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Vue Mastery Review 2023 → Level Up Your Skills with Vue.js Course

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About Vue Mastery

Even though you never join the Vue Mastery course, you may already be familiar with this online course platform. Yup, it’s indeed remarkable among Vue developers since they often share helpful coding contents that usually become people’s go-to.

Vue Mastery Review: About Vue Mastery

Vue Mastery is a brand that provides online courses and tutorials on how to learn Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. They offer a wide range of courses, from beginner to advanced.

Accordingly, this platform is a subscription-based course that shares lessons and video tutorials that break down the Vue Js component for beginner to advanced Javascript users. 

The brand is famous for its beneficial lesson and video tutorials that can level up your skills. Thus, it’s not surprising that this platform has 61.5K subscribers on youtube, 23.2K followers on Twitter, and 4.4K followers on Facebook.

But, even though you’ve enjoyed all the free YouTube content, is it worth using their paid courses? Thus, our Vue Mastery reviews will uncover all information about this platform, including the company profile, subscription plan, pricing, and customer reviews!

Overview Of Vue Mastery

In 2017, Vue Mastery was founded by Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr as the co-founder. This is the ultimate e-learning platform where you can take online courses for Vue.js developers.

Since then, the platform has built a global community for developers who want to elevate their skills and careers with its courses library. In addition, the brand creates weekly tutorials, produces exclusive content, and co-produces the Vue.js news.

Moreover, the brand has an easy-access platform with courses that keep updating. Thus, it allows millions of developers to level up their skills with easy-to-learn video tutorials.

Moreover, its content that keeps up to date t the latest Vue update will enable people to have skills based on the latest technology. Better yet, they allocate 25% off monthly payments to the Vue projects. 

Vue Mastery Review

Vue Mastery is a subscription-based online learning platform where you can subscribe and enjoy all tutorial videos and learning content regarding Vue.

Vue Mastery Reviews: Vue Mastery Review

Likewise, the brand has several teachers that have become experts in the field that will give you a comprehensive lesson with an easy-to-understand language.

However, to access the online courses, you need to purchase a subscription that comes in annually and monthly. Thus, in the following sections, let’s dig deeper into the methods and pricing as well as see how it works.

Vue Mastery Course Reviews

The Vue Mastery courses have a comprehensive collection of online courses with content updating based on developments. No matter what your knowledge and skill level is, it has labeled its lessons based on beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Vue Mastery Review: Vue Mastery Course Reviews

When you take the course, you can enjoy the learning video delivered by experienced teachers, such as Gregg Pollack, Adam Jahr, Ben Hong, Marina Mosti, Andi Li, and others. So, you can choose based on your level and take the next level after completing a certain level.


Vue 2 Intro to Vue 2, Real World Vue 2, Mastering Vuex, Next-Level Vue 2, and Unit Testing Vue 2
Vue 3 Intro to Vue 3, Real World Vue 3 (Composition API), Real World Vue 3 (Options API), etc.
Pinia Pinia Fundamentals, From Vuex to Pinia, and Pinia Q&A
Nuxt Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js, Nuxt 3 Essentials, and Build a Blog 1/ Nuxt 3 Content
Vite Lightning Fast Builds w/ Vite
Other courses about TypeScript, Vue Router, Forms, Component Composition, Testing, Practical Builds, Vuex, and others

So, after subscribing, you can choose the lesson from learning the fundamentals from the beginner to the mastering lesson that brush up your skills.

Vue Mastery Real World Vue 3 Reviews

Vue Mastery Real World Vue 3 is one of the beginner lessons that most developers are curious about. This course shows you how to build a production-level app using Vue 3.

Vue Mastery Review: Vue Mastery Real World Vue 3 Reviews

There are two kinds of Real World of Vue 3 courses: Options API, which uses Vue CLI, and Composition API, which uses Create-Vue. The introduction explains what will be built and will combine various Vue parts.

Instead of bundling together a course full of bits of code that don’t match, what impresses us is how they use a real case example. Moreover, the tutor will give you a lesson with an explanation and a tutorial, showing how fundamental concepts that coherent.

Even though you are not a beginner, we think it is worth taking this lesson since you’ll pick up something beneficial. Not only that, but it also gives a discussion about the Vue Router and Axios.

Overall, Real World of Vue 3 Courses delivered by Adam Jahr will become a super helpful introduction to help you build a complete single-page application in Vue and can be ideal for Vue developer beginners.

Vue Mastery Pricing

Well, you already know what they offer, so it’s time to see the Vue Mastery subscription plan and pricing. It has four kinds of subscriptions, Free, Monthly, Annual, and Team, with different benefits and price points. Below is the explanation of what you get on the subscriptions:

Vue Mastery Review: Vue Mastery Pricing

Free: $0

In this free account, you can unlock the additional free lessons, but it’s minimal, and you can track the progress. Also, there are free download cheat sheets to save time and energy.

Annual: $25/month

The annual plan is suitable if you try and want to access all lessons. With this subscription, you can enjoy watching all premium courses fully used and get updates on new release courses regularly. Plus, you get exclusive access to Even You content and donate to the Vue.js project.

Annual: $300/year and get 35% off

if you have tried its online courses, you can upgrade to the yearly one. You can get all benefits the same as the monthly subscriptions, but the main difference is that it will cost less since you’ll get 35% off, so you only pay $195/year.

Team: 55% off

The Team subscription plan is excellent for company-size usage of more than one user at a very reasonable price. With this, you can enjoy all access to the platform to level up your team skills. It also quickly onboard the team members.

