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About Travelsphere

Have you been thinking of taking an escorted tour in the future months? Are you seeking the ideal travel company offering the best-escorted tours? Then, meet Travelsphere, one of the best-escorted tour companies UK that can give you memorable travel experiences.

Travelsphere Review: About Travelsphere

It is the #1 UK-based travel company that provides various incredible fully escorted tours for seniors, guided tours, and tour holidays for singles. Thus, whether you’re planning to take an escorted tour with your partner or solo, Travelsphere is here to serve you with the best. 

Moreover, this travel company has won many awards and an excellent reputation since its establishment. It is proven by how Travelsphere managed to get multi-award winners of the British Travel Awards in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Apart from getting an excellent reputation in media publications, it also managed to gain fame on social media. Therefore, this travel company currently features 11k followers on Facebook, 2.1k followers on Instagram, and 1.3k followers on Twitter.

Then, if you get excited about booking your escorted tour on this leisure brand, keep reading this Travelsphere review. But before jumping to that, let’s get to know the company first.

Overview of Travelsphere

Travelsphere is a travel company headquartered in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. Back then, this travel company had been providing escorted tours for over 60 years, giving chances to many people craft incredible tour memories.

Moreover, Travelsphere has been acquired by G Adventures, one of the world’s leading independent adventure travel companies. This acquisition is meant to give a hassle-free and secure booking experience. Hence, it features ATOL Protection and ABTA Protection.

On top of that, this travel company boasts a tagline,

Reasons to book, reasons to smile.

This tagline represents the unrivaled Rock-Solid Guarantees that Travelsphere provides. The Rock-Solid Guarantees include Holiday Assurance, Financial Protection Insurance, Guaranteed Price Match, and Guaranteed Departures.

Better yet, it also has an expert and knowledgeable team to help you experience the most incredible escorted tour journey. They will help you from the start of your journey to the finish!

Not only that, but this leisure brand also grants you to get the most memorable holiday memories. That’s right. They offer high-class hotels featuring extraordinary amenities coupled with a local cuisine-tasting experience.

How is it? Are you keen to know more about this travel company regarding the destination and tour packages? If you are, then let’s jump to the next section.

Travelsphere Review

Travelsphere offers escorted and holiday tour packages to 50+ beautiful countries on six continents. Hence, you can find escorted tours to Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, South America, and Oceania.

Travelsphere Reviews: Travelsphere Review

More than that, these country destinations include Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, France, Italy, The Baltics, Canada, the USA, Peru, Australia, and many more.

Apart from that, this travel company also gives you another convenience in deciding your trips using Holiday Types category.

Touring Festive Short Breaks Last Minute Offers
Coastal Cruising Tours by Rail Wildlife Extended Stay


On its official website, you can discover various escorted tours and holiday packages, be Holidays 2023, Solo Holidays, or Escorted Holidays for Single Travellers.

So, have you decided on your escorted tour destination? If you haven’t, consider choosing one of the below 5 best-sellers escorted tours as your destination.

Travelsphere Escorted Tours: 5 Best Booked

  • Epic Wonders of the National Parks
  • The Italian Riviera
  • The Balkan Adventure
  • Land of the Rising Sun
  • Grand Tour of Canada and the Rocky Mountaineer 2023

So, what kinds of wonderful trip experiences can you enjoy from the above tours? Let’s find out in the next section!

Travelsphere Epic Wonders of the National Parks Reviews

Apart from being known for its popular culture in music and movies, the United States is also remarkable for its fantastic tour destinations. 

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere Epic Wonders of the National Parks Reviews

So, if you’re wondering about having an incredible holiday experience in the great United States, then taking this Epic Wonders of the National Parks will be a great choice.

Booking this escorted tour will lead you to enjoy the wonderfulness of Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and even the Great Canyon within 17 days. That’s only a small snippet of the many unique places, as you’ll visit 12 other sites on this holiday tour package.

Holiday Highlights

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  • Battle of Little Bighorn site
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Monument Valley
  • Zion Canyon National Park
  • The world’s first national park, Yellowstone
  • Arches National Park
  • The iconic Grand Canyon National Park
  • The neon-lit city of Las Vegas
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park’s unique geology
  • Stay on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Badlands National Park
  • The Crazy Horse Memorial

Moreover, this USA-escorted tour will take you through 7 states, from Colorado to Las Vegas. You’ll stay overnight in 11 available hotel accommodations with well-made facilities and amenities during your trip. This means to give you a comfortable rest experience.

You can also get an incredible trip experience since this travel company includes Travelsphere Holiday Director and Local Guide. This tour also features Overseas transfers, other transportation, and porterage.

