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TQSKY Review 2024 → The First Audio-visual Glasses Ever!

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About TQSKY Audiovisual Glasses

Technology has developed a lot in this era. TQSKY intends to create audiovisual smart glasses to bring the next level of vision.

TQSKY Review: About TQSKY Audiovisual Glasses
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It has the most functional and experimental glasses compatible with many gadgets. In addition, it is perfect to complete your appearance.

Customers can wear it for many needs, including watching movies, scrolling on TikTok, attending an online class, gaming, or even flying a drone. Even better, it receives an Eye Comfort Display certification from TUV Rheinland. 

Many famous gadget reviewers on YouTube have reviewed the item. For example, TechUtopia, Han’s Tech Talk, and TechLine. Although new, the company has 685 followers on social media.

If you have an eye on the brand’s product, keep reading to know the founder, product review, and policies in the Tqsky review. Then, let’s begin with the company’s overview!

Overview of TQSKY Audiovisual Glasses

Jessie and the team have more than 12 years of experience in technology. They began the R&D in January 2022, producing the world’s first AR/XR smart glasses. 

This team has excellent coordination and taste. In addition, the product they make is marvelously practical to give more visions and hearings effectively.

You can connect it to smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and even drones. The glasses look great and can bring your outfit to the next level.

You don’t have to worry if the glasses will block your vision and hearing from reality. Instead, you can see and hear clearly and stay connected to what you’re looking on at.

Even better, the team ships internationally to serve worldwide customers. Below, I’ll provide the highlights of this brand.

Tqsky Highlights

  • Provides AR/XR glasses for leveling up visions and hearings
  • It has Eye Comfort Display certification
  • Compatible with many devices and gadgets
  • Functional for learning, watching movies, gaming, etc
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Offers one-year warranty
  • Ships internationally
  • Offers free standard international shipping on orders of $150
  • Provides 14-day return and refund policy

TQSKY Review

You must be curious about this brand since you stay with me till this section. I’m honored and will give you a more profound review of the products.

TQSKY Reviews: TQSKY Review

Currently, it offers three things:

  • T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses
  • Luminescent Lenses
  • T-Box

Therefore, without further ado, let’s review the first item!

TQSKY T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses Reviews

Say hello to the world’s first AR/VR glasses from TQSKY, T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses! This product is slim, lightweight, and fancy for everyone. Plus, it is fashionable and easy to combine with any outfit!

TQSKY Review: TQSKY T1 AR Audiovisual Glasses Reviews

This product includes smart glasses, one luminescent lens, TQ-bag, glass cloth, USB Type-C, TQ-shelter, and T-Box. But don’t worry because it isn’t heavy at all; it only weighs 79 grams.

When you wear these glasses, you can choose the lens freely. The lenses are available in Dim Gray, Lime Green, Sharp Blues, and Passion Pink.

It is magnetic and easy to stick. In addition, you have control over brightness and audio. The glasses are compatible with smartphones, laptops, consoles, and even drones.

You can change the connector to USB 2.0 or HDMI to transmit the data. Furthermore, the resolution is up to 1080 pixels, allowing you to watch things clearly on 150 inches HD screen


  • Practical AR/VR Glasses for daily life
  • Available in four lenses’ shades
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Promotes easy-application
  • Results in high-quality images
  • Give control to the user on brightness and audio

Then, visit the page below and get the package for $699! After that, you will have next-level vision and hearing!

TQSKY Luminescent Lenses Reviews

The second product that the team prepared is for anyone who already owns the glasses. Luminescent Lenses by TQSKY is available in four shades.

TQSKY Review: TQSKY Luminescent Lenses Reviews

You can choose Dim Gray, Sharp Blues, Lime Green, and Passion Pink. In addition, they are magnetic, allowing you to wear them flash with the T1 Glasses.

Don’t forget to mix and match your outfit so you can walk confidently with an on-point look!


  • Available in four shades
  • Magnetic 
  • Easy to use

So, get your wallet and buy one lens for only $49.90!

TQSKY T-Box Reviews

Here is the final product I’ll review. T-Box is a portable projection box that only weighs less than 230 grams. The RAM is 128MB DDR and can decode video for up to 1080 pixels.

TQSKY Review: TQSKY T-Box Reviews

In addition, the item features 5000mAh with 10 watts of power. You can connect it with dual-band WIFI-5 or a data cable. With this item, you can watch whatever your gadget mirror and stay private in the glasses! 


  • The lightweight, portable projection box
  • It has a vast memory and a long-lasting battery
  • Easy to transmit data 
  • Practical for T1 Audiovisual Glasses

Thus, if you need this box, let’s buy it for $89.90!

How does TQSKY Work?

Alright, you must wonder how this technology work. Truthfully it isn’t difficult. Instead, it is simple and easy to practice.

TQSKY Review: How does TQSKY Work?

Take a look at the explanations below:

  • First, stick the magnetic glasses to the lens. Then, you can choose the lens’ color based on your preference. 
  • Then, prepare the T-Box and USB-C type. Next, turn on the T-Box and find a setting on your gadget. 
  • After that, connect it to the device you’re watching and let it transmit the data to the glasses. Please wait for a moment to mirror the display.
  • That’s it! Everything is settled, and you can start enjoying your time! 

So, are you ready to bring an HD screen to your vision with these prototype glasses?

