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Trade Radiators Review 2024 → Warm Up Your Space with Horizontal Radiators

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About Trade Radiators

Brr, winter’s coming! Let’s be honest, a hug from your girlfriend or boyfriend won’t cut the cold. It’s time for some serious warmth with Trade Radiators. But what exactly does it bring to us?

Trade Radiators Review: About Trade Radiators

Providing warmth is the absolute duty of Trade Radiators. They are an online retailer ready to chase away the cold by offering high-quality radiators and towel rails at rock-bottom prices.

Besides, the warmth is also visible on their social media platforms. Over the years, they have gathered 15k followers on Facebook, 11k+ on Instagram, and 8.5k subscribers on YouTube.

So, do you need key information about the brand? Read this Trade Radiators review as we’ll reveal its best sellers, promotions, and customer feedback. Then, scroll down to begin!

Overview of Trade Radiators

Trade Radiators have been keeping homes warm for over 10 years. Nic and James Auckland, as the founders, are determined to provide reliable radiators to every home to fight the winter.

Moreover, the company is based in Britain, and we know the winter is crazy over there. So, they gathered the best radiator, thermostat, and heated towel brands for the whole country to fight the cold.

Besides, the brand’s attention also continues beyond people. They are also committed to the environment. From beginning to end, the label strives to have a small carbon footprint.


  • Price match promise
  • Top brands radiators in-store
  • BTU calculator
  • Free & fast delivery
  • Environment & sustainability friendly
  • 30-day return
  • Up to 15-year warranty

Trade Radiators Review

All we know is that Trade Radiators won’t let you freeze in the middle of an extreme winter. What’s more exciting is they’re experts in central heating.

Trade Radiators Reviews: Trade Radiators Review

It’s a fact that Trade Radiators is your go-to destination for all things warm and cozy. Their heating lineup is available in various styles, finishes, and sizes. So you can find the ideal radiator for your space here.

Trade Radiators Products

Furthermore, are you confused about which radiator is perfect for your room? Lucky you, the company set up a BTU calculator on the website. You can input a few details about your room. Then, it will find your ideal radiator.

As promised, we will bring 3 best-selling radiators to discuss. You can take a snack while listening to the details we show in the next section. Thus, keep reading!

Trade Radiators Trade Direct Classic Reviews

The first radiator we bring is the Trade Direct Classic, 4 Column Horizontal Radiator, Raw Metal, 600mm x 592mm. It is more efficient than classic cast-iron ones.

Trade Radiators Review: Trade Radiators Trade Direct Classic Reviews

This radiator is compact, but it packs a punch! The design is horizontal with a distance of 672mm between the pipe centers. Besides, this column radiator stands tall at 600mm. Once you install it, your room will be warm and cozy.

Moreover, you can see the radiator is covered with distinctive raw metal clear lacquer. At first glance, you immediately see the modern style appearance. Also, the radiator offers a heat output of 1448 watts (or 4944 BTU on T50).

In addition, you don’t have to worry about its strength. The material of this radiator is mild steel with a weight of 28.9 kg. It gives a sturdy impression without being too heavy for wall mounting. Further, it only takes up a little space with 592mm width.


  • Style: Victorian
  • Watts: 990
  • BTU: 3,378.00 (A50)
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Guarantee: 15 years

Therefore, if you are looking for warmth and classic style, this radiator is the one. Then, put this in your cart and buy it for £353.56.

Trade Radiators Nordic Oslo Reviews

Is the previous product too big for you? Calm down. The company has another compact option. One is the Nordic Oslo, 2 Column Horizontal Radiator, White, 600mm x 159mm.

Trade Radiators Review: Trade Radiators Nordic Oslo Reviews

As you see in the picture, you might be smitten with its appearance. The radiator measures 159mm x 600mm. But don’t be fooled by its size. It has an Italian design and a 2-column configuration. Thus, the radiator can deliver a hearty dose of warmth.

Additionally, its color is as bright as snow. The glossy RAL 9016 finish makes it a real showstopper that brightens up any room. Therefore, it is no surprise that the product has become one of the bestsellers.

However, does this tiny radiator stick firmly to the wall? Absolutely yes! It’s crafted from robust steel, which makes it built to last. Also, the radiator is made up of 3 sections and weighs in at only 2.4kg.


  • Style: Victorian
  • Watts: 129
  • BTU: 441.00 (A50)
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Guarantee: 15 years

So, your small room gets the right amount of warmth for its size. Plus, this radiator gives an extra touch of radiance. You can check it out for £115.43.

Trade Radiators Trade Direct Classic, Traditional Towel Radiator, Chrome, 966 x 673mm Reviews

Another thing to warm up beside your room is the towel. Isn’t it nice to have a warm towel after a shower? You can make it happen with Trade Direct Classic, Traditional Towel Radiator, Chrome, 966 x 673mm.

Trade Radiators Review: Trade Radiators Trade Direct Classic, Traditional Towel Radiator, Chrome, 966 x 673mm Reviews

These towel rails give an industrial touch to your bathroom. It is the result of a deluxe gloss RAL 9016 finish. Besides, you can see Trade Direct’s signature performance and style from these steel towel rails.

Moreover, it is perfect for any size bathroom. The towel rail has a width of 673mm and a height of 966mm. Once installed, this hanger can protrude 165mm inward from the wall. Thus, it provides enough space to warm up your towels.

Also, we have some tips for a smooth installation. Make sure you have 448mm of space between the wall and the radiator pipe. Further, the pipe centers should measure at least 142 mm. Now, you can hang your towels perfectly there.


