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About US Service Animals

Animal support is crucial for certain people struggling with emotional and psychological conditions. The pet can provide comfort and support. However, depending on the place, some may face that pet is unallowed to be in public areas. Hence, the solution is to get the registration from US Service Animals!

US Service Animals Review: About US Service Animals

This business is an online service that allows you to register your pet as a service animal legally. As a result, your support or service animal can be legally in public areas by using the prescribing MHP.

While searching for legitimate service dog registration, this platform is on the first list. It seems caused by the long history that led them to have 6K positive reviews total. Besides, it also obtains 2.3K followers on Instagram.  

However, you should be very cautious since there are so many scammers. Thus, our US Service Animals review will help you to uncover its legitimacy. Here, we’ll provide the company profile, service reviews, customer testimonials, and others. So, let’s find out!

Overview Of US Service Animals

Founded in 2015 by lawyers, the US Service Animals is a company focusing on online emotional support and service resource. It’s a team of board mentally certified mental health care professionals. They have helped people with emotional, mental, and physical disabilities.

Since then, the company has had in mission to educate and assist people with disabilities by using animals. Further, the company has 45  mental health care professionals that cover all 50 states.

On top of that, it has in-house legal experts to ensure compliance and support the customers. So now, this company has grown significantly in the US, which is considered a trusted certification center.

Next, we’ll go deeper into this company, but before that, read the US Service Animals below:


  • Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Fast and responsive service 24/7
  • Helpful and friendly professional staff
  • More affordable than offline service
  • Secure payment methods
  • 45-day refund policy
  • 6K positive testimonials


  • The animal service products are not true to size

US Service Animals Review

Basically, the US Service Animals registry is a website that offers online services for Emotional Support Animals and service animal certification. So when you register for the ESA registration, you’ll get legitimate consultation. Then if the dog is qualified, you’ll get the certificate and ID card. So, it’ll be allowed to be in the public area.

US Service Animals Reviews: US Service Animals Review

However, this company offers certification and other products like service animal identification products.

US Service Animals Product Collections

  • Services: PSA Training and ESA Consultation For Housing
  • Registrations: Service Animal Registration and Emotional Support Animal Registration
  • Products: ESA Vest, Collar Tag, ESA Collar, Service Animal Collar, Pet GPS Tracker, etc

This online store is a one-stop store for those looking for registration and identification items for your service dog. Nonetheless, we’ll review its service or consultation in the following section. So let’s move to the next section of our US Service Animals review!

US Service Animals Emotional Support Animal Registration Reviews

This platform is trusted as an Emotional Support Animal Registration online provider. You may present this to individuals that question your animal in everyday life. However, even though your ESA is equipped with the vest, collar tag, and leash, it can be insufficient. Thus, you need an identification card.

US Service Animals Review: US Service Animals Emotional Support Animal Registration Reviews

Once you register for this service, you’ll get a certificate with your animal’s real name. It verifies that your service emotional support dog is written in the most extensive online database in the US. Moreover, as the owner of a registered ESA, you have the right to be protected by its on-staff attorneys.

Later, you can consult the MHP for Prescription Letter for an Emotional Support Animal to get the ESA letter allowing you to live with your animal. Then, you can rest assured to live with your ESA under the protection of the Fair Housing Act.

Even though the ESA mostly thinks about the dog, it can refer to any animal supporting your mental condition. So, if you need this ESA registration, it costs $89.98. Aside from that, you can have an additional Doctor ESA letter to protect you under the law!

US Service Animals ESA Consultation For Housing Reviews

Next is Service Animal Registration which is to get an ID card as legit documentation. Basically, it is an ADA service dog registration to ensure the law covers you and your pet. As a result, you can live and work with your dog without concern about the no-pet rule.

US Service Animals Review: US Service Animals ESA Consultation For Housing Reviews

You’ll receive an explanation card about the law and your rights when you purchase this service dog registration. Present it to anyone who questions your animal. What’s more, you can access the platform’s legal professionals.

In addition, you will obtain the registered ID card, certificate, and digital file in this US service dog certification. Therefore, your pet will be registered to the largest lifetime service animal and ESA database. Aside from that, we like the 24/7 legal professional supports that will help you to face difficulties.

However, it’s not a free service dog registration. So you need to pay $89.98 after a discount of 17%!

US Service Animals Psychiatric Service Dog Training Reviews

Do you know that according to the law, all service animals must be trained to perform the act for disability? Shockingly professional training costs between $5,000-$10,000. Fortunately, Psychiatric Service Dog Training can give a 95% cheaper option!

US Service Animals Review: US Service Animals Psychiatric Service Dog Training Reviews

The US Service Animals online training will help you determine whether you and your dog qualify to use an animal service. First, you need to do the service dog training consult to see your condition in this training. Then, the licensed medical professional will call you to discuss whether you qualify as having a disability.

