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Vela Bikes Review 2024 → Elegant E-Bike For Urban Roads

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About Vela Bikes

Calling all bike lovers! Don’t let the beautiful modernized classic urban bike designs. Vela Bikes takes care of your journey to enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the city or wherever you are.

Vela Bikes Review: About Vela Bikes

Vela Bikes is a global e-bike brand based in Brooklyn, NY. They design, manufacture, engineer, and program the bikes and the apps that connect to the e-bikes.

The e-bike is ready to compete with its smart yet sophisticated features. Another great thing about the e-bike is that it is fierce yet elegant, original yet nostalgic. Even its hidden technology design makes it different from other electric bikes.

The beauty of each of the bikes has fascinated many cyclists and beginners alike. 5k followers on its Instagram and Facebook are on the list, which continues to grow even today.

No wonder many popular media outlets have praised its beauty, including FastCompany, Highsnobiety, Wallpaper, and NewYork. Further, they hold +4,000 loyal riders who are very happy with their bike collection.

Now, let’s continue your adventure together with this unique collection of bikes. Our Vela Bikes review will guide you to the adventure together. Are you ready to move?

Overview of Vela Bikes

Who was the original idea behind this classic electric bike? Victor Hugo Cruz is the founder and chief designer of the Vela Bikes collections. He was inspired to create his classically designed bike with the latest e-bike technology.

He even designed his electric bicycle by hiding the technology very well. Thus, no one will know that it’s an electric bicycle. You’ll be fooled!

Victor Hugo launched its bike collection in Brazil in 2012. Then, after 8 years of successfully selling thousands of bikes, the brand sought to expand its global footprint in 2020 with a revival in Brooklyn.

They started their new chapter in Brooklyn, NY, with the same mission and essence. It even has local production facilities in Sao Paulo, Detroit, Brooklyn, and mainland China.

Its development will continue accelerating, establishing it as the world’s leading e-bike brand by 2022.

Moreover, the team comprises world-class designers, developers, engineers, bike technicians, and team members. They work well to improve every bike’s quality, sales, and service.

Vela Bikes Reviews

Once you’ve read the brand profile, there’s no rush to leave. We’ll introduce you to the charming collections. But first, we want to inform you that Vela Bikes is all about sustainability.

Vela Bikes Reviews: Vela Bikes Reviews

They are dedicated to keeping every Vela on the road. Therefore, they repair and refurbish used models as their commitment to customers and the planet. Accordingly, they are committed to buying back any Vela.

Vela also believes that micro-mobility and e-bikes can be beautiful things. Is that true? Check out his collection to see how beautiful they can be.

Vela Bikes Collections

They have a built-in app as an electric bike with a classic style. We’ll take you to understand how the app works. But we take you to the bike review first. So let’s go to the first bike!

Vela Bikes The Vela 2 Reviews

The first most popular collection is The Vela 2. This bike has a modernized, classic urban design that suits your everyday cruiser.

Vela Bikes Review: Vela Bikes The Vela 2 Reviews

This classically styled smart bike has 3 modes and app connectivity. So, you can easily access some of the bike’s features through an app on your phone. Its approachable mobility has changed the way people move.

In addition, the approachable electric bike combines classic aesthetics and technology. Its hidden, removable battery ranges up to 40 miles. Thus, it offers a refreshing, elegant, and sustainable riding solution.

You can even turn the assist off anytime and ride like a traditional bike. The bike’s rear hub with a 350W motor up to 550W peak power boost gives you the perfect assistance.

Tech Specs

  • Frame Material:
    • Chromoly Steel: CrMo 4130 + Steel
    • Frame welding and painting in China
  • Speed:
    • 14 mph cruising speed (Low)
    • 17 mph cruising speed (High)
    • 20 mph top speed while pressing Boost
  • Battery:
    • Lithium 378Wh
    • Rated voltage: 36v
  • Safety:
    • Tamper detection
    • Electromagnetic Lock
    • App notifications
    • GPS anti-theft

The brand added an extra boost button hidden yet in plain sight. As a result, you can access several features depending on your needs.

For example, get instant assistance by pressing and holding the boost button from 0 to 6 mph. Thus, you can get through the hills perfectly.

This $1,799 classic electric bike has 2 options. You can choose a low or high step and adapt to the terrain you often ride. This Vela 2 bike review is highly recommended for you!

