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The Dust Test Review 2023 → The Most Comprehensive Dust Test Ever?

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About The Dust Test

Do you know that fungi, mold, and other dust mittens spread invisibly in your home and can cause health issues for your family members? While it may be quite costly to call a cleaning home inspector, you cannot be left clueless about our home health state. Just in time, The Dust Test is here to rescue.

The Dust Test Review: About

Combining home inspection and a home cleaning set, The Dust Test is born. It is a home cleaning test kit that anyone can now test their home health quality, so they can save so much cost and time before deciding to call a home cleaning inspector.

Leave the air and ERMI test with an advanced PCR technology that can identify more than 30 mold species and categories. Simply, The Dust Test is a DIY home-cleaning kit you need for your home.

How reliable is this test kit? What makes it worth trying? Those wonders must tempt you. But no worries, the following The Dust Test review will inform you about the brand’s narrative, items, and value to help you decide before trying them. Let’s dive in.

Overview of The Dust Test

The Dust Test is an affordable, reliable, and efficient home hygiene screening product that also offers home hygiene inspections. This screening tool comes with a sophisticated, easy test for many people.

Two big companies are behind this product, namely Home Cleanse, with Michael Rubino as a founder, who has been reviewed by many major media such as Forbes, Business Insider, Market Watch, USA Today, etc.

He joined hands with Brian Karr and Corey Levy of cleaning service inspection company We Inspect, who have garnered a social media following of almost 40K to create The Dust Test.

Based on the research findings on home hygiene and dust allergies, this patented brand of home health test kit uses PCR technology that will easily and reliably detect 36 types of mold, mycotoxin, and endotoxin scattered in your home.

The Dust Test provides three kinds of cleaning home test products that you can do yourself. These three hygiene test kits are made based on the needs of the community, from low to mild to acute allergies.

With the ease of use and time efficiency, now everyone can test the cleanliness and severity of mold levels in their homes.

The Dust Test Pros

  • Able to spot 36 mold species and 5 levels of mold severity
  • Shows your home health condition compared to others
  • Tips for finding a healthier home
  • Free phone consultation
  • Help to decide whether you should stay or move from the home
  • Able to tell the mycotoxin and endotoxin probability
  • Backed up by two big companies in home cleaning products and service

The Dust Test Cons

  • Very few customer reviews to be found

The Dust Test Reviews

Is your home healthy enough to live in? Should you stay there or move? Do you have any suspicion about the health quality of your home? We know such questions you have in mind. Thus, we’ll spotlight the three levels of The Dust Test testing kit to let you know what tools you need to answer those questions.

The Dust Test Reviews

With a combination of reliable scientific approaches that you can do by yourself, let’s see whether you really need a real home inspection by using one of these The Dust Test’s three kits.

The Dust Test Mold Test Reviews

This Mold Test is a basic mold screening test that is suitable for beginners.  It will identify up to 36 mold species that may be growing unexpectedly in your home.

The Dust Test Review: The Dust Test Mold Test Reviews

For families who do not have a history of dust and mold allergies but feel suspicious about the cleanliness of their homes, this could be the best option.

For only $249, you can answer your curiosity about the cleanliness of your home based on EPA lab tests.

The Dust Test Toxic Mold Test Reviews

The Toxic Mold Test is the level-up version of the basic mold test. It is designed for those whose health condition is affected by the produced mold and mycotoxins.

The Dust Test Review: The Dust Test Toxic Mold Test Reviews

For only $499, you will get the information on whether your home has a “Toxic Mold” situation, along with test labs over 36 mold species that possibly grow in your living home.

The Dust Test Toxic Mold + Bacteria Test Reviews

The Toxic Mold & Bacteria Test from The Dust Test is specifically made for those with high medical sensitivity to water-damaged buildings.

The Dust Test Review: The Dust Test Toxic Mold + Bacteria Test Reviews

This test will inform you of a comprehensive screening test for the water damage and toxins surrounding your house. You’ll know whether you have a ‘toxic mold’ or ‘toxic bacteria’ place by utilizing this test kit.

For only $699, this test kit is worth your investment as it has the ability to spot up to 36 mold species in your home.

Who Is The Dust Test For?

For people with a medical history of allergies to dust, asthma, or mold, The Dust Test will be a very useful tool to measure the home feasibility test.

The Dust Test Review: Who Is The Dust Test For?

You can always check your living area health rate before deciding to call a cleaning inspector, which means this is a great way for someone to save more money in getting a healthy house.

