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The Kind Pen Review 2024 → Mist Vape Pen To Unlock Stealth Mode

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About The Kind Pen

Many people have started using e-cigarettes, sometimes called “vapes,” as an alternative to smoking. Other reasons are vaping becomes a stress reliever and provides a calm and chilled feeling. If you’re about to get one, you’ll find several brands like The Kid Pen

The Kind Pen Review: About The Kind Pen

Among the numerous vaporizer brands in the market, The Kid Pen impressed us with its collection. The Kid Pen is a one-stop destination for all your vaporizer needs, including dry herb vaporizers and vape pens.

Besides, the product has received huge interest from vapers with 5-star reviews. Even better is that the brand has been recognized by major media such as The HighTimes, VapeGuide, Vaping360, and Weedmaps

You don’t have to worry about their legitimacy. The Kid Pen has 130k+ followers on Facebook and 209k+ followers on Instagram. Also, the hashtag #thekindpen hit Instagram with 2.848+ posts.

So, are you starting to be curious about the brand? Take it easy. Our The Kind Pen review will tell you everything in between, from its collection, specifications, shipping policy, and unique code to save more.

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Overview Of The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen was founded by Anthony Gagliardi in 2012. It is a New Jersey-based company that manufactures best-in-class vaporizers. Additionally, the company offers a range of gear, including pens, oil pens, concentrates, e-liquids, and dry herb vaporizers. 

With its creative team, the company’s mission is to deliver a pleasant vaping experience for all vapers. Further, they always strive to produce the highest quality vaping using the finest materials. 

Today, the products have been sold thousands of pcs worldwide and received positive customer reviews. Also, all the products are covered with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind in every purchase. 


  • Easy return within 30 days
  • 5-star customer reviews
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent customer support

The Kind Pen Reviews

Whether using concentrates, dry flowers, or oils, you can count on The Kind Pen device for boundless vaping pleasure. It will give you deep relaxation in every single inhale you make.

The Kind Pen Reviews: The Kind Pen Reviews

Today, the brand has a 20+ vaporizer collection with various shapes and sizes. Of course, all their vape pens are surprisingly incredible compared to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. 

Alright, here are several vape devices you can choose from:

The Kind Pen Products

Herbal Truva Mini 2.0, Deezy, OG jams.
Concentrate The Don, GAGS, Lobi, Weezy, Jiggy, Slim Wax Premium. 
E-liquid & Oil Breezy, Covert, Pure, Highkey, Mist, Slim Oil, Slim Oil Premium, Twist VV Battery. 

Other than that, the brand also offers The Kind Glass and other vaping accessories. It is made from the best material to ensure its safety and unparalleled comfort. 

With so many types of vapes, deciding which is right for you must be hard. Therefore, we’ve only made in-depth reviews for the products most sought after by customers with the highest ratings. Read more!

The Kind Pen Mist Review

If you want to keep your vaping low-key, The Mist is the must-have vape you can try. The Mist is a customer favorite, rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 1k reviews. It is also the most affordable option among The Kind Pen products.

The Kind Pen Review: The Kind Pen Mist Review

When you first look at this vape pen, you’ll be surprised at its size. The Mist is 5 x 7 x 3-inch, making it a super small e-liquid and oil vape. Hence, it allows you to enjoy your vape with a different level of bliss.

With The Mist, you can switch between 2.4v, 2.8v, and 3.2v like a breeze. Thanks to its adjustable voltage battery. In addition, this pen is easy to use and compatible with most 1ml 510-thread cartridges

The best part? The Mist helps you unlock the ninja stealth vape mode. The stealth mode saves you from drawing unwanted attention since it is virtually unnoticeable to the people around you. 

Product Details:

  • 3 oz weight
  • 5 ml glass/ceramic wickless tank
  • LED indicator
  • 20-sec preheat time
  • USB charging porit’s0 mAh battery capacity
  • Innovative design protects the cartridge
  • 11 color options

Overall, you should try this vape for vaping experience without exhaling vapor. Order now for $29.99, and pick the color that suits your style! 

The Kind Pen Breezy Review

For another option, you might like the Breezy with its dual-action vape feature. Made with durable metallic construction from top to bottom, this vape device does a great job. 

The Kind Pen Review: The Kind Pen Breezy Review

Breezy is the perfect choice if you are looking for smooth hits and excellent taste. Additionally, using Breezy is nice for a fresh start with its easy one-button operation for all preheating and firing.

