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About Vinomofo

Are you now behind your office desk but already considering the weekend agendas? Oh, no, your day must be hard, we guess. But talking about weekend activities, why don’t you just invite your close friends to your home and let Vinomofo do the rest?

Vinomofo Review: About Vinomofo

Wait, who’s Vinomofo?‘ Are you serious about asking who’s Vinomofo? You must be kidding. It’s not even a person. If you’re a wine lover, you should know what it is. Vinomofo is Australia’s No.1 wine retailer, selling over 17.6 million bottles.

Then, do you agree that the more wines we drink, the more relaxed life is? Yes, that’s all wine lovers’ line. But does everyone love buying wines from this store? Of course! As it’s seen on social media, there have been almost 190k followers from Twitter to Facebook.

So, are you ready for a more chill and relaxed moment? Our Vinomofo reviews won’t give you much, but we’re sure it can lead you to the best shopping decision ever. After all, your wine stocks at home have run out, right? So, don’t leave until the final section!

Overview Of Vinomofo

Who should be responsible for this finest and most complete wine stock collection? Oh man, we guess you should talk to the two coolest guys, Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier, the store’s founders.

It’s story time, and we hope you enjoy it. What did you do in 2011? In that year, Justin and Andre officially introduced Vinomofo to the public. But do you know that it actually started in 2007?

So, this brother-in-law wanted to do something good for all wine lovers and wine providers as well. Thus, the idea of Vinomofo began, and who knew that it would become this big?

Today, this store stocks many types of wines from various brands or producers. But do you know what’s interesting? Both Justin and Andre stated that they only sell wines they love to drink.

However, you don’t need to worry because these two guys have great wine taste, so what they stock in this store will 100% satisfy you as a wine lover. Do you want us to keep going?

Vinomofo Review

As a wine lover, we won’t let you wait too long, so let’s just explore this section. So, how many bottles of wine do you plan to drag into your shopping cart?

Vinomofo Reviews: Vinomofo Review

Overall, this review section is a place where you step deeper into what’s inside the store. It might be our question, but what good wines do Justin and Andre have?

Vinomofo Product Categories

From those categories, do you have the specific to recommend?‘ Of course! Let’s get to know each of them below and be aware of the addictive effects later!

Vinomofo (3 Best Selling Products)

  • Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020
  • Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021
  • Lucky Dip 33.0 – Reds Edition (12pk)

So, how many friends said ‘yes’ to your weekend invitation? It will be great if they all attend to celebrate your mini wine party. Hence, read this review for the smartest buying decision!

Vinomofo Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020 Reviews

Since you’re busy inviting your besties for the upcoming mini-wine party this weekend, give the wine assignment to us! Undoubtedly speaking, the Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020 will be the best one to serve by the pool!

Vinomofo Review: Vinomofo Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020 Reviews

What’s special about this wine?‘ Have you ever gone to Marlborough and seen what’s special about it? Yes, it’s all wine lovers’ go-to place, and there are only savvy and well-produced wines. Is Te Pa Pinot Noir one of them?

Absolutely, yes! In detail, the Te Pa Signature Pinot has all the classic elegance and poise while also displaying intense focus. We can say that the warm and calm 4 pm atmosphere is well-suited to this Te Pa drinking sensation.

Furthermore, the wine also bursts with flavours of dark red cherry & winter strawberry from the first to your last sip. And can you imagine how chill it is to combine with oak nuance and some fine-grain tannin?

Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020 – A Need to Know!

  • Region: Marlborough
  • Closure: Screwcap
  • Bottle volume: Standard 750ml
  • Cellaring: 2026
  • Preservatives: Sulphites

You cannot tell me that your friends won’t agree to pour this wine into their glasses. Therefore, include $18.32 to your party budget because we know you don’t want to skip Te Pa Signature Series Pinot Noir 2020 on the table!

Vinomofo Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021 Reviews

We know serving one is never enough. Since the party will be crazier as the sun goes down, we guess you need more. Have you ever heard of Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021? Well, it’s everyone’s favourite!

Vinomofo Review: Vinomofo Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021 Reviews

Have you ever tried Chablis chardonnays? Yes, they are renowned worldwide for being some of the best white wines available. In addition, these wines possess qualities that make them age-worthy and sophisticated drinking sensations.

Besides that, the fruit in this wine is also quite prominent. It ties the wine sensation ideally, so there won’t be any lack of sensation even when you take a lick on your last drop. Don’t you think it’s a good sign to be extra chill all night?

Then, the taste of green apple, zesty lime, and whole lemon are a great combination. However, you can also make it even more excellent by pairing them with a hearty salad, creamy pasta, and fatty meat. Oh, oysters, too, maybe?

Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021 – A Need to Know!

  • Region: Chablis AOC
  • Alcohol volume: 12%
  • Closure: Screwcap
  • Bottle volume: Standard 750ml
  • Cellaring: 2029
  • Preservatives: Sulphites

So, have you called the catering person to prepare those foods? Hence, let’s decide how many people will join the party because your $39,9 purchase for this Domaine Vincent Wengier Chablis 2021 shouldn’t be a waste!

Vinomofo Lucky Dip 33.0 - Reds Edition (12pk) Reviews

Finally, we’re on the last product, but we don’t think you’re ready for this one. ‘What is it?‘ Everyone will never be ready for Lucky Dip 33.0 – Reds Edition (12pk) since these wines will send you to your night world paradise!

Vinomofo Review: Vinomofo Lucky Dip 33.0 - Reds Edition (12pk) Reviews

How do you react if someone drops 12 BOTTLES OF WINES before your door? ‘Wait, does Vinomofo sell this package?‘ Fortunately, yes! In detail, this Lucky Dip package is the best choice for special events, like parties, family gatherings, and more.

Furthermore, Lucky Dip is one of the store’s superior offers. Once it was released, they broke the internet, and no one could handle how massive those wine lovers’ enthusiasm was about this. However, what wines will you get?

Lucky Dip 33.0 – Reds Edition (12pk) – What’s Inside?

  • Helen & Joey Inara Shiraz 2019 (2 btl)
  • Gapsted Limited Release Cabernet Tempranillo 2019 (2 btl)
  • First Drop Home of the Brave Shiraz 2021 (1 btl)
  • Domaine Gayda Flying Solo Grenache Syrah 2022 (2 btl)
  • Thistledown The Opportunist Shiraz 2021 BM (2 btl)
  • Farmer’s Leap Pillar Box Red 2021 (2 btl)

But, are they only eleven?‘ Yes, because the other one (the twelfth bottle) will be a surprise wine; you’ll know it once it arrives! However, the one wine to complete your package will be chosen among the 4 greatest wines!

Are you now speechless? Of course! You didn’t think that your party would turn out to be this huge, right? Since Lucky Dip 33.0 – Reds Edition (12pk) is on your shopping list, be ready to exchange your $149 for the best night ever!

Vinomofo Pros and Cons

On the other hand, how do we see Vinomofo based on our pros and cons side? We know you’re more than ready for this!


  • Top wine brands through the strict selection process
  • Super cheap price
  • Many sales (discounts) are available
  • Connected to experts to get wine recommendation
  • Detailed product description
  • The Black Market option is available to get bottle-covered wines at lower rates
  • Free shipping (minimum 3 cases)
  • Free returns


  • No international shipping
  • Several products are out of stocks

Who Is Vinomofo For?

Do you still remember where this store is? Yes, it’s in Australia. In detail, the Australian government rules that the suit age to consume alcohol should be at least 18 years old or older. So, what’s the point?

Therefore, we recommend Vinomofo when searching for the best & most reliable wine store. Then, can everyone consume wine?

Of course, but ensure that you’re 18 already or older, as mentioned earlier. However, if you’re suffering from a particular disease or are pregnant, we don’t think drinking wine is good.

Vinomofo Review: What Do Customers Think?

The moment of truth is here. Do you think Vinomofo will perform well based on the customer ratings and reviews? Let’s not waste more time, then!

Vinomofo Review: Vinomofo Review: What Do Customers Think?

For further information, we’ve collected the ratings received by the store from 2 major review platforms. On Product Review, Vinomofo has 4.5/5 stars from 379 reviews.

Meanwhile, on the platform, it scores 4.7/5 stars from 1083 reviews. Also, this rating significantly raises the customer’s recommendation score up to 93%.

Then, what customers have said related to their shopping experiences in Vinomofo? But can you promise to shop right after reading these reviews?

To begin, read what this customer has said:

Over the years, I’ve been part of several wine clubs. Vinomofo has been the best by far! The quality and price are unbeatable, and they always have great deals. Highly recommend them!

Based on this customer, we know having the best one (Vinomofo) among others is always good. After all, who can deny the store’s good price and quality?

Next, you shouldn’t skip this:

I’ve been engaging in multiple transactions, particularly those involving Black Market unbranded offers for about a year now, and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of products provided by Vinomofo.

After reviewing products, we know that Vinomofo has many product categories. Fortunately, the Black Market category always satisfies the customers, as mentioned above.