Also, with the ongoing pandemic, we have been made aware of the importance of air quality and a clean environment for everyone. With the basic mold test, it won’t take medical research to make someone ensure the living quality in their house.

From functional health practitioners to indoor environmental professionals, or people with high sensitivity to air quality that lives in a water-damaged building, The Dust Test is your newest first aid kit member in measuring a healthy home.

Is The Dust Test Worth It?

Totally, yes! The Dust Test provides affordable, time-efficient, and reliable solutions for the current healthy living standard, especially at home.

The Dust Test Review: Is The Dust Test Worth It?

We know how pricey it is to call a cleaning inspector service when you end up with a little severity amount of mold in your house. So, before calling them, you can get more savings by testing your living area first.

With the Dust Test, you get true analytical data on what mold is in your environment and how significant the contamination is.

Also, it is very time-efficient. You only need to follow the link instructions for some minutes, and then you can do the sample test all around your house without leaving any corner and get the most accurate result.

Along with cutting-edge DNA and chemical sequencing technologies, this cleaning test kit will spot any quantifying mold species, mycotoxins types, and endotoxins that will tell you whether you need to leave or stay in your house.

All in all, the cost-saving, efficacy, and highly-advances medical technology, The Dust Test is your new healthy standard equipment in the house.

How Does The Dust Test Work?

The most interesting thing about this is that you can pre-test the severity of mold and fungi yourself with this test easily. You will get a sealed collection cloth and alcohol wipes within the test box.

The Dust Test Review: How Does The Dust Test Work?

In the next step, you just need to follow the instruction manual given by the company via email.

After collecting the samples from the room, The Dust Test team will analyze your samples for about 5-7 business days upon receipt. Once the result comes out, your report will be generated within 24-48 hours.

Right after, you can request a free consultation via telephone with the company team to take the next step regarding the mold severity in your house. Usually, the options you have will be:

  • Either to stay or to leave the house
  • Call a cleaning inspector to solve the issue

Is The Dust Test Legit?

We are pretty much sure that the brand is legit. The Dust Test has been backed-up research based on numerous findings cited on the site.

The Dust Test Review: Is The Dust Test Legit?

More importantly, it uses the combination of cutting-edge DNA and chemical sequencing technologies to make comprehensive dust testing that is on par with ERMI and Air tests.

It also covers information on 36 mold species, mycotoxins types, and endotoxins based on EPA studies that may raise health problems in your house.

With a detailed report more than Air Test and ERMI Test, The Dust Test can help you to validate whether your home living is healthy or not. Pretty much, it is a legit dust test for your home.

The Dust Test Shipping Policy

The Dust Test is always ready to process your order from Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM ET. When you place your order during that period of time, they will process and ship your items on the same day.

While any order placed out of that schedule will be sent on the following business day.

The Dust Test Return Policy

As The Dust Test is very confident in the excellence and maturity of its screening test products, they do not accept any return requests, except for items including those required by prevailing laws or rules or if the product is faulty.

How To Contact The Dust Test?

Have another question to ask The Dust Test about home cleaning kits, home health inspections, or more? Contact them via [email protected] by email and they will get back to you shortly.

Where to buy The Dust Test?

Do you want to know how the state of your home affects the health of everyone in the house? You can order this home test kit from The Dust Test through their official website:

The Dust Test Coupon Codes & Promos

As much as this The Dust Test review can find out, they are not currently offering discounts or promo opportunities. However, you can always follow their website or social media for the latest information.

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The Dust Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Dust Test reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is The Dust Test?

Shortly, it is a home clean testing kit to show your house’s severity of mold, bacteria, and fungi.

How long does it take for The Dust Test results to come out?

It will take around 5-7 business days to generate the report of your home’s healthy state.

Who owns The Dust Test?

It is owned by Michael Rubino (CEO HomeCleanse company) along with Corey Levy and Brian Karr (Founder of We Inspect company).

Does The Dust Test ship internationally?

There is no clear information stating that the brand ships internationally. However, we found that The Dust Test shows a country selections bar for the shipping address that you can choose from.

Better check the brand’s website to know whether they can reach out to your country.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Dust Test Reviews & Ratings

After the pandemic, we now know how crucial it is to have healthy air and environment. We learn that dust, spores, and other little particles easily pollute our respiratory systems and affect our whole body’s health.

With The Dust Test, you only need some minutes to learn whether your home is a good place to live or to leave. From a do-it-yourself test sample, a week of report analysis, and a free consultation about your decision in finding the best place to live, The Dust Test is a practical and reliable home testing kit worth trying.


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