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About The Great Egress Co.

If you use your basement space, it’s essential to have an egress window in emergencies. But, finding an egress window that follows the egress code in your area is not that easy.

The Great Egress Co. Review: About The Great Egress Co.

The Great Egress Co. is a company that offers basement windows that are egress and non-egress. The product uses durable material and is the ideal size to add light and airflow to your basement, so that you can say goodbye to a stuffy and dark basement.

This brand also has gained popularity among local customers with its window installation service. The team works professionally and fast to ensure that the job is done. In addition, this brand grows bigger by providing shipping to ensure you can get the window no matter where you are.

However, is their online shop also can offer the best? In this The Great Egress Co. review, we’ve compiled the company profile, customer reviews, best-selling product reviews, customer services, offers, and other information to break down this brand. So let’s dive right in!

Overview Of The Great Egress Company

Kickstarted in 2020, The Great Egress Co. was founded by Morgan Reay and manufactured in North America. Its name comes from the greatest showman who is Mr.PT Barnum. The “Egress” translates as “to go out or to leave a place,” representing its means to let you escape an emergency situation.

They strive to make egress windows that meet the legal requirement more accessible. This brand offers egress and non egress windows suitable for your basement space, delivered straight to your door.

This brand offers transparency about the window, the material, and the size that follows the egress window code in your area. Plus, this brand provides outstanding customer services with a returns policy and return policy.

Here are the pros and cons of this egress window company to let you have a bigger picture:

The Great Egress Co. Pros

  • Compliance with the egress window code
  • Providing both egress and non-egress window
  • Durable material and strong build
  • Various size options depending on your needs
  • Ideal size to provide better light and airflow
  • Free shipping for all purchases
  • 30-days return policy 

The Great Egress Co. Cons

  • Only ship to US states and Canada
  • No reviews yet

The Great Egress Co. Review

Want to get to know further about what they have to offer? The Great Egress Co. focuses on providing egress and non-egress windows. All product is made from the same material of insulated glass and PVC frame that is durable.

The Great Egress Co. Reviews: The Great Egress Co. Review

Currently, they only have three products available, including:

  • Egress Window With Hinges Side Hung
  • Side Hinge Basement Window
  • Reverse Hopper Basement Window

The egress window will be designed with a size that follows the egress code, and the non-egress isn’t big enough but enough to add light and ventilation for the basement. Each window is also available in various dimensions that you can select based on your needs.

But, is all the product good enough? So, let’s discuss it further in the section below!

The Great Egress Co. Egress Window With Hinges Side Hung Reviews

Let’s begin this The Great Egress Co. review with Egress Window With Hinges Side Hung that has become their main product. This egress window can be the best option for transferring your dark and unused basement into a bright, liveable space.

The Great Egress Co. Review: The Great Egress Co. Egress Window With Hinges Side Hung Reviews

This egress window hinges side hung is constructed from insulated glass and PVC frame with window egress code compliant based on the local area. It’s designed explicitly for egress side hung hinges to optimize the egress opening.

The simple one-handle locking mechanism makes it easily accessible and open even for children, so they don’t have to worry about going to the basement alone. In addition, the hinge design allows the window to be fully opened without an open sash.

Size options

  • 26″ x 46″
  • 30″ x 40″
  • 36″ x 32″
  • 32″ x 36.25″

It’s available with a removable screen and design that egress code-compliant windows. You can order it for only $525 and be ready to have a brighter basement!

The Great Egress Co. Side Hinge Basement Window Reviews

Basically, the Great Egress Co. Side Hinge Basement Window has the same main design and material as the egress window we reviewed above. However, the only main difference is it doesn’t meet the IRC egress code size requirements.

The Great Egress Co. Review: The Great Egress Co. Side Hinge Basement Window Reviews

This Side Hinge Basement Window is not large enough to meet the IRC degrees code but offers ideal light and ventilation for a stuffy and dark basement. It can be the best option if you have a small basement or as an additional window for a basement with an egress window.

It can be an energy-efficient option to lower your heating bill and make the basement cozier. The window design aims to be fully opened for ideal airflow, easy maintenance, and ventilation.

Size options:

  • 36″ x 24″
  • 36″ x 30″
  • 38″ x 24.5″
  • 30″ x 36″
  • 35″ x 30″
  • 30″ x 30″

It can be the perfect stylish addition to any basement design with an excellent security level. With this product, you can optimize the brightness of your basement and improve the ventilation by investing only $450!

The Great Egress Co. Reverse Hopper Basement Window Reviews

Since both windows above are side hinge windows, The Great Egress Co. window also offers a reverse hopper window. This Reverse Hopper Basement Window has the same material as both products above, using solid PVC and insulator glass.

The Great Egress Co. Review: The Great Egress Co. Reverse Hopper Basement Window Reviews

The design and material are carefully selected and constructed to ensure durability and last longer. However, remember that it’s not a hopper window egress since it isn’t large enough to meet the IRC size requirements of the egress code.

It’s specifically designed for inward swings from the hinges along the frame top. This design allows it to be left open to maximize ventilation without rattling around.

