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About The Sak

Fashion trends become more advanced day after day. However, it doesn’t apply to sustainability. Being sustainable is no longer a trend but a responsibility. However, if you look for one fashion brand to trust in its responsibility, it must be The Sak.

The Sak Review: About The Sak

The Sak sells bags like crossbody bags, clutches, purses, and backpacks made from recycled fabrics and ocean yarn. Their commitment to sustainability leads them to produce only high-quality bags with the lowest impact on the planet.

However, recycled material doesn’t mean an awful look. This brand ensures each item has an appealing design. They work with genuine artisans and great teams to deliver an impeccable collection list to the world.

After all the dedication to the planet, this brand deserves to gain massive attention from the world. It is why we can see their names on the Huffington Post, WWD, Los Angeles Times, and more. They also have 155K followers on Facebook and 45.7K followers on Instagram.

There are still more things to discover from this brand. If you like the introduction, you will most likely like the rest of the information we provide through The Sak Review. Thus, go to the next section and start to explore!

Overview of The Sak

Where do we start? Of course, everything behind the existence of this brand. Meet Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott, 2 childhood friends who get inspiration on their vacation time. In 1989, they took a break from their corporate career and started to travel.

Fortunately, they come to Bali. They realize that Bali is not an ordinary place. That island has some spirit in the world of craftsmanship. With that in mind, they finally formed a vision to work their path in the same category.

As a result, The Sak was born as a sustainable fashion brand with outstanding material and craftsmanship. It’s all thanks to their dedication to supporting the environment and people.

They collaborate with Balinese artisans and the local community to create durability, sustainability, and excellent-looking crochet bags. After that, they continuously worked to deliver more designs, which didn’t stop until this day.

Now, all of the hard work paid off. The collection has become a trend and has sold thousands of pieces. Many customers love the design, material, and everything about the details this brand has on their collection.

As additional information, this brand is also accessible to shop everywhere cause they are open for wholesale purchasing. Thus, don’t be surprised if you can also find this brand’s product in random handbag outlets. That’s how famous this brand is.

The Sak Reviews

So, What brand The Sak is? You probably wonder what makes this brand different from other fashion brands. To make it fair, we will tell you the uniqueness of this brand one by one.

The Sak Reviews: The Sak Reviews

After reading the introduction and the overview, you probably notice that this brand differs from the usual fashion brand. One that appears the most is that they are consciously sustainable.

Their sustainability comes from their material and craft. They use only recycled materials from the ocean yarns and sustainable supply chains. It includes plastic, Leather, EcoTwill, and more.

The Sak Collections

Bags Crossbodies & clutches, totes, backpacks, travel bags, mini bags, leather purses, sling bags, handbags, etc.
Shoes Sandals & slides, clog boots, rainboots, bolinas clogs, crochet clogs, etc.
Accessories Wallets & Wristlets, pouches, hats, jewelry, travel accessories, bag charms, etc.

Moreover, let us bring you an in-depth review of the 5 best-selling items from this brand. If you are excited enough to read the review, scroll to the next section!

The Sak Anise Hobo Reviews

It’s sometimes hard to choose a bag for summer. It’s all because summertime requires more things to bring. Thus, the size must be spacious. The problem is all big-size bag has a boring look. Sounds like your problem? You better check out Anise Hobo from The Sak.

The Sak Review: The Sak Anise Hobo Reviews

Have you seen crochet bags in a more stylish and attractive look than Anise Hobo? We guess not. This crochet bag has a visual that is perfect for every summer outfit you wear. Its shapes and colors give off calm vibes that any other crochet bag can’t.

Speaking of its quality, this crochet bag is also durable. It can withstand wear and tear over time. It’s great to know that this brand ensures every detail of craftsmanship is strong enough to hold your things. Bottle, wallet, handphone, everything is possible to keep.

Product Details

  • Terra stripe and sage static colors
  • Lightweight with only 1.4 lb
  • Unique fluid shape
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Soft and durable materials
  • Unlined interior with plenty pocket
  • Single shoulder strap
  • PETA-approved and Vegan Certified

Don’t you think this crochet bag can help you shine during your activity on your summer vacation? Yes, it does! Thus, don’t lose your chance and get this bag real quick. We don’t overreact. This bag is currently on sale. The price is $50.70 from $169.00. Hurry up!

