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Vestaboard Review 2024 → Easy and Smart Messaging Display!

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About Vestaboard

Do you often leave a small note on your refrigerator’s door? Or, stick a paper scrap between things on the table? That’s too traditional and outdated. In today’s digital era, there is a much simpler and smarter way to leave messages, and it is through Vestaboard.

Vestaboard Review: About Vestaboard

As the name implies, Vestaboard is a brand that sells smart messaging displays. Their cutting-edge technology helps to deliver a message from the application to the board. Right. Similar to what sticky notes do.

However, their reputation is not a joke. In 2023, Fast Company Magazine honored this brand as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies and the 10 Most Innovative Consumer Electronics Companies.

We found that they currently have 8.5K followers on Facebook and 58.1K on Instagram. They are also featured in prominent media such as RollingStone, The Wall Street Journal, The Verge, etc.

Further, through this Vestaboard review, we will break down all the information you need. It includes the pros and cons, the brand overview, customer reviews, and more. Thus, let’s get started!

Overview of Vestaboard

Born in 2015, Vestaboard was built by Dorrian Porter. Combining analog and digital, this brand wants to provide cutting-edge technology to connect people with messages.

Accordingly, a team of experts from Bould Design is the mastermind behind every detail of craftsmanship. They ensure all come with the highest material, which stands the test of time. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

However, if you don’t know yet, every Vestaboard has 132 modular character units they casually called ‘Bits.’ Plus, it has a simple design. When accessing the board, simply remove the aluminum mask and frame.

Each patented Bit has been tested in millions of cycles. Thus, they will land on the exact character at the right time. Even better, the quality of the Bit is also at its best. It has an easy-to-read font, even from a distance.

Moreover, when the Bits change, they will deliver a satisfying sound. Hence, aside from pleasing your ears, it can also notify you that the board has changed its message.

Nevertheless, this brand has already received a lot of positive feedback from its customers. Yet, they will maintain this customer satisfaction and deliver more innovation to help simplify the way we live.


  • Hassle-free return
  • Free shipping available
  • Plenty positive feedbacks
  • 2-year warranty
  • Responsive customer service

Vestaboard Review

Have you noticed that technology is getting crazier day after day? Aside from offering simplicity, technology can also be a game-changer for our lifestyle, which is why Vestaboard exists.

Vestaboard Reviews: Vestaboard Review

You are probably familiar with this brand. Their name became viral after being mentioned by an actress through her social media. She said that she loves “Dad Joke O’clock,” one of the contents of Vestaboard+.

Moreover, shall we look at what products this brand has in its collection? Let’s see them closer in the following list. Check it out!

Vestaboard Collections

As you probably notice, yes. They currently have 2 main products, and one differentiating them is the color. However, you need an in-depth review if you have to choose which color to go to.

However, don’t go anywhere! We will help you decide which color is perfect for you because we will review it in detail in the next section. Scroll down!

Vestaboard Flagship Black Reviews

If you are more into the dark and elegant design, Flagship Black from Vestaboard must be your top choice. This board has an attractive white font in front of the black base. Perfect if you want to mount it alongside modern or classic decoration.

Vestaboard Review: Vestaboard Flagship Black Reviews

The Flagship Black can be ideal for mounting in your older family home. Since older people may have poor vision, a dark base must be a great way to help them read the font better than when it is bright. So, it is similar to using white chalk on a cupboard.

Moreover, if you want to play with color bits, we believe the colors will be sharper and easy to notice. Thus, if you want to keep in touch with your older family, go for the black version.

Flagship Black Details:

  • Weight: 45 pounds (without frame), 55 pounds (with frame)
  • Size: 41.2″ (wide), 22″ (tall), 3.5″ deep (with mount), 3.2″ deep (without mount)

However, you are probably curious about the price, right? This Flagship Black comes at an accessible price. It is only $3,295. Get this smart messaging display and make your home a warm place for all!

Vestaboard White Reviews

Vestaboard White is a fresh starter to keep the decoration in a cozy, warm atmosphere. The clean white color will easily match any furniture and decoration at your home. Perfect if you want to place it in a Scandinavian or Minimalism decor.

Vestaboard Review: Vestaboard White Reviews

As we all know, white gives off cleanliness, purity, and innocence. This version might be ideal if you want a wall ornament to brighten your day. If you buy this version, there is no reason not to wake up in the morning.

