said that too expensive than regular RO systems water filter

Who Is Waterdrop For?

Waterdrop water filter is exactly what all homeowners need to enjoy drinking pure water. That’s right. All products are thoughtfully designed to provide a healthy drink for every family around the world. 

Since everyone would need clean drinking water, this product is beneficial. You can place it anywhere in your home, gym, cafe, or office. It can also become a solution to decrease the use of single-use water bottles.

Additionally, Waterdrop purifier works great for RV road trips or camping. It is very easy to install and replace the filter. 

Waterdrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

According to trusted reviews from Trustpilot, over 1.700 happy customers shared positive feedback about this water filter. Let’s see why they rely on this product for their drinking water quality.

Waterdrop Review: Waterdrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For the G3P800 Tankless RO System, the first customer said:

Great product! It is easy to install with great instructions and great communication from the company. Does what it says from the first minute! Great build quality and packaging …

This water filter is truly impressive from the design, performance, packaging, and security system. It’s no surprise most customers are satisfied with this product as it helps purify their water.

Another happy customer said:

Very reliable system … I stopped buying water gallons and plastic bottles, and only relying on this amazing dispenser.

With its reverse osmosis system, this water dispenser is a smart choice for drinking healthy water while saving the planet.

On another review, a customer raved over the Chubby Pitcher with 5 stars. He said:

I heard about this pitcher from modern castle on Youtube and it was the only pitcher tested by a professional lab that actually did better overall. It’s perfect all rounder …

That’s right, this pitcherwater filter has been professionally tested to reduce chlorine, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.

It’s time to decide whether this product is what you need the most. That being said, most customers are happy with their purchase and have no complaints. But if you are still unsure, jump into the website and read all the testimonials.

Is Waterdrop Worth the Money?

If you’re new to reverse osmosis water filtration, you might ask: Is the RO water filter good for your health? Are they worth it? To clear your thoughts, we’ve explored the brand and found that Waterdrop is worth your money.

Waterdrop Review: Is Waterdrop Worth the Money?

All products at Waterdrop are certified for their safety and effectiveness to remove harmful substances found in the water. Everything is on point in terms of design, capacity, and performance. So you don’t have to worry about trying this water filtration. It is a great step to improve the water quality for a healthy life!

How To Contact Waterdrop

Need more information about the Waterdrop Filter? Let’s get in touch with customer service for any inquiries related to products or more. Use one of the following contact methods: 

US Business Office

Ecolife Technologies, Inc.
1951 S Lynx Pl, Ontario, CA 91761

Waterdrop Shipping Policy

Waterdrop is only accepting deliveries within the United States. All products are shipped from the US warehouse closest to your location. The product will be processed in 24h to 48 hours before leaving the warehouse.

Here are the delivery estimates listed:

  • Economy shipping: 4-10 business days
  • Standard shipping: 3-6 business days
  • Express shipping: 2-5 business days

Free shipping is available for economy and standard shipping on orders over $200. This will automatically calculated on the checkout page. Meanwhile, if you prefer to expedite your package, you’ll pay $12.99 for shipping fee.

Waterdrop Return Policy

At Waterdrop, you can return the products for any reason within 30 days of receipt. The return policy is also allowed after 30 days of arrival, but you must pay the return shipping cost.

To initiate a return, you must ensure all items must be disassembled and repackaged the way you received them. It also must include the original receipt of the purchase. Then contact the customer service team at [email protected].

Where to buy Waterdrop?

Once you read this review, you might be wondering where to buy this product. Alright, we recommend you purchase from the official website to get a special price. Another option is to place an order through marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

Waterdrop Coupon Codes & Promos

To celebrate the biggest sale this year, Waterdrop offers special deals exclusive just for you. Check it out!

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Hurry up! The discount is available for a limited time only. Make sure the code is still active, or you can check the latest coupon by clicking the following button. 

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Waterdrop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Waterdrop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Waterdrop actually healthy?

Waterdrop uses a reverse osmosis system to effectively reduce chlorine, taste, odor, and other harmful substances. It will produce clean and healthy water to drink. 

Is Waterdrop made in China?

There’s no exact statement on whether this brand is made in China. But one thing for sure is that Waterdrop is a trusted company for every water filtration appliance.

Is Waterdrop Filter a good brand?

Absolutely yes! Waterdrop is a brand founded in 2015 that consistently provides the best quality water filters for all customers. The products receive good ratings due to its quality.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Waterdrop Reviews & Ratings

To wrap everything up, we highly recommend you try the Waterdrop water filter in your home. Using this purifier water can be even better than drinking single-use water bottles. 

Further, the company offers various types of water filters that you can personalize to suit your needs. Of course, it works great and is easy to install with no fuss. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy cleaner and tasty water with Waterdrop!


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