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About Trinka AI

Academic writing is really challenging, especially for ESL, where the target cultural knowledge can be a barrier. In that chance, Trinka AI comes as the autocorrect for any researcher, scholar, or student to help them with the precise scientific tone, style, and grammar.

Trinka AI Review: About

Trinka AI is a writing and publication solution for ESL authors to create publish-worthy papers efficiently. All while improving the quality and consistency of their original writing style.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, this app goes beyond a grammar corrector. It becomes the sentence repair, plagiarism and grammar checker, style editor, auto-corrector, and tone checker for your papers.

With technical and academic writing in mind, this AI is made to process complex nuances and subtle differences in various writing disciplines. The engine can suggest a contextual language form to polish your writing from myriads of topics from medical, technology, and more.

Okay, but what else is there about this online language assistant? Keep reading this Trinka AI review since we will help you learn more about this next-generation language assistant.

Overview of Trinka AI

Crimson Interactive is the enterprise leader that runs on making various software for ESL speakers. And Trinka AI is one of the genius inventions that is intended to close the gap within the academic world.

Under the leadership of Trinka D’Cunha, the team of data scientists, linguists, and engineers developed software that can give precise feedback on various topics in the most professional way.

That’s why this software has smart features that other online grammar checkers don’t. It is able to detect language bias and sensitivity as well as react to it. They go beyond the contextual meaning to build your writing more concise, formal, and engaging.

Not only that, but the app also helps any writer to get the preferred style according to APA or AMA writing. With those, you can let the software does the language checking while you be busy with new research ideas.

With such remarkable features, the product has made its way into prestigious commercial companies and school institutions, such as Netflix, Oxford University Press, Toyota, and many more.

But will this AI work finely for your independent paper and publications? Then let these pros and cons help you to figure it out further.

Trinka AI Pros

  • Assist with academic and technical English writing
  • Suitable for paper and publication necessity
  • Correct grammar, tone, syntax, style, and vocabulary
  • Meant to increase an engaging writing
  • Unlimited time for the basic plan
  • Reasonably priced
  • Have a lot of features more than the common market
  • Trusted by many ESL in the world

Trinka AI ConsĀ 

  • Only support for English language checker

Trinka AI Reviews

With the ability to notice and rectify 3000+ grammar mistakes in the most complex sentence, Trinka AI has been trusted to screen numerous publication papers from professionals, educators, and students.

Trinka AI Reviews

Indeed, this product has a lot of benefits you must explore. From attractive subscription plans and smart features, I will invite you to explore more about this next-generation AI language. Keep reading!

Trinka Basic Subscription Plans Reviews

Many factors make this app different from other online grammar checkers. First, the premium is reasonably priced. Second, the basic subscription plan is as fully accessible as the paid ones. And this time, we will enlight you on the basic plan, which is totally free.

Here are the general features of both subscription plans:

  • Grammar and language checking
  • Publication ready writing
  • Journal Publication Readiness

However, although the full features are accessible to basic plans, a usage time limitation is 10.000 words/month. Once your free credit is taken, you can move to the premium plan at any time.

Trinka Premium Subscription Plans Reviews

With the premium plan, you can get similar publish-worthy checker features for you, such as grammar and language checking, publication-ready writing, and journal publication readiness, plus:

  • Unlimited words count
  • Direct access and edit on MS. Word

Efficiently, you will get your papers best written in every subject according to publication standards. For so, you only need to pay according to your time subscriptions.

The app provides three subscription options to give you the best service according to your needs:

  • Monthly $20/month
  • Quarterly $15/month
  • Annually $6.67/year

But if you ask us what’s better, we’d strongly recommend the annual plan since you can save 67%!

Trinka Enterprise and On-Premise Reviews

Trinka also specifically has plans for enterprises and on-premises purposes on premium plans. These two subscription plans work well for organizations that must create content regularly in localization businesses, publishers, or academic institutions.

Enterprise Plans

The enterprise plans can make your team’s work easier with the integrated system of JavaScript (JS) and API.

For the JS, the software works in real time, and the data is highly encrypted to save your team’s privacy. Meanwhile, API can be installed on any application of your own. Their API systems are highly customizable, reliable, and resilient.


To make your company infrastructure better, Trinka AI provides support staff to help you work with highly sensitive information through this plan. With hassle-free integration, this AI can help your team to scale smoothly.

Trinka Language Checker Features Reviews

We can’t run this Trinka AI review without reviewing some of their key features, right? In fact, it has many features that will support holistic language enhancement in your writing. Below, I will review four of its many advanced and excellent features:

Trinka AI Review: Trinka Language Checker Features Reviews

Publication-Ready Writing

This feature can be customized according to your style guide preference based on AMA or APA. It also helps you recognize unbiased, vague, and academic tone language.