On top of that, the white version is eye-pleasing. Imagine that you work all day long and go back home. Relax on your sofa and marvel at the board to feel recharged! Better yet, you can also play with visual color and display a message immediately.

White Details:

  • Weight: 45 pounds (without frame), 55 pounds (with frame)
  • Size: 41.2″ (wide), 22″ (tall), 3.5″ deep (with mount), 3.2″ deep (without mount)

Then, how much does this white version cost? Don’t worry! Both versions have the same price. This white version also costs only $3,295. Go to their website now and purchase this white version as soon as possible!

Vestaboard White Glove Install Reviews

Everyone is different. When you enjoy simplicity and want everything to be convenient, White Glove Install is the perfect service for your Vestaboard. Fast and hassle-free!

Vestaboard Review: Vestaboard White Glove Install Reviews

This White Glove Install offers trained installers and service technicians. They are ready to help install your smart messaging display on a specified wall. Thus, you can sit down beautifully and wait until everything is set.

However, their service doesn’t include any electrical outlet. Thus, you can hire a licensed electrician to install the power source. Also, please note that this installation is for the continental US and Canada only.

Further, how much does the installation cost? The price varies based on the wall type you have in your home. See the price list below for details!

  • Wood Studs: $449
  • Concrete: $524
  • Custom: $549

Vestaboard App

As a smart messaging display, Vestaboard works with mobile and web-based applications. This enables you to send messages from anywhere easily. The only thing you need is a Vestaboard application.

Moreover, they are compatible with Android and iOS. So, you can download the app for free in the Google Play Store or App Store. Or else you can also go to their website and download it from the link provided.

The app is an essential tool you need to prepare since it works to pair the code from the board to your phone. You will see the 6-digit code on your Vestaboard when it is first turned on. Register those codes on the app to connect to Wi-Fi and use the features.

However, you must be curious about the app’s features, right? There are many features you can operate. It includes a visual editor, access to drafts and history, invite another user to send messages, control multiple displays simultaneously, and more.

Vestaboard Pros and Cons

Being a wise buyer means you don’t just look for the good side of the brand but also the bad side they have. It’s all because nothing is perfect in this world. Thus, shall we check the Vetaboard’s pros and cons?


  • Sturdy, high-quality materials
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Modern and luxurious design
  • Easy to read font design
  • 132 replaceable Bits
  • Mobile and web-based applications are available
  • Sleek visual
  • User-friendly
  • Sharp bits appearance
  • Reasonable prices


  • The price is considered expensive
  • You need to pay for a subscription to enjoy the feature on Vestaboard+

Who Is Vestaboard For?

This brand is the definition of versatile. Their board is designed for everyone. For instance, it is perfect to place at home. Aside from beautifully enhancing the overall decoration, you can always message your family to keep everyone in the loop.

Moreover, this brand’s board is also perfect to place in working places like hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. Whether you use it for sending inspiring messages to others or for showing a schedule, their board can do anything.

Vestaboard Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Before we go further, we want you to read the customer reviews. However, since there isn’t a special section on the official website for customer reviews, we collected it from their Amazon store account. Here are the details.

Vestaboard Review: Vestaboard Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

One customer review said:

This board is a fantastic item to keep our team inspired. It has a sleek and stylish design. However, what is incredible is that the board functions at its finest. It allows the display of a wide range of messages and reminders…

The review above shows that this customer is happy with his purchase. He said that he liked the board’s design and loved it more after knowing that it functioned well.

Next, a review from this customer said:

It is surprisingly easy to program. I am currently set up to show the weather every hour, show me the sports score, display now playing songs and more…

This happy customer said that the board is easy to program. Right. It truly offers a simple operation. Plus, if you join many channels, you can set it to display in which sequence or at what time on the boards. Hassle-free!

Moreover, let’s read this customer’s review from Reddit:

Vestaboard is great, especially when you subscribe to the Vestaboard+. I’m having fun with it.

People on Reddit also love this brand. This customer is one of the customers who already subscribed and enjoy the features of Vestaboard+. He said that he is having so much fun with the upgraded version.

Furthermore, we can see that this brand got plenty of positive customer feedback. Some say that the board is easy to program, while others state that they like its design. Thus, we can see that this brand’s product is truly worth your money.