After that, you may need this for further consideration:

Since joining Vinomofo, I have been impressed by the company’s quality, price, and service. My family and friends have also been impressed with the standard of the wines I have served them.

In addition, we know it’s 100% good when people love what you also love. That happens to Vinomofo, and hopefully, more people will do the same.

Lastly, it’s here to convince you more:

The taste of these wines is simply amazing, and they offer great value for your money. Not to mention, the delivery process is incredibly fast and efficient.

Your purchase is satisfying when your money turns into something good and tasteful, such as Vinomofo’s wines. Based on this last customer, he’s too happy for all good things, from the wine taste, price, and fast delivery.

Therefore, have you chosen some of the best wines to accompany you and your friends for the upcoming party? We would love to see the updates on your social media accounts.

Is Vinomofo Worth It?

What makes Vinomofo good? Since the beginning, the store has committed to only stock wines that the owners (Andre and Justin) love. Therefore, we can say that the currently stocked wines have been through a strict selection.

In addition, the store also learns every product they stock very well. You can see it in the product description, and there’s no missing information when you look for wines to bring home. Hence, putting the ‘worth it‘ label on Vinomofo is necessary.

Vinomofo Shipping Policy

Shopping for wines from Vinomofo is as easy as blinking your eyes. Then, how does the store’s shipping policy work?

Australians must be happy because Vinomofo ships to every place in the country. The estimated days depend on where you live, and you’ll have free shipping for a 3-case minimum order.

If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, it can arrive in 2-7 days. However, shipping to rural areas will take longer (up to 2 weeks). Also, people in Singapore can enjoy the wines through the Vinomofo Singapore’s website. However, it doesn’t mention about the international shipping (outside AU & SG).

Vinomofo Return Policy

Since Vinomofo prioritizes customer satisfaction, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re unsatisfied with your order.

In detail, the store’s returns policy states that when you have that kind of experience, kindly contact them directly here, and they’ll find the best solution for it.

Additionally, if you order 6 cases or more and have opened 2 of them, the store can organize a pick-up system to return your wines (free) and give you a full refund. Are you 100% satisfied with the service?

How To Contact Vinomofo?

Good customers are those who are always connected to Vinomofo. So, how to start? The following list will explain the ways:

Headquarters & Warehouse Address

Suite 103, 220 Ingles Street, Port, Melbourne VIC 3207.

Where to buy Vinomofo?

If you live in Australia and are looking for the best place to stock wines at home, you already know where to go. The only right place is Vinomofo. You just need to go to its official site and login to your account.

So, can you trust other stores to get your taste-matched wines? We guess not. In addition, you can also enjoy the wines sold by Vinomofo in its live event. It’s like an in-person celebration with hundreds of wines served, and the uncovered wines in the Black Market are also there.

Vinomofo Coupon Codes & Promos

Getting your long-wanted products, especially wines, at their lower rates is always nice. So, do you think Vinomofo has a discount code or special offer? 

  • Get up to 77% OFF your order for many wine products in ‘Going Going Gone’ Sale
  • Use the code: HAPPY12 at the checkout page to get $12 OFF and free shipping
  • Enjoy up to 75% OFF your order in the ‘GOAT’ Sale
  • Be eligible for free shipping and a discount of up to 67% in the ‘New Zealand Day’ Sale
  • Join the Wine Club (monthly payment needed) and get more benefits
  • Free shipping for orders 3+ cases
  • Free returns 

We bet no one can handle those offers. Also, if you need more, the following button may satisfy you!

Reveal all coupons

Vinomofo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Vinomofo reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Vinomofo?

Vinomofo is one of the largest wine retailers in Australia. The store has sold wines from various top wine producers for over 10 years.

Is Vinomofo good value?

Yes, Vinomofo is good for its complete and stay-updated wine collection. In addition, they also go crazy when it comes to special sales or discounts.

Who owns Vinomofo?

The store’s owners are two brothers-in-law, Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier.

Why is Vinomofo so cheap?

Regarding this question, Vinomofo claims that they can offer wines at lower prices by concealing the wine brands.

What happened to Vinomofo Australia?

Vinomofo suffered a cybersecurity breach where unauthorized access happened to them. However, it was well-solved and there’s no current concern.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Vinomofo Reviews & Ratings

Finally, you’ve made it into the final section, and what you’ve learned? We know your work routines are getting more frustrating, so celebrating the weekend with a mini party and wines from Vinomofo is a must-do agenda.

Everything is perfect, from product quality to prices. As we stated earlier, the wine selection process in this store has been through the owner’s agreement. Hopefully, the taste matches you, so more people will come to buy. Let’s do the ‘cheers!


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