Not only that, but you’ll also learn about how this online service animal training program can meet the airline and housing requirements. Moreover, the benefit of this training is you can enjoy the no-pet policy in housing, airplane, and several public areas.

The service animals are exempt from pet rent, pet deposits, and airline pet fees. Lastly, this Psychiatric Service Animal training costs $349.99 after being discounted from the $529.99 original price!

Who Is US Service Animals For?

The US Service Animals is designed for those who want to bring their support or service animal into public space legally. It offers service and registration, allowing your dog or other animals to support your disability conditions.

US Service Animals Review: Who Is US Service Animals For?

However, to get the certifications, the owner must have a prescription for a mental or physical disability. Furthermore, the service animal here is a dog that works or performs tasks individually. Therefore, their help benefits qualified persons with a disability, including sensory, physical, intellectual, psychiatric, or mental.

US Service Animals Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From all sections above, you may already understand what service it is, and now it’s time to see its credibility. Thus, here we’ll take a look at the customer’s review to see where there are any complaints.

US Service Animals Review: US Service Animals Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

With years of existence and becoming the leading brand, it has thousands of customer reviewers. Moreover, it has a 5/5 average rating from 6,005 reviews in Trustpilot. Besides, 98% of customers give perfect ratings. Next, let’s see one of the glowing US Service Animals reviews:

Jailyn was highly professional and very sweet. She responded to all my inquiries and was a pleasure to work with. Furthermore, she made me confident about getting the help required to make my animal an ESA. Therefore, I recommend asking Jailyn if you desire a fast and easy process.

We also find very few complaints about its product. But here it’s:

The products arrived quickly. But the harness was too small for my dog, so I’ll have to request another one, which is disappointing.

Considering the perfect rating of this brand and the number of reviews it has, this company is indeed impressive. Most customers state how good the service and the professionals are. They are fast and very friendly to help you.

The only complaint we found about this company is missing size products, late shipping, and others. Overall, the issues are minor.

Is US Service Animals Legit?

The US Service Animals is unquestionably legit. It’s basically because this service has 6K of genuine reviews on trusted sites of Trustpilot and ShopperApproved. Besides, it acts on activity to prevent ESA fraud.

This company is also legit because it is accredited by A and has a 4.7/5 rating on BBB. Plus, the payment is very secure with Comodo Secure and Trustedwave.

Is US Service Animals Worth It?

As you can see from all sections in our review, we can vividly see that US Service Animals is worth it. It has unquestionably legitimacy and impressive positive testimonials from the customers. Furthermore, its customer service team is very excellent.

US Service Animals Review: Is US Service Animals Worth It?

The licensed staff giving you the consultation is very professional. They also know how to deliver the consultation friendly and make the customer feel comfortable. Not to mention, the cheap pricing, fast service, and responsive customer service ensure your satisfaction.

In addition, having a certification for your service animal also allow you to have the privilege in particular areas. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about anyone questioning your animal.

US Service Animals Shipping Policy

As you know that this brand also offers product collections. It is worth noting that it usually takes 7 to 10 to obtain the printed materials in the email.

Whereas for vests and other accessories, it usually takes sooner to arrive. Regarding the delivery tracking, you’ll be emailed about the tracking number within 2-3 working days.

US Service Animals Refund Policy

No worries about this service provider’s legitimacy since the 45-day refund policy will cover your purchase. All mental health professionals are properly licensed, and their letter meets applicable federal law.

If your letter is rejected, you’ll be eligible for a 110% refund of the consultation fee. Several things should be provided to claim the refund, including the ESA authorization letter and disability discrimination complaints. Thus, contact the customer service team, and they’ll assist you in claiming a refund.

How To Contact US Service Animals

Have a question regarding its service? Get fast help by contacting the US Service Animals customer service team via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: (985) 570-5386
  • Live Chat: Red button at the lower right
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @
  • Address: 205 Holiday Blvd., Covington, LA 70433

Where to buy US Service Animals?

So, do you ready to give the best support to your dog? If so, then the only place where you can purchase its products and service is by visiting directly from

US Service Animals Coupon Codes & Promos

What’s wrong with getting a discount on your dog registration? Here’s our compilation of US Service Animals promo that you can enjoy:

  • Visit the product collection to find all current discount
  • Enjoy a gift card from referring a friend
  • Check the button below to find a unique coupon code

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US Service Animals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for US Service Animals reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns US Service Animals?

The company doesn’t say the name. The only thing we know is US Service Animals owners are lawyers.

Do the US Service Animals ship internationally?

Unfortunately, they don’t. The company only ships its service animal products within the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of US Service Animals Reviews & Ratings

Do you face many restrictions for your animal service? Then our US Service Animals review recommends getting the ESA and service animals registration. This certification will allow your pet to get particular privileges in public spaces.

Animals can significantly help people with a disability, mental or physical. Thus, its service will let you know how to claim your right and live comfortably with your service animal. Therefore, get an emotional support animal service animal registration from a trusted service, US Service Animals!


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