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TruClothing Review 2024 → Elegant Suits for Formal Attire

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About TruClothing

Wearing the best suit on your wedding day is absolutely a big wish. However, to get the best one, you must ensure it’s elegant, unique, and stylish. Well, is it possible to get all of them in one suit? Yes, it is. With TruClothing, all is possible!

TruClothing Review: About TruClothing

TruClothing is the UK Based clothing store that sells various collections from suits, coats, jackets, gloves, blazers, and many more. The brand has a unique style and design that distinguishes them from similar clothing stores.

Each of their collection has excellent quality craftmanship that offers elegance as one of the main points. However, even with the perfect materials, their price remains competitive to reach broader customers.

Speaking of customers, we found that this brand has a massive audience on their social media. They already get 5.7K followers on Facebook, 1.7K followers on Instagram, and 2.6K followers on TikTok. Those are definitely great numbers!

So, are you curious about what this brand has in its collection? If so, then you can check them in this TruClothing review. Besides collection, this review will provide you with more significant information about this brand.

Overview of TruClothing

TruClothing was born as a child from a long-run family business that started in the early ‘80s. Beginning in the Petticoat lane market, the business has grown gradually and expanded to 30 stores around the UK.

In short, this brand began its journey in 2012. The birth comes from a motivation to follow the successes of that family business. However, unfortunately, they don’t exactly say the name of this brand’s founder.

Thanks to the growth, TruClothing make its official website in 2022. It is because they want to reach a more wide customer. This brand provides a massive range of clothing with its main vision. It includes providing the best quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

TruClothing Highlights

  • Great quality craftmanship
  • Competitive price
  • Versatile range of choices
  • Accessible order
  • Customer satisfaction

TruClothing Suits Review

Although this brand gets attention from its formal wear collection, TruClothing actually sells various clothing lines. It includes casual clothes, jackets, accessories, and even shoes.

TruClothing Reviews: TruClothing Suits Review

This brand also has an extraordinary section named ‘Peaky Blinders’ with specific items inspired by the real Peaky Blinders series. They believe that Peaky Blinders has become a trend in fashion. Thus, they dedicate one for the fans out there seeking it.

However, if you want to know the detailed collection of this brand, kindly check the list below.

Men’s suits

Check suits, graduation suits, prom suits, wedding suits, tweed suits, etc.

Men’s wear Waistcoats, jackets, jumpers, bags, ties, watches, coats, etc.
Women’s wear Blazers, coats, biker jackets, gloves, headbands, jumpers, etc.

Sandals, boots, loafers, insoles, flip-flops, etc.

Kids Men & boys matching suits, Blundstone, brogues.
Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby collection, peaky blinders waistcoat, tweed suit, bestman suit, etc.

However, as this brand’s best-selling products come from a formal collection, we will review their 3 best-selling formal wear. Let’s scroll to the next section!

TruClothing STZ11 Men's Light Grey Tweed Suit Herringbone Wool Reviews

Finding a suit with soft materials and elegant patterns is getting more complicated every day. Thus, TruClothing STZ11 – Men’s Light Grey 3 Piece Tweed Suit Herringbone Wool comes to help you!

TruClothing Review: TruClothing STZ11 Men's Light Grey Tweed Suit Herringbone Wool Reviews

This Herringbone Wool Suit base material comes from a combination of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. It has a super soft and premium herringbone tweed wool fabric completed with contrast blue navy details.

As we know, tweed wool is known for its durability. It also has warmth from its thick materials. The herringbone type of twill weave also portrays sophistication and luxury, perfect for a formal occasion.

Moreover, as stated in the product’s name, you don’t get just 1 piece 0nly. Hence, you will get 3 pieces from blazer, waistcoat, and trousers. Absolutely complete!

In addition, no need to worry about the size limitation. This suit comes with versatile size choices from 36 to 52. If you are new to sizing, they also provide a size guide in each product’s descriptions.

Now, are you curious how much this suit costs? You better hurry cause this suit comes at a very affordable price of £159.99. Quickly go to their website and place your order!

TruClothing Men's Tie Hanky Classic Herringbone Check Reviews

Are you tired of using the basic design of a tie? Let’s move on with TruClothing Albert – Men’s Tie Cuff Links Hanky Classic Tweed Herringbone Check. This tie truly has a more stylish design than your old one.

