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Tishwish Review 2024 → The Solution For Eco-friendly Packaging

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About Tishwish

It is common knowledge that single-use plastics are killing our planet. So, whether you’re just starting or an established retailer looking to make a change for good, our Tishwish review has a recommendation for you.

Tishwish Review: About Tishwish
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Let’s introduce, Tishwish! This company is a sustainable packaging solution that fits businesses of all sizes; Small Startups, Large Enterprises, and everything in between.

This packaging and container manufacturing company supplies custom sustainable packaging, eco-friendly bags for packaging, and recycled plastic mailing bags.

The brand strives to be a leader in responsible packaging by establishing a project called Timber Leaf Project. Every order you place is an effort to plant a tree in an area that needs reforestation on your behalf. They have even managed to plant 5654 trees and still counting.

What an amazing effort, right? It seems too good to be true, but it’s the best thing the brand has made to attract social media users’ attention, evident from the 1.4k followers on Facebook and 22k followers on Instagram. What a huge number!

So, are you getting excited about this compostable packaging company? We’ll help you look at the company profile and quality products and check customer ratings to know if this is the packaging solution for you and your business.

Overview Of Tishwish

During the pandemic, online shopping increased dramatically. Unfortunately, this resulted in tons of single-use plastic packaging ending up in landfills. This was when Tishwish was born.

Husband-and-wife team Arsh Kakar and Jannat Kakar had the big idea to start a compostable packaging company when they were shocked by the amount of waste generated from all the online shopping.

They believe that single-use plastics should be a thing of the past, so their reach is zero waste. By presenting compostable shipping bags, reusable poly mailers, recycled mailers, and eco-enclose poly mailers, they are confident in their efforts for the earth’s well-being.

Although Tishwish is a new company, thanks to its products that are not only compostable but also customizable. Also, thanks to vegetable-based inks and other sustainable technologies, the company can print whatever customers want on its product line.

Tishwish goes right to the deep end to develop products from the ground up that will reduce environmental damage. Now, they have customers spread across various countries around the world. Their customer base includes both large and small businesses.

Each of its products serves a valuable function, giving the company a positive reputation. However, certain elements should be enhanced and developed for a brand that hasn’t existed. Here are the pros and cons of Tishwish that we have summarized into several points:

Tishwish Pros

  • All products use sustainable materials that are 100% Recyclable
  • Wide variety of sustainable packaging solutions
  • Plant-based products that easily decompose
  • Completely customizable
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Free worldwide shipping on all custom orders
  • Offers a return and refund policy

Tishwish Cons

  • Returns are available only 5 days after receipt of the item

Tishwish Review

Having a background in printing, packaging, and product design, Tishwish knew where to start. Their background also gave insights into how taxing packaging production can affect the environment. Hence, they develop customizable, zero-waste packaging for the earth’s well-being. 

Tishwish Reviews: Tishwish Review

Apart from their superior packaging products, including compostable mailers, bubble mailers, garment bags, and recycled mailer boxes, they also have a range of products for other packaging needs, such as tissue, stickers, ribbons, cards, tape, hangtags, and recycled custom woven labels.

If you want to take an in-depth look at some of their best-selling products, keep following along with our Tishwish review. Below, we’ll go on some of the most popular options to give you an idea of what makes them so popular. Stay tuned!

Tishwish Custom Compostable Mailers Reviews

Good packaging illustrates how high the quality of your brand is. Thanks to Tishwish Custom Compostable Mailers, you can create packaging that matches how your product looks or how your brand wants to be recognized by its customers.

Tishwish Review: Tishwish Custom Compostable Mailers Reviews

Whether clean packaging with dark colors or colorful packaging with cheerful bright colors, whatever you want, these custom mailers will make it happen! Also, as the name suggests, these custom mailers are 100% compostable, which shows significant concern for our beloved earth.

These compostable mailers are made from bio-based polymer PBAT and plant-based polymer PLA. The products are waterproof, flexible, stickable, and writable. It has a secure seal and a double adhesive feature to reuse. You can store it when not in use, and it will last up to 9-12 months in a cool & dry place.

The mailers leave no harmful residue once broken. Another highlight of this product is that it meets American, European, Australasian, and International home and commercial compostable standards with certifications from global certification bodies TUV Austria and ABA.