In addition, there are 4 different temperature settings available, including 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v, 4.0v. So you don’t have to worry about setting up the right temperature as you like. 

Besides, the battery stayed charged for longer. You can check the battery life with the indicator light on top. Of course, you will love it. 

Product Details:

  • 6 oz weight
  • 5″ × 7″ × 3″ dimensions 
  • 11mm chamber diameter
  • Preheated chamber function
  • Fits with two interchangeable adaptors (0.5 & 1mm)
  • 9 color options 

All in all, Breezy is well-built with great features. Isn’t this what you want? Grab one for $49.99 and start rocking your crowd with this super cool vape!

The Kind Pen Jiggy Review

Jiggy is another great product from The Kind Pen. This 3-in-1 device allows you to unlock e-juices, oils and concentrates effortlessly. Even better, it can switch from e-juice to wax in a flash within 10 seconds.

The Kind Pen Review: The Kind Pen Jiggy Review

Jiggy is built to last because of its sturdy metal casing. It also remains functional after accidental bumps and drops. You’ll be totally in love with this vape pen.

After that, Jiggy has a 400mAh battery that lasts a long time and charges quickly. You can also customize between 4 temperature options to suit your preferences.

Product Details:

  • 4 × .25 × .50 inch
  • 7 oz weight
  • Adjustable voltage settings
  • Preheat function available
  • 11 color options

Overall, Jiggy is incredible and lets you taste cartridge flavors with more relaxation. You only need to spend $59.99 for Jiggy. See? It’s obviously worth your money. 

The Kind Pen Deezy Review

With 1100mAh, Deezy brings you to satisfy the herbal vaping with loads of fun. The larger capacity is suitable for endless use throughout the day.

The Kind Pen Review: The Kind Pen Deezy Review

The most important thing we like about Deezy is that it heats evenly within only 30 seconds or less. Thus, the fast heating makes Deezy ready to wear anytime without any hassle. 

Further, Deezy delivers cleaner flavor and minimal herb waste, making you feel better with every puff. Plus, the 0.3-gram chamber cooks your herbs more thoroughly. Then, it will vibrate when it’s ready. 

Product Details:

  • 4 × 2.5 × 2.5 inch
  • 7 oz weight
  • 6 color options
  • Full temperature range up to 437
  • Single-button operation
  • Universal USB charging port

At $99.99, you can have a blast vaping with Deezy. Not to mention, the vibrant color options are gorgeous. So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

The Kind Pen Instructions

As you know, The Kind Pen has over 20 types of vaporizers with different sizes and shapes. Of course, you might be curious about how to use it, especially if you are new to personal vaporizers.

Fortunately, you can download all the user manuals on this page. Over there, each device has different detail guidelines. But if you still have trouble during the operation, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. 

The Kind Pen Pros & Cons

As a reader of The Kind Pen review, you must read the following pros & cons:


  • Works great for every vaping method
  • Equipped with color settings (purple light, blue, red) to show the temperature 
  • The color options are awesome
  • Durable and lightweight vaporizer
  • Fits with all standard 510-threaded tanks
  • The battery lasts a long time for a single charger
  • Easy to use like a breeze


  • Only suitable for people above the age of 18
  • The products are not available in the marketplaces

Who Is The Kind Pen For?

The Kind Pen is the go-to place for all vapers. This place is suitable for an experienced vaper looking for a new vape or a new vaper craving a starter kit.

Besides that, all dry herb enthusiasts will love this place to fulfill their cravings. That’s right. Whether you are looking for dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vape, or e-liquid vape devices, this place will be your favorite to enjoy the best possible vaping experience.

The Kind Pen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

If you’re debating whether the quality of The Kind Pen is what it claims, then you should look at the testimonials below. We compiled the product ratings and real user reviews from the website to make things easier. Check it out!

The Kind Pen Review: The Kind Pen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the product ratings:

  • Breezy: 4.9/5 stars from 144 reviews
  • Mist: 4.8/5 stars based on 1.263 reviews
  • Jiggy: 4.8/5 stars from 88 reviews
  • Deezy: 4.8/5 stars based on 113 reviews

Let us begin with the first review of the Breeze dual-action vape. One customer said:

Super smooth. The battery lasts a long time. I even accidentally put it in the wash and it still worked.