TruClothing Review: TruClothing Men's Tie Hanky Classic Herringbone Check Reviews

Made from herringbone check fabric, the v-shaped pattern undoubtedly stands out and gives a vintage retro vibe to your look. In addition, this tie is also complete with a hanky and tie clip, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Moreover, the material combines 90% polyester and 10% wool. Hence, make it more lightweight and durable. This set is also available in 2 colours, grey and brown. Thus, you can purchase and use both colours based on your mood.

Then, what makes you stop adding them to your collection? Just £22.49, you can send this stylish tie home and use them on your every formal attire.

TruClothing Women Check Blazer Wool Peaky Blinders Reviews

If you are ever wondering, are there any blazers with an elegant look for women? Definitely yes! Find them through TruClothing Caridi – Women Check Blazer Wool Blend Herringbone Tweed Brown Peaky Blinders.

TruClothing Review: TruClothing Women Check Blazer Wool Peaky Blinders Reviews

This women’s blazer was inspired by an old vintage design from the 1920s. It is tailored with contrasting check detailing. Thus, the blazer can be suitable not only for a formal occasion but also for a casual and informal event.

Moreover, its material has 80% polyester and 20% wool. Thus, it is perfect for women unfamiliar with blazers in their everyday outfits. Also, the materials are lightweight and resist wrinkles.

In addition, as stated in the product name, the ‘Peaky Blinders’ is come from the real Peaky Blinders series. The series’ prominence has guided the fashion trend of suits and blazers. Thus, this one must be for you if you want to join the movement!

However, if you want this blazer, don’t hesitate to buy it through their website. It cost only £89.99, and you can choose the size from 8 to 20.

TruClothing Pros and Cons

After reviewing their best-selling products, let’s read TruClothing’s pros and cons in the following table.


  • Luxurious design and pattern
  • Great quality material
  • Affordable price
  • Various choices of clothing
  • Has an offline store
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • 30-day returns policy


  • Has a minimal stock on each collection
  • Not all sizes are available (most of them are easily out of stock)

Who is TruClothing For?

With its outstanding collection, TruClothing is definitely for men and women who seek a clothing brand that sells excellent quality materials and elegant designs all at once.

TruClothing Review: Who is TruClothing For?

In addition, this brand’s product is also accessible to reach from anywhere. Whether you live in the UK or worldwide, you can easily get their product.

This brand mainly serves premium formal to informal wear at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are the one who seeks those already mentioned, this brand is absolutely for you! Go to their website to explore the collection that suits you the best.

TruClothing Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We come to the very crucial section of this TruClothing review. However, you are probably most curious about what their customer says about this brand, right? Thus, our research found 406 reviews with an average rating of 4.72/5.

TruClothing Review: TruClothing Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We will give you a glimpse of the ratings and reviews from each product we reviewed above. Therefore, you don’t have to search again on Reddit. Then, let’s begin with the list of ratings!

  1. STZ11 – Men’s Light Grey 3 Piece Tweed Suit Herringbone Wool rated 4.75/5 from 12 reviews
  2. Albert – Men’s Tie Cuff Links Hanky Classic Tweed Herringbone Check rated 4.75/5 from 24 reviews
  3. Caridi – Women Check Blazer Wool Blend Herringbone Tweed Brown Peaky Blinders rated 4.67/5 from 3 reviews

After knowing each rating, shall we consider what the customer says about the purchase? Let’s begin with this 5/5 rating and review from an STZ11 – Men’s Light Grey 3 Piece Tweed Suit Herringbone Wool.

It is so much comfortable better than my expectation. The quality is great and the delivery service also fast. I will order it again, thank you!

This happy customer said that the suit was beyond his expectation. The product has excellent quality material and makes him comfortable wearing it. Also, he mentions the delivery service that comes so fast. At last, he said he would reorder, which implied that he was satisfied with the overall purchase.

Then, let’s look at this customer’s review about the tie he purchased. He also gives a rate of 5/5 to the Albert – Men’s Tie Cuff Links Hanky Classic Tweed Herringbone Check reviews.

It deliver so fast to Germany. Fit very well like the description. I will definitely buy again.

From the review above, the customer is happy with the delivery service. He said that the package came to their home in Germany in a quick time. Moreover, what makes him most satisfied is that the tie fits perfectly with what is written on the website. It proves that TruClothing really takes “true” on their name seriously.

Now, what this customer said about the women’s suit? Let’s find out through this 5/5 review here.

Love the elegant style. This also has a great material.

