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About The James Method

Shalom, are you all doing well? During this long holiday, why don’t you use your time to learn the Bible or Scripture? No worries, you have The James Method to make your learning more fun and easier!

The James Method Review: About The James Method

What does this brand do?‘ Basically, this brand wants you to draw near to God. As a result, God will also draw near to you. How to do that? You can start learning with Bible study supplies from this store.

Every learning will turn into something fun and interesting when you have proper and complete supplies. Thus, we want you to feel the same while learning the Bible. In this store, you can get everything!

Do other people also shop here?’ Yes, they do! On social media, we discovered the brand has collected over 68.5k total followers. So, will you join others to have better Bible & Scripture learning?

If so, our The James Method review will guide you on how to get them. We are here to be your helpful guide since we provide product reviews, prices, ratings, and exclusive offers. Are you interested?

Overview Of The James Method

Since you opened this page, have you ever asked, ‘What is exactly The James Method?’ Yup, that might be everyone’s question. So, let us tell you the inspiring story behind this magical brand.

Let’s meet the beautiful Lauren, the creator & owner of The James Method. It was around 2016 when she felt that she was distant from God. Simply, she called it a ‘spiritually stagnant‘ moment.

During that condition, as a Christian, Lauren felt that she was not in an intimate relationship with God. She was lazy and didn’t even touch her Bible, but she expected God to give more to her.

That kind of situation made Lauren realize that she needed to change. Then, on one good day, she read James 4:8, which says like this: ‘Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.‘ 

At that moment, Lauren realized she had discovered a new motivation to draw near God. Then, she decided to make herself one step closer to God every day. Magically, she did that!

Since then, she committed to always involve God in her life. It includes the moment when she decided to make The James Method in 2016. Then, what does The James Method offer to us now?

The James Method Reviews

Thanks to The James Method, you can now learn the Bible and Scripture more easily. As in the picture below, the whole learning process can be super fun, so let’s just dive deeper into it!

The James Method Reviews: The James Method Reviews

In this store, your Bible study will never be boring. Even better, you will always get good motivation to learn every day. Supported by those cool products, we’re sure you can’t say ‘no‘.

Then, what does this store have in the collection?

The James Method Product Collection

Journals Get your verse map and Scripture memory journal or Word study on this page!
Study Supplies Make your study more fun and colorful with stickers, notebooks, highlighters, etc.!
TJM Kids Let your kids have fun learning, too! Get a Dwell Bible study journal for them today!
Verse Map Plans Various map plans from Christmas to Thanksgiving kits are here! Find your fav now!

In addition to those physical product categories, The James Method also sells digital products. If you want to get the verse mapping PDF version, kindly get some on this link.

So, there are many advantages you get by shopping here. From a reliable verse mapping template to a Bible study kit, they are all on sale today. So, who’s ready for the ‘review‘ section?

The James Method Verse Mapping Book Journal Reviews

Who’s ready to do a fun verse mapping? Then, the only product you need is actually this Verse Mapping Book Journal! Do you want us to tell you something good about it?

The James Method Review: The James Method Verse Mapping Book Journal Reviews

Verse mapping involves analyzing a biblical verse by studying its keywords, understanding its historical context, and others. Thus, this product may be helpful for you. Why?

First, you can identify and define pivotal keywords easily. Also, since each verse has a different perception, you can break them down here and get a better understanding.

Next, by verse mapping, you can contemplate the profound truths about God, humanity, and, of course, yourself. It then helps you a lot during self-evaluation of God’s teaching.

Verse Mapping Book Journal Details:

  • 8.5 x 11 (page size)
  • Heirloom quality linen hardback cover
  • Includes full verse mapping instructions
  • Includes verse mapping template (70)
  • Includes a back pocket
  • Available in 6 color choices

So, do you want to start your Bible learning with this Verse Mapping Book Journal? Then, you must be grateful since it’s still on sale, with a cheaper price of $40.00 only for today!

The James Method Bible Binder Reviews

Who prefers using and writing in the binder? Then, make your Bible study more comfortable with the Bible Binder from The James Method. First, take a look at the following picture!

The James Method Review: The James Method Bible Binder Reviews

Why do you need this binder? First, this binder is designed for Bible readers who want to slowly document their insights over time. Thus, it’s a perfect item to be a timeless learning kit.

Then, its versatile application is also another plus point. Whether you’re doing mapping verses, or working through particular books with your church, this binder is a dependable resource.

Next, this binder always puts everything into one. How is it? Specifically, it has one designated space to put the author, main themes, audience, and cultural or historical backgrounds.

Bible Binder Details:

  • Binder size: 9 x 11
  • Binder material: Durable and high-quality materials
  • Binder content: Sufficient space for in-depth research and personal notes
  • Paper size: 7 x 9.75
  • Color choices: 2 (brown and pink)

Would you like to have a Bible Binder? Write down your thoughts and keep them safe in it. Plus, if you are curious about the price, we’re happy to say that it’s very affordable at just $37.99!

The James Method Scripture Memory Journal Reviews

Having no easier and more fun way to learn Scripture? If that’s your current concern, then we recommend you have a Scripture Memory Journal. Uhm, what’s good about this product?

The James Method Review: The James Method Scripture Memory Journal Reviews

Thanks to The James Method, your Scripture learning is easier now. Specifically, this Scripture Memory journal offers an easy system for consistently memorizing one verse per week.

In addition, this journal is customizable with your own verses. Simply put, the store doesn’t provide verses to memorize. However, if you need guidance, the memory verse vault is available.

