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About WanderFull Bags

Carrying a water bottle is often a hassle. People usually skip the habit. But, actually, it can save you the trouble of finding a drinking vessel. Plus, bringing your bottle with WanderFull Bags just got easier!

WanderFull Bags Review: About WanderFull Bags
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WanderFull Bags is a company specializing in creating bags for carrying water bottles. They seem to be a recent arrival in the industry, but don’t be skeptical! Their limited but special bags are easy to have on hand.

Further, several media outlets have also realized the existence of this brand. These titles include Parenting Healthy, USA by Rail blog, Evolving Magazine, San Diego Family, and Prevention.

What else? People know as well about the brand’s success on social media. Thousands of followers have contributed to the excitement of discovering who they are. It’s quite a significant number, with 2.7k on Instagram and almost 500 followers on Facebook.

Is the summary we recorded above enjoyable for you to follow? Hold on. We still need much time to discuss the WanderFull Bags review. Leave your mark. We’ll be back with their brief story!

Overview of WanderFull Bags

Who are the founders and owners of WanderFull Bags? The answer is Lisa and Katie. They are active moms with three children each. They currently live in Connecticut, USA.

Katie’s background is working in fashion in New York. At the same time, Lisa has worked in marketing technology products in Silicon Valley. Later, she also managed the brand at a large consumer packaging company.

Next, what led to the creation of the beautiful bottle bag? It all started because Katie dreamed of having a cute bag carrying water bottles and other necessities without taking a big bag. She also wanted to bring a water bottle lightly.

The two women initially founded the company Liberty Hill Brands. Later, this company was born. We’re still determining in which year they launched it. We didn’t find any similar information either.

WanderFull Bags Review

What can customers find on the WanderFull Bags website? Of course, they’re a super adorable bag collection. They currently create 6 types of hydrobags that stick to their function of carrying water bottles.

WanderFull Bags Reviews: WanderFull Bags Review

In general, the signature among the other types is the hydrobags. Maybe it’s because it was introduced first. Later, they also created hydrodoubles that are double the size of the primary product.

Apart from these two products, you can find hydrobelts with their detachable function, hydrohobo with even bigger compartments, and hydrotote with its vegan elements. It’s an exciting collection!

Besides, this company offers stainless steel water bottles in two limited colors: black & white. For accessories, they provide interchangeable adjustable straps with various colors and patterns.

WanderFull Bags Hydro Collections

We know you’re looking forward to hearing about the products you’ve been eyeing. So, we will present 3 main products. Also, stay tuned for the brand’s latest collection of fall colors & hydro bag boxing. Follow us for updates!

WanderFull Bags Black Matte HydroBag Reviews

This is the characteristic that we mean by Black Matte HydroBag that can keep your water bottle from scratches. Owning the item implies you can avoid losing your water container. You have also saved money by not buying over and over again.

WanderFull Bags Review: WanderFull Bags Black Matte HydroBag Reviews

Furthermore, this patent-pending product has two pockets to store your travel essentials. The pockets have been sewn with double zipper for safety. Meanwhile, you can store your large cell phone in the outer pocket and keep your debit cards or Airpods in the inner one.

Talking about the material, the brand calls its products made of quality, soft to durable material with quilted fabric. They also provide a trendy 2-inch wide interchangeable strap for customization to carry the weight of the bottle.

This item also comes in various color options with different straps. There are 18 color options. You can choose black, as in the example, silver shiny, clementine orange matte, Kelly green, etc.

HydroBag Details

  • Made from puffer coat fabric
  • Gunmetal (black) hardware
  • It has 11 height x 5 width inches
  • Hold up to 3.5 inches water bottle

Indeed, apart from being able to hold your water bottle, this product can keep your little treasures. What are you waiting for? It’s almost out of stock; hurry up and check it out for $59.00!

WanderFull Bags Black HydroBeltbag Reviews

Unlike the previous one, the Black HydroBeltbag with Removable HydroHolster is detachable. You get a small bag and a separate drink holder. Also, you can wear this product slung or around your waist.

WanderFull Bags Review: WanderFull Bags Black HydroBeltbag Reviews

This product has a patent-pending hydroholster. The item is removable with a hidden drink holder inside. You can wear both or just one. No hassle!

Meanwhile, the beltbag is waterproof. It has a pocket inside. You can store your phone, keys, wallet, and other essential supplies. The item also features a zipper on the back.

This company also created different colors for this product, with 12 paint options (plain or stripe styles in the middle of the bag). You can select black as in the picture, varsity orange & green, only army green, etc.

HydroBeltbag Details

  • Made from nylon
  • Hold up to 7 height x 3 inches (diameter) water bottle
  • The product sizes:
    • 5x7x2 inches for beltbag
    • 3.25×3.25 inches for pouch

Carrying your water bottle wherever you go with this water bottle holder bag is even more fun. You won’t be thirsty any more. Get it for this week’s concert with your best friend for $38.00!

WanderFull Bags Island Navy Matte HydroDouble Crossbody Bag Reviews

The larger version of the first product is the Island Navy Matte HydroDouble Crossbody Bag. Whereas before, it only fit water bottles and small items, this product can hold more oversized items for festivals, workouts, or fitness.

WanderFull Bags Review: WanderFull Bags Island Navy Matte HydroDouble Crossbody Bag Reviews

Furthermore, this company made this crossbody bag with a large waterproof pocket. Thanks to the inside material that is made of neoprene. You can prevent water from getting inside. With the big pocket, you may store clothes, food, and glasses in it.

For the outside, this crossbody bag has 2 exterior pockets to store your additional travel gear. Likewise, the pockets are equipped with double zippers. So, you can keep your passport, credit card, cell phone, and more.

