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Troomy Review 2024 → 100% Vegetarian Mushroom Gummies!

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About Troomy Nootropics

With the rise of the various benefits of mushrooms, many customers are looking for products that contain mushrooms that are beneficial to the body.

Troomy Review: About Troomy Nootropics

Troomy is a brand that provides gummy products with the main ingredient of mushrooms. You can easily enjoy the natural benefits of mushrooms with delicious flavors. They use natural ingredients and are 100% vegetarian, which makes this brand meet the highest quality standards.

This brand provides various types of mushrooms that are included in each gummy to supplement the body. The types of mushrooms used in each product include Lion’s Mane, Red Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and many more types of mushrooms that are beneficial to the body.

In addition to providing various types of mushrooms that are good for the body, this brand also provides a wide selection of gummy flavors, such as fruits, that can be enjoyed.

They also focus on various kinds of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, which have followers reaching 7.6k. They also have a youtube account with several videos that provide information about their products and what benefits consumers will get.

Not stopping there, the brand even features in media publicity, such as Forbes, FOX, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Market Watch. This brand is becoming more popular gradually.

So to make it easier for those who want to find out about this brand, stick with us. Troomy review is ready to discuss the brand’s history, best-selling product reviews, customer feedback, and more. Let’s move on to the next section!

Overview Of Troomy Nootropics

The convenience and naturalness of the products you consume are important for getting a good condition. That’s why Troomy‘s founder Bryan Garrison came up with a delicious mushroom-powered gum product with the best ingredients grown in the USA.

So what was the original idea of the brand to create a mushroom-infused gum? Since some consumers find it difficult to incorporate natural mushrooms into their diet, the brand decided to make it an accessible, fun, and productive addition to their daily routine through the gum.

Although the brand, which only started its business in 2022, is a very new brand entering the industry, they have quite an interesting mission.

The brand’s mission is to create a product that not only appeals to the Health & Wellness community but also for someone who wants to explore the world of nootropics and doesn’t know where to start.

They’ve got a definite goal in every production process with the desire to produce products that can help reshape daily routines while supporting various vital health functions. Thus, customers can find the “True Me” in their bodies.

This Southern California-based adaptogenic mushroom gum line is specially crafted using a triple-extraction method. As such, the products produced can meet the highest quality standards in the market.

Before diving deeper into the Troomy review, let’s discuss this brand’s pros and cons for further consideration.

Troomy Pros

  • Full spectrum, triple extracted, and 100% vegetarian gummies
  • Made of premium mushrooms with a selection of delicious gum flavors
  • Non-psychedelic and federally legal throughout the United States
  • 30-days return policy
  • Fast and free shipping for all orders over $49
  • Offers many discounts and promos
  • Positive testimonials from customers

Troomy Cons

  • Only ships within the USA

Troomy Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, although the brand is new, they’re quite good at producing products with a very defined purpose.

Troomy Reviews: Troomy Reviews

Formulated to help support a variety of lifestyle and functional needs, Troomy mushroom gummies are available in various blends and flavors that can be enjoyed with ease.

In addition to its premium quality and satisfying taste, its long-lasting effectiveness and superior shape make it a great choice for novice users and mushroom lovers alike.

The mushroom gummies produced by this brand are non-psychedelic and federally legal throughout the United States. Thus, this gummy mushroom product is safe for consumption. To know more about the quality products produced by this brand, let’s move on to the product review section below!

Troomy Daily: 14 Mushroom Blend Gummies Reviews

Feeling tired when doing a lot of daily activities? It’s time for you to consume Daily: 14 Mushroom Blend Gummies from the Troomy brand. By consuming these gummies, you can be energized to complete all the activities you face every day.

Troomy Review: Troomy Daily: 14 Mushroom Blend Gummies Reviews

Composed of 2000mg of 14 different mushrooms, including Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane, Troomy Daily Mushroom Gummies support your mind and body and support your function. The special blend of various mushrooms will elevate your day to a new, more active level. 

These gummies come in mango and strawberry flavors that you can enjoy daily to support your body’s health and help improve mental focus. After consuming Troomy Daily Gummies, you’ll feel amazing effects, such as stronger body function, better focus, and more energy to finish your days with more enthusiasm.