The Sak Ashland Crossbody Reviews

We all know that a crossbody bag is ideal for daily use. The simple shape lets us gather them quickly. However, aside from being functional, getting one with a pretty look is also essential. Thus, let Ashland Crossbody from The Sak do the work.

The Sak Review: The Sak Ashland Crossbody Reviews

Let’s start with the material. This crossbody is made of premium leather. It is high-durability, super lightweight, and easy to clean. Thus, it is genuinely an ideal bag for everyday use. In simple words, this bag can accompany you wherever and whenever you bring them to.

On top of that, there are no flaws in the visual. Ashland Crossbody has a simple yet fun vibe. This bag has a shiny finish, which adds more confidence to whoever uses it. Plus, when you look at the bag carefully, it has an embossed pattern and charm in the zipper pulls. That is a cute detail!

Product Details

  • Exterior Leather material
  • Interior Repreve Lining material
  • Zipper closure
  • Spacious space
  • A charm in the zipper pulls
  • Antique silver-tone hardware
  • One front zipper pocket at the front and back
  • Plenty pocket
  • Adjustable leather crossbody strap
  • 9 colors choices

Moreover, if you think this crossbody bag suits you well, that’s right. Thus, you are very welcome to purchase this bag now. This crossbody bag has an affordable price of $139.00. Grab it fast!

The Sak Los Feliz Hobo Reviews

It’s your first day at university? You better be careful to pick a bag. What do you want to go with? How about a shoulder bag? Aside from being casual, it is also vast enough to hold all your books. If you go with one, it must be Los Feliz Hobo from The Sak.

The Sak Review: The Sak Los Feliz Hobo Reviews

Ever since you look at the picture, you can notice that this bag has a spacious size. It is enough to hold your things from a notebook, smartphone, wallet, pencil case, everything. However, the extensive look doesn’t mean it is heavy. Also, it is super lightweight!

In addition, the design is also eye-catching. The two-tone colors from the bag and shoulder strap make the overall look more attractive. For your information, this bag also has 9 color choices. Choose yourself whether you want to go with a warm or cool tone.

Product Details

  • Exterior soft Leather material
  • Interior Repreve Lining material
  • Single shoulder
  • Primary zipper closure and back zipper pocket
  • 11 colors choices
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Matte finish

If this shoulder bag is what you have been looking for so long, don’t hesitate to send it home. The bag price is $169.00 only. We believe you won’t get as best price as this.

The Sak Sequoia Hobo Reviews

Are you looking for a shoulder bag that is suitable for work? No shoulder bag is as perfect as Sequoia Hobo from The Sak to accompany you during busy working hours.

The Sak Review: The Sak Sequoia Hobo Reviews

Unlike Los Feliz Hobo, this Sequoia Hobo has more mature vibes with a basic design but fun detailing. As you can see, a cute charm is hanging on the side of the bag. That charm truly radiates a lively vibe. The hand-stitching details are a plus point to the uniqueness.

What’s more, this bag has plenty of pockets and zippers. It suits a working girl like you cause you can easily organize your things without fear of messing around. Whether you want to store your things in the front, back, or inside is up to you.

Product Details

  • Hand crochet with Leather material
  • Lightweight of 1.24 lb
  • Interior Repreve Lining material
  • Main Zipper Closure
  • Single shoulder strap
  • Plenty pocket
  • 13 colors available (Leather)
  • 6 colors available (Hand crochet)
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and ample

You deserve more than just an ordinary shoulder bag! Thus, get your self-reward with this Sequoia Hobo. You are lucky cause this bag is currently on sale. It cost $159.00 from $199.00.

The Sak Loyola Backpack Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel envious looking at the cute bag of high schoolers in a drama? Great news for you cause you can also have the same backpack as them. Please welcome Loyola Backpack from The Sak.

