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About Tippy Taste Jewelry

You are never fully dressed until you find the perfect jewelry. However, not all jewelry resonates with your personality. That’s where Tippy Taste Jewelry comes into place.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: About Tippy Taste Jewelry
Image: facebook.com/tippytaste

Tippy Taste Jewelry is placed somewhere in New York with local family artisans who handcrafted their unique, classy, and elegant jewels. This label offers a wide arrange of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more accessories straight from the fairytale.

With the motto to connect people with the hidden gems, this label ensures to only offer glamorous gemstone jewels that have caught the sparkle attention of 120k followers on Instagram and 15k likes on Facebook.

Promising to present their clients with the jewel that speaks for innocence, vulnerability, and elegance, this store can be a great place for your accessories stop.

But perhaps you have more to unravel? In this Tippy Taste Jewelry review, I’ll turn every page to tell you the company profile, customer rating, and more to help you discover more about the brand. Let’s start.

Overview of Tippy Taste Jewelry

Tippy Hung was a student from Parsons, the New School for Design, and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, with jewelry design as her special major. Once she graduated, she made her way to Swavoriski.

However, her calling for jewelry cannot be limited to a certain extent. So precisely, in 2016, Tippy Taste Jewelry was established with Hung’s greatest love of jewelry and her passion for connecting people through the hidden gems of jewelry.

Mostly well-known for her classy and elegant vintage-inspired designs, the brand has been honorably mentioned many times in the international press, such as in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Washington Post.

On top of that, this independent jewel label has successfully won the global 2022 A’ Design Award for Emerging International talent in Jewelry design.

Now you’ve read a glimpse of Tippy Taste Jewelry’s story. You can get through these pros and cons listicles to get an overview of this label’s highlights.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Pros

  • Offering high-quality, unique, and elegant jewelry
  • Provide comprehensive sizings
  • International award-winning
  • Free shipping for local orders
  • Free worldwide shipping for order over $200
  • Flat fee international shipping at $16
  • 14-days of return
  • 3-months repair warranty
  • Lots of happy customers review

Tippy Taste Jewelry Cons

  • Only available in the official store and on Etsy

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review

Truth be told, this Tippy Taste Jewelry review has a lot to expose about the exquisite jewelry from the brand, from the Tippy Taste heirloom collection to the salt and pepper diamond ring. On their official website, they curate the best designs under the following categories:

Tippy Taste Jewelry Reviews: Tippy Taste Jewelry Review
  1. Ring
  2. Earrings
  3. Necklaces
  4. Bracelets

More than that, they also categorize the items based on gold vermeil, fine jewelry, engagement and ceremonials, and more. Even the size of the ring you can choose, from 35 mm to 42 mm ring size.

So, I’ve picked the three best items from the store to give you the best depth-in review about Tippy Taste Jewelry. Shall we start?

Tippy Taste Jewelry One Of A Kind: 14K Pink Tourmaline Sicily Ring Reviews

Take a look at the handcrafted story of this 14K Pink Tourmaline Sicily Ring by Tippy Taste Jewelry. With the pink color, the ring shines the word for elegance and tranquility within itself.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Tippy Taste Jewelry One Of A Kind: 14K Pink Tourmaline Sicily Ring Reviews

With the twisted 14K gold ring band, the pear-shaped tourmaline is held in the center of the ring. It also has little white diamonds on its surrounding.

More than that, the pastel pink color makes the item a perfect match for a lady who seeks accessories that accentuate a feminine aura.

In the store, this item is fallen in the limited edition category. If you feel like the ring is set to your heart, have it made especially for you at only $750.

Tippy Taste Jewelry 14K Moonstone Tinkerbell Studs Reviews

Next product on the Tippy Taste Jewelry review, I take the 14K Moonstone Tinkerbell Studs earring to let you know what to wear to your evening party. This jewelry has a lot more to tell.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Tippy Taste Jewelry 14K Moonstone Tinkerbell Studs Reviews

Named with the moonstone, the handcrafted 14K solid gold is indeed capturing the 4mm natural moonstones. The Cubic Zirconia is also present in a round and marquise shape to accentuate the Tinkerbell feeling after the name.

If you feel like the earring is the one that falls to your taste. You can reach out to the store and get the item for only $550.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Rosabelle Necklace Reviews

Tippy Taste Jewelry’s necklaces are no less than its line of rings and earrings. Especially this Rosabelle Necklace.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Tippy Taste Jewelry Rosabelle Necklace Reviews

With the name Rosabelle meaning beautiful rose, this necklace will be an impressive decoration for anyone who receives it. Decorated with a sculptured rose and a little diamond detailing on the stem, this necklace can be an option for anyone.

You can also customize the size to your liking, choosing between vermeil or 14k gold, natural diamonds or CZs, and even the length of the gold-filled chain.

For only $165, you get a beautiful necklace made just for you.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Size Guide

Tippy Taste Jewelry has comprehensive sizing options to help you find the best ring size. They also offer you two methods of sizing to help you figure out the right size.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Tippy Taste Jewelry Size Guide

One of the ways is by placing your rings on the picture sizes above. Curious to know more? Immediately check on their web to get the clear-cut ring measurements.

Who Is Tippy Taste Jewelry For?

Tippy Taste Jewelry is nearly for everyone who wants to feel the unique connection from their unique persona to the jewels, stones, and gems. This implies this brand’s jewelry is suitable those who seek for unique and independent accessories to represent their thoughts.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Who Is Tippy Taste Jewelry For?

For people who want to find their best-match accessories, Tippy Taste is the match made in heaven spot. Beyond making the jewel, Tippy also create an array of collection to represent one’s birth date, horoscopes, and more.

