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TwoTrees 3D Printer Review 2024 → A Way To Create Your Next Dream 3D Project!

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About TwoTrees 3D Printer

Do you have a brand new additive manufacturing to create your own 3D models? Looking for a powerful, versatile, and patented professional-grade 3D printer for your entire 3D project? If so, you may want to check out this TwoTrees 3D Printer review.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: About

As its name suggests, TwoTrees is your one-stop shop for getting high-quality, sophisticated 3D printers and laser engravers. They sell their brand of smart tech and all of their accessories to all people worldwide.

No wonder why. TwoTrees appears to be option number one for most people because they’ve become a famous 3D printer company across the globe. It is proven that they have amassed a large following of almost 30k on social media and 8k YouTube subscribers.

But is this smart tech brand truly a ‘smart’ choice? My TwoTrees 3D Printer review will look at some of the brand’s best-seller, what makes their products special, their prices, customer testimonials, FAQs, and more to help you decide if they’re worthy of investing in.

Overview of TwoTrees 3D Printer

Established in 2017 in Shenzhen, Guandong, China, TwoTrees had a promising start from the get-go. With a mission “to bring safe 3D printing & laser engraving technology and product to every person, home, and organization for a fully possibility of the creative world,” the company has become one of the biggest producers of additive manufacturing in China.

The brand wanted to become more and has begun spreading their wings to be best known worldwide, and as of now, they have successfully worked with 200 dedicated employees across the world.

Today, TwoTrees is continuing to build the combination of creativity and innovation on the market. Given that’s the case, they’re committed to ensuring that their products and the way they are made have a positive impact either on the ecosystem or the communities. They will always strive for the better in the future.

It also adheres to its core values:

  • Be creative and innovative
  • Deliver excellence
  • Be committed to the positive impact

Now that you’re likely to be more familiar with the brand’s origins, let’s take a glance at the highlights of shopping with this truly original brand:

TwoTrees 3D Printer Highlights

  • A wide selection of 3D printers, laser engravers, and accessories to choose from
  • Offers products with a more affordable option compared to its competitors
  • Provides FB community with a lot of creators worldwide
  • Weekly sale and lots of discounts
  • Free shipping in limited countries
  • Ships internationally
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free 14-day returns
  • Lots of positive customer reviews

TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews

In this section, I will focus on the brand’s products that are available to the general public. Fortunately, whether you’re on a budget and still want to have all of the features at your fingertips, TwoTrees has got your back.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews

Here are the broad categories of products you, yes you, can purchase from their website:

  • 3D Printers
  • Laser engravers
  • Spare parts
  • Accessories
  • Filaments

But for the time being, I’ll spotlight only three of the brand’s best-selling machines in this TwoTrees 3D Printer review that may put your interest to have. Let’s begin!

TwoTrees SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer Reviews

Offered as an FDM LCD touchscreen model with large printing space, the TwoTrees SP-5 CoreXY is an upgraded version desktop 3D printer that comes with a metal enclosure case, giving you outstanding performance and experience when you use the machine. It also operates efficiently and quietly, so you don’t have to subject yourself to annoying machine whirrs.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer Reviews

Most 3D printer machine arrives pre-assembled. But, TwoTrees claims that this machine is quick to assemble. It should only take 20 minutes at the most to put the entire device together, so you’ll be engraving stuff as soon as possible.

Even better, it’s designed with a large slider and a dual drive extruder so that this bad boy can tackle any of your big 3D projects fastly and accurately.


  • Full metal body
  • Smooth and sensitive touch screen
  • Lattice glass hot bed platform
  • Resume printing function
  • Filament sensor
  • Double linear guide
  • Power parameter display

Price-wise, the TwoTrees SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer is priced at $449, taken down from $479.