The Sak Review: The Sak Loyola Backpack Reviews

Loyola backpack is the definition of a dream come true. This backpack has an alluring visual that sparks fun, elegant, and girly. It is all thanks to the soft leather with a shiny look. There is also a stacking-up zipper pocket with studded details that are stunning.

When we talk about backpacks, what to expect? Exactly! The big space. Fortunately, this backpack also works that way. It offers a spacious space so you can keep everything in there. It is also perfect to take it as your travel buddy. No more bringing some bags!

Product Details

  • Simple and elegant visual
  • Lightweight material
  • Soft Pebbled Leather
  • Main zipper closure
  • Plenty pocket
  • Antique silver-tone hardware
  • Handstitched and studded detail
  • Spacious size (Fits up to 15″ laptop)
  • Versatile way of use (Backpack and shoulder bag)
  • 4 colors available (Leather)
  • 8 colors available (Eco Twill)

Get your bag up! With this Loyola Backpack, you can hold everything in a breeze and appear as a fashionista whenever and wherever. If you purchase this backpack now, you will get the best deal. This backpack is currently on sale. It is only $199.00 from $249.00.

The Sak Pros and Cons

It’s always hard to put your heart in one brand. Thus, we suggest you read the pros and cons of this brand and decide whether they are the one you are looking for. Check it out!


  • Sustainable brand
  • High-quality materials (Premium Leather, Ocean Yarns, EcoTwill, and Repreve Lining)
  • Detailed craftsmanship by expert artisans
  • Unique and pretty designs
  • Huge collection choices
  • Soft and lightweight
  • High durability
  • Affordable price
  • International shipping is available
  • Friendly customer service
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Customer service typically takes up to 3 business days to answer emails from customers

Who Is The Sak For?

Who do you think this brand is for? If you throw that question to us, the answer will be every fashion enthusiast. Why so? The answer can be seen through their collection. If you see their collection, they all appear visually appealing. Thus, it will be hard for those who know fashion to turn their way.

Moreover, since this brand has a sustainability mission, it is good for you who are also responsible and have the same mission. Buying their goods means you also take part in helping them continuously make sustainable products and support the earth while having an excellent bag for your daily activities.

The Sak Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We know you are probably at the peak of your decision to purchase the bag now. Thus, reading the review from customers may no longer be a deal.

The Sak Review: The Sak Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We do understand. However, we are still here to present the customer reviews from the website because maybe you want to feel the vibes of their satisfied customer.

But before we go to the review, it is better to see the rating of each product we have already reviewed. It can be a fresh start for you and for us, too. Check it out!

Let’s start with the first review from Anise Hobo Crochet Bag. This customer said:

This is a beautiful bag. I know it’s well-made. The bag is light and in a perfect size. I’ve always been satisfied with every SAK product, but this bag is my new favorite.

The review above implies that this customer is loyal. She said that she was always satisfied with the products from The Sak. She mentions that this bag has a pretty visual. Plus, the size is also perfect with the lightweight material. Finally, she said that this bag had become her new favorite.

Another review comes from a review of Ashland Crossbody. This customer said:

I can tell that this bag is a perfect size. Due to some health issue, I need to carry some medicines. However, I must hold my makeup items, wallet, eyeglasses, keys, and anything. Surprisingly, all my thing is holdable in this bag. Leather is soft and pretty.

This customer shared her experience of using this bag. She said she has a health issue and must bring her medicines wherever she goes. Fortunately, Ashland Crossbody has a vast capacity. She mentions that all of her things can fit in the bag effortlessly. Ultimately, she also said that the leather material is soft and beautiful.

Next, let’s read a review from the best-seller Los Feliz Hobo. This customer said that:

I love the color of this bag. It is also light and soft, which is super comfortable to wear on shoulders. It also has plenty of pockets that enable me to arrange my things. What I’m happy about the most is that I got tons of compliments.This is my 2nd baf from The Sak. It’s such a great price and quality!

We can see that this customer is happy with the bag. She said the bag is comfortable cause it is made of super lightweight and soft material. This customer also mentioned that she got compliments on the bag. She also said that the bag has excellent quality in material and price.

