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The Lady Shake Review 2024 → Beat Cravings with Vegan Shake Now!

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About The Lady Shake

Do you experience overweight or, even worse, obesity? If you do, you should consider taking care of your eating habits. Although beating cravings is not easy, you will find shakes from The Lady Shake helpful for your journey. 

The Lady Shake Review: About The Lady Shake

This company provides delicious shakes and products to help you during the weight loss journey. They are backed up scientifically and tested by the university to ensure quality and safety. 

Moreover, you do not have to starve yourself all day. The shakes are mouthwatering, with 8 available variants, and you can combine them with healthy recipes from the meal plan. 

This company may not be featured yet in the press. Conversely, its customers are fulfilling the social media, resulting in 25.3K followers on Instagram and 87.2K on Facebook. 

So let’s dig deeper into The Lady Shake review if you want to know more about the efficacy. Without further ado, let’s start the discussion! 

Overview of The Lady Shake

Initially, The Man Shake came as a shake product for men. Belinda MacDougall’s husband is the founder of the company. Then, in 2013. Belinda creates another company focusing on shakes for women, namely The Lady Shake. 

This Australian-based company is created to fulfill every busy woman who wants to have support to keep their body in shape. Belinda ensures to make the products with high-quality ingredients

You will get more nutrients from vitamins, fibers, and even minerals inside them. Moreover, you only need to consume the shake twice daily to replace your usual meal. They are vegan, gluten-free, and low in calories

Then, if you’re curious about the product’s ingredients and others, keep reading this article and find more insights! 

The Lady Shake Review

As previously discussed, the company is a new technology from the founder’s husband. However, what will you find from this wellness Australia brand?

The Lady Shake Reviews: The Lady Shake Review

The Lady Shake Products

Here are two available categories from The Lady Shake:

For Him For Her

But since this company offers products for females only, let’s see what the 3 most best-selling we’ll discuss in The Lady Shake review are below. 

So if you don’t mind, let’s get started now! 

The Lady Shake Women Shake Reviews

Say hi to the shake that 100K women in Australia love! The Lady Shake is a protein beverage that can replace your meal twice daily. This low-sugar, high-fiber, and all-natural fat burner will help you beat your cravings. 

The Lady Shake Review: The Lady Shake Women Shake Reviews

In addition, you may choose your preferred taste from 8 available flavors. The product features a collagen protein to glow your skin. Also, it contains 25 vitamins and minerals to fulfill your daily nutrition. 

There is no need to worry about the ingredients because it has no artificial or harmful materials. Instead, it has pre and probiotics that boost your immune system and give a happier mood to your day. 


  • Fulfill daily nutrition
  • Twice daily consumption
  • 8 variants 
  • Features no harmful ingredients 
  • Low-sugar and low calorie
  • Can burn fat naturally

Then, if you’re ready to keep your body in shape, let’s buy the product now for only $49.95!

The Lady Shake The Vegan Lady Shake Reviews

Vegan? No worries; this company considers everything and produces The Vegan Lady Shake, a dairy-free plant-based beverage available in chocolate and vanilla. It does not taste like muddy water. Instead, it will satisfy your gut

The Lady Shake Review: The Lady Shake The Vegan Lady Shake Reviews

The company packs it with functional ingredients: low sugar, high protein, prebiotics, and probiotics. In addition, this gluten-free shake has no artificial nasties. So, you can drink it twice daily and change your body into your best version! 


  • Fulfill daily nutrition
  • Twice daily consumption
  • 2 variants 
  • Features no harmful ingredients 
  • Low-sugar, low-calorie, and vegan
  • Can burn fat naturally

Then, click the link below to get the item for only $54.95 now! 

The Lady Shake The Lady Bar Reviews

This final product will save you from afternoon cravings. You know it well if snacking is enjoyable. But let’s change your snacking routine into a more healthy option with The Lady Bar!

The Lady Shake Review: The Lady Shake The Lady Bar Reviews

Each box contains 10 bars, which feature a protein blend with actual chunks. In addition, the bars are delicious, with 6 available tastes. Thus, keep one in your bag, and eat this nougat-based bar to beat your snacking desire!


  • 6 variants 
  • Nougat-based bars 
  • Features no harmful ingredients 
  • Has actual chunks

So let’s choose the variant you love the most and get this offer at only $44.95 now! 

The Lady Shake Pros and Cons

You’ll find good and bad things when you dig deeper into a brand. This also happens to this company. So if you’re curious about it, here are the pros and cons. 


  • Functional protein shake to help lose weight journey 
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and low calories
  • Available in 8 delicious variants 
  • Suitable for 16 y.o and more 
  • Ships to the AU states
  • Offers free shipping for orders over $70
  • Receives many good feedbacks from customers 


  • No international shipping 
  • It doesn’t provide exchange, return, and refund

Who is The Lady Shake For?

The founder ensures to provide the best scientifically formulated and university-tested shake. These features allow females over 16 to consume it to lose weight. 