So, are you ready to explore the wonderfulness of the United States? If so, you can prepare from £3,849 to £4,599 to book your seat on this Epic Wonders of the National Parks tour. Keep this in mind. The departures from this tour are from September 2023 – October 2024.

Travelsphere The Italian Riviera, Portofino & the Cinque Terre Reviews

Have you ever wondered about arranging an escorted tour in the country of Romeo and Juliet, Italy? This country is well-known for its unique architecture, incredible arts, and beautiful scenery, making it a superb destination.

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere The Italian Riviera, Portofino & the Cinque Terre Reviews

Suppose you have decided to choose Italy as your ideal escorted tour destination. Then, The Italian Riviera, Portofino & the Cinque Terre will be the grand tour option to choose from. 

Moreover, on this tour, you will be led to visit various unique and beautiful places within 8 days, such as enchanting Cinque Terre villages, beautiful marble in Carrara, and even the exclusive resort of Portofino. 

Holiday Highlights

  • Carrara Marble Quarry and Museum
  • Cantine Lunae Winery, tasting and lunch
  • Travel by coach and train to the Cinque Terre
  • Scenic cruise along the coast
  • Explore the magical hamlet of S. Fruttuoso
  • Visit exclusive Portofino and Santa Margherita

Furthermore, this Italian Riviera travel tour will take you to six places by road, rail, and boat. Plus, during your 7 days holiday in Italy, you’ll stay in the 4-star Caesar Hotel in Lido di Camaiore. This 4-star hotel offers many amenities, such as an outdoor pool, restaurant, sun terrace, etc.

If The Italian Riviera, Portofino & the Cinque Terre tour is what you’re looking for, don’t miss the chance to get a seat. Prepare £1,449£1,778 and book your seat on this Italian Riviera travel tour on Sep 2023 – Sep 2024.

Travelsphere The Balkan Adventure Reviews

If you go searching about The Balkans on the internet, you’ll notice that they hold many unimaginable cultural diversity. That’s why a holiday or escorted tour to The Balkans can be a favorable option. 

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere The Balkan Adventure Reviews

With Travelsphere, you can realize your escorted tour idea in exploring The Balkans with its Balkan Adventure tour package.

This tour will take you on an epic journey within 15 days through six countries, beginning in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and Serbia, ending in Croatia.

Furthermore, you can discover 12 iconic and ancient places in these countries, such as Sutjeska National Park, Old Bridge in Mostar, Lake Ohrid, and many more. For those who value history and culture, The Balkans Adventure can meet all your eagerness.

Holiday Highlights

  • Evening guided walk in Split’s old town
  • Sutjeska National Park, home to Mount Maglic
  • The cliff town of Kruje and Skanderbeg, as well as the Ethnographic Museums
  • Scour Novi Sad on the piles of the Danube
  • Visit the iconic ‘Old Bridge in Mostar
  • Breathtakingly beautiful Kotor Bay
  • Lake Ohrid and the Bay of Bones
  • Croatian wine-tasting in Kutjevo
  • Unveil the capitals of Sarajevo, Tirana, Skopje, Belgrade, and Zagreb
  • Orientation walk in Budva
  • The pretty town of Despotovac
  • Farewell dinner in a local tavern

Apart from getting historical experience in discovering The Balkans, you can also gain comfortable staying experience. That said, on this Balkan Adventure escorted tour, you’ll stay in various 4-star hotels located strategically and featuring notable amenities.

Are you ready to get an incredible historical tour experience in The Balkans? If you are, book your seat by paying £2,549 on departures from Aug 2023 – Sep 2023.

Travelsphere Land of the Rising Sun Reviews

Let us ask you. What things come to your mind when talking about Japan? Indeed. Those things are modern architecture, ancient places, unique food cultures, and vibrant nightlife, right?

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere Land of the Rising Sun Reviews

Then, if you’re keen to explore the whole of Japan via an escorted tour, then this Land of the Rising Sun tour package is for you. This tour will bring you to explore the contrast between the modern and traditional cultures of Japan within 13 days.

Moreover, in your 13 days in Japan, you’ll visit various regions, from dazzling to age-old, such as Tokyo, Miyagama, Shirakawaga, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Osaka. 

In addition, your tour will be started in dazzling Tokyo and end in bustling Osaka. During exploring these regions, you’ll discover the incredible views of Mount Fuji, the beautiful Matsumoto Castle, the traditional city of Takayama, the ancient Kinkakuji Temple, and many more. 

