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ThomasPaul Review 2024 → Vintage Home Decor for Every Room

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About ThomasPaul

We noticed you’re craving more pieces in your home gear. Just like picking a life partner, choosing home furnishings needs a dash of selectiveness. But hey, it’s a breeze! Get ready to beautify your space with unique home treasures at ThomasPaul.

ThomasPaul Review: About ThomasPaul

Sometimes, choosing furnishings is a real head-scratcher. However, ThomasPaul provides a way out by offering hand-crafted textiles and home appliances. Their lineup includes living room, kitchen, and bathroom needs.

Additionally, the brand has a strong presence online. When we visit their social media, there are 12k+ followers on Facebook, 3.5k+ on Instagram, and 1.6k+ on Pinterest.

So, this ThomasPaul review will do everything to give you all the details about this brand. We’ll help you determine whether this label is a good buy. Thus, stay with us!

Overview of ThomasPaul

The brand is named after its founder, Thomas Paul. One of his most outstanding achievements was working on neckwear collections for big brands such as Calvin Klein, Bill Blass, and DKNY.

Initially, the company only launched pillows in 2001. However, the line has since expanded into many categories. It aligns with the brand’s goal of providing products that fill every aspect of the home.

Moreover, many other brands invited ThomasPaul to collaborate. One example is Nuloom, which produced the octopus rug and serpent rug. Those two became the most sought-after products for everyone.

ThomasPaul Review

Are you on the lookout for household equipment that effortlessly marries vintage charm with a modern aesthetic? Then, ThomasPaul is a name that should be on your radar.

ThomasPaul Reviews: ThomasPaul Review

ThomasPaul is the right place to go if you’re looking for unique designs. Besides vintage style, we found tons of ocean, animal, and floral-themed designs here.

ThomasPaul Products

  • Wood
    • Cocktail Picks
    • Combs
    • Spoons
  • Textiles
    • Bath Maths
    • Dresses
    • Towels, etc

Furthermore, one of the hallmarks of the brand is the exclusive craftsmanship. Every piece is handprinted, which makes it a signature. It is what makes this company stand apart in an age of fast-paced production.

Next, prepare yourself to look into the actual review of the 4 most favorite products of the brand. We’ll give a peek at some details and features. Thus, let’s jump to the next section!

ThomasPaul Octopus Shower Curtain Reviews

The aquatic theme is one of people’s favorite bathroom themes. It shows a refreshing atmosphere by the beach. Your bathroom can also look like that with an Octopus Shower Curtain.

ThomasPaul Review: ThomasPaul Octopus Shower Curtain Reviews

What makes the curtain truly special is the hand silk screening and sewing. Each curtain features a magnificent vintage octopus design, a signature touch by the talented Thomas Paul. Thus, it adds nautical charm to your restroom.

In addition, the fabric is 100% unbleached medium-weight cotton canvas. This material ensures durability and an earthy, natural feel. So, what about the color? The curtain has dazzling deep ink. It reminds us of the vast ocean at night.

Besides, don’t overlook the details! This octopus shower curtain features a neat 2-inch bottom hem. It adds a rustic charm. Moreover, the standard loopholes make this curtain easy to hang.

Product Details

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Ink (navy blue) color
  • 72 x 72 inches size
  • 2-inch bottom hem and standard loopholes

Therefore, if you decorate your bathroom with a splash of the sea, don’t miss this exclusive piece. Make your bath feel like swimming in the free ocean by paying $150.00.

ThomasPaul Sea Life Dinner Plates Reviews

Are you a true lover of the ocean? If so, ensure the Sea Life Dinner Plates are on your rack. Get ready to add freshness and color to the dining table!

ThomasPaul Review: ThomasPaul Sea Life Dinner Plates Reviews

In addition, the plate set consists of 4 plates. Each of them is adorned with a sea-inspired design in various colors. You will find images of octopus, crab, lobster, and others.

Additionally, the brand ensures that the plates are made of BPA-free melamine. Thus, you can use these melamine plates for years later. You and your family get the safest cutlery.