Further, from the customer reviews above, it can seen that all customer is happy with their purchase. All of them said that the bag from this brand has a superb material. It is durable and also lightweight. That’s why they are essentially loyal customers and have already tried several items in this brand collection.

Is The Sak Worth It?

The absolute answer is yes. This brand is a green light when looking for sustainably conscious bags. All of this brand collection is made from recycled leather and yarn.

The Sak Review: Is The Sak Worth It?

Plus, each piece is craftsmanship in detail by an expert. One example is a crochet bag. Most of the crochet bag is handcrafted carefully by Balinese artisans. Looking at their dedication to the environment and local artisans, it can be seen that The Sak is worth purchasing.

However, there’s still more from this brand. Aside from respecting the planet and people, they also maintain their quality impeccable. Thus, it isn’t surprising that their design, colors, material, and price are flawless.

Is The Sak Legit?

The Sak has already been in business since 1989. This brand already delivers many excellent products worldwide. On their website, there have been 45K+ customer reviews, and most are giving positive feedback. Thus, we can’t deny that this brand is 100% legit.

On top of that, they are in partnership with a famous international organization, Oceana. Plus, they are also certified as a B Corp. It’s all because they meet the highest standard in creating a positive social and environmental impact. At this rate, the legitimate is all secured.

The Sak Shipping Policy

It’s great news for all The Sak enthusiasts! This brand can ship its products domestically and internationally. They use UPS, USPS, and DHL as their carrier.

On top of that, you can enjoy free shipping to the contiguous IS if your order value is above $125. Moreover, shipping typically takes 2-10 business days, depending on your location.

The Sak Return Policy

Things sometimes don’t work as we expected, and it is frustrating. Thus, to make every customer 100% satisfied, this brand offers 30 days return policy. What’s best is that they will cover all the return shipping fees if you use the shipping label from the brand.

To start your return, go to their Return Policy page and find a ‘Start Return’ button. Fill out the form and follow the instructions. Finally, you will be requested to ship the product back to them, and they will process your return. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service.

How To Contact The Sak

The Sak customer service team won’t let you be confused about your problem during shopping. Thus, they encouraged you to stay in touch with them. If you have anything to say, you can contact them via:

They are ready to help you from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5 PM EST) and Holiday (9 AM – 12 PM EST)

Where to buy The Sak?

Wonder how your overall look with a shoulder bag from this brand? Instead of imagining, why don’t you purchase one? You only need to visit their official website to get this brand’s product. However, this brand is also accessible to shop on Amazon or any other retailer’s website.

The Sak Coupon Codes & Promos

After reading an extensive review of the brand, you deserve a paradise. However, the paradise here will be in the form of discount codes and exclusive offers. Are you ready to take and enjoy all of them? Check the list below!

  • Unlock 20% OFF your first order after subscribing to their newsletter
  • Enjoy up to 85% OFF from their Sale
  • Get free shipping on orders over $125 (The contiguous US only)
  • Earn a 10% commission from their Affiliate program
  • Refer your friend and get $20 points for each successful referral
  • Obtain free products and 15% cash from their Brand Ambassador program
  • Collect points from The Sak Reward program and enjoy several rewards

As you can see through the list, no code is needed. You only need to follow the instructions, and tada! You got the deals. As simple as that.

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The Sak

The Sak Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Sak reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is The Sak a luxury brand?

No. The Sak has high-quality products, but they don’t have high price tags. All of their product is affordable to most economic levels.

Is The Sak a real company?

Yes. The Sak Brand Group is a real company. They already sold thousands of products worldwide and got numerous positive feedback.

Who is the founder of The SAK?

The founder of The Sak is Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Sak Reviews & Ratings

Being sustainable and affordable is sometimes hard for a fashion brand. However, The Sak doesn’t compromise with that statement. They provide high-quality fashion products with sustainable materials and accessible prices. All of their items are synonyms for high durability.

On top of that, considering they only have premium material and detailed craftsmanship, it is hard to believe that their price is affordable. At this rate, this brand shines the most among others. Thus, don’t go anywhere. Visit their website now and start to collect their products.


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