TwoTrees Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 I3-Style 3D Printer Reviews

The average price for a 3D printer on Amazon is somewhere around $300. If it’s still too expensive for your liking, the TwoTrees Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 I3-Style 3D Printer is my top recommendation for a more affordable alternative.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 I3-Style 3D Printer Reviews

Don’t get me wrong on its price for cheap construction, as this printer is built with a 3.5-inch HD color touch screen, high precision printing, intelligent leveling, and is convenient to operate.

All with the advantage of the highlight features you can get, you’ll likely find yourself bonding with this bad boy and easily whip up your new design projects.


  • Large size
  • Temperature control
  • Special platform
  • Quick installation
  • Quickly heating up
  • Silent drive
  • Resume printing
  • Upgraded version from Blu-3 V1

Offered as affordable and easy to use, it’s ideal for people who want to get started with 3D printing. The Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 I3-Style 3D Printer currently sells for $219 instead of its initial price tag of $319.

TwoTrees TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser Engraver Reviews

When I see the TwoTrees TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser Engraver, all I can think of is an endless gift of inspiration as this engraving machine enables you to transform ideas into tangible items.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser Engraver Reviews

The TwoTrees Laser Engraver is considered one of the brand’s fancier models, as it offers fast engraving and higher engraving precision. Plus, the most highlight features also provide you with complex efficiency that is easy to handle.

Best of parts, the bad boy has a robust 32-bit motherboard that can complete your 3D projects when you blink your eye. It can produce detailed form without causing any damage to the surface’s work or taking time to finish.


  • High precision engraving
  • 5.5W laser power
  • LD+FAC+C-lens
  • APP connect
  • All aluminum alloy body
  • Easy assemble
  • Top-notch safety
  • Eye protection

The TwoTrees TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser Engraver has a 570 mm x 510 mm build machine and comes with 20W electric power. As stated for affordability, you can have it only for $219 instead of its $239 markup.

Who is TwoTrees 3D Printer For?

TwoTrees is a direct competitor to well-known brands like Anycubic, Creality, and Flashforge. But, allow me to flex my brevity muscle by saying that TwoTrees 3D Printer is for anyone who wants to buy brand-name products without paying brand-name prices. It’s just as simple as that.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: Who is TwoTrees 3D Printer For?

TwoTrees solely operate online, which is considerably more convenient than in-person shopping. Also, since the brand is all about convenience, ease of use, simplicity, and automation, it may appeal to several artisans and DIY-er.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TwoTrees has great 3D printers and engravers at competitive prices, but that seems too good to be true. As a result, I tried to scour the official website to find genuine feedback.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I found several mixed responses about product quality, customer service, and delivery speed. Here are the overall ratings of each product that is featured in this TwoTrees 3D Printer review:

  • SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer: 90% of 153 reviews rated 5-stars
  • Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 I3-Style 3D Printer: 86% of 51 reviews rated 5-stars
  • TTS-25 / TTS-55 / TTS-10 Diode Laser Engraver: 84% of 32 reviews rated 5-stars

I wasn’t amazed why most customers loved their machines, but what makes me curious is to see their thought about TwoTrees as a whole. So I searched over to the comment section to get what verified buyers reviewed about the brand.

One consumer commented that they enjoyed TwoTrees products more than other brands:

This printer prints as good as if not better than my Prusa MK3s. It did, however, require me to replace the hot end. It’s the only complaint I have about the printer. But once you replace it with a $20 MK8 or V6, it prints like a dream.

Others commended the brand’s quality products, prices, and were amazed by the delivery:

Well, I will leave a mixed opinion. Super fast delivery. Once corrected the anomalies, the printer is really great, even at very fast speeds (120 mm/s for perimeters), it comes out clean, precise, without ghosting, without Angels. A wonder at this price.

It’s worth noting that many more verified customers claimed they had an amazing experience using products they bought in TwoTrees.

Is TwoTrees 3D Printer Worth It?