As before, this product is also designed with quality, soft, and lightweight materials with quilted fabric. So, you can adjust the weight of your water bottle with the 2-inch wide adjustable and interchangeable woven white and navy guitar strap.

Then, the brand releases a wide range of colors and other products. There are approximately 7 beautiful colors, including island navy, as you see in the photo, sage green, lilac, glossy white, and many more.

Crossbody Bag Details

  • Made from puffer coat fabric & 100% nylon
  • Gold-toned hardware
  • The product size is 11 height x 11 width inches
  • Hold up to 3.5 inches (diameter) water bottle

Before coming to the price, please know how to take care of this classic navy matte hydrobag and the other two previous items. Wash with mild detergent or in the washing machine on a low spin (only if heavily soiled). Avoid washing too often!

Next, this hydrobag crossbody’s price may significantly differ because it is more prominent in size and fits many items. Order now for $118.00!

WanderFull Bags Pros and Cons

Do you need help deciding whether this brand is that good? It would be perfect to comprehend their pros and cons in the tables below.


  • Assorted hydrobags with attractive colors
  • Multiple water bottle bag types
  • Weightless, waterproof, durable materials
  • Support clean environment
  • Vegan-friendly edition
  • Mentioned in some famous online media
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day returns


  • No phone number for customer support
  • There is limited info about the shipping policy

Who Is WanderFull Bags For?

It is undeniable that this brand is for everyone. They do not limit who can wear their bag collection. You can choose bags with one pocket, multiple pockets, or removable bottle pockets. Every style is available.

In addition, mommies could be the ones that fit the brand’s hydro bag. You may carry many items, including snacks, tablets, and toys, for your children with the crossbody hydrobag. That item has numerous pockets that can accommodate such things.

WanderFull Bags Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wonderful is one word that can describe this company as its name suggests. Likewise, some customers have fallen in love with their products. Is this the case? This section will reveal the answer.

WanderFull Bags Review: WanderFull Bags Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before you read the first comment, you should look at each product’s rating. Most of the buyers gave maximum rates because it’s a good bag. Here we go!

Further, let’s take a look at the first customer’s thoughts:

It’s so cute and functional for travel and shopping. I love it!

This woman expressed her delight that the black matte hydrobag is so applicable.

Another happy customer commented:

It’s comfortable, usable, and well-designed! It can hold all the necessities and is worth the price.

Besides being comfy, she said the bag was handy and well-made. Also, the bag can carry many things, and the price is proper.

The last buyer mentioned:

I love this bag. We are going to Greece in a few weeks, and this bag will be perfect for the trip. It will be boiling there, so bringing a water bottle is a must…

Since the woman wanted to go abroad, she chose the product to bring with her. She adored the bag so much because it could keep her many necessities while traveling.

From all the fantastic comments you’ve read above, customers are thrilled with their chosen hydro bag. Each item is helpful to accompany them on their travels, including the most pending one of carrying a water bottle.

Is WanderFull Bags Worth It?

Yes, the brand is worth it! The design is indeed unique. It’s versatile and stylish, which is probably what will come to your mind about WanderFull Bags brand products. Not to mention, the brand chooses colorful shades to match the outfit you are wearing.

WanderFull Bags Review: Is WanderFull Bags Worth It?

On top of that, this company makes its products with weightless, soft, and long-lasting materials. The point is when carrying the bag, you don’t feel heavy, hurting the skin less, and you can use it for years. It would be best if you didn’t hesitate to buy it.

WanderFull Bags Shipping Policy

Is the hydrobag you like ready to ship? If yes, it is better to know a little information about the shipping policy of this brand. They send their products worldwide. Where to? Including all countries of the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and the UK.

In addition, this brand is also proud to offer free shipping by using the code FREESHIP. They have yet to clarify if no-cost delivery is for all regions. Again and again, we suggest you ask the service team as we only found limited info on it.

WanderFull Bags Return Policy

Every customer has rights, meaning you can decide to return the item if you are unsatisfied. This company offers returns within 30 days after receiving the product. Besides, the refund is, as a matter of course, sent once the item arrives and is checked.

For any hydrobag lover to apply for a return, ensure the item is unopened or still in its original packaging. Contact their staff at [email protected] first, then follow the instructions they say. You can read the damage, exclusions, and exchange data here.

How To Contact WanderFull Bags

Some customers may need to become more familiar with this brand. Trying to get more closely acquainted with the brand through customer service to question the product is fine.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Use the available form on the contact page
  • Live chat is in the below right corner of the front page
  • Instagram: @wanderfullbrand
  • Facebook: WanderFull Brand Accessories

Where to buy WanderFull Bags?

To avoid losing your bottle at a concert this week, check out hydrobags in the right place on the WanderFull Bags official website. Are there famous marketplaces to visit? Please come to Amazon and eBay!

WanderFull Bags Coupon Codes & Promos

Since all items are reasonably priced according to their quality, this company does not currently have any discounts or promo codes. Instead, check the list of coupon codes in the blue button below!

However, customers can apply to become wholesalers to get attractive benefits or find products on sale here. Subscribe to the website to discover other sales, deals, and more!

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WanderFull Bags Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for WanderFull Bags reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns WanderFull Bags?

Lisa and Katie own the brand. They are mothers of three children who are also businesswomen.

Does WanderFull Bags ship internationally?

Absolutely, the company does. They ship their hydro bag internationally, including the UK, Canada, and Mexico.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of WanderFull Bags Reviews & Ratings

With so many drink container creations, WanderFull Bags is the most innovative. They created a trendy bottle bag of various types (sling or tote bag). You can even put large drinking bottles with a maximum size of 3.5 inches in diameter.

This brand also chooses materials suitable for natural conditions, meaning they can be used for many years. Instead of worrying about buying a one-time bottle, store the decanter in WanderFull Bags! Order soon before it runs out!


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