Is Vestaboard Worth It?

We think so. The worthiness comes from the simplicity they offer. Accordingly, this brand works to support the way we send our messages. Rather than using inconvenient sticky notes, they provide a smart board that works like sticky notes.

Vestaboard Review: Is Vestaboard Worth It?

This board has many features that make sharing a message fun. While they aren’t at the cheapest price, their price is reasonable considering their feature and the quality that lasts for years to come. Thus, we agree that Vestaboard is worth it.

Vestaboard Shipping Policy

Vestaboard currently ships its products domestically and internationally. The shipping coverage includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Fortunately, they have free shipping on orders to the US and Canada. Meanwhile, for other countries, the shipping cost will calculated during checkout. However, to read detailed shipping information, go to their Shipping Policy.

Vestaboard Return Policy

You can always return the product to the brand if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. However, to be eligible for return, you must ensure all products are in the same condition and original packaging.

If the original packaging is lost, replacement packaging can be shipped for $175. Moreover, please note that the return policy is applicable for up to 30 days after receiving the products.

Request your return by contacting the customer service. If your return is accepted, they will send the return shipping label and detailed information about the process.

To ensure your return meets the acceptable condition, you can watch the instructional video and complete the required Return Checklist on their Return Policy. If you appear to need assistance, you can contact their customer service.

Vestaboard Warranty Policy

All original parts and the components of Vestaboard are covered with a 24-month limited warranty. This warranty covers all the workmanship defects, and the brand will cover all the repair or replacement costs.

However, this warranty policy can’t cover several conditions. It includes normal wear and tear, damage caused by children or animals, and any other errors that don’t come from manufacturing issues. To get detailed information about the warranty, check the Warranty Policy.

How To Contact Vestaboard

If you have any problem using the Vestaboard, don’t panic. You can always contact their customer service team to get your needed help. The contact information can be seen below.


1300 El Camino Real, Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States

Where to buy Vestaboard?

It’s pretty easy to get this brand’s products. First, you can get it at their official website. We think it is the best place to shop cause you can claim a coupon code and get free shipping. However, they are also available at Amazon or eBay if you want to shop through e-commerce.

Vestaboard Coupon Codes & Promos

It doesn’t feel right not to use a promo code in online shopping. Fortunately, this brand provides numerous deals for you to enjoy. We have already gathered it all and present it in the following list:

  • Unlock $300 OFF product for sale on your order using a coupon code INSPIRE (limited-time offer)
  • Refer your friend and earn $200 (your friend will get $200 OFF their first purchase)
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy discount codes, exclusive sales, and more
  • Earn some commission when you join their Affiliate program
  • Enjoy free shipping to the continental United States and Canada

Reveal all coupons

Vestaboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Vestaboard reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the purpose of a Vestaboard?

Vestaboard works to deliver a message from the application to the board. Whether you want to display weather updates or message the elderly who don’t engage in smartphones, you can 100% lean on this brand.

Does Vestaboard require a subscription?

No. Vestaboard Plus is an optional service. If you want to upgrade to Vestaboard Plus, you must pay for a subscription, but if you don’t need the subscription, you don’t have to pay for it.

What size is a Vestaboard?

The dimensions of the Vestaboard are 41.2 inches (wide), 22 inches (tall), 3.5 inches (deep with a mount), and 3.2 inches (deep without a mount).

What is Vestaboard Plus?

Vestaboard Plus is an alternative upgrade service. This service’s most outstanding feature is its wide range of channels. Thus, you can stay updated with the current trends.

How much is Vestaboard Plus?

For a single year, the price is $95.00. However, if you want to save more cash, you can subscribe to their 3 years subscription. The price is just $242.45/3 years.

How loud is Vestaboard?

It differs from one person to another. However, some reviews say it can be loud if you mount it in a drywall or plasterboard.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Vestaboard Reviews & Ratings

Ready to share your message and inspire others? If it’s a yes, then Vestaboard is all you need. This brand provides a smart messaging display with an eye-catching design. Plus, it offers simplicity. You can share everything you need with a single tap, from schedules to reminders.

However, what makes this brand a green light doesn’t come only from their simplicity. With premium materials that speak durability, there is no excuse not to have them at home. Thus, go to their website now and grab yours. Making a connection is just a tap away!


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