From the amazing benefits you’ll get when consuming these gummies, you’ll also get other fun things from these gummies, such as:

  • Fun, fruity flavors
  • Soft, non-sticky gum
  • Faster mornings with less prep time
  • Easy to travel with

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait to change your daily routine needs. Find “True Me” by consuming daily mushroom gum for only $34.99 now!

Troomy Boost: Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies Reviews

With many health warnings circulating due to dangerous viruses, taking care of your body and providing proper nutrition is important. This Troomy Boost: Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies are packed with 400mg Cordyceps Mushroom in each piece. It’s also made with natural ingredients to support an active lifestyle, hyper-focus, and improved body function.

Troomy Review: Troomy Boost: Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies Reviews

The delicious Lemon-Lime flavored gummies can be consumed daily to give your body better productivity. These gummies are strategically made with only the most impactful superfood mushrooms to support the energy you need.

You’ll find it easier to maintain a positive attitude and have the ability to complete tasks and activities faster. Also, you’ll have more energy and a strong immune system to keep your body safe from viruses.

Other things you can get from this delicious gummy are:

  • Fruity, pleasant flavors
  • Non-sticky gummy blend
  • Locally made
  • THC-free
  • Easy to travel with

Keep your body active and ready for the days ahead for only $34.99. Experience the best benefits of this product to maintain your body’s health.

Troomy Sleep: Reishi + Melatonin Gummies Reviews

Having a sleep disorder is annoying. You can’t rest properly, and of course, this will affect your productivity. Therefore, in this Troomy review, we present Sleep: Reishi + Melatonin Gummies that will help you deal with this problem.

Troomy Review: Troomy Sleep: Reishi + Melatonin Gummies Reviews

Since sleep is so important, the brand strategized for months to create sleep gummies with a blend of red Reishi mushroom, Melatonin, and black raspberry that is believed to address this issue effectively.

This product is specially designed to work optimally to help reduce stress and support healthier and deeper sleep habits. You’ll find it easy to relax before bed after consuming these gummies. You’ll even find a sense of calm easily and be able to rest for a nap faster.

In addition to the many great benefits that these gummies provide, here are other things you can get from these gummies:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Delicious fruity flavor
  • Locally made
  • Easy to travel with

This product comprises 400mg of Reishi and 2.5mg of Melatonin in each gummy to provide optimal benefits. Grab your jar of 60 Troomy Sleep Reishi +Melatonin black raspberry gummies for only $34.99!

Who Is Troomy For?

The brand’s mission is to create products that are not only appeal to the Health & Wellness community but also for someone who wants to explore the world of nootropics and doesn’t know where to start.

Troomy Review: Who Is Troomy For?

Therefore, whether you’re a lover of mushroom-derived products or a beginner, you can enjoy Troomy’s products easily and conveniently.

As a product that works to improve body conditions, such as increasing energy and focus, improving sleep disorders and daily boosters, and helping to provide peace of mind, this product will be the perfect choice for those of you who want to improve your body conditions.

By consuming this mushroom gummy, you’ll get additional energy to do various kinds of daily activities with enthusiasm.

Troomy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Remember that since this brand is new in the industry, it’s natural that it still has few reviews. However, we still want to provide reviews from customers who have tried this product as a consideration for you. 

Troomy Review: Troomy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Some reviews from satisfied customers are found on the official Troomy website. One of them says:

It’s really nice not having to make a shake or anything anymore or have some weird pills. Troomy gummies are so easy to have on hand every day, even easier when they taste good too. Love them!

These reviews prove that convenience can be obtained when consuming gummies from this brand. Moreover, the delicious taste gives satisfaction to customers when consuming it.

Reviews from other happy customers say:

Never thought I would like mushroom gum, but here I am. I’ve loved using the focus for the past few weeks at the office. Will definitely be getting another set soon.

It can be seen that the customer above didn’t expect that she would like mushroom gummies. It may sound strange, but after consuming it, the taste isn’t as bad as imagined. In fact, she plans to make another purchase soon.

So, are you still hesitant to try consuming mushroom gummies from this brand? After reading some of the reviews above, we think there’s nothing you need to doubt anymore. Prove it yourself and get the best benefits from delicious gummies.