Size options:

  • 36″ x 24″
  • 38″ x 24.5″
  • 41.5″ x 21.5″

Add this reverse hopper window to your cart for only $450!

Who Is The Great Egress Co. For?

The Great Egress Co. is a brand mainly made for everyone to quickly get a durable basement window that can bring more light and airflow to the basement. This brand provides egress windows that are made explicitly with egress code compliance in certain areas in US and Canada.

The Great Egress Co. Review: Who Is The Great Egress Co. For?

This brand also offers non-egress windows suitable for you who are looking for additional basement windows that already have egress windows.

The Great Egress Co. Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So you know our opinion, but it would be meaningless if we didn’t see what the honest customers said. But unfortunately, there are no reviews about this brand on its website or another review blog.

The Great Egress Co. Review: The Great Egress Co. Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But we find reviews on their Google Business Profile in the local area of Ontario that gain a perfect stars rating of 5/5 reviews from 9 customers. So now let’s see what the customer says: 

I wanted taking a moment to say a big thank you for the awesome customer service and communication we received. Carter was really helpful with our window order. We look forward to working with you again.

The customer stated they could provide outstanding customer service and were satisfied with the product. Here is another customer opinion:

Our newly installed windows made a difference with the light entering our basement! Justin and Jon are truly good at their work and take pride in it. Great job!

From the review above, the customer said that the window shows slightly differently on how much light enters their basement. However, she also praises that the team does a great job installing the window.

[…] We have WAY more light in our basement now and the proper drainage in each window well (no more leaks!). We’ve had other contractors come by to do some other work and they are all impressed with the finished product. 6 out of 5 stars!! Highly recommend.

The review above also state how the window installs correctly and gets more light and better drainage. The customer was also impressed and delighted with the team that installed the window.

The review shows how this brand takes pride in its service and product quality. We also couldn’t find any bad reviews about this widow company, which is good.

Is The Great Egress Co. Worth It?

After we have dug into this brand this far, we can say that The Great Egress Co. is worth it. Not only providing high-quality and safe windows, but this brand also offers excellent customer service.

The Great Egress Co. Review: Is The Great Egress Co. Worth It?

From the review of their local customer, we can also see how the brands ensure customer satisfaction with product quality and impressive installing service.

They also offer free shipping and a return policy, which we will discuss further below. So overall, we can see that this company is legit and credible by ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality.

The Great Egress Co. Shipping Policy

To ensure your satisfaction, this egress company offers free shipping for all orders! In addition, the brand offers various shipping providers and services that will choose depend on your destinations.

This brand strives as soon as possible deliver and process the products that will reach you within seven days. And in most cases, it arrived less than four days which is quite impressive. All windows before 5:00 PM EST will be processed in the following days and handed to the courier.

The Great Egress Co. Return Policy

According to The Great Egress Co. return policy, you can claim for return within 30 days after you receive the order. To be eligible for it, the window must be in the same condition as it arrives, unused with a tag, and in original packaging.

To begin the return, you can reach their customer service at [email protected]. Remember that you need to provide the receipt as proof of purchase. Furthermore, you’ll be charged for the return shipping cost and a 25% restocking fee.

Once the returned items arrive and are approved, the refund will automatically be credited to your original payment. However, some banks and credit card companies will take some time to process the refund.

How To Contact The Great Egress Co.

We know that The Great Egress Co. review could not answer all of your curiosity about this brand. So if you have any questions, you can get in touch with their customer service at:

  • Email at [email protected]
  • Fill out the Contact Us form
  • Live chat at the bottom right of the official site
  • Social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

Where to buy The Great Egress Co.?

Now you’ve got to know further about this brand. So are you interested in installing a window for a brighter basement? If so, you can purchase officially from The Great Egress Co. website. As you already know. If you buy the basement window from its official store, your purchase will be guaranteed with a 30-day return policy and many other perks that they offer!

The Great Egress Co. Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking for current offers? It is a must-step before you check out the cart. You can sign up for their email list to be notified about the latest egress window sale and new arrival.

Moreover, keep in mind that all shipping across the US will be eligible for free shipping. Lastly, you can reveal the latest The Great Egress Co. discount code by checking the link below!

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The Great Egress Co.

The Great Egress Co. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Great Egress Co. reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns The Great Egress Co.?

This egress window company is owned by Morgan Reay.

Does The Great Egress Co. ship internationally?

This website is specifically made and shipped to the US states. But they also ship to Canada by purchasing in their Canadian store.

Where is The Great Egress Co. located?

This is one of the best egress window manufacturers in Ontario, and is located at 35 Union St, Elmira, ON N3B 2Y3, Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Great Egress Co. Reviews & Ratings

For the safety of the usage of basement space, an egress window is the best option. The Great Egress Co. is an egress window manufacturer that offers a window that can improve compliance with the egress window code.

This brand also offers non egress windows with enough design to add light and become additional windows for your basement. They also have an excellent service with free shipping and a return policy to ensure a risk-free purchase.

So are you interested in installing windows for brighter and better ventilation in your basement? You can check The Great Egress Co. and find your dream basement window!


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