With regular updates, the course allows the team member to update the current technology. The subscription is pretty valid that has been used by Vox Media, IBM, Apple, Ford, and Princeton University. The price will depend on the member you need, and you save 55% off the regular price.

Vue Mastery Pros and Cons

Before we dig deeper into its courses, below are the brand pros and cons that help you have a better understanding of the brand:


  • The expert teacher delivers the course in an easy way
  • Full of tricks and tips
  • Up-to-date content
  • Have various free videos to learn the basic of Vue
  • Free subscription plan
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Cancellation at any time
  • Positive reviews from the users


  • A bit costly, but worth the price
  • Some of the tutorials move so fast that you need to pause the video.

Who Is Vue Mastery For?

This subscription-based online course is dedicated to Vue.js developers that want to master Vue quickly by taking online courses. It has a comprehensive video course library suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Vue Mastery Review: Who Is Vue Mastery For?

Since they also keep updating their content, it can be an excellent option for an experienced developers to brush up their skills and keep updating with the latest features. Vue Mastery is also ideal for those who want to learn about Vue 2, Vue 3, Nuxt, Pinia, Vuex, Vite, TypeScript, etc.

Vue Mastery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To see how the subscription and course qualities are, we’ve dug deeper into the Vue Mastery reviews from the customer. this online course platform has an impressive average rating on G2 with 4.1 out of 5. Now let’s hear what customers have to say:

Vue Mastery Review: Vue Mastery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The course curriculum and in-depth knowledge of the Vue programming concept are good. And the explanation of the fundamentals framework is excellent.

Below is also one of the reviews that state how good the courses are that cover all you need to know about Vue:

They discuss everything from the basics to the advanced processes and algos. Not only that, but they also touched on Computer Science at the very end which was extremely helpful!

Like most of the customers, one of the customers below also states that the system helpful no matter your expertise level is:

There’s no better place to learn about the Vue framework than Vue Mastery. There are courses for every people, even those who have been using Vue since day one and are remarkably advanced. There are also advanced courses from the creators and maintainers of Vue. Even though it can be costly to sign up for this program, it’s definitely worth it.

Considering all the reviews above, we notice that most reviews declare how helpful the courses are and cover all information to help you level up your knowledge.

Aside from that, we also find several reviews about how it’s costly, and some of the lesson explanations are too vast, regardless the customer still utter state that it worth the price.

Is Vue Mastery Worth It?

Considering it has rich content about coding, this Vue Js coding school is worth the money. Indeed it can be pretty expensive, but with all courses, you can enjoy, it’s genuinely worth it, supported by customer reviews.

Vue Mastery Review: Is Vue Mastery Worth It?

Even though it offers many free contents, if you use the paid course, you’ll discover helpful tips and tricks to bring your work to the next level. So it’ll improve your knowledge of Vue and allow you to become a better developer.

The excellent point is that 25% of your subscription will be donated to the Vue projects. Despite those, what influences our decision is the customer reviews that prove how impressive the course collection and what they cover are.

Vue Mastery VS Vue School

While looking for a Vue JS coding school, you may already hear about the Vue School that competes in the same field to give the online course. So in this Vue Mastery VS Vue School section, we’ll compare both platforms to help you decide.

Image 1: About Vue Mastery
Image 2: Vue Mastery VS Vue School

Vue Mastery Pros

  • Free trials
  • Team subscription great for the company
  • Pricing starts at $25
  • Anytime cancellation
  • Free access to the opening video/preview

Vue Mastery Cons

  • Doesn’t has a lifetime subscription

Vue School Pros

  • Lifetime subscriptions
  • Team subscription for business
  • Pricing starts at $25
  • Anytime cancellation

Vue School Cons

  • No free trials
  • Need to create an account to watch the lesson video

How To Contact Vue Mastery

If you demand more information that we can’t cover in this review, you can contact Vue Mastery customer service via:

You can feel free to contact its customer service no matter what your concern is, whether asking questions and help or giving feedback and suggestions.

Where to buy Vue Mastery?

So are you ready to choose the course you need and level up your skills and knowledge? If so, you can only subscribe to this Vue online course from There you can determine the plan you select and browse a wide selection of courses!

Vue Mastery Coupon Codes & Promos

Wait! Before you head to the payments, it’s better to use the best deals. Below, we’ve compiled the offers that we discovered:

  • 35% off on all courses by using coupon code VUEMASTERY35
  • 55% off for team discounts
  • Create an account to enjoy free lessons and Vue Mastery Cheat Sheet
  • Join the email list to be notified of exclusive deals and promo codes
  • Click the button below to uncover discount codes

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Vue Mastery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Vue Mastery reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Vue mastery good?

Overall its course is good, with a competent instructor that can deliver the material perfectly and easy comprehension it with a high-quality video.

Is Vue mastery free?

Basically, it’s a paid course, but fortunately, you can enrol in the Free course for a week and enjoy the course download for free.

How long does it take to master Vue?

If you are a beginner and this is your first time learning Vue js, it usually takes one or two weeks to master Vue. Moreover, the experienced programmer can learn the basic concepts in just a few hours.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Vue Mastery Reviews & Ratings

Vue Mastery will be a shortcut where you can learn or upgrade your knowledge of Vue is much easier whether you are a beginner or an expert who wants to level up your knowledge. You just need to pay for the plan, login and enjoy a vast selection of courses and tutorials.

You’ll get the chance to learn from an expert teacher who delivers new tricks and fundamental lessons. Not only that, but they also keep updating the content to ensure you can upgrade your skills and know all the latest features.


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