Is Troomy Legit?

Even though Troomy is a new brand, it already has many followers on social media who are interested in its brand. In addition, the brand has been promoted by several well-known companies such as Forbes, Business Insider, FOX, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and Associated Press.

Troomy Review: Is Troomy Legit?

The manufacturing is also made in the US, and the original mushroom ingredients are taken from plantations in America, making this brand very worthy of consideration. Thus, it proves that the brand is legit.

Is Troomy Worth It?

As a brand that has just started its business in the health gummy industry, Troomy is a product that is worth it. The brand produces gummies with natural ingredients such as mushrooms and other guaranteed 100% vegetarian ingredients, making them suitable for consumption.

Troomy Review: Is Troomy Worth It?

A brand that upholds its quality with selected premium mushrooms and its manufacture using full spectrum and triple extracted techniques makes its products of excellent quality.

Moreover, thanks to its products that have been widely distributed in the market, customers who want to try it can get the product very easily.

Troomy Shipping Policy

Following the policy set by Troomy, the order will be shipped immediately after the customer makes a purchase. Shipping costs are based on weight. However, you don’t have to worry because the brand provides fast and free shipping for all orders over $49.

Fast and easy delivery is available to be shipped to all 50 states in the United States via USPS. So, those in the US region can make purchases easily and enjoy the product immediately.

Troomy Return Policy

The brand is committed to providing the best service for customers. They want customers to be 100% satisfied with the purchases they make. However, if customers face some problems related to product unsuitability, the company offers a return and exchange policy.

The products can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Customers can contact customer service via email regarding the return or exchange policy requirement.

For further information about the brand’s return policy, you can check it out here.

How To Contact Troomy

Whether you need help with the product or want to ask a question, you can get in touch with their team via:

Or you can stay in touch with the team through direct messages on social media:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok

Also, you can send important brand-related letters to:

  • 13217 Whittier Blvd Unit B, Whittier, CA 90602

Where to buy Troomy?

All the good benefits of premium mushrooms in delicious gummies can be found in Troomy mushroom gummies. Then where can you get the products? If you can’t wait to try the products from this brand, you can get them via online purchase through the official website, which will provide many attractive offers.

But to provide the best service for their customers, this brand has collaborated with offline markets such as the guardian to make it easier for you to get it other to online purchases.

Troomy Coupon Codes & Promos

Now we’re finally at the most awaited section. In this Troomy review, we couldn’t miss discussing the brand’s discounts and promos. Without further ado, let’s see what the deals are:

  • Join their newsletter to get 20% off your first order
  • Sign up & save 15% off your first order
  • Choose any three or more jars of Troomy Gummies and save 20% off your bundle
  • Get 10% cash back on every purchase
  • Save 10% off on your B-Day
  • Earn rewards from referring friends

Such a great deal, right? What are you waiting for? Get the best discounts and promos when purchasing products now!

Reveal all coupons

Troomy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Troomy reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Troomy?

Bryan Garrison is the brand’s owner.

Does Troomy ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand currently doesn’t provide international shipping. Because this brand is still new in the industry, this brand provides shipping throughout the US region only.

Are Troomy products psychadelic?

The brand’s gummies are made with triple-extracted medicinal mushrooms, which are non-psychadelic. This means they won’t make your trip but will make you feel amazing.

Fortunately, this brand is federally legal throughout the United States.

How many Troomy gummies should I take daily?

The recommendation for consuming Troomy Focus, Calm, or Boost Gummies is 1-2 gummies per serving, up to 3 times a day. While Daily Gummies is 1 gummy per serving up to 3 times a day. Last, Sleep Gummies is 1-2 gummies once a night.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Troomy Reviews & Ratings

Troomy is the best solution that’s light and easy to energize your body. You can do many things to keep your body fit and energized throughout the day. 

You don’t even need to prepare coffee in the morning or make energy-boosting milk in the morning when you’re in a hurry. Just need to take out 1 Troomy gummy, and you can immediately enjoy it while doing activities. 

You can also consume it safely because of its 100% vegetarian ingredients and its extraordinary manufacturing process. The high quality of this mushroom gum is unquestionable!



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