Vela Bikes The Vela Vento Reviews

The next collection that is also great is The Vela Vento. It’s a great thing that is updated and made in USA. Why proud to be an American craft? Of course, it moves production to Detroit. Thus, it improves serviceability and offers the best quality.

Vela Bikes Review: Vela Bikes The Vela Vento Reviews

Like the previous collection, this smart bike has 3 driving modes and app connectivity. The battery also comes with a hidden design, and you can remove it up to a range of 40 miles. The power assistance of the boost motor is also available at 350W and reaches up to 500W at 20 mph.

Meanwhile, it features 160mm mechanically operated hydraulic disc brakes that the brand enhances. Accordingly, it provides unparalleled stopping power to your bike.

In addition, the Vento model has a longer stroke with active regenerative braking. Thus, it can reduce brake wear by 80%. It can also extend your range by 10 to 20%.

Tech Specs

  • Frame Material: 
    • Chromoly Steel: CrMo 4130 + Steel
    • Frame welded and painted in Detroit
  • Speed: 
    • 14 mph cruising speed (Low Power Mode)
    • 17 mph cruising speed (High Power Mode)
    • 20 mph top speed while pressing Boost
  • Battery: 
    • Lithium 378Wh 
    • Rated voltage: 36V
  • Safety:
    • Tamper detection
    • Electromagnetic Lock
    • App notifications
    • GPS anti-theft

Vento also includes an integrated Grudi (phone holder) that keeps your device within easy reach while driving. Hence, it allows you to easily access music, navigation, and especially the Vela app.

Choose Low step or High step for $2,499. Get the very pretty limited edition Marigold color drops. Order now!

The Vela Bikes App

Every bike collection comes with a built-in app. The app works to help make bike management easier. How does the app work? Check it out below!

Vela Bikes Review: The Vela Bikes App

First, you can lock and unlock the bike with easy access. In addition, you can change the power mode, monitor the battery level, view riding statistics, speed, and more. Thus, target your achievements before riding and see the results later.

Another interesting thing is that you can adjust how much motor assistance you get. You just have to adjust your power mode. So your bike can go leisurely or fast. Adjust according to your needs!


  • Update your bike’s firmware
  • 4G SIM card and GPS tracking
  •  iOS + Android

Combining sleek design and smart technology, the app gives you one-touch access to a wide range of cycling needs with great features. This makes it easier to travel wherever you go!

Vela Bikes Pros and Cons

You may already understand more after bringing the product review. But, we prepared Vela Bikes’ pros and cons points to educate you further. So don’t miss it!


  • It’s a beautiful bike that doesn’t look electric
  • 3 drive modes & app connectivity
  • Offer a try or test ride
  • 350W/550W boost 
  • Offers Vela Fleet program
  • Hidden & removable battery
  • Offers refurbished and open-box bikes for sale
  • Affordable solution
  • 30 days return
  • Up to 3 years warranty
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Not available in any frame size
  • Single speed gearing
  • Free shipping is unavailable
  • Only ship orders within the US and Brazil.

Who is Vela Bikes For?

Vela Bikes specializes in quality electric bikes with classic-style designs, especially for American cities and towns usage. Its classic-style design and technology mix suit traditional bike-style lovers who want many convenience features.

Despite their classic look, all-electric city bikes have mudguards, luxury grips, saddles, lights, and chain guards. Thus, its features are suitable for all terrains on urban roads.

Its single-speed gearing feature allows use on flat surfaces or when riding short to medium distances. Accordingly, you may not pick up extra speed or roll on uneven hills. However, enjoy the city’s beauty and accompany your urban activities well.

Vela Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Did you know that customer reviews can influence purchases? What the customers experience reflects what your shopping experience will be like. Therefore, we help you see brands through the customer’s opinions.

Vela Bikes Review: Vela Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We’ve included some reviews from customers who’ve tried some of their bike collections. As a result, you can take into consideration the customer’s experience.

The reviews below are from the official website, rated 4.80/5 from 20 reviews. While the other reviews are from the Thingtesting site with a 4.5/5 rating from 12 reviews, even 83% of customers recommend it!

I am in love with my Vela bike. It’s a gorgeous color (coral), it rides wonderfully, and it makes me so happy. I have received many compliments and the Vela staff was very helpful. He answered all my questions. Justin is the best. Thank you Justin!