Holiday Highlights

  • Tour of Japan’s capital, Tokyo
  • Hakone, gateway to Mount Fuji
  • Cruise on Lake Ashi
  • Cable-car ride over Owakundi Valley
  • Matsumoto Castle, Japan’s oldest existing castle
  • Visit a wasabi farm
  • Takayama, a traditional city in the mountains
  • Shirakawago visit
  • Journey on the iconic Bullet Train
  • Sightseeing in Kyoto, including Nijo Castle
  • Kinkakuji Temple
  • Arashiyama and a rickshaw ride through the bamboo forest
  • Sushi-making demonstration
  • Visit the historic city of Nara
  • Hiroshima sightseeing tour and Miyajima Island
  • Tour of Osaka, including Umeda Floating Garden and Osaka Castle

Better yet, this Land of the Rising Sun tour package will take you to discover the whole of Japan by road and high-speed train. Plus, during your 13 days tour in Japan, you’ll stay in 5 high-star hotels with many extraordinary amenities and facilities.

Suppose you’re truly prying on having this Japan tour package for your future escorted tour. Then, don’t hesitate to book your seat by paying £4,449 to £5,499. For your information, the departure dates are from Oct 2023 – Nov 2024.

Travelsphere Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer 2023 Reviews

Last but not least is Travelsphere escorted tour to Canada, a country full of incredible outdoor wonders. That’s it. If you’re interested in exploring the grand-and-great outdoor wonders of Canada, then this Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer tour package is the best one to take.

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer 2023 Reviews

It is an escorted tour that will lead you to explore all the incredible sights of Canada within 17 days. So, enjoy sightseeing at various grand places in many cities, such as Quebec City, Montreal, Rockport, Toronto, Kamloops, Vancouver, and more.

However, your Canada-escorted tour starts with a tour of Quebec City, then goes to explore the glorious of Notre-Dame Cathedral, then continues to sightseeing the remarkable Niagara Falls. Apart from these 3 incredible outdoor wonders, you’ll get chances to discover 9 other magnificent places.

On top of that, Travelsphere will also grant you an unforgettable tour experience with its two-day rail journey on the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train. In these two days on this train, you’ll be gifted to immerse yourself in the Canadian Rockies spectacularly.

Holiday Highlights

  • Quebec City, the walled city located in Canada
  • Explore Montreal with the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • City tour of Ottawa, the nation’s capital
  • Tour of Toronto, Canada’s premier city
  • Cruise the 1000 Islands from Rockport
  • The famous Niagara Falls
  • Visit Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Tour of Banff National Park
  • Step aboard the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train within the 2-day journey
  • Canada’s most beautiful sight, Lake Louise
  • Victoria, the capital of British Columbia
  • Vancouver Island’s beautiful Butchart Gardens

Through this Canada tour, you’re not only able to get a memorable experience in exploring Canada but also a pleasant staying experience. Through your 17 days in Canada, you’ll stay in 9 high-class hotels with great-quality facilities and amenities.

Since the departure dates of this Grand Tour of Canada are only from Jul 2023 – Sep 2023, you should hurry up and book your seat by paying £5,849 to £5,949.

Who is Travelsphere For?

As a travel company based in the United Kingdom, Travelsphere is ideal for those who live in the UK and plan to take escorted tours. All the available tours boast departures from several well-known UK airports in London, Manchester, Bristol, and more.

Travelsphere Review: Who is Travelsphere For?

With that in mind, if you’re a native UK person or an expatriate searching for the best-escorted tour companies UK, Travelsphere is for you. This travel company is perfect for adults, seniors, single travelers, or couples.

Moreover, you can find various escorted tours to 50+ countries, allowing you to explore worldwide easily. Whether you’re considering exploring the incredible Niagara Falls in Canada, the fantastic Mount Fuji in Japan, or even the miracle of the Pisa Tower in Italy, this company can cater to all your holiday imagination.

Travelsphere Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a general thumb, getting to know customer testimonials always become an essential thing that you should consider when booking a tour. Hence, this section will feature genuine testimonials from customers who have done escorted tours using this travel company.

Travelsphere Review: Travelsphere Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But before that, let’s see how excellent Travelsphere is in giving incredible tour experiences to its customers. It is proven by how this travel company boasts a 4.6-star rating from 493 reviews in Trustpilot.

Below is what a happy customer said:

The whole trip was a great way to experience the local culture … What I enjoyed most about traveling with Travelsphere is that with their expert knowledge of the best places to visit.

Based on her testimonial, she said her trip on this brand ran amazingly. Moreover, she praised the tour guide, who has much expert knowledge to tell the history of many tour places.

Another traveler also expressed satisfaction with his holiday experience using this travel company.

The whole experience with Travelsphere was excellent. Communication was faultless. The price was great value. The holiday was all as described. 