Furthermore, are you worried about cleanup? Don’t be! This melamine plate set is dishwasher safe. So, washing them after meals becomes very easy. However, just a friendly reminder, these plates are not suitable for microwaves.

Product Details

  • BPA free melamine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 11″ diameter
  • Set of four assorted colors/designs

Thus, complete your plate collection with aquatic cutlery like this plate set. Also, it could increase your kids’ appetite by presenting cute cutlery. You can get it for $52.00.

ThomasPaul Leighton Reversible Pillow Reviews

Hey, we see your sofa still needs a complement. Why don’t you give it the Leighton/Hicks 18″ Reversible Pillow?┬áIt’s the coziest way to entertain guests in your home.

ThomasPaul Review: ThomasPaul Leighton Reversible Pillow Reviews

This pillow is made with a delightful blend of linen and cotton. It gives a textured basketweave feel that’s just as comfy as chic. Hence, if you love classic vintage style, then this pillow is perfect for you.

But here’s the fun part. The pillow is reversible! Once you get tired of the pattern, you can just flip it to switch up your decor. Ta-da! You get a new design on your pillow.

Further, the pillow offers plush velvet piped edges. You can get luxury to its casual charm. Also, we mean it when we say this pillow is a true work of art. The hand-screened design delivers its own unique personality.

Product Details

  • Hidden zipper
  • Hand screened design
  • Includes 95/5 feather/down removable insert
  • Dry clean recommended
  • 18″ x 18″ size
  • Lavender, ceylon yellow, and coral piping color

So, whether you’re lounging on the couch or adding a rustic touch to your bed, you can count on this reversible pillow. Besides, the price is affordable. You only need to prepare $59.99.

ThomasPaul Lobster Wood Comb Small Reviews

Let us tell you a secret to make Ariel jealous: having a Lobster Wood Comb Small. This comb is so adorable to your grooming routine. We bet Ariel would love to have one as well!

ThomasPaul Review: ThomasPaul Lobster Wood Comb Small Reviews

Do you know what makes this comb extra special? A small artisanal workshop of sustainable wood lovingly carves each comb. That’s why the design of this comb looks very authentic and unique.

Furthermore, this wooden comb is known for its durability and beautiful natural grain. All the greatness is because of the cedar wood as the base material of this comb.

Moreover, you can easily carry this lobster-shaped comb around. It measures 6 x 2 inches, which fits perfectly in your pocket. So, you are always ready for on-the-go hair combing.

Product Details

  • Cedarwood materials
  • 6″ x 2″ size
  • Unique variations on each comb

Don’t you want to have this lobster comb so bad? We bet your friends (and Ariel) are jealous! In addition, this comb can be a new item for your ocean collection. Shop this small comb for $48.00.

ThomasPaul Pros & Cons

While reading this review, you might wonder, is ThomasPaul really that perfect? That’s what this section is for. We are going to bring up the strengths and drawbacks of this brand.


  • Large selection of unique styles
  • Wide variety of textile collections
  • Many of the products are handprinted and hand-sewn
  • Top quality materials
  • Provides exclusive items that only found on the official site
  • Nostalgic aesthetic
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Functional and decorative design
  • Supporting local communities
  • Preserving traditional craftsmanship.
  • 30-day return
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Some plates can’t go in the microwave
  • The range of products available may not cover every possible decor need

Who Is ThomasPaul For?

ThomasPaul creates its collection for homeowners and property holders. As we know, the brand’s home appliances are perfect for people who want to personalize living spaces with distinctive and stylish decor.

Besides, the unique designs and themes of this company might also attract interior designers. Professionals who want to create beautiful and functional interiors should include the designs of ThomasPaul’s outstanding collections.

ThomasPaul Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s time to prove ThomasPaul’s claim. We took some customer feedback to see if the brand quality really matches the ads or not. Thus, you can be more confident to shop here.

ThomasPaul Review: ThomasPaul Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One customer revealed the quality:

I am thrilled with this purchase and have received many compliments. The curtain looks as shown online …

This customer found the octopus curtain matched the ads. It means the company is sincere. Besides, he expressed that the quality is very outstanding.

