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The Period Company Review 2024 → Time To Change Your Tampons and Pads!

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About The Period Company

Period by The Period Company is a menstrual company product that runs on making the best menstrual underwear that is friendly to the planet, the women, and the money.

The Period Company Review: About
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This brand invents practical and sustainable products that may shift the traditional point of view about menstruation. They provide menstrual underwear products with various models, from high-waisted bikinis, thongs, boyshorts, and even accessories.

Also, the brand is set at a humble price, has various sizes up to 6XL, and uses fabrics material free of PFAS. Unlike other brands, The Period Company offers an affordable approach for everyone.

With more than 60K followers on Instagram, the brand has stolen the show among women empowerment and environmental activist. Quickly, the brand has been featured in inStyle, VOGUE, WWD, The New York Times, KCM, and more prestigious press to name.

Now, if you ever suffer from wearing pads and tampons and still suffering to find trustworthy menstrual underwear, keep reading The Period Company review, as this brand has a lot of better solutions. And on this page, we’ll tell you why. Ready?

Overview of The Period Company

Karla Welch and Sasha Markov are the masterminds of The Period Company. To date, we could not find specifically when they were built, but the idea of making menstrual underwear had been sown in Karla’s mind in 2016.

This menstrual product brand is the first American period product company that dares to make a major breakthrough by showing blood on their market communications.

Just like so, the brand stands to make an empowering movement for women, breaking the traditional stigma.

What makes The Period Company distinctive from the market, they commit faithfully to serving women with a better menstrual product that is sustainable for the Earth and practical for everyone.

They set the price super affordable among the market, has the biggest size to 6XL, and are active in donating to the women’s community.

Moreover, their products are ready to be shipped worldwide to cover every woman, wherever they are. The good news? It has the Pee version for everyone, too!

The Period Company Highlights

  • Most reasonably priced amongst the market competition
  • Made from eco-friendly and toxic-free materials
  • Safe for the environment and the user’s private parts
  • Offer the widest range of sizes up to 6XL
  • Has high absorption and holding capacity
  • Many style options from bikinis, thongs, boxers, etc.
  • Very easy to wash
  • Ship internationally

The Period Company Reviews

The Period Company is here to make your menstrual period week a comfortable one. With a wide range of sustainable fabrics, a wide range of sizes up to 6XL, and free from toxin PFAs, The Period Company is a menstrual product brand that you can trust.

The Period Company Reviews
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In this review, we will take three of the best products from The Period Company to convince you why you should start changing the world through this brand. Let’s check it out!

The Period Company The Heavy Period. High Waisted Reviews

The Heavy Period. High Waisted underwear has the ability to hold the period flow up to five pads or 9 tampons. Thus, it is made to be the one you wear during the heaviest days during a period.

The Period Company Review: The Period Company The Heavy Period. High Waisted Reviews
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The fabric comfort is super soft. It uses organic cotton as the material with a four-layer padded towel to absorb the flow of your period. On top of that, a wicking layer makes the absorbency and drying process as quick as a blink of an eye.

Frankly, the four-padded layer might make you feel the padding, but on those days, you want underwear that makes you feel secure from the leak. With a wide range of sizes from S-6XL and seven color options, they have all the sizes and colors for everyone.

All in all, you can feel comfortable wearing this $12.00 underwear period without worrying about possible toxic substances in your personal area.

The Period Company The Sporty Period. Bikini Reviews

The Sporty Period. Bikini is the underwear period you suppose to wear when you have to do a lot of physical activities. It can absorb the equivalent flow of 8-10 tampons.

The Period Company Review: The Period Company The Sporty Period. Bikini Reviews
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The Period Company uses a special material for this sporty period underwear. The material is a combination of Nylon and Spandex. The best material to fit your active movements during your period.

For only $12.00, you can get these pants in various sizes from S-2XL and two colors to choose from.

The Period Company The Sleeper Period Reviews

The Sleeper Period pants are the ones that will protect you from uncomfortable night leaks. It has heavy absorbency that equals 6 periods of pads or 10 tampons.

The Period Company Review: The Period Company The Sleeper Period Reviews

With cutting like short pants, the organic-cotton material pants will make you sleep feeling safe and secure. It has five layers of padding that skillfully handles the vertical and horizontal flow during your night period.

What about the size? It has XS-6XL sizing you can count on. Even during a heavy period night, or days, you are safe from leaks with these $24.00 sleeper pants.

The Period Company Teens Sizing Guide

The Period Company Review: The Period Company Teens Sizing Guide
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The Period Company Adult Sizing Guide

The Period Company Review: The Period Company Adult Sizing Guide
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Who is The Period Company For?

We find that The Period Company underwear products are ideal for anyone. They are must-have products for every woman who is experiencing a monthly cycle of menstruation.

