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The Summer Edit Review 2023 → Luxe Resortwear for Looking Good All Day!

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About The Summer Edit

Fell in love with a summer wardrobe that makes you want to wear it the whole year? Indeed there’s nothing wrong with wearing the last season’s dresses as long as they look good and comfortable.

The Summer Edit Review: About The Summer Edit

The Summer Edit is a fashion brand that offers a summer collection with its luxe resort wear at affordable prices. This company focus on providing women with wear that looks not only good but also feels good that will cover their yearly fashion.

With its summer collection, this company gains a lot of attention from all fashionistas that love to wear summer collections, with 3.9k followers on its social media.

So, can you believe this brand fills your summer closet? This The Summer Edit review will guide you with all you need to know about this brand, including the company profile, product review, customer testimonials, customer service, and many more. So chill out, and let’s move to the next section!

Overview Of The Summer Edit

Founded in May 2021, The Summer Edit is a brand established by two co-founders that also lifelong best friends, Renée Green and Janine Bernstone. At first, sits main intention is to create a collection of luxe resort wear that will look comfortable all day.

This brand strives to provide pared-back styling, inclusive fit, and eco-friendly fabrics. In addition, this company wants to offer luxe without paying high-end prices, with all elements making you feel body confident no matter your body shape.

This company will use linen and silk material that offers great comfort and eco-friendliness. Not only in the material, but this company also has excellent customer service by providing a free shipping and return policy to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Before we dive deeper into this brand, here are several things that are worth highlighting about this company:

The Summer Edit Pros

  • Comfortable and look good
  • Eco-friendly fabrics
  • Affordable prices
  • Free scrunchie on all purchases
  • Free shipping for all UK
  • 14-days and 28-day return policy
  • International shipping

The Summer Edit Cons

  • No customer reviews

The Summer Edit Review

As stated above, this company uses eco-friendly and comfortable materials as summer items that can be used every season. In addition, this brand also offers Monogram Edit, which can be the best option if you want to make a personalized gift in the clothes. 

The Summer Edit Reviews: The Summer Edit Review

On its site, you’ll also find a wide selection of wardrobes such as dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, accessories, and many more.


This December, this company also launched its jewelry collection, making it the perfect option to complete your look. In the next section, let’s review some of its best-selling products.

The Summer Edit Audrey Malachite Oversized Silk Shirt Reviews

Made of 100% silk, this The Summer Edit blouse is one of our recommendations if you want a comfortable shirt.

The Summer Edit Review: The Summer Edit Audrey Malachite Oversized Silk Shirt Reviews

The Audrey Malachite Oversized Silk Shirt uses natural, high-quality luxe grin silk by combining 91 % Silk and 9% Elastane which is lightweight, so you can comfortably use it for a whole day.

The design of a loose fit through the frame will make you feel free to move while still looking enchanting. Furthermore, the oversized fit and drop shoulder offers a comfortable yet sexy look.

The plain design with a glossy finish; you can pair it with a beautiful necklace to complete the look. You can choose two sizes and three colour options: black, navy, and ivory.

If you are interested in this The Summer Edit shirt, you purchase it for £165 and be ready to grab everyone’s attention!

The Summer Edit Sienna Polka Dot Silk Bandeau Dress Reviews

Are you a polka dot pattern dress lover? Then this The Summer Edit Sienna Polka Dot Silk Bandeau Dress can be your go-to party dress that will look stunning and show your shape.

The Summer Edit Review: The Summer Edit Sienna Polka Dot Silk Bandeau Dress Reviews

This designer silk dress is designed with an elasticated shoulder lane that gives a flexible fit so you can easily adjust it based on your comfort. In addition, The fit through the frame tapered from hip to leg will make it not too tight for you so you can move comfortably.

The 3-way tie option allows you to style freely based on your accessories, comfort, and hairstyles. So you can feel free to express yourself through your dress and make it more fashionable by combining it with other stuff.

This polka dot dress is made from the same material of high-quality luxe silk combining 91 % Silk and 9% Elastane. To enhance the comfortable fit, the fabric has stretch.

This brand also offers other polka dot wardrobes with the same material, such as a polka dot skirt, neck top, shirt, and one-shoulder top. Interest in this dress? You can grab it for only £165 with size options ranging from 1-4!

The Summer Edit Rudi Midnight Blue Silk Ruched Dress Reviews

Looking for good just last season dresses UK? this The Summer Edit Rudi Midnight Blue Silk Ruched Dress is a dress that can enhance your beautiful line that’s not only worth it for summer but will cover all of the seasons.