Another happy customer mentioned:

We finally found the underwater plate collection. What’s even more fun is that the designs are nice. I love them.

Unique and cool design is indeed one of the advantages of this company. No doubt, this buyer was fascinated by the excellent model of melamine plates.

Lastly, we found a shopper commented:

Our second purchase here. This time, we bought a pillow. We should have come to this shop a long time ago because the pillow is soft and fluffy. Also, the design is excellent!

Isn’t the customer’s comment above enough to convince you? He praised the pillow he just bought. It’s soft and fluffy, so it’s comfortable to use. Plus, the design is unique and lovely.

Overall, we see a lot of satisfied customers here. Apparently, this brand’s products steal their hearts. Most of them talk about the stunning, striking design and outstanding quality.

Is ThomasPaul Worth It?

Here, we hit the root of the matter. We see a lot of advantages in ThomasPaul. One of the most noticeable is the unique and distinctive designs. They stunningly blend vintage elements with a modern twist. Therefore, we know the company is worth the money.

ThomasPaul Review: Is ThomasPaul Worth It?

Furthermore, if you are a person who appreciates details and authenticity, then this brand will be on your top list. Most of their goods are handprinted, hand-sewn, or handcrafted by small artisanal workshops.

Besides, the brand can be your one-stop store for home appliances. You can find items that suit your taste and needs. Therefore, your home no longer looks empty and boring.

ThomasPaul Shipping Policy

We dug around and found that ThomasPaul ships both domestically and internationally to over 60+ countries in the world.

Also, the brand gives free shipping for purchases over $150.00 for US shipping. For purchases under $149.00, you only need to pay $10.00 flat rate shipping.

ThomasPaul Return Policy

Fortunately, ThomasPaul accepts returns on items damaged due to company error. You can send it back within 30 days from the date of purchase. All items are eligible for return except final sale merchandise.

In addition, the brand also does not accept returns from international purchases. Then, if you wish to make an exchange or return, contact [email protected] first. Next, you can send your package to the address below:

Returns Address
1 Ackerman Ave
Unit 5
Clifton NJ, 07011

How To Contact ThomasPaul

Did this review leave many questions in your mind? We recommend contacting customer service immediately. Feel free to stay connected via:

Mail Address
373 broadway
Suite B04 New York, NY 10013

Where to buy ThomasPaul?

Convinced by this ThomasPaul review to buy? You can find all of the brand’s collections on the official site. This method is the simplest and best way to get the product without hassle.

In addition, we were surprised that the brand is also famous outside its platform. Repeatedly, we see their products selling well on other marketplaces. It can be your shopping alternative, too. Visit the following third parties:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Wayfair

ThomasPaul Coupon Codes & Promos

ThomasPaul promotions keep popping up to save you money. We know you’re taking a big sigh of relief right now. Alright, the next step is to input the following discounts one by one:

  • Sign up to enjoy 20% OFF on your first order
  • Extra 40% OFF all sale items by using coupon code SAVE40
  • Apply promo code TP20 to get 20% OFF (min. order $150)
  • Check all discounted items on the sale page

Reveal all coupons

ThomasPaul Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ThomasPaul reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is ThomasPaul lobster dress available?

Yes, it is. However, the dress is available on other websites since it is a collaboration product. Thus, you can go there to get the lobster dress, whale dress, and other apparel.

Does ThomasPaul sell rugs?

Yes, it does. The brand collaborated with Nuloom to make some beautiful rugs.

Does ThomasPaul ship internationally?

Yes! The company spreads its collection worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ThomasPaul Reviews & Ratings

In brief, ThomasPaul doesn’t let you give ordinary appliances for your home sweet home. Alternatively, the company spoils you with various fabulous collections of its household equipment.

Thus, why don’t you add ThomasPaul magic to your living space? Discover the exclusive product range and get the perfect products that transform your home at its official website. Dive into ThomasPaul today!


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