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About The Print Bar

Whether you want to celebrate a special event, spread awareness, or share an idea with the world, ensure your project has the impact and results it deserves with supportive items. You can create a special design for your event and print it on adorable t-shirts, tote bags, or anything else.

The Print Bar Review: About The Print Bar

As a brand in the business of print, design, and creativity, The Print Bar can make your goals a reality. It is even proud to say that they have earned a reputation for quality prints, creative workshops, hands-on printing, and art exhibitions.

Run by a team of designers, artists, and print specialists, The Print Bar aims to bring clients’ ideas into the amazing world of print. They have no minimum or maximum printing limits. Even on its website, the brand allows everyone to create and print their own high-quality custom items easily.

The Australian-operated apparel printing business recently won the Optus Business Of The Year award at the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards. The brand has even been trusted by several reputable companies such as Amazon Web Service, Queensland Government, Longtime The Valley, and more to supply large orders from these companies.

They are also a popular brand on social media, with 35k followers on Facebook and 14.9k followers on Instagram. Many people are interested in the brand and keep up to date on their social media.

With its popularity, you must be more curious about the brand’s quality. To help you know more, The Print Bar review will reveal the company profile, product review, testimonials, and some other details. So, stay with us, and let’s move to another discussion!

Overview Of The Print Bar: Custom T Shirt Printing Australia

In 2011, a passionate creative, Jared Fullinfaw, started printing and selling his own t-shirts from his home in suburban Brisbane. As time goes by, he realized that more people and local businesses wanted their custom designs printed, and there was no easy way to do so. Hence, he was motivated to start The Print Bar.

Starting with the intrinsic meaning behind each printed shirt, whether helping to make a special occasion memorable, bringing small businesses together, raising awareness of an event, or simply encouraging people’s creativity, The Print Bar wants to help people to share their ideas.

Based on a warehouse in Sunny Brisbane, Australia, the brand offers a wide range of traditional silk screen printing, embroidery, digital garment printing (DTG), heat transfer vinyl, dye sublimation, and more. They have no minimum or maximum orders, so anything is possible.

By continuously innovating and improving quality over the years, the brand has grown to have multiple printing locations with a team of over 30 people, including expert printers who bring years of experience to the team.

Now before we dig deeper into this brand’s products, below are The Print Bar’s pros and cons to quickly point out this brand’s quality.

The Print Bar Pros

  • Socially responsible and environmentally neutral business
  • Offers a wide variety of printing types with a wide selection of products
  • Use premium printing tools and materials for optimal results
  • No minimum or maximum orders
  • Offers Same Day Service
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ships internationally
  • Fast Australia-wide delivery or pickup
  • Provides 14-day return
  • Bulk discount offer
  • Friendly customer service

The Print Bar Cons

  • Complaints about printing quality that doesn’t long last

The Print Bar Review

At The Print Bar, they do their best for custom printed apparel and merchandise. From photo t-shirts and printed hoodies to custom hats and custom embroidered aprons, they can bring your ideas to life and see them printed.

The Print Bar Reviews: The Print Bar Review

Brand offers several services covering all your custom printing needs in Australia. They do a wide range of creative personalization, from digital printing and screen printing to embroidery and custom t-shirt designs, on a variety of cool merch.

So, to give you an idea of how the brand performs, we’ve prepared 3 services that cover its customers’ printing needs. We’ll focus on their 3 services:

  1. Digital Printing
  2. Embroidery
  3. Screen Printing

Without further ado, we’ll begin with the Digital Printing reviews!

The Print Bar Digital Printing Reviews

First, one of the printing needs services offered by the brand is Digital Printing. Digital printing is great for photographic and illustrative prints, a variety of colours, and anything with gradients or transparency. So, this will be suitable for those of you who want to print colourful designs or photo-realistic.

The Print Bar Review: The Print Bar Digital Printing Reviews

The Print Bar carries out digital prints using Kornit Storm Hexa machines, providing incredible retail quality, vibrancy, and detail. The prints still feel like part of the fabric and are mostly soft to the touch.

The direct-to-garment printing process is quite simple. The printable item is sprayed with a ‘pre-treatment,’ then one of Hexa’s Kornit Storm printers applies a white underlay (when necessary) followed by a colour coat before being placed in a 10-minute heat tunnel to cure.

This type of digital printing has been present since the 2000s, although technology has advanced significantly. Digital printers from this brand deliver outstanding print quality, colour accuracy, and superior washability using water-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable inks.

Prices for direct-to-garment printing vary depending on the garment you’re printing on and the number of prints. For a one-time purchase, you can get custom digitally printed t-shirts starting at $14.95, tea towels starting at $15.99, and tote bags starting at $16.49.