The beauty of the bike and the good customer service makes customer happy. No wonder he gave it a high brand rating.

Other customers say:

The bike is lightweight and perfect for getting around town, with a smooth ride and sleek looks. 

The bike is light, smooth, and looks great. So it gives customers high ratings and also makes them happy and confident to ride around town.

There are many interesting things you can see from customers’ satisfaction regarding the Vela Bikes collection. From the quality of the bikes to the service, the brand provides the best for its customers. Thus, we don’t think you need to worry about your consideration.

Is Vela Bikes Worth It?

Yes! Vela Bikes is very worthy as a modern, classic-style bike. This electric bike review highly recommends this bike because its amazing features come with a beautiful design. You probably won’t think it’s an electric bike when you see it!

Vela Bikes Review: Is Vela Bikes Worth It?

The brand has made its collection of electric bikes affordable. So it won’t cost you a lot of money to own one. Moreover, the brand offers some great payment solutions on its website. Hence, customers can purchase electric bikes through smaller monthly payments.

They also pay a lot of attention to the bike format. As you can see, the specs are impressive. The bikes come with 29″ wheels for high and 26″ for low steps. So you can choose and customize which one is right for you, and you can ride well.

It doesn’t stop there. Another interesting thing is that it has amazing features, such as a magnetic phone holder. It’s perfect for navigating while riding. Also, it has a rear basket rack and a front rack, which are very functional.

Vela provides technological services through its companion app. Riders can easily lock and unlock their bikes, change riding modes, and monitor location or battery levels.

Besides, they added an auto-assist mode. Thus, it automatically switches from high to low assist when the battery level reaches 20%.

Vela Bikes Shipping Policy

According to Vela Bikes’ shipping policy, shipping costs and delivery time are automatically calculated during checkout. They also include standard shipping costs for some areas in the continental United States.

However, it doesn’t include shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. In addition, the delivery time depends on the order region. But the brand is committed to delivering as quickly and as well as possible.

Vela Bikes Return Policy

You have up to 30 days after receiving the product to exchange or return your item. However, returns only apply to products in the same condition you received. In other words, it must be in its original packaging, with no signs of damage or wear, and with the original seal.

In addition, the item’s invoice, manuals, and any accessories must be present. So, how do I start a return? First of all, you need to contact the customer service team. Confirm your return and receive the return terms and conditions.

If you wish to exchange the product, you’ll be responsible for the shipping charges and the $50 restocking fee. Aside from the exchange, you have the right to a full refund until the brand sends you the tracking number. Beyond that, your cancellation fails.

Vela Bikes Warranty Policy

A high warranty means a guarantee that the product is of good quality. The Vela Bikes collection of bicycles comes with a warranty. You can claim the warranty in case of damage or malfunction.

Vela Bikes Warranty Terms

  • 1 year for all electrical components
  • 2 years for battery
  • 3 years for the frame

Brands also offer extended warranties at the time of purchase. However, the warranty for damage doesn’t cover rain, salt, moisture, or dust. Check out the warranty page for more details.

How to Contact Vela Bikes

Keep in touch with the team through the contacts below. You can say hello, send questions, feedback, or anything else to the brand.

Where to buy Vela Bikes?

The best place to get the original e-bike is through the official website. So, if you find the product on a retailer’s website, you must confirm with the brand to get the original product.

Vela Bikes Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand offers great discounts and promos. So you can apply them to your purchases. Here they are:

  1. Claim coupon code 300Vela2 to get $300 OFF one Vela 2
  2. Enjoy $900 OFF two Vela 2 by using discount code 900Vela2
  3. Get your e-bike shipped free by signing up your email

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Vela Bikes

Vela Bikes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Vela Bikes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the founder of Vela Bikes?

Victor Hugo Cruz is the founder and chief designer of the brand.

Where are Vela Bikes made?

Vela focuses on the designs they create in local production facilities in Sao Paulo and Detroit.

Where is Vela Bikes headquarters?

Vela Bikes headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Vela Bikes Reviews & Ratings

Vela Bikes manages to bring happiness and comfort to its customers. They design their electric bike collection with styles that follow trendy models. Thus, many people see its beauty as not being an electric bike.

You won’t find an electric bike as beautiful as Vela. So you don’t need to think for a long time. Buy now and enjoy your city ride with the greatness of Vela Bike.


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