The Lady Shake Review: Who is The Lady Shake For?

Why are people under 16 not recommended to consume it? Because it may result in side effects such as dizziness and constipation. Thus, ensure you fulfill the requirement so that you will not suffer from a new diet routine

The Lady Shake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This section will discuss customer testimonials that also include ratings. Then, let’s see whether there are bad reviews or if all reviews are positive from the customers! 

The Lady Shake Review: The Lady Shake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned diet products:

What does the customer say? Below is one of the utterances:

… These shakes make me full and tastes good. … Since consuming this vegan shake, I’ve lost 8.5 kg in 5 weeks! …

This customer finds the shake amazing due to its good taste. Furthermore, she has lost 8.5 kg so far after 5 weeks of consumption! 

Another customer said:

… It is 100% recommended! I have one in my handbag, in my car, and in my studio. There is no more reason for unwanted snacking. 

This customer gives a perfect star for the bars. Not only are they recommended, but also they can keep her full and beat her cravings! 

Simply put, The Lady Shake gains the customers’ trust since it offers delicious diet products. Thus, people are satisfied with the result after their lose weight program. 

Is The Lady Shake Worth It?

In my humble opinion, consuming shakes from The Lady Shake is worth trying. After reading the shake vanilla review, coffee review, and even choc mint review, most customers are satisfied with the delicious flavors!

The Lady Shake Review: Is The Lady Shake Worth It?

Furthermore, it is scientifically backed up, which won’t harm your body. Instead, you’ll get effective results from protein, vitamins, fibers, and low-sugar ingredients. Thus, are you ready to beat cravings and stay in shape? 

The Lady Shake Shipping Policy

This company only ships to the AU regions by offering a complimentary standard shipping cost when you buy over $70. Whatever you want to buy, fill in your cart to the minimum fee to enjoy the perk. 

The team will then prepare your package within 2 to 4 business days. Once the package ships, you’ll receive a tracking number from the Australia Post. Please allow 5 to 7 business days until it arrives at your door.

Should you face a problem, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from customer service at [email protected]. The team will do their best to fix your problem. 

The Lady Shake Return Policy

Due to several reasons, the company does not provide exchange, return, and refund for any purchase. Thus, ensure you know the effects before purchasing the products. 

If you have more concerns, please get in touch with customer service at 1300 074 253. The team explanation will calm you and ensure your purchase results in a new diet routine. 

How to Contact The Lady Shake

After reading the weight loss reviews AU above, you may be curious and want to purchase the products. If you need more explanation, feel free to contact customer service on these methods: 

You may also immediately tell your queries on the Live Chat. Then, the team will reply to your message on Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4: 30 PM AEDT/AEST. 

Where to buy The Lady Shake?

If you’re ready to change your habit, prepare the budget first, then purchase the shake at these stockists:

You may also get the best Priceline if you buy it from the site. Will you check the shake in the Coles prices? Or buy it from the other place? Whatever it is, get it from the official store to ensure the quality! 

The Lady Shake Coupon Codes & Promos

You know well that losing weight is not easy. But I bet you’ll get motivated with discounts from this company. So if you want to purchase your Shake supporter at a lower price, find the promotions below! 

  • Subscribe to the website’s newsletters for the latest deals and updates.
  • Enjoy complimentary AU shipping fee on orders of $70+
  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free Shakes at only $149.85

Furthermore, don’t forget to follow it on social media for an exclusive discount code. Are you ready to exercise more and control your weight now? 

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The Lady Shake

The Lady Shake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Lady Shake reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much weight can you lose with The Lady Shake in 2 weeks?

Commonly, customers lose about a kilo in one week. You may lose 2 kgs or even more when you spend two weeks. It all depends on your meal plan and exercise routine. 

How many times a day do you take The Lady Shake?

You can replace your meal twice a day with this company’s shake. 

Does The Lady Shake make you lose weight?

Yes, since you replace your usual mean with a protein shake. This shake gives you a healthy diet rather than too many calories in one day. 

What should I eat on The Lady Shake?

You may eat healthy food such as salads or fruits. Furthermore, look at the meal plan review to find more delicious dishes at low calories. 

Is The Lady Shake any good?

Definitely! The shake from this company features high-quality ingredients to help you beat cravings. Furthermore, its available tastes are too amazing not to try. 

Does The Lady Shake actually work?

Yes, the shake works wonderfully if you combine it with exercise and eating low-calorie dishes. 

How effective is The Lady Shake?

It is incredibly effective because it can press down hunger. Furthermore, you can control your craving and eat fewer calories during your weight loss program. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Lady Shake Reviews & Ratings

Giving more effort to keep your body in shape is no longer difficult because The Lady Shake offers delicious flavors. You can consume it twice daily and still able to lose weight.

Furthermore, you don’t have to starve yourself throughout the day. Instead, buy the shake from this company, eat healthy dishes, and move 30 minutes daily to get the better version of yourself! 


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