Where Can Customers Use TQSKY?

Audiovisual smart glasses from this company are the most flexible item you can use indoors and outdoors. So you have the freedom to wear it comfortably on many occasions.

TQSKY Review: Where Can Customers Use TQSKY?

For example, you can wear it at your house, in the middle of the flight, during a video call, etc. Merely choose what you want to watch and see and connect it to your gadget.

Thus, everything is under control, and you will get a 150 inches HD screen to enjoy the vacant time. 

Who is TQSKY For?

The brand intends to give all ages and all genders the next level of visions of hearings. Anyone can wear glasses to have more significant changes.

TQSKY Review: Who is TQSKY For?

However, if you give your child a chance to wear it, please be more cautious so that he won’t break the item. Plus, he can get more tension since the visions and hearings are incredibly fantastic! 

TQSKY Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You’ve learned enough about the brand’s history and product review. Now, you come to the essential section which can influence you to purchase the product.

TQSKY Review: TQSKY Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Firstly, I can’t find a written review regarding the item. However, I get testimonials from gadget reviewers on Youtube. Take a look at the utterance below:

It is very nice. I love that seriously. … They look awesome, completely look modern, like Sci-fi glasses. It is fast and easy!  

This one comes from TechUtopia, a YouTuber with 257K subscribers. He reviewed the product and fell in love immediately. Even better, the glasses fill his expectations with marvelous features. 

The second utterance stated:

It is a very good build quality, and lightweight. Plus, it has an amazing display and color calibration. The sound quality is the best among VR glasses. So, it is a great value for the money. 

It came from Han’s Tech Talk, a gadget reviewer with 89.5K subscribers. He found the item excellent due to its fabulous features. Also, he recommends it to anyone because it is a valuable device for daily needs. 

Therefore, I can summarize that Tqsky performs exceptionally in providing audio-visual glasses for every customer. Not only the design are beautiful, but also the features are beyond compare. 

Is TQSKY Worth It?

There are not many audiovisual smart glasses that you can use anywhere. Most are suitable for indoors but have no fancy design like TQSKY. So, yes, this brand is worth it. Indeed.

TQSKY Review: Is TQSKY Worth It?

You can wear it comfortably without causing nausea or discomfort. In addition, it will result in an HD screen with a fashionable lens. Therefore, you can go out with a great outfit but still have a helpful vision and hear from the product. 

TQSKY Warranty Policy

This brand is committed to quality and offers you a one-year warranty. It is eligible from the date of purchase, and you need to submit a receipt to claim it. 

Note that this policy is only eligible for manufacturing defects. The team will not help you if there is accidental damage or misuse. 

If you find a problem with the smart glass during the warranty period, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at [email protected]. Afterward, the team will make it right for you. 

TQSKY Shipping Policy

Lucky you because the brand ships internationally with free standard international shipping on orders of $150. Let’s take a look at the policies below:

  • The brand ships from China or the Singapore warehouse
  • The team will ship directly an order placed on a weekday before 1 PM
  • There’s no shipment on the weekend so the team will prepare your order on business days
  • You will be charged a flat rate of $35 on orders under the minimum amount

Suppose you face a problem with the shipping, don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected]

TQSKY Tracking Order

As discussed, the team will require a day to prepare your order. Once your package ships, you’ll receive a confirmation via email and a tracking number.

You can track your box through this Tracking Order page. If you have a problem, get in touch with the team at [email protected]

TQSKY Return Policy

The company offers a 14-day return policy on unused, unworn with tags in the original packaging. So you have the return period by the time you receive the order on your first door.

Please get in touch with the team at [email protected] to initiate a return. If the return is acceptable, send your package to Room 2306, Haowei Technology Building, Keji South 8th Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Once the team gets your package, they will immediately inspect it. If the refund is eligible, you’ll get a refund within ten business days to the original payment method. If a problem arises, don’t hesitate to contact the team via email to solve it. 

How to Contact TQSKY

Further questions concerning the smart glasses from Tqsky can follow the steps below:

  • Shoot an email at [email protected]
  • Fill out a blank form on the official website
  • Ask directly on the bottom right live chat on the website
  • Call the team at + (86) 191-293-140-47
  • Hit a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Visit the company at 175A Bencoolen Street #06-01 Burlington Square Singapore 189650

Please kindly wait for the team to reply during business hours, Mon to Fri, 9.30 AM to 6 PM. 

Where to buy TQSKY?

Currently, you can purchase the product from the official website. The team will do their best to send your package as soon as possible to your door. 

TQSKY Coupon Codes & Promos

Eureka! Take a look at the exclusive deals below from this company:

  • Subscribe to the official website to get exclusive offers
  • Get $150 off and Free 3 Lenses Glasses on Christmas Sale

Please visit the official website to get more promotions and discount codes. 

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TQSKY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TQSKY reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns TQSKY?

Jessie is the CEO and founder of this brand.

Does TQSKY ship internationally?

Yes, it offers free standard international shipping on orders of $150. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TQSKY Reviews & Ratings

Having a technological gadget can bring you more intimate with yourself. TQSKY wants you to experience easy watching with earful hearing. 

In addition, audiovisual glasses are what you need for your life. You can do whatever you want without having anyone looking at you. So, let’s get the product and give you more access to your life! 


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