Tishwish mailers have been tested to withstand International Transit worldwide, coming in 3 sizes; Small Size can carry up to 2 kg/4.5 lbs, Standard Size can carry up to 4 kg/9 lbs, and Large Size can carry up to 6 kg/13 lbs.

You can order these custom compostable mailers with a minimum of 50 units for $135 per 50 units. The larger your purchase, the cheaper the price you can get.

Tishwish Custom Compostable Bubble Mailers Reviews

When shipping products to customers, you want to pack as well as possible so that the product reaches the customer safely. In addition, because some products require extra attention in transit, you must package them with good protection.

Tishwish Review: Tishwish Custom Compostable Bubble Mailers Reviews

In this Tishwish review, we recommend these Custom Compostable Bubble Mailers with 2 layers of safe bubble cushioning. Not only that, but this product is commercially compostable on the inside and made of recycled paper mailers on the outside.

These compostable bubble mailers are the perfect choice for packaging needs. They are flexible, stickable, and writable, so you can conveniently pack your customers’ orders.

As with the previous product, these bubble mailers also come with a secure seal and a double-adhesive feature to reuse them. In addition, the product is also made of the bio-based polymer PBAT and plant-based polymer PLA that leave no harmful residue once broken.

Different from the previous packaging mailers, you need to reach a minimum of 100 units to order these bubble mailers. Per 100 units, the price is $299, and it gets even cheaper if you order in larger quantities.

Tishwish Custom Tishwish Tissue Reviews

In addition to its mailers products, its tissue is also the best-selling product that is most sought after. This Custom Tishwish Tissue is great for wrapping your products or for use in gift bags. Besides that, you can also use it for crafts!

Tishwish Review: Tishwish Custom Tishwish Tissue Reviews

You can get creative by crumpling, tearing, or folding them into petal garlands, flower wreaths, or even numbers for the next birthday party. Moreover, Tishwish Tissue is a custom product you can customize with the design you have prepared and adjust to your needs.

It doesn’t stop there! Another proud thing about this custom tissue is that it is 100% Recycled FSC Paper which means that your purchase does not contribute to deforestation. It also uses vegetable ink, a renewable natural source that makes recycling easier.

There are six pattern options available that you can customize to your design needs. The minimum order for this custom tissue is 250 sheets for $290. Still the same as other products; the larger your order quantity, the cheaper the price is.

Who Is Tishwish For?

As far as we dig into the brand, we think the Tishwish quantity suits businesses of all sizes; small startups, large corporations, and everything in between.

Tishwish Review: Who Is Tishwish For?

With all of its products being compostable, it would be a solution for businesses looking for sustainable packaging. In addition, the brand aims to enhance the unique enjoyment and excitement of the unwrapping process. So, unwrapping becomes more about the joy than what’s inside, whether it’s an in-store purchase, online delivery, or a gift from a loved one.

Also, since the brand offers a wide range of packaging products, such as mailers, tissues, tapes, stickers, and hangtags, it covers a wide range of industries, whether e-commerce, in-store, apparel, cafe, florists, or anything else.

Tishwish Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Knowing the opinions of customers who have bought Tishwish products before is a way to determine their feasibility and whether they are happy or even disappointed with their experience ordering packaging products from this brand.

Tishwish Review: Tishwish Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

That being said, we’ll help you determine what buyers have to say about the Tishwish products they ordered. So, let’s go straight to the first review from a customer who gave a 5/5 rating. He said: 

You have taken our company image to another level. Thank you TishWish! You make it easy to order, reorder, update designs. We, and our customers, not only appreciate the design on the packaging, but also the fact that this packaging is 100% compostable.

The reviewer’s experience with the brand’s service and the excellent quality of the products proves that the brand brings the best for each product.

Another customer who also gave the brand a 5/5 rating left a comment:

We are very happy with this purchase, the ink, the images and the quality. Will continue to buy with Twish.

Starting from the quality of the ink and the excellent image quality, it gives satisfaction and makes him happy. He even has a plan to buy other packaging products from this brand.

Another customer gave a 4/5 rating even though he seemed satisfied with the product he received. Here is his statement:

The product has good quality. Very fast delivery! Thanks for that.

