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About Tyent USA Water Ionizer

Consuming mineral water is certainly healthier than consuming sugary drinks. However, is the mineral water you consume safe and proper? The feasibility of mineral water that we consume can boost energy and nourish the body. Thus, Tyent USA offers the ultimate solution for you!

Tyent USA Review: About Tyent USA Water Ionizer
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Tyent USA is a leading water ionizers provider, which are devices that use electrolysis to change water pH. It designs its products to produce alkaline water, which is said to have several health benefits, including improved hydration, reduced inflammation, etc.

Unlike other brands, every water ionizer they design is of the highest quality, safe, completely free of chemicals, and surpasses strict standards for durability. They manufacture the machines to be as aesthetically appealing as possible to complement other kitchen appliances.

Moreover, this company is also trusted by several popular brands, including Google, Facebook, Everything Entertainment, and Cnet. It also comes with several health influencers such as Cliff Brown, Allison Tibbs, Keith Carlos, and others.

Due to its innovation, the brand has also been featured in several media publications, such as Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo, The Jam, E! A-Listings, Good Morning Washington, and many more.

Not stopping there. Their popularity continues to be proven by reaching 20k followers on their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But, with such a high level of popularity, can they guarantee their products? To prove their quality, stay with us. This Tyrent USA Water Ionizer review will give you valuable information related to the brand. Keep on reading!

Overview of Tyent USA Water Ionizer

Water ionization is a relatively new concept in Europe and the US, while alkaline water technology has been used for much longer in Japan and other areas of Asia.

Accordingly, ionization devices for water are small house appliances that adjust the pH balance of ordinary tap water to make it more alkaline or acidic.

The health benefits of alkaline ion water motivated Joe Boccuti to create a technologically advanced machine. He began studying alkaline water while conducting seminars to help people quit smoking and lose weight.

Joe was very interested in the amazing results that alkaline water has on human health and needed to get involved immediately.

With a strong belief and after a full year of development by a group of engineers, water experts, and scientists, Tyent USA was finally established.

The brand sells technologically advanced machines that can easily produce alkaline ion water that can be consumed daily. 

The brand aims to design the best ionizer for unique water sources across the US. They are highly aware of the decision to start creating the highest-quality water ionization system in the industry.

Tyent Water Ionizer Review

As a reputable company, Tyent Water Ionizer offers high-quality water ionizers and other water-related products.

Tyent USA Reviews: Tyent Water Ionizer Review

The company’s products are backed by a strong warranty and a trial period, making them a good choice for consumers interested in alkaline water’s potential health benefits.

You may already know a bit about the brand from the section above. With such a big goal and a high level of popularity, you might start to wonder about the quality of the product.

How good are their products until the brand becomes very popular and trusted? The brand sells several water ionizers with the best quality products, such as:

  • Under-Counter Water Ionizers
  • Countertop Water Ionizers
  • Replacement Filters
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles

To help answer your curiosity, our Tyent USA review will break down the quality of the 3 best-selling and most searched products on the internet. Scroll up to begin!

Tyent USA UCE-13 PLUS Extreme Ionizer Reviews

The American diet is filled with many acidic foods. Therefore, help your body to balance your pH by drinking alkaline water with USA UCE-13 PLUS 2023 Model Under-Counter Extreme Ionizer Luxury Collection

Tyent USA Review: Tyent USA UCE-13 PLUS Extreme Ionizer Reviews

This sophisticated tool can produce alkaline water with a pH range of 1.7-12.5 to -1150 ORP and Molecular Hydrogen up to 1.8+ ppm. The amount of pH results will depend on the condition of the water source.

Moreover, this ionizer also comes with advanced interactive touchscreen capabilities. So whether you’re taking medication or making baby formula, you can easily access pH-neutral water at the push of a button.

This device is not a water ionizer manual because it is designed with an automatic shutoff feature. It allows you to run errands or go out with peace of mind. Each 13-plate water ionizer is equipped with maximum amperage to give you the highest level of healthy antioxidants available.