So for those who see the high value of uniqueness and want a regal, elegant piece of jewelry, Tippy has a lot for you.

Is Tippy Taste Jewelry Legit?

Absolutely, yes. Tippy Taste Jewelry is considered a legit brand because I couldn’t spot any single concern or negative customer review amongst lots of positive testimonials.

Many customers say shipping is quick and fast, and the brand exceeds their expectations. When it comes to buying original jewelry for special moments, this is definitely great news.

Is Tippy Taste Jewelry Worth It?

All and about, you might be wondering how worthy this label is for you. As I write in my Tippy Taste Jewelry review, I’d say everything about this brand is worth your investment.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Is Tippy Taste Jewelry Worth It?

As an independent brand, the designer makes jewelry with great care to emphasize personal, elegant, and classy values in her products. So, in terms of product uniqueness, I would say this brand is a win.

As for the service, the customer section alone will speak about how highly reliable the brand is in fulfilling customer satisfaction.

Along with the warranty and shipping policy that I’ll reveal below, there is nothing to contradict the saying that this brand is definitely worth buying.

Tippy Taste Jewelry: What Do Customers Think?

Now, in this section of the Tippy Taste Jewelry review, I can’t let you go with the review without knowing what the previous customers were saying about this jewelry label.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Review: Tippy Taste Jewelry: What Do Customers Think?

Finding the testimony for a high-class and personal concept store like Tippy Taste is not as easy as common products. However, you can touch the customers’ reviews on Etsy.

This label got almost perfect 5 stars on Etsy. It seems that all of the 206 purchases have ended with satisfied customers. More than that, the retailer also spots that Tippy Taste has a history of shipping on time for everyone.

One happy customer who bought Moonstone Blossom Ring left a note:

I adore this ring. It is so light on my finger, not only that but it is also really gorgeous. When the light hits it there is a wonderful blueish shine from the stone. Extremely incredible!

She attached the beautiful picture and said that the ring quality is absolutely incredible for having a lightweight feel and stunning shine when it is shed on the light.

In the other section, the Garnet Blossom Ring was purchased by a customer who also said:

It looks even more gorgeus in a person than in the photo. I’m so in love with it! It arrived in a good amount of time and I’m very happy with my ring. The box it came in is excellent for storing it when I take it off. Lovely ring and is very well worth the price.

Well, it is clear that she is totally in love with the jewelry. She expressed that the ring is worth buying as it is more beautiful than the pictures catalog.

After all, the customer reviews seem almost too good to be true. Still, indeed the store has a lot to offer with high quality, personalized, and elegant jewelry along with on-time shipping.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Shipping Policy

This Tippy Taste Jewelry review is beyond happy to inform you that the brand offers free shipping for local US and international customers! Let’s take a look closely at how you can get free delivery from the store.

  • US orders
    The store offers free shipping for all US orders via standard delivery for domestic orders. You can expect an arrival time of about 5 – 7 business days delivery after your goods are processed.
  • International orders
    Free shipping is also offered for international customers with a minimum order of $200. Under the minimum range, the fee is flat at $16. Also, the goods may take 10 – 20 days to arrive.

Both shipments are processed from New York via USPS. Once your order is delivered, a tracking number is sent to you.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Return Policy

In case your purchase from Tippy Taste Jewelry has something that may cause you to return it, you have to ensure to tick the following list:

  1.  The item is not purchased with store credit
  2. The item is not in the heirloom, men’s collection, and solid gold pieces category

Once you are set for a return request, immediately contact the team via email at [email protected] within 10 days of the goods’ arrival at your place.

Tippy Taste Jewelry Repair Policy

More than committed to giving you the highest quality of handmade jewels, Tippy Taste Jewelry prioritizes your upmost satisfaction as a customer. That’s why they are open for free repairs within the first three months.

As for international repairs, the team will only cover the repair. While the shipments and possible additional fees are handled by the customers.

How to Contact Tippy Taste Jewelry

Finding the missing gems within this Tippy Taste Jewelry review? You can immediately reach out to the team through the following channels:

You can rest assured as the customer service team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to buy Tippy Taste Jewelry?

Evoking a sense of uniqueness and self-image that differs from person to person, Tippy Taste Jewelry often limits the making of its jewelry to a single piece.

Hence, the only way for you to get your hands on their exclusive services is to head over to the official website and order them yourself. Or, you can also head off to their Etsy store if you’re often on there!

Tippy Taste Jewelry Coupon Codes & Promos

One of the best ways Tippy Taste Jewelry has found to help you get the best discounts is by subscribing to their newsletter. You’ll be the first to be notified of exclusive offers and promos via email.

Also, you can click the button below to get a unique code that might help you save even more cash!

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Tippy Taste Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Tippy Taste Jewelry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Tippy Taste Jewelry?

Tippy Hung is the owner who built Tippy Taste Jewelry with her utmost love.

Does Tippy Taste Jewelry ship internationally?

Yes, Tippy Taste Jewelry ships internationally with free delivery for minimum quantity orders.

Where is Tippy Taste Jewelry located?

Tippy Taste Jewelry is made and located in New York City.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Tippy Taste Jewelry Reviews & Ratings

Seeking the right jewelry is as if looking for a perfect life partner. You need to carefully check the fit of your physical build and ensure the spark resonates with your heart. For so, you should check Tippy Taste Jewelry by yourself.

Being made in NYC with local family artisans, this label has made a vintage, unique, and more personal gemstone jewel that will shed more light on your one-of-a-kind persona.

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