Although the rating was reduced by one star, there were no complaints or experiences of dissatisfaction with the order. Instead, he praised the quality of the product and the fast delivery.

Overall, the brand works well to satisfy customers by providing the best quality products. Even the brand tries to do the best service for its customers, such as an easy ordering process and fast delivery.

Is Tishwish Worth It?

What makes Tishwish special and worthy of other brands? First, as a sustainable & eco-friendly packaging solutions brand, they use 100% recyclable, 100% compostable, internationally certified materials. They even design every detail of the pattern and print it using vegetable-based inks that are very safe.

Tishwish Review: Is Tishwish Worth It?

In addition to its superior compostable packaging materials, Tishwish considers businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, and startups. So, its low MOQs allow brands and businesses of all sizes to reach out to clients of all sizes.

You also need to know that packaging products made from plant-based such as Tishwish, can break down in only 3 months to 6 months to break down. It is a fairly short time compared to traditional plastic packaging, which takes up to 500 years to decompose.

It doesn’t stop there! Its free worldwide shipping is a benefit to business owners everywhere. So, with some of its superiority, it can be concluded that Tishwish is worth choosing.

Tishwish Shipping Policy

In addition to international shipping, Tishwish also offers free worldwide shipping! All Custom Product orders have a production time of 5-12 days.

Meanwhile, the delivery time, of course, varies by country and delivery location. Here is the estimated delivery time:

  • Standard shipping: 3-7 days transit time (free shipping with tracking)
  • Express shipping: 2-5 days transit time (with additional charge)

The brand will send the tracking number after shipping the order to the customer’s email.

Tishwish Return Policy

The brand reviews and processes return and refunds on a case-by-case basis. If you want to process a return, contact the brand within 5 days of receiving your order.

My Order Is Defective Or Damaged
Before shipping, the brand carefully inspects and packs. It is recommended to inspect your order for visible damage before you sign the receipt. They will reimburse for orders that arrive damaged. Please contact the team and send the order number and clear photos of the damage.

I Changed My Mind
If you purchased the wrong size or no longer need your product, you could return it for store credit. A handling fee and original shipping fee are deducted from any store credit.

Order Cancellation
As the brand starts working on production and order fulfillment, usually on the same day the order is received, the brand does not accept any cancellations once it is produced or shipped. So, please contact the brand as soon as possible with your order number.

After getting the return approval, the brand will process your refund as soon as possible. Please contact customer service for detailed information.

How To Contact Tishwish

Have a special request, fancy a chat, or are unsure what you want? Ask the brand anything, and their team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Send your message via email at [email protected] or on the blank form available on the website. You can also chat with the team via live chat in the bottom right corner of the website.

Want to talk straight away and say what you’re thinking? Call the team at +1(415) 800-2048. We recommend contacting the team during business hours and days for maximum response.

You can also find out the latest updates about the brand through its social media on its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Where to buy Tishwish?

As a brand that offers custom packaging products, ordering custom products is only accessible through their official website. However, since they also sell stylish stock sustainable packaging, you can find their stock products on international retailers such as Amazon.

Tishwish Coupon Codes & Promos

Usually, custom products sold online must offer a sample kit as an overview of the quality of the material, color, size, and much more. In addition to getting samples of some products, you can also get a 5% coupon code to claim when buying the next product.

The brand also offers 5% OFF your first order, access to new products, exclusive offers, and flash sales when you subscribe to their newsletter. You can also enjoy free worldwide shipping on all your custom orders.

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Tishwish Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Tishwish reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Tishwish?

Arsh Kakar and Jannat Kakar are a husband and wife who started a compostable-packaging company, Tishwish.

Where is Tishwish located?

The company is located at 600 CALIFORNIA STREET, San Francisco, California 94108, US.

Does Tishwish ship internationally?

Yes, this brand ships around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Tishwish Reviews & Ratings

After reading a few sections about Tishwish, you must be looking forward to ordering packaging products for your brand, especially when you know that they use sustainable materials that are 100% Recyclable.

Not only that, the minimum purchase is quite low. So, you don’t have to worry anymore as a beginner or still have orders that are not too large.

There are many fun things you can get from this brand, including its free worldwide shipping, so wherever you are, get your design ready and customize the packaging you want for your brand!


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