  • Style: Victorian
  • Watts: 213
  • BTU: 925.00 (A50)
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Guarantee: 5 years

So, don’t get cold after showering, use this advanced towel radiator. It makes you like stepping into a warm oasis in winter. You can install it in your bathroom for £196.60.

Trade Radiators Prices

We have repeatedly mentioned that Trade Radiators provides the best product prices. So, you can see the price list below for more details!

  • Radiators: £56.54-£1,182.20
  • Towel Radiators: £46.01-£727.28
  • Electric Radiators: £50.09-£2,083.70
  • Valves: £13.19-£354.86

Trade Radiators Pros & Cons

Before we move to the next part, we will shine some light on the Trade Radiators’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you can make a wise decision in buying a radiator from this label.


  • Wide range of radiators from top brands
  • Made from durable materials
  • Efficient heating solutions
  • Expertise in central heating
  • Offers innovative features like a BTU heating calculator
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Competitive price
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • CE approved products
  • Up to 15-year warranty
  • 30-day return
  • Free shipping


  • Some customers mentioned the installation was a bit complex
  • Limited physical store
  • No worldwide shipping

Who Is Trade Radiators For?

Love to be in the warmth? Then, Trade Radiators is for you. The company always has radiators to fulfill all the needs of homeowners looking for warmth. It includes individuals seeking stylish radiators or heated towel bars for their room.

However, their target is for more than just small areas. The company appeals to property developers who require reliable and visually pleasing heating options for renovations or new projects. They can find various types and sizes of radiators here.

Trade Radiators Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now we have the big question: what do buyers have to say about Trade Radiators? Thus, we searched high and low for feedback on the brand’s website, Trustpilot, and Reddit. Anyway, gives 4.7/5 stars based on 4,167 reviews for this company.

Trade Radiators Review: Trade Radiators Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One 5-star reviewer mentioned:

They look amazing and fit perfectly under our window seat. Fantastic price too, what more can I say!

At this company, you get the best quality column radiators at an affordable price. Additionally, it has a slim design and can be placed under window seats perfectly.

Another buyer agrees, saying:

Quality and sturdy item. The anthracite finish is perfect. It keeps us warm during winter. We are happy to get it at the best price.

This customer confirmed the radiator’s excellent performance in winter. It warmed up his room nicely. Also, the construction is solid, and the anthracite finish is flawless.

Lastly, a customer on Reddit stated:

Great customer service team. Always available. The radiator also works well to complete my building project. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now…

Once you buy a radiator from this brand, we are sure you won’t be able to turn away. Furthermore, it adds that customer service works well and quickly.

Considering the massive amount of hype online, we can state that customers are satisfied with Trade Radiators. It works well in warming up the room. In addition, the customer service provides good and quick assistance when needed.

Is Trade Radiators Worth It?

Finding a good heating system can be difficult. But Trade Radiators breaks that stereotype by providing a variety of top-quality radiators. Whether you have a large or small space, there is always a size and style for you. So, we declare the company is worth it.

Trade Radiators Review: Is Trade Radiators Worth It?

Besides, the brand excels in terms of price. All products have competitive prices here. Thus, you can feel the cozy warmth without making your wallet cold.

Trade Radiators Shipping Policy

The delivery fee is quite a surprise at the end of the checkout process. But it doesn’t work with Trade Radiators because they provide free shipping for UK mainland orders. Also, your guess is correct. The company only ships its radiators throughout the UK.

In addition, the team will prepare your order as quickly as possible. It is under the brand’s promise to provide fast shipping. Then, your order will be delivered by courier between Monday and Friday at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Trade Radiators Return Policy

If you find a manufacturing problem with your order, contact Trade Radiators immediately within a 30-day period from receipt. The brand will replace the defective item with a new one as a responsibility.

However, the company proposes some conditions so that your returns are eligible. Some of them are your item must not have been fitted and still have the original packaging. So, have your goods met the requirements?

How To Contact Trade Radiators

We hope you find all the info you need. However, if you have any questions beyond this Trade Radiators review, you can contact customer service. Thus, reach them out via:

Company Address
82 Mitchell St, Glasgow G1 3NA
United Kingdom

Where to buy Trade Radiators?

To benefit from the brand’s services and discounts, the best place to get your radiators is directly from the official website. Trade Radiators has many of the best brands to warm your space. Are you ready to make your first order?

Trade Radiators Coupon Codes & Promos

Isn’t shopping for radiators more perfect with discounts and promos? Trade radiators understand this assignment so well. Here is a series of deals that we found on its website:

  • Apply coupon code ZXFIVE to claim an extra 5% OFF orders
  • Use discount code CLEAR15 to save 15% OFF
  • Sign up to the brand newsletter to get the latest updates and offers
  • Find many sale items on the cheap discounted radiators page

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Trade Radiators

Trade Radiators Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Trade Radiators reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where are Trade Radiators based?

Trade Radiators ltd is a company based in the UK.

How do I contact Trade Radiators?

You can email [email protected] or call 0141 225 0430.

Does Trade Radiators ship internationally?

Currently, Trade Radiators only delivers their radiators in the UK.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Trade Radiators Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Trade Radiators is indeed a center for all things warm, stylish, and efficient. You have just discovered a treasure trove of high-quality radiators and heated towel rails. Besides, the elegant design is worth your consideration as well.

On top of that, the best part is that all the radiators are at a reasonable price. You can compare them! So, head to Trade Radiators‘ website today and bring home the warmth you deserve. Happy heating!


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