Auto File Edit

This is the ultimate feature for those of you who want to solve as many grammar problems as possible in one click or several if you want. This software also saves the writing changes made through the cloud if you allow it.

Publication Readiness Checks

Ready to publish your scientific work? To get your work more engaging, targeted, and weighty, the engine will scour 20+ journals to polish your publication to make it more publication-ready.

Grammar and Spelling Checks

This feature is the most in demand. It will carefully and constructively provide editing suggestions on grammar, sentence structure, word choice, style, and more.

In conclusion, Trinka has a multitude of features that you can rely on to create readable, objective, formal, clear, and concise writing.

Who Is Trinka For?

Educators, corporations, or governance are those who benefit most by using this software. It is because Trinka AI helps to create formal and concise writing.

Trinka AI Review: Who Is Trinka For?

For avid researchers, the software helps to provide cut time-cost editing. With the ability to notice 3000+ complex grammatical errors and solve them all in a single click, the feature is a win. More importantly, novice researchers will get help a lot with the author-friendly features.

Plus, the attractive and reasonable pricing makes it perfect for independent teachers or students who want to develop fundamental English writing skills.

Trinka AI is also suitable for large, small, and medium-sized companies. Since the integrated system can be used for APIs and JavaScript. Easily, the software scales up the growing team & business.

All in all, Trinka AI is for any ESL writer or company who needs assistance in editing, checking, and building their academic writing to be more engaging and read-worthy.

Trinka: What Do Customers Think?

Trinka AI has been used by many parties in various sectors ranging from universities and commercial publications to companies in general. There is no doubt about the sophistication of this software.

Trinka AI Review: Trinka: What Do Customers Think?

However, what is the real opinion of the users of this online grammar checker? Through the Product Hunt website, we found an interesting review:

“I have explored many Grammar Check tools but found Trinka the best one available as its unique features like Publication Readiness Checks and Auto File Edit helped me a lot in finishing my thesis.”

The user shared her experience of using this app to finish her thesis. He felt very helped by the Publication Readiness Check and Auto File Edit features.

Meanwhile, another user wrote something else:

“I can’t tell how many times Trinka saved me time for essays, academic thesis, and business e-mails. It is such a wonderful and strong grammar-checking AI. 10/10 would recommend.”

Turns out, the user is satisfied by using this online grammar checker for his business e-mails, essays, and academic thesis. He closed the review with a ten out of ten scores.

Overall, Trinka’s users are pleasantly surprised by how skillful and efficient the software facilitates academic writing needs from scientific to business publication levels.

Is Trinka Worth it?

Let’s put it short: yes. Trinka AI doesn’t just provide grammar and spelling corrections but meticulously advises on sensitive language, bias, and word equivalents that may not be fully grasped by the ESL academic writer.

Trinka AI Review: Is Trinka Worth it?

That being said, this AI is worth checking out to help any writer scholar create the most precise writing while saving time. Not to mention, it has APA and AMA writing styles.

Trinka Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Trinka AI does not accept refunds for subscriptions that are already purchased. Instead, you can submit a cancellation request to stop the auto-renewal on your account.

To do that, you can do the following steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • At the top right corner of your dashboard, click “Account settings”
  • Find the “cancel subscription renewal” and click

Later, the team will process and confirm your cancellation.

How to Contact Trinka?

Want to get Trinka to collaborate with your work? You can reach out to their teams through the following:

Where to buy Trinka AI?

Trinka is an online grammar-checking tool for academic and professional purposes. That being said, to enjoy the full features of this language online service, you need to access it directly on the official website.

Simply do a sign-up with your full name and email you can try the basic plan. When you feel like you need uninterrupted features, you can purchase the premium plan.

Trinka AI Coupon Codes & Promos

As the Trinka AI review is written, there is a way to save some money, you can purchase premium plans because it will save you 67% compared to a monthly bill. What a save!

However, you can try to sign up first! Since the language engine may have exclusive offers for its users on the mailing list. Also, click the button below to try your lucky chance to grab exciting promo codes. Good luck!

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Trinka AI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Trinka AI reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Trinka?

Trinka is owned by Crimson Company, with the CEO Sharad Mittal.

Who built Trinka?

Trinka is built by teams of data scientists, engineers, and linguistics experts under the leadership of Trinka D’Chunha.

Where is Trinka from?

Trinka, as well as the parent company, is based in India.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Trinka AI Reviews & Ratings

What’s more embarrassing than publishing writings full of errors, silly grammar mistakes, and improper words? Thankfully, Trinka AI has you covered. This impressive brand’s goal is to rescue any ESL that struggles to find concise, formal, and engaging writing.

Let your head focus on the research ideas. And simply hand in your papers to Trinka AI. So what are you waiting for? Head off their website, do signup, and make your presence toward international literature now.


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