Scripture Memory Journal Details:

  • Journal size: 8.5 x 11
  • Template: 52 blank templates
  • Color choices: 6 colors with different designs

Do you want to have this cute Scripture Memory Journal on your learning table? Then, what if we tell you that it is so cheap? Yup, for each piece of it, you only need to spend no more than $19.99!

The James Method Pros and Cons

What makes us love The James Method and not? See the following pros and cons section:


  • Creative and fun items to learn Bible/Scripture/Word deeply
  • Timeless learning kit with high-quality material
  • Various products, from a journal to adorable stationery, make learning more enjoyable
  • Suit for all age customers (girl to women)
  • US and worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping in the US
  • 30 days of return policy


  • It is not able to ship to the UK
  • No phone number

Who Is The James Method For?

Learning the Bible and Scripture is all Christians’ duty. Thankfully, today, we have so many interesting ways to do it. One of them is by having reliable Bible study kits from The James Method.

So, who else can benefit from this store? Specifically, this store is dedicated to all Christian women who want to have a better and more fun Bible study experience. Also, it includes all little girls who will surely love those adorable learning kits as well.

The James Method Review: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to the next section, and let’s witness everything here. What does this ‘everything’ mean? Specifically, all customer ratings and reviews are here to reveal. Who’s ready?

The James Method Review: The James Method Review: What Do Customers Think?

So, let’s just start this! On the Judge.Me platform, we discovered nearly 2.8k reviews with an average rating of 4.77/5 stars for this store. Then, how’s the detailed rating for each product?

Surprisingly, each product gains over 4.5 stars of rating. On the other hand, what did the customers say based on their shopping experiences? Stay calm, and keep reading the next part!

Who’s excited about the first review?

The products are of high quality and will be cherished in my journey with the Lord. I just ordered another journal as a gift so my sister-in-law and I could do this together.

This customer admitted that there’s no lack of product quality. Also, she even ordered more!

Then, we want you to read this, too:

I absolutely love the binder and pages. I can’t wait to get refills for it. Eventually, I want to buy the stamps and other accessories to go with it. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing way of delving deeper into God’s word.

We’re happy to see this customer happy with her binder. She loves it so much and is excited to use it!

Next, don’t skip this for further consideration:

What I appreciated even more than the product was the customer service. I asking if I could change my shipping address, but, it was too late as the product already shipped. However, Lauren went above and beyond by offering to meet me in person…

It’s proven that The James Method’s customer service is amazingly good. This customer must be so grateful!

Finally, how sure are you now to shop from The James Method? It has been proven to be good. So what else do you need? Oh wait, does it also mean that the store is worth buying?

Is The James Method Worth It?

Since people easily lose motivation to learn the Bible and Scripture, The James Method does otherwise. They came in such a unique way, providing learning kits that are way too fun and enjoyable. And you really like them, right?

The James Method Review: Is The James Method Worth It?

Of this point, we guarantee that this store is worth buying. Sometimes, we really need motivation and, of course, good stuff before doing something.

Also, the fact that thousands of customers have benefited from this store is another plus point. So, when will you get yours?

The James Method Shipping Policy

Who’s excited to learn about this shipping policy? Then we have great news for you. Today, The James Method ships in the US and most countries worldwide.

Another advantage is for US customers, who are eligible for free shipping for orders above $75. Meanwhile, kindly check your shipping costs for customers from other countries at the checkout page. Lastly, The James Method doesn’t ship to the UK due to tax problems. 

The James Method Return Policy

Do you receive the wrong item? No worries. In this return policy section, you will learn how to overcome it well and safely. Then, how does this policy generally work?

Basically, all customers have 30 days to apply for a return. Firstly, you must contact The James Method at [email protected] for further confirmation. Also, not all digital products are eligible for return. But if you find an error with your files, kindly send an email to Lauren and the team.

How To Contact The James Method?

Talking to some professional customer support teams from The James Method? Of course, they’re always reachable here:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: The James Method/the_james_method
  • YouTube channel: The James Method
  • Live chat: Click the bubble on the bottom right of the site!

Company Address

United States

Where to buy The James Method?

Of course, the only place to buy those Bible study kits is on the TMJ’s official website. For your information, if you want to see a tutorial video or something else from Lauren, kindly check the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts regularly!

The James Method Coupon Codes & Promos

Does everyone love to get special offers? Of course, so don’t miss the following list:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email for a 10% discount and automatically enter into a $50 Gift Card Giveaway program
  • Keep updated on the email and other social media for free James Method templates, discount codes, etc.
  • Become an Affiliate and earn a commission of up to 10%
  • Free shipping for all US orders (above $75)

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The James Method

The James Method Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The James Method reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is The James study method?

It is an online store that sells supporting supplies for Bible and Word learning. The most popular product is Verse Mapping Journal.

Who owns The James Method?

The store’s owner is Lauren.

Where is The James Method located?

It’s in the US, but we couldn’t find its specific address.

Does The James Method ship internationally?

Yes, The James Method ships in the US and most countries around the world. But, shipping to the UK is unavailable.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The James Method Reviews & Ratings

So, who’s happy to find reliable stuff to make your Bible and Scripture learning more fun? We know it’s you! Thanks to The James Method, you can start drawing near to God.

Hopefully, with all of this unstoppable learning, God will also draw near to you. Therefore, your perfect spiritual life will be yours. Finally, since those items are still on sale today, why don’t you start grabbing some pieces to ship home?


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