The Period Company Review: Who is The Period Company For?
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Ideally, Period Underwear should be a gift for ladies who often get irritative reactions due to wearing unhygiene tampons and menstrual pads. Do you know your private parts are exposed to chemical substances for a week non-stop? For any woman with sensitive private parts, this brand is a must to try.

While this might be shocking, Period Underwear can take care of more than a blood flow period. Thus, they can be worn for any gender, with any size too, despite all ages.

Is The Period Company a Sustainable Brand?

Yes! They are. As much as The Period Company review finds, the brand is openly and strongly committed to running on the mission of saving the earth. They intend to change the traditional tampons and menstrual pad that has caused so much damage to landfills and the oceans.

The Period Company Review: Is The Period Company a Sustainable Brand?

Thus, they make non-disposable menstrual underwear, just like regular underwear. Also, the fabrics are rigorously tested to ensure they comply with the best practices.

They also choose to use PUL fabric as the leakproof material instead of the water-sprayed material that may have full of PFAS toxins. This brand chooses a fabric free of PFAS, and the third party has rigorously tested their products.

That being said, there won’t be no-harm-done to your private area and the planet. You can always wear, wash, dry, and repeat.

Is The Period Company Worth It?

We could not tell you a lie, so we’ll be honest: they totally worth all your investment. Both for yourself and the planet you are living on. We know that tampons and menstrual pads have been the loyal Earth’s damage cause all along. And it is time for a change.

The Period Company Review: Is The Period Company Worth It?

The Period Company provides comfortable menstrual underwear with the average piece only $14, which is super affordable on the market.

But don’t get them wrong, they still get the best fabric materials to protect your private body parts. They use organic cotton fabric and high-tech blend fabric.

Also, the underwear’s styles and sizes have a wide range of various options. Whatever your body type, you can always check out which pants are suitable for your daily need, for the night or the day. The seam technique is also creditable since it proves to let no leak appear.

Is The Period Company Empowering Women?

Yes. They totally are. The two female founders of The Period Company believe that women’s monthly cycle should not be something they are ashamed of.

So, together with the team, they want women to stop worrying about the leaking, smelly, and disposable results of their natural scientific period.

The Period Company makes an empowering movement right from women’s menstrual cycle. Thus, they make a product that is safe for both the planet and the women. From women to women.

The Period Company Shipping Policy

Great news! The Period Company does ship internationally! International customers are welcome. You can receive your order wherever you are with any customs or import duties charged to you as the recipient.

If you are one of the international customers, your order will be shipped via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Similarly, the expeditions for local orders are also sent by the same delivery services.

After you place your order and complete the payment, the team will take around 1-3 business days to process your order. The time frame may slightly change without notice depending on the total mass order and unexpected circumstances. You can also your order here.

The Period Company Return Policy

Suppose you get an item that is of low quality, such as a damaged, defective, or incorrect item, you can directly contact the customer care team of The Period Company via email at: [email protected].

Here are the following points you need to note:

  • Ensure that you inform no longer than 30 days and 60 days outside of the US from the received date of your package
  • The items should be unworn or dirty
  • The returning shipment is the cost to the customer
  • Keep the postage and return tracking number proof

The Period Company will gladly process the return request and process a refund for you in 7 business days. If they accept, your money is exchanged as an E-Gift Card that you can redeem anytime for your next shopping at The Period Company.

Unfortunately, the brand is limited in doing returns for international orders. However, they will still gladly accept the return and the re-shipping, all at the customers’ cost.

How to Contact The Period Company?

Now, do you have a string attached to The Period Company underwears? You can ask further questions by reaching the team at [email protected], or you can fill out the form here.

You can also reach them through their social media on:

They also provide interactive customer service where you can always reach out to ask questions. You can find the live chat on the bottom right corner of the web. Say hi to them!

Where to buy The Period Company?

You can find all of The Period Company products, from menstrual underwear to pee underpants, on their official website, or you can also check out their catalogs on Amazon.

The Period Company Coupon Codes & Promos

The Period Company offers discounts for certain styles only. However, they go far as to be generous by offering any first buy from the customers 50% OFF. In case you want to get the offer, simply sign up for their newsletter by submitting your email address, and they will send you the code.

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The Period Company

The Period Company Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Period Company reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns The Period Company?

The Period Company is owned by Karla Welch and Sasha Markov.

Does The Period Company ship internationally?

Yes, they do take worldwide shipping.

Is The Period Company legit?

The Period Company is pretty legit. There has been a lot of press featuring them on media, promoting their ethical and sustainable goals by empowering women through menstrual underwear products.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Period Company Reviews & Ratings

Thanks to the inventions of menstrual underwear, now we can leave tampons and menstrual pads. If you are looking for an ethical, affordable, and legit brand to trust your menstrual cycle, The Period Company is the end of your search.

They have various underwear styles, make sustainable fabrics, create vibrant colors, and offer a wide range of sizes you can choose from. Also, with a piece starting at $12 and international shipment service, The Period Company should be the new option when your period says hello.


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