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About UpHex

In the era where digital marketing is a must for a business, social media ad campaigns become effective lead-generating ads. And Facebook ad campaign is one of the things digital marketers always do for every business.

UpHex Review: About UpHex
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To help you thrive in the niche, UpHex offers a SaaS solution where you can leverage a number of templates for your clients. The software has cutting-edge features for launching and making ads that have proven to gain significant leads.

With the software that offers efficiency and effectiveness to gain the client’s trust at such a reasonable price, this brand gains significant interest from many agencies. Many customers leave positive reviews on its site and expert youtube reviews.

However, before investing your money in this software, are you sure it will work best for you? So, to ensure that this brand is the best option for you, this UpHex review will give all information, including the plans, pricing, customer testimonials, and others!

Overview Of UpHex

Bradley Kipp and John Feminella established UpHex in 2013 with a company based in Charlottesville, United States. It is Software as a Service (SaaS) designed for high-level agencies to manage, create, and distribute Facebook ads for clients.

This company provides a Facebook ad campaign optimization platform with AI-powered software to target the right audience for ads. Targeting the right reader means it can deliver improved ROI from the campaigns.

The brand also strives to help the agency turn into a robust money-making machine and provide digital marketing knowledge from experts who create and conduct the course. Not only that, but this brand also keeps developing what they offer so that the agency can enjoy advanced features in the future.

So after you know a short explanation of what brand it is, below are the UpHex pros and cons that let you see how this brand’s shortcomings and advantages:

UpHex Pros

  • Easily customizable and ready-to-use templates
  • Saving time and working on design and content writing
  • Templatizing proven ads 
  • Can send leads to a website, Messenger, or lead gen form
  • Reducing the human error
  • A robust library of templates
  • Integrated with GoHighLevel
  • Reasonably priced
  • 14 days free trials
  • All testimonials are positive

UpHex Cons

  • Has no third-party review site

UpHex Review

Whether you are an agency where you manage ad campaigns or want to turn into a product-based agency, this brand offers a fantastic and efficient opportunity with its SaaS. Mainly this brand only has one service with three different plans.


  • Start
  • Grow
  • Accelerate

Despite it, it has various service tools such as the Template Service and Saas Agency Snapshot. Aside from that, it also widens its services such as Lead Gen Form Generator, Facebook Ad Rewriter, SMB Snapshot, Sales Snapshot, Campaign Review, and Slack Channel that you’ll soonly meet in the future.

So in the following section, let’s learn about their service, plan, and pricing!

UpHex Templates Services Reviews

Have no content writer that makes an enchanting Facebook ad campaign? No worries, the Templates Service from UpHex will cover it for you! This service allows you to enjoy ads that sell and target the right.

UpHex Review: UpHex Templates Services Reviews

To use this service, you must answer questions about the campaign, offer, and target audiences. Then the expert team will create a custom Facebook ad template, including the headline, body copy, ready-made lead gen forms, four images, and Facebook Messenger introductory message.

It also shows its effectiveness since 34% cost less than the competition, and its template guarantee to deliver performance five times more successful than other services.

After the custom template is ready, they will send the convenient link to let you easily import it into the UpHex account. It’ll come in 4 Ad Designs that you can choose based on your objectives and comes along with the raw design files and ad copy.

Plus, you can enjoy the ready template, where you can save it in the Facebook ad library and offer it to your clients. So if you’re interested in grabbing professionally designed templates tailored specifically for you, you can prepare them for only $99!

Uphex GoHighlevel + Automated Facebook Ads Reviews

Do you use Go Highlevel? If so, good news for you, this software can seamlessly integrate with GoHighlevel Facebook Ads Automation. This integration will make managing campaigns easier and save much time and hassle.

UpHex Review: Uphex GoHighlevel + Automated Facebook Ads Reviews

The integration of Highlevel and UpHex allows you to provide white-labeled SaaS solutions to your clients. In addition, it empowers them to run ads by them without prior Ads Manager experience efficiently.

In contrast, it allows you as the agency to manage more campaigns even with smaller staff with no human error. Plus, the Facebook Ads Automation with GoHighlevel will enable you to save time on publishing and templates library in one place.

With the time you save from this GHL plugin, you can allocate it to scale your agency. So you can upgrade your work and say goodbye to redundancy!

UpHex Pricing And Plans Reviews

UpHex provides tailored pricing plans with Start, Grow, and Accelerate that you can choose based on your needs. Honestly, there’s no significant difference between the features in each plan, but the main difference is how many clients you manage.

UpHex Review: UpHex Pricing And Plans Reviews

You can enjoy the UpHex GHL plugin that optimizes the Facebook Ads automation in all plans. Moreover, it offers 100’s sample templates that you can choose from in its template library.

It also provides high-end features for running conversion, lead gen, or messenger campaigns. With no limitation on the number of campaigns, you can make as many as your clients want!