  • UCE-13 high-quality components
  • 2-way control touch screen & jog dial
  • Easy and convenient user interface
  • Choose between full-color or night-mode displays
  • Eco mode setting
  • Supports using natural cleaning methods to keep your house and food safe
  • Unrivalled electrolysis technology
  • Easy to manage front-load filters

Tyent UCE has an added function that lets you alter the power settings on your device to change the pH and antioxidant levels. Because of how sophisticated this technology is, you can even adjust your device to your various water sources.

No matter how good your water supply is, you can always have a beautiful glass of water for $4,995!

Tyent USA UCE Series - Ultra PLUS Filter Replacement Set Reviews

Nothing is more comforting than keeping your family from harmful substances in the food or drinks they consume daily. Use of the UCE Series – Ultra PLUS Filter Replacement Set, which keeps the mineral water ingested more sterile from hazardous chemicals, is one of the simplest methods.

Tyent USA Review: Tyent USA UCE Series - Ultra PLUS Filter Replacement Set Reviews

This water filter replacement uses advanced technology by introducing Tyent’s “Ultra Plus” filtration. It is a double, large, and multilevel filter capable of removing everyday contaminants such as sediment, chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals.

As a replacement .01 Micron Ultra Filtration filter for the Under Counter Extreme 9000 Turbo, this filter has a cycle of 951 gallons (equivalent to 6 months) with a standard passing water amount of 5 gallons per day.

The 0.01-micron filtration level found in this filter is similar to that used in kidney dialysis machines, ensuring the purest, healthiest, and safest water available today.

Not only that, even 3rd party labs have confirmed that these water ionizer filters also can remove hundreds of other toxic toxins, including herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more.


  • Primary ACF fiber fiber-activated carbon filter that can filter relatively large suspended matter
  • Has a Secondary Composite Ceramic filter
  • Capable of maintaining ion balance
  • Well-dissolves nutrients to aid in the body’s production of electrolytes
  • Has many minerals and helps keep the water stable

This tool can easily adjust material properties such as water temperature and [hydraulic] pressure, which can be changed according to the place of installation. You can get this tool at the cost of $149.

Tyent USA 2023 Model Above-Counter Extreme Ionizer Reviews

The advantages of hydrogen water have been the subject of over 1000 clinical research. By consuming hydrogen water, you should be able to increase energy, lose weight, and improve overall health by adding hydrogen-rich water to your healthy lifestyle.

Tyent USA Review: Tyent USA 2023 Model Above-Counter Extreme Ionizer Reviews

Discover the best and easiest way to get daily hydrogen water benefits from the 2023 Model Above-Counter Extreme Ionizer. Its top ranking as the best water ionizer on several reliable sources is a result of its exceptional usage, production of safe water quality, and ergonomic design.

A hydrogen machine can produce a pH range of 1.7-12.5 to -1150 ORP and Molecular Hydrogen up to 1.8+ ppm, which outcomes will be determined by the characteristics of the water supply.

This appliance is designed with intelligence and convenience for high-end kitchens with beautiful stainless steel fronts and modern design features. Also, it features the first hydrogen machine on the market with an adjustable LCD screen in a water ionizer.


  • Quantity Select 
  • 360° spin spout 
  • Jog Dial Control
  • Motion-activated flow sensor (hands-free)
  • Upgraded drain faucet
  • Flexible water outlet tube
  • Widescreen 4-inch TFT LCD
  • GUI (graphical user interface)

Coming with a proximity sensor function for automatic water flow, this appliance accesses hands-free gestures that make it easy to use. It also comes with a feature where the water ionizer outflow will stop automatically once the desired amount runs out when activated.

You can enjoy the quality of this hydrogen machine for $3,995 from the original price of $5,995. However, the Ace-13 Water Ionizer may suit your budget if you’re looking for another option.

Tyent USA Pros and Cons

There are so many benefits that you can get from this sophisticated water ionizer from Tyent USA. Now let’s talk about some points of the brand’s pros and cons before we move on to the product review!