This happy customer claimed that Travelsphere provided an excellent travel experience with faultless communication, great prices, and a well-described holiday.

On the other hand, a customer can’t stop saying “excellent” to describe her satisfaction with this travel company.

The place was excellent, and the hotel was also excellent. Plus, our guide was excellent, and he had lots of knowledge about the places we went.

His “excellent” praises are meant to describe the beauty of the tour places, the comfortable hotel, and the knowledgeable tour guide.

In short, Travelsphere performed flawlessly in providing world-class escorted tours to many singles and couple travelers. These world-class qualities include great places, knowledgeable tour guides, high-class hotels, and competitive prices. 

Is Travelsphere Worth It?

During the busy and tiring working days, having several weeks of escorted tours can be a great option. Travelsphere, a UK-based travel company, is the best and worth-booking site for seeking world-class escorted tours.

Furthermore, this travel company boasts an expert and high-knowledgeable team to help you get the most incredible escorted tour experience. Plus, Travelsphere also provides a convenient staying experience via high-class hotels and extraordinary amenities.

Not only that, but you will also get a safe and hassle-free tour experience through Rock-Solid Guarantees that this company offers. It is a guarantee intended to give a holiday assurance guarantee, guaranteed departures, 100% financial protection, and a price match guarantee.

So, have you chosen Travelsphere as your partner in an escorted tour? If so, now it’s your time to decide the destination you want to visit. Head over to the official website and pick your destination!

Is Travelsphere Legit?

We agree to claim that Travelsphere is legit and safe. Our claim comes from the fact that this travel company features ATOL Protection and ABTA Protection. These two protections ensure you’ll get a convenient and safe tour package booking experience.

Another fact that convinced us is its rating on Trustpilot. Featuring a 4.6-star rating from 493 customer reviews, proving that Travelsphere managed to satisfy hundreds of people with an incredible escorted tour experience.

Travelsphere Cancellation Policy

Lucky you, Travelsphere offers a cancellation policy. Based on its policy, if this travel company cancels your booked tour package, you’ll get 3 options:

  • A substitute tour of equivalent or superior value
  • A substitute tour of lesser value tour
  • A full refund for the canceled tour

In case you still get confused with this policy, please kindly check and read the brand’s cancellation policy on its official website. 

How To Contact Travelsphere

Do you experience any problems during your tour package booking? If you do, try to find the solution through the FAQs section on the official website. But if you can’t find the answer to your problems, you can get in touch with the following brand’s customer service contacts.

Keep this in mind. The brand’s customer service staff is available to help you during their business hours on Monday – Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Besides that, you can also visit the brand’s headquarter to get the answer to your problems. Here is the brand’s office address:

Travelsphere Address
Office 202 Harborough Enterprise Centre,
34 Compass Point, Northampton Road,
Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9HW

Where to buy Travelsphere?

If you’re considering taking escorted tours with Travelsphere, you can book your preferred holiday tour packages through the official website. On it, you can find and book many available packages, such as fully escorted tours, tour holidays for singles, and escorted holidays for single travelers.

Travelsphere Coupon Codes & Promos

Great Travel. Great Times. Therefore, don’t miss any chance to save your tour package booking using several discounts and promos below.

  • Save up to £500 OFF per couple on the selected 2023 and 2024 North American tours
  • Enjoy up to £100 OFF per couple on the selected 2023 Festive Breaks & Christmas Tours (EARLY BID)
  • Get up to £200 OFF per couple on selected 2024 holidays in Europe
  • Take an extra £50 OFF per person when you book two or more different holidays

Alternatively, you can also get some savings using several coupon codes hidden in the button below. Just click it, and enjoy your travel holiday!

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Travelsphere Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Travelsphere reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who took over Travelsphere?

Travelsphere is purchased and taken by G Adventures (UK) Limited, a world-leading adventure travel company.

What is the maximum group size on Travelsphere?

This all depends on the tour you take. But on average, the group size on every tour range from 15 people to 35 people.

Where can I get the Travelsphere Brochure 2023?

Suppose you got interested in having an incredible escorted tour experience with Travelsphere and seeking the travel brochure for 2023 & 2024. Then, you can request a copy of the Travelsphere brochure 2023 & 2024 here.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Travelsphere Reviews & Ratings

With Travelsphere, having a memorable escorted tour experience is no longer problematic. With its great and unique destination, expert tour guides, high-class hotels, and fantastic value for money, single travelers or couples can explore the uniqueness of the world with ease and safe.

So, are you willing to use Travelsphere to take you to explore the world? Have you decided on your future tour destination? If so, head over to the official website and book your seat before it loses!


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