  • Start: $97/month for managing 1-3 clients
  • Grow: $297/month for working with 4-10 clients
  • Accelerate: $497/month for managing unlimited clients

Luckily, you can save 25% for yearly payments.

How Does UpHex Works?

UpHex is a software dedicated to creating and launching ad campaigns. With its software, you can allow your client to use limited content templates and categories in order to support your agency’s growth.

UpHex Review: How Does UpHex Works?

The white-labeled SaaS solution also provides easy to use ads templates and launching processes with impactful ads that can drive leads. In addition, the launch-ready library is suitable for small-agency since, with the ready-to-use templates, you don’t have to spend much time creating content.

It can lead traffic to the website, Messenger, or lead gen form by targeting a specific area you want to reach. So basically, this software works by providing AI-generated software that allows you to find impactful ad templates, and you can launch and customize it from there.

Who Is UpHex For?

Its software is designed for digital marketing agencies, add campaigns marketers, or social media marketers, allowing them to make lead-driving ads campaigns and launch them. It is also suitable for small agencies since it will save your staff from making time-consuming media designs or content writing.

Aside from that, it also makes it suitable for small to large agencies since the plans allow you to manage a 1-unlimited client. So not only save work and time, it offers an easy way to make an ad campaign for every agency size, depending on how many clients you manage.

UpHex Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To uncover a brand’s quality, reviewing the testimonials sections is essential. Unfortunately, this brand has no third-party reviews site like Trustpilot, but we found UpHex Reviews in its place, some of which are from Youtube. Here is one of the reviews:

7 leads today, all under $10. The great thing is that our client launched our proven ads in less than a minute! So there’s no need for a pricey agency to run ads these days!

Another customer also said:

Well, shoot!! This IS huge!!! I am always seeing Ad Zombies’ ads, and I thought those were great – but I can not believe we get the blessing of Ken Moskowitz included with the UpHex subscription! This is an excellent of a ‘value stack’!

Here’s the last testimonial that we think is worth considering:

This month we’ve closed over $20K in cash collected for new Go HighLevel+ UpHex customers. We’re PUMPED for this next year! Thank you for the killer software and resources you willingly give to help out. Cheers to 2023!

In most testimonials above, some customers state how they can get increased leads at an affordable price, and the ads proved how impactful it’s to drive more leads.

One customer also praises how effective it was by integrating it with GHL. Aside from that, we couldn’t see any negative reviews from the customers, whether experts or the customers.

Is UpHex Worth It?

Considering how this brand can offer a SaaS solution that can make making and launching campaign ads much easier and more convenient for agencies to work with several clients, making it is worth considering.

UpHex Review: Is UpHex Worth It?

Not only that, with all its features and templates that you can purchase at a reasonable price, making the main reason why you should try its software.

The templates it provides also make work more efficient with content that effectively drives leads. In addition, filtering based on area, age, and other categories makes campaign targeting much more efficient in driving leads into revenue.

This software lets you turn Facebook ad management into a SaaS product with various lead-driving templates in one library to say bye to cumbersome, time-consuming ad management. 

Indeed this brand has no reviews site, but we found that most customers said how special the software is to help their business thrive and increase client trust with no negative reviews that we found, ensuring that there were no complaints and flaws about the brand.

How To Contact UpHex

Wondering how its software works on your business? If you are still curious about its SaaS solution, you can contact its customer service via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Bottom left of the page
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook @UpHex
    • Twitter @uphexco
  • Address: 969 2ND St SE Charlottesville, VA, 22902-6172 United States

Where to buy UpHex?

If you’re interested in what they offer and discovering the right plans for your business, the only place where you can purchase it is by visiting the official website. There you can compare each plan and get in touch with the support team to discuss what you need.

UpHex Coupon Codes & Promos

Indeed it’s not easy to spend on something you never tried before. Fortunately, this brand offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to enjoy its software. While at the free trial period, you can explore all its features to see whether it suits your needs.

So this free trial offers risk-free usage where you don’t have to pay and then move to the plans after you think this software is the right one. Lastly, you can uncover exclusive discount codes by clicking the button below!

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UpHex Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for UpHex reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns UpHex LLC?

This SaaS solution company is owned by Bradley Kipp and John Feminella.

How do an UpHex login?

If you have subscribed to their plans, you can log in to your dashboard by visiting the app.uphex.com. Then you can simply input the registered email and password.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of UpHex Reviews & Ratings

To let agencies get ahead of their game, a Facebook ad campaign with proven effectiveness to drive leads can be an excellent service to offer to ensure your client camping is a success. UpHex provides a SaaS solution to allow you to leverage lead-driven ad templates.

In the software, you can find a template library and be the best place to launch ads, high-end features such as prospect target, and many more. Plus, with all features that can increase the revenue from the cleanest, you can get the software at an affordable price.

So overall, we hope this UpHex Review can help your agency thrive in the niche!


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