The Summer Edit Review: The Summer Edit Rudi Midnight Blue Silk Ruched Dress Reviews

The slim fit design from the shoulder and through the frame can enhance the body’s shape. It’s also designed with a front hem vent that makes it free to move and stretch fabric for a comfortable fit.

This dress also has the same material as the two products above, which is indeed this brand’s expertise to use this material. The dress not only comes in Midnight Blue, but you can also find it in Black Hammered silk and Black Sandwashed Silk.

For £195, you can grab this dress with a 1-4 size option!

Who Is The Summer Edit For?

According to its claim, The Summer Edit brand is led by women and designed for women, especially those in their 20s, 30s, or up age. This brand is also explicitly made for a summer collection that can be used all year, but if you can’t find a winter collection here.

The Summer Edit Review: Who Is The Summer Edit For?

In addition, it only uses linen and silk material so you won’t find other materials on its site. This company can also be the best option if you’re looking for eco-friendly luxe resort wear that can be purchased at an affordable price.

Is The Summer Edit Legit?

Since this company was just established last year, you may still question whether this brand is legit. But from what we see from this brand, we can say that The Summer Edit is entirely legit.

The Summer Edit Review: Is The Summer Edit Legit?

This summer item company mentioned its owner and all information that led to its legitimacy. It also has a good presence on social media, with no complaints about this company, proving its credibility.

Is The Summer Edit Worth It?

As a new brand that offers a summer collection, this brand provides a significant movement in summer collection with its expertise in eco-friendly and luxe wardrobes. This company also offers affordable fashion items that use silk and linen as their primary material.

The Summer Edit Review: Is The Summer Edit Worth It?

They also have great free shipping and return policy to ensure your satisfaction. Furthermore, this brand is also generous by giving great offers for customers and gifts on all purchases. Hence, we believe that The Summer Edit is worth checking out!

The Summer Edit Shipping Policy

If you’re afraid that the shipping cost will break your bank, you don’t have to worry since The Summer Edit offers free shipping for all orders within the UK. Once you place the order, it will be processed within 1 – 3 days.

When the product is handled by the Royal Mail, you’ll receive the tracking number in your email. If your address is within the UK, it will arrive in approximately 3 – 5 working days. International shipping will cost £15 and arrive within 7 – 10 days.

The Summer Edit Return Policy

According to The Summer Edit shipping policy, this company offers 14 days of return for the UK and 28 days of purchase for international customers. However, remember that if you pass the date, you won’t be eligible for the return, so you should immediately check the product after the product arrives.

The product must be unworn and in the original packaging to be eligible for a refund or exchange. For international shipping, you’ll be responsible for the returns rates that cost €15 for Europe and $20 for the rest of the world.

Once the product arrives at the location, your refund or exchange will be processed within 3 – 5 working days. If the returned product passes the inspection, your refund will be credited to the original payment method, which will take 4 – 6 working days. You’ll get a full refund except for the shipping cost.

How To Contact The Summer Edit

If you still have questions or need help in the purchasing journey, you can feel free to get in touch with The Summer Edit customer service via:

Its customer service will be available from 9 am – 5 pm GMT, Monday to Friday, and will respond within 48 hours during busy times.

Where to buy The Summer Edit?

Interest in having those eco-friendly wardrobes in your closet? The only place to buy designer dresses online
by The Summer Edit is through its official website.

You can check what they have to offer to find your dream wardrobes that make you look more stunning yet comfortable. You can also harness its free shipping and hassle-free return policy by buying on its official website.

The Summer Edit Coupon Codes & Promos

Before checking out your cart, this is a must-check section where you can get the current offers. Here are several The Summer Edit that you can harness:

  • Joining VIP list for 15% off on the first order and get a notification of the latest offer
  • Enjoy a complimentary scrunchie on all orders
  • Get £5 off by sharing the code with friends or family
  • Free shipping on UK orders

Last but not least, you can reveal The Summer Edit coupon codes by clicking the button below!

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The Summer Edit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Summer Edit reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns The Summer Edit?

This company is owned by Janine Bernstone and Renée Green.

Does The Summer Edit ship internationally?

Yes, according to its shipping policy ships internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Summer Edit Reviews & Ratings

A summer wardrobe is the most comfortable fashion item in any season that offers comfort and a beautiful design. The Summer Edit is a wardrobe company that creates summer items that cover your summer 365 days a year. Is makes this company one of the best last-season designer clothes.

On its site, you’ll find clothes designed with comfortable and eco-friendly materials, created into dazzling fashion items. So whether you’re looking for silk shorts, a shirt, trousers, a dress, or others, this company covers everything.

So if you’re looking for summer fashion items that cover your whole year’s closet for comfortable use in all seasons, The Summer Edit is worth checking out!


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