This TwoTrees 3D Printer review would undoubtedly say so. In general, TwoTrees products are easy to set up, easy to use and maintain, and convenient to have — considering the impressive results of your DIY projects that you will create with the machines.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Review: Is TwoTrees 3D Printer Worth It?

Not only does the brand delivers a one-of-a-kind product, but its webpage is accessible, approachable, and well-organized — which can’t be said for other competing brands. So, I highly recommend that the brand is really worth checking out.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Shipping Policy

At the time of this TwoTrees 3D Printer review, I can confirm that the brand ships worldwide using several major international carriers like Aramex, FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, China Post, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that TwoTrees also offers free shipping to limited countries, including EU countries, US, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine. However, depending on the postal service chosen, shipping costs will depend on the country in question, and the customer will be responsible for any customs charges.

In case of wait times, it typically takes different estimated days for packages to arrive, depending on the location where the products shipped:

  • Shipping from overseas warehouse: 3 – 7 business days
  • Shipping from China: usually by express, 3 – 7 business days
  • Orders for parts/consumables shipped from China: usually by post parcel, 25 – 60 business days

To help monitor your purchase, the brand will send a tracking number alongside a confirmation email to you.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Return Policy

TwoTrees offers 14 days to send back the items you received with quality problems. Thankfully, the brand will provide you with a new replacement for that same item or a complete refund.

Replacements for particular parts of items are also possible via the warranty that each product comes with, so long as you have your completed warranty card.

To start a return, the brand keeps the process simple:

  • Apply for a return within 14 days after receiving your items
  • Contact the customer service team via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +8617722826689 and wait for approval to return the items
  • Your items must be in like new condition and in their original packaging
  • Provide a receipt of purchase and a clear video or image of the item’s issue

Once your return is inspected and accepted, the brand will send you a notification of receipt by email within 5 – 7 business days and get you a full refund, including the shipping fee. However, it would be the customers’ responsibility to pay the return shipping fee if the problems occurred because of the customers’ fault.

How To Contact TwoTrees 3D Printer

In case you have unrelated questions after reading this TwoTrees 3D Printer review, you can get in touch the company’s customer service team through the contact form on the website, email, phone, or even Whatsapp:

You can contact the customer care team during business hours, Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM (GMT+8).

Where to buy TwoTrees 3D Printer?

You can buy TwoTrees products through the brand’s official website or select popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

TwoTrees 3D Printer Coupon Codes & Promos

I found the easiest way to save money in TwoTrees. However, to keep things easy to read, I listed all the promos and deals for purchasing products on the brand’s website:

  • Save $70 off your purchase on TwoTrees TS3 by using the code: TS2
  • Save $50 off your purchase on 10W Diode Laser Engraver by using the code: TS3
  • Save $50 off your purchase on Corexy 3D Printer by using the code: WEEKLYDEAL
  • Save up to 50% off to get a material pack by using the code: WACC
  • Weekly deal and sale
  • Promotion event

There is perhaps a ton of TwoTrees 3D Printer coupon codes on the website that I haven’t included in the list. All you need to do is check out the official site by yourself. Plus, if you want more upcoming promos and deals, just sign up for the brand’s newsletter.

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TwoTrees 3D Printer

TwoTrees 3D Printer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TwoTrees 3D Printer reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns TwoTrees 3D Printer?

The Chinese company Two Trees Technology Co., Ltd. owns TwoTrees 3D Printer.

Does TwoTrees 3D Printer ship internationally?

Yes, TwoTrees 3D Printer sells its products worldwide. They also state on the website that they have overseas warehouses in select countries.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TwoTrees 3D Printer Reviews & Ratings

3D printers are growing at an explosive rate and also gaining a lot of popularity because of the innovations in printing. This means there’s now a massive choice of 3D printers that cater to all sorts of user needs and budgets.

While all those choices are excellent, end your search with TwoTrees 3D Printer since the brand has all the specific needs most users can rely on. Then, what now? Check the website and find one for creating your next dream 3D project!


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