  • Water ionizers are capable of producing therapeutic amounts of molecular hydrogen at any pH level
  • Includes a variety of ionization systems that take only a few minutes to install
  • More #1 ratings than other competitor’s products
  • Get many Top certifications that guarantee the quality of its products
  • 75-day trial period
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Friendly and helpful customer service


  • Information about delivery is not detailed enough
  • There is a complaint about less durable products

Who Is Tyent USA Water Ionizer For?

Generally, Tyent Water Ionizer is for anyone looking to improve health and hydration. Alkaline water is said to have several health benefits, such as increasing energy, reducing inflammation, etc.

Furthermore, the brand’s water filters or ionizers are perfect for people with digestive issues, such as acid reflux or heartburn. In addition, their products are also suitable for people trying to lose weight or improve their overall health.

Tyent USA Water Ionizer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As our Tyent USA review listed earlier, this is a popular brand that has gained a lot of trust for its outstanding products.

Tyent USA Review: Tyent USA Water Ionizer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Even the brand has received several reviews from famous celebrities who are satisfied with the performance of this brand. Tyent USA review has collected several celebrity testimonials that provide their reviews.

Let’s start with a review coming from Shareece Wright, an American football team from the Baltimore Ravens club. He said:

After drinking Tyent Water, the soreness after training is no longer there like it used to be before I drank Tyent Water.

It is proven from ionizer reviews that the water produced from the brand’s advanced technology provides extraordinary bodily benefits. The athlete no longer feels sore after training because of consuming Tyent Water.

It turns out that not only celebrities gave positive testimonials, but some doctors also gave feedback on this brand. Here is one of the testimonials that came from a Surgical Oncologist, Oasis of Hope Cancer Center, Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD. He left his comment:

…We are pleased with the water quality, taste and ORP rating that Tyent Water™ provides to our cancer patients.

The water produced from Tyent USA is certainly safe for cancer patients and other diseases mentioned by doctor Francisco. The water quality, taste, and ORP rating provided are very safe for his patients.

Many more testimonials come from any circle that you can check on this page. It can be concluded from the reviews above that Tyent USA is a very safe brand that can produce water ionizers that are safe for consumption by anyone and bring many benefits to the body.

Is Tyent USA Water Ionizer Worth It?

Is there anything that makes you unsure about this brand? After exploring this brand while writing this review, we can conclude that Tyent USA is worth investing in.

Tyent USA Review: Is Tyent USA Water Ionizer Worth It?

The product’s function is amazing, and it can produce alkaline water, which has a lot of benefits, including more energy, weight loss, healthy body athletic performance, and many more.

Using unparalleled twin cell technology makes their products the FIRST IN THE WORLD capable of producing a maximum of hydrogen up to 1.5 ppm. Making it the first water ionizer capable of creating therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen at any pH level.

The brand has even achieved many top certifications such as Water Quality Association, Approved FDA Plastics, CE, Quality Assurance Managing, UL, Environmental Management, BBB: A+ Rating, Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and many more.

Not only are the products of high quality, but the excellent service which they always put the customer’s happiness first. Also, their promise to remain dynamic in the industry is is to supply cutting-edge products that guarantee customers will be blown away by outstanding customer service. 

The best part is that Tyent USA is the only business in the water ionization sector to provide a lifetime warranty as well as a 75-day trial period.

Tyent Alkaline Water Vs Kangen Water

Of course, all brands have their own upsides and downsides. Likewise, Tyent Alkaline Water and Kangen Water have their own advantages. But as a buyer, you certainly want to find the best of the best, right? Therefore, the Tyent USA review will compare the two brands from several points of view.