Please note that if you order more, you’ll definitely save with the available volume discounts as follows:

  • 1x: $25.50 each
  • 5x: $24.22 each
  • 10x: $22.95 each
  • 15x: $21.67 each
  • 20x: $20.39 each
  • 50x: $19.13 each

The Print Bar Embroidery Reviews

Next the second service that we discuss in this section is Embroidery. Embroidery design has its own advantages, which are more able to last longer than other types of printing.

The Print Bar Review: The Print Bar Embroidery Reviews

The Print Bar combines ancient decorative techniques with cutting-edge technology, so there’s nothing like personalized embroidery on high-quality clothing. The brand is here to bring your personal embroidery vision to life, from casual T-shirts and headwear perfect for uni swag to aprons café staff will proudly wear during lunch hours.

While this printing process was traditionally a handmade decorative process, embroidery is now a precision machine technique, putting advanced equipment to work on beautiful and intricate results with various thread colours. Some customized orders, such as this embroidered item, have a minimum production time of 21 days plus shipping.

Usually, this type of printing would be better if the design had less detail. It will have better results if it has vector images with a maximum of 8 colours. Moreover, for text design in particular, it shouldn’t be too small so that it remains legible.

When it comes to pricing, this will vary depending on the design’s complexity and size. Also, custom embroidered hats start at $24, while polos, aprons, and workwear start at $40.

Please note that the design needs to be digitized and translated into a thread before it can be embroidered, so there are some initial setup costs. The more you buy, the more affordable it becomes, as you can see with the following example for the AS Color hat:

  • 1x: $50 each
  • 2x: $37.20 each
  • 5x: $28.40 each
  • 10x: $20.15 each
  • 50x: $13 each
  • 100x: $11.95 each

The Print Bar Screen Printing Reviews

The last service we cover in The Print Bar review is Screen Printing. This type of printing is a traditional technique combined with the latest technology and printing expertise to bring you high-quality custom clothing for every occasion.

The Print Bar Review: The Print Bar Screen Printing Reviews

Screen printing is great for designs with limited block colours in large quantities. For example, 50 x t-shirts with a 1-colour logo would be ideal for screen printing.

Unlike other types of printing, Screen Printing has a minimum order requirement of 20 units with the same design. This type of printing has more enthusiasts when compared to other types of printing. This is because Screen Printing has a fairly affordable price when compared to other printing.

The brand uses the latest technology, screen printing machines, and the perfect ink for your design to realize your ideas. Like other types of printing, the more orders you make, the cheaper the price you get.

Here we include an example of the price of one-colour screen printing on Staple AS Colour T-shirts:

  • 1 colour+: Cost included
  • 20 units: $19.80 each
  • 50–99 units: $14.74 each
  • 100–249 units: $12.49 each
  • 250–499 units: $11.88 each
  • 500+ units: $11.28 each

Who Is The Print Bar For?

The Print Bar is a much-needed brand for small business owners or those of you who enjoy applying your creativity to items. It is also very helpful for various special events such as Celebrations, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Valentine’s Day, Sporting Events, Music Festivals, Schools, Fundraisers, and many more.

The Print Bar Review: Who Is The Print Bar For?

The brand also supports retail services, which will be very helpful for dropshipping, wholesale resellers, or those of you who want to start a t-shirt printing business since the brand offers white-label t-shirt printing company services that allow you to earn money without having to do any work.

The Print Bar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to The Print Bar testimonials! in this section, after knowing customers’ opinions about this brand, we’re sure you’ll entrust your printing services to this brand. We found that this brand has a rating of 4.6/5 from 696 reviews on Google.

The Print Bar Review: The Print Bar Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are some reviews we prepared for you from customers who are satisfied with what this brand does. One of the pleased customers commented:

I appreciate their responsiveness and friendly service. I love the interface of this site. It’s easy to place an order, while showing your own creativity. I am so pleased with the high quality of the t-shirt itself and the quality of the print. Everything met my expectations. The small inscriptions are clearly made and well readable.

From these reviews, it is very clear that the overall brand makes the customer satisfied. Whether from the quality of the product and its printing or the quality of the service that is very friendly. Satisfy the expectations of its customers.

The next review came from a customer who seemed satisfied with what she ordered. She said:

Print bars are my absolute favorite business to deal with! Great service and very fast delivery.

From its excellent service to fast delivery, the customer is satisfied with what the brand provides. The following reviews are also positive, left by customers who gave high ratings. She said:

We had various umbrellas printed for our workspace, we were so happy with the excellent quality and price! The team was very straightforward, friendly and professional!

The customer said that she was very satisfied with the quality and price of what she ordered from this brand. Not only that, the excellent and professional service team adds value.

All in all, the three reviews all mention that the service provided by the brand is very good. This shows that the brand really works and provides the best service for its customers. Other reviews also state that the quality of the products and prints is very satisfying. The price and also the delivery is not to be missed.

Is The Print Bar Worth It?

Why should you join The Print Bar? Are they worth it? As we write this review, we’ve gotten a lot of information about this amazing brand. Therefore, we can guarantee that they are really worth it!