She is pleased with the purchase. It is because the suit or blazer has an elegant style. Also, this brand’s dedication to great material is one of the reasons why all of the customers give the best reviews on the product they buy.

However, not only for its excellent materials, many customers also repeatedly mention their delivery service. This brand is proven to be speedy at dispatch, so you don’t need to worry about shipping.

Is TruClothing Worth It?

TruClothing offers a massive range of clothing, from formal to informal, style to the occasion, and sizes to colours available. This brand has become one of the clothing shops providing everything we need to present stylish in our everyday activities. Thus, TruClothing is worth purchasing.

TruClothing Review: Is TruClothing Worth It?

In addition, their product also has a competitive price with its superb quality materials. On top of that, their collections are accessible since they provide worldwide shipping, an online shopping site, and offline stores.

Is TruClothing Legit?

TruClothing is a legit brand that has continuously provided women and men with formal to informal clothing since 2012. In addition, this brand also had an average of 4.72/5 ratings based on 406 customer reviews.

Moreover, this brand also has a great design in its clothing collection. Each design is a synonym of elegance, class, and uniqueness. It is to ensure that customer satisfaction is their primary goal. Thus, everyone will feel pleased with their purchases.

TruClothing Shipping Policy

This brand ships domestically in the UK and Internationally shipping. Moreover, we already summarized this brand’s delivery services, estimation time, and fee. You can check the detail in the table and list below.

For the UK:

Delivery Service Estimation Time Fee
Standard Royal Mail 2-4 working days
  • Orders above £50 – Free Delivery
  • Orders under £50= £4.99
Express 1-3 working days
  • Orders above £50 = £3.99
  • Orders under £50 = £5.99
Next-Day Delivery (DPD) Next working days Custom
Domestic Express 12:00 PM (DHL) Live rate based on domestic
Saturday Delivery (DPD) Saturday delivery Additional cost

However, for International delivery, you can check the list below.

  • For the EU and USA Orders – The item’s price includes import duties, taxes, and charges.
  • Rest countries – The item’s price not includes import duties, taxes, and charges. These fees are the buyer’s responsibility.
  • French, German, Spain, and Italy – Free delivery if you purchase above 150€.

TruClothing Return Policy

Do you get damaged or error items? Don’t worry because this brand has a 30-day return policy. Ensure the product is unworn, with tags, and in its original packaging. However, you have to ensure you don’t lose the purchase receipt.

To start a return, visit their return portal and complete the form. If your return is accepted, they will send you a return label. You can also claim a refund of the return shipping fee if it caused the damaged condition.

How To Contact TruClothing

Need to talk to their customer service team? You can use several ways to reach them based on the following list.

The customer care team is available Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

TruClothing Address
102 High Rd, Wood Green, N22 6HE, London, United Kingdom.

Where to buy TruClothing?

Are you interested in buying TruClothing’s products? You can purchase all their collections through their official website. However, if you live in the UK and want to try on the product lively, you can also shop their product at their offline shop located in The Mall Wood Garden.

In addition, this brand’s product is accessible to shop on another platform. For example, if you enjoy shopping through e-commerce, such as Amazon, TruClothing can also shop from there.

TruClothing Coupon Codes & Promos

As we know, a discount code is necessary to purchase something via the official website. However, we already summarized all of the discount and promotion offers that TruClothing currently has. Kindly check the list below.

  • Unlock £10 off on your 1st order if you purchase above £100
  • Get a free standard shipping fee for orders above £50
  • Enjoy various discount items through the Sale page 
  • Sign up for their newsletter and achieve exclusive updates, new arrivals, and insider-only discounts.

After thoroughly finding this brand’s discount and promotion, you don’t need to submit any code to enjoy all the offers above. Therefore, you need a simple checkout of the product you want!

Reveal all coupons

TruClothing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TruClothing reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns TruClothing?

Unfortunately, we can’t find the exact names of those who own TruClothing.

Does TruClothing ship internationally?

Yes. TruClothing ship its product internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TruClothing Reviews & Ratings

TruClothing is a solution for everyone who needs formal to informal wear in one store. This brand provides a vast range of collections that craft with great-quality materials. Also, its availability to ship its product worldwide makes it one of the best clothing brands to discover.

In addition, the ‘tru’ on TruClothing means true. They take their name seriously, ensuring all of the customer’s satisfaction is in their hands. Thus, let’s purchase their product and prove them. Go to their official store and start exploring!



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