Tyent USA is more aware than other companies of the need for ongoing research and development to guarantee that the water ionizers produced are of the greatest calibre. Here’s a comparison:

Image 1: Tyent Alkaline Water Vs Kangen Water
Image: tyentusa.com
Image 2: Tyent Alkaline Water Vs Kangen Water
Image: lifecoachzach.com

Tyent Alkaline Water

  • Only 15 years into the alkaline water industry but growing rapidly and popular
  • Tyent is the only water ionizer manufacturer to use solid/mesh hybrid plates
  • Has a large and efficient power supply so that it can perform stronger electrolysis
  • Tyent alkaline water has a high pH and contains more health-promoting antioxidants
  • Tyent water ionizer can be customized according to the specific water source
  • Lifetime warranty offered on all equipment
  • More affordable than Kangen water

Kangen Water

  • Been in the alkaline water industry for more than 40 years
  • The Kangen machine uses only solid plates that have a low ionization potential
  • The engine power supply is lower so the pH of the alkaline water is lower than that of Tyent
  • Kangen water ionizer cannot adapt to the specific water source
  • Only supports water ionization machines for five years
  • Higher price than Tyent alkaline water

Tyent USA Shipping Policy

After reading our Tyent USA review, have you decided to buy one of their products? If that’s your purpose, then lucky you because the brand accepts international shipping. So, regardless of your location, you can get the product you want.

Shipping costs will be totalled when you check out, and shipping costs will differ according to the delivery location. The brand aims to process and ship orders with secure packaging as quickly as possible. If you have any shipping questions, please contact the customer service number. They were happy to inform you.

Tyent USA Return Policy

If you’re unhappy with the product you received for any reason, the brand offers returns within 75 days from the purchase date. For items damaged during shipping, a replacement item will be sent free of charge, and an inquiry will be opened with the shipping service.

When making a return, buyers should contact Tyent USA, LLC to request an RMA number before sending any units to Tyent USA for a refund or repair. It is important to do this as the brand doesn’t accept returns without an RMA number.

Please note that there is a 15% restocking fee for water ionizers used by buyers. Once you get a return approval, the funds will be processed immediately and returned to the customer.

How To Contact Tyent USA Water Ionizer

Are you still confused about the product you purchased? Or do you have any unanswered questions? Feel free to get in touch with the customer care staff by way of:

  • Phone number: +1 855-893-6887
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill out the contact form available on Contact Us page
  • Live chat is available in the website’s bottom right corner

The team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST.

Where to buy Tyent USA?

Getting Tyent USA products is not a difficult thing since you can get them at several international retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and several others.

However, to maintain the quality and authenticity of the product, you can buy it through the official website at www.tyentusa.com. You will also get the best service from a friendly and helpful customer service team.

Tyent USA Coupon Codes & Promos

Getting a discount when buying a product is a pleasant thing for a customer. Luckily, Tyent USA has several discounts and promotions that customers can claim at checkout. Here are:

  1. Enjoy 33% OFF for Top Ionizers
  2. Get 7 free gifts on orders over $1800 using discount code ‘WINNER
  3. Sign up for emails and get a  Free $50 Amazon Gift Card with your ionizer purchase
  4. Join the Dealer program to enjoy excellent benefits. Check here for dealer login

Time is limited. Claim and enjoy the promo code before it runs out!

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Tyent USA

Tyent USA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Tyent USA reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Tyent water Medical Grade?

All Tyent Water Ionizers feature medical-grade Hybrid Solid/Mesh plate technology that has been tested for safety.

Is Kangen better than Tyent?

When compared between the two, Tyent water ionizers have a larger and more efficient power supply than Kangen machines so Tyent is able to perform stronger electrolysis. This means Tyent alkaline water has a higher pH than Kangen water. It also contains more health-promoting antioxidants.

Where is Tyent made?

In accordance with the many appearances of water ionizer machines that started in many countries in Asia, this ionization machine is made in Korea. Therefore, most of its accreditations are Korean. Tyent says that the best ones are made in Korea and Japan.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Tyent USA Reviews & Ratings

Unquestionably, ionized water has advantages for your health. You may start living a happier and healthier life by consuming better-quality water for your everyday requirements with the finest water ionizer in your house.

With Tyent USA, you’ll get the best water ionizer. Each unit features a large plate that dramatically increases the surface area for the advanced system capable of converting tap water into alkaline water. Its advanced technology provides support for ease of use. Get the product and feel the benefits now!


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