As said by the customer, Breeze delivers smooth hits with excellent flavor. Even better is the battery stays for a longer time. 

Moving forward, another buyer gives a 5-star for Mist. She said:

Highly recommend, this little battery will last you a very long time. 

As the best-selling vape, Mist oil vape fits perfectly in the hand.

Next, you’ll hear a nice review about Jiggy. One happy customer said:

The Jiggy works great. Great battery life, very easy to use. Love the accessories as well.

Just like the others, The Jiggy also provides another level of vaping. It gives a sense of calm to relax and enjoy the day. 

Overall, the customers provide positive feedback on these products. They love The Kind Pen for many reasons, from its size, simplicity, features, and taste. jadi ini seharusnya bisa menjadi pertimbangan untuk kamu yang masih ragu dengan this incredible vape. 

Is The Kind Pen Worth It?

The brand is a big hit in the vaping industry. But is it worth the hype? Of course, you might ask this question once you read this review. Thus, we are confident that The Kind Pen is worth your money in terms of its quality, price, and benefits. 

The Kind Pen Review: Is The Kind Pen Worth It?

Indeed, all the products are available at affordable prices than other vaping brands. It will be your good purchase for the highest quality vape device. Who can say no to that?

How To Contact The Kind Pen

The brand’s customer service is always quick to respond to your inquiries. To get in touch with them, you can choose one of the following contact methods:

The Kind Pen Shipping Policy

Moreover, the shipping fee is non-refundableThe Kind Pen products are only available for order within the US, UK, and Canada. All products are well packaged in compliance with US law.

In addition, the delivery time will vary depending on your location and shipping method selection. Here are the shipping details:

  • USPS Ground ($9.95): 4-5 days
  • USPS Priority ($13.95): 2-3 days
  • USPS Express ($29.95): 1-2 days

Thus, if you want to expedite your order, you must spend more money to pay for shipping costs. This will automatically appear on your summary checkout page.

The Kind Pen Return Policy

Fortunately, The Kind Pen accepts returns for exchange within 30 days of receipt. However, the shipping fee is non-refundable. You can also pay for the shipping return cost. 

Please note that if you want to request a return, ensure the product is in unused condition, including its original packaging. Afterwards, contact customer service for confirmation and return the product to the following address:

Return Address

1808 Brielle Ave,
Ste A, Ocean, NJ 07712

The Kind Pen Warranty Policy

All The Kind Pen products are covered by warranty. This means you will receive a replacement for your broken vape device. In addition, the warranty is valid for most gear except EZ Pipe & coils.

But first, you must sign up for a lifetime warranty after purchasing the product. Once you register your device, you will get reward points that you can collect for exciting offers, including free vapes. For more details on warranty registration, please jump to the Warranty Policy Page

Where to buy The Kind Pen?

The Kind Pen is only available through its official website. So, if you’re interested in getting a different sensation, visit the website and choose your favorite vape. 

The Kind Pen Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for a special offer on your vape device? To make a nice move, subscribe to save 15% off your entire order. You can also receive the latest news about the product and other exclusive deals. 

Want more? Tap the button below, then redeem the code on your checkout page!

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The Kind Pen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Kind Pen reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is The Kind Pen a good pen?

As the best vape brand on the market, The Kind Pen offers a variety of vaporizers with great features to enjoy a pleasure vaping experience. 

How do I use The Kind Pen?

All The Kind Pen devices are easy to use. You only need to follow the instructions included in your package or download them on the website. 

How long does it take The Kind Pen to fully charge?

They highly recommend charging the vape pen for 2 hours. For safety reasons, all atomizers must be removed while charging. You can see the charging lights to indicate that the device is charged. 

Is The Kind Pen a 510 thread?

All Kind Pen products are compatible with most 510 thread tanks on the market. 

Why my The Kind Pen charger does not work?

If it’s not charging, you might have made some mistakes. For example, you’re not using the right charger, the charger is busted, or your terminals are blocked. 

Kindly jump into this page for every problem you have. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Kind Pen Reviews & Ratings

Overall, you can consider The Kind Pen your new favorite place for everything you need for the best vaping experience. You can choose from more than 20 types of vaporizers with excellent features. 

It’s time to replace your old clunky old vaporizer with this vape pen device! All the products are worth trying. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website and place your order!


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