The Print Bar Review: Is The Print Bar Worth It?

The brand offers retail-quality prints on premium apparel, as well as a free dropshipping system perfect for launching your brand without any setup costs or risks. They use state-of-the-art printing equipment, working with local and international print experts for the latest knowledge and to produce quality prints.

All of their summer garments have also been certified as socially and environmentally responsible, either by the Child Labor Free certification board or W.R.A.P.

This Australian-owned and operated business strives to be socially responsible and environmentally neutral. They even use plant-based packaging that can be composted at home. They also use eco-friendly water-based inks for digital printing.

Not only that, but The Print Bar also uses natural rayon thread for embroidery. All its textile waste is recycled with Upparel, and all soft plastics are recycled with Re-Ground.

The Print Bar Shipping Policy

The brand wants to reach its customers around the world by offering international shipping. So, if you live outside Australia, you can order a custom t-shirt that will be shipped to your place. Here are the shipping timeframes and costs:

  • Regular Australia Post: delivery time across Australia is 2-14 days, with fees starting at $10 per order.
  • Express Australia Post: delivery time across Australia is 1-5 days, with fees starting at $15 per order.
  • International Shipping: delivery time is approximately 1-5 weeks, with fees starting at $15+ per order.
  • Pick Up: pick up from 9 Florence Street, Teneriffe, Meanjin/Brisbane, or 20 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Naarm/Melbourne, Free of Charge

Once the order ships, the brand will send you a tracking number sent via email. Check here for shipping details.

The Print Bar Return Policy

The brand always strives and works hard to produce consistent and quality moulds for its customers. However, if you are not satisfied with the products you receive, then returns are valid for 14 days from the time your order is received. The following terms and conditions for the condition of returnable items:

  1. Faulty, damaged, or misprinted items are returnable
  2. Doesn’t accept items that have noticeable wear or makeup stains
  3. Does not return BYO

If the item you wish to return meets the requirements above, please follow the instructions below to return/receive a new product.

Send them a message via email with the following details:

    • Date of purchase
    • Order number
    • What you want to return
    • The reason why you want to return it
    • Photos highlighting the fault/damage

After receiving the return email, the brand will arrange a reimbursement/refund for you if the order meets the user agreement/return policy. The refund will be processed when the brand has received the returned item and approved your return.

How To Contact The Print Bar

Do you want to start joining the brand? Or are you still confused and have questions about the brand you don’t understand? Please get in touch with the customer service team at:

  • Call the team directly at +61 7 3854 0608
  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Ask a question on the blank form at the official website
  • Short message via Live chat in the bottom right corner of the website

You can also send direct messages on social media to:

The Print Bar customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please feel free to send them your questions, as the brand loves to help you. 

Where to buy The Print Bar?

As a brand that offers printing ordering services, of course, you should contact their team on their official website. There you’ll get the best guidance from their customer service with very easy access.

The Print Bar Coupon Codes & Promos

We found information that if you place more orders, you can save up to 30% on digital printing orders. For digital printing, the brand offers the following bulk discounts:

  • 5% off for 5 garments
  • 10% for 10 garments
  • 15% for 20 garments
  • 20% for 30 garments

But, actually, not only ordering for digital printing but for all types of printing, the price will be more affordable if you place a large order. And for screen printing, brands have a similar discount structure based on color, and garments with screen settings are built into the total cost of the order. Check here for discount information for bulk orders.

For other discounted products, we recommend you check the promotional products page on the website to find out which products are discounted. You can also sign up for the brand mailing list for exclusive news, coupon code & offers.

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The Print Bar

The Print Bar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Print Bar reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns The Print Bar?

Jared Fullinfaw is a passionate creative who is the owner of the brand.

How to order a custom print?

The way to place an order on the official website is very easy:

  1. Select an item from a wide range of products
  2. Customize with online designers
  3. Payment & brand will print, pack & ship it

Where is The Print Bar located?

The Print Bar continues to expand its business and has several branches located in different areas of Australia:

  • T-shirt Printing Melbourne
  • T-shirt printing/Custom Brisbane
  • T-shirt printing/Custom Sydney
  • T-shirt Printing Cairns
  • T-shirt Printing Newcastle
  • T-shirt printing Perth
  • T-shirt Printing Canberra
  • T-shirt Printing Hobart
  • T-shirt Printing Adelaide

Does The Print Bar ship internationally?

You’re in luck because the brand ships all over the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Print Bar Reviews & Ratings

Finding a printing message service that has the best quality printing results is not an easy thing. There are indeed many printing services that are present in the market. But not all of them offer good printing results.

We are sure that after you read this review article, you also agree that The Print Bar is a brand that brings you the best printing services in Australia or even better than printing companies in your country. Its friendly service, outstanding product and printing quality, and affordable prices make it superior without a doubt!


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