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About The Code Zone UK

In the current digital era and rapid technological development, learning to code has become one of the most popular skills among adults, even children.

The Code Zone Review: About The Code Zone UK

What exactly is coding? Well, coding (computer programming) is an action of programming steps by writing code or scripts in a programming language. It can be frustrating to learn it if you do not have the right support. 

Talking about coding, The Code Zone provides a great platform for children who want to eager learn how to code with fun. This platform offers unlimited access for all memberships to help your child get the best experience. 

This platform has been gaining popularity, with almost 3k followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And always shares updated news and gives helpful coding tips on social media. 

Curious about how this platform works and wondering which courses you choose? Head over to The Code Zone Review and find all the sessions based on your child’s needs. 

As The Code Zone’s motto:

Watch – Code – Play

Overview The Code Zone UK

The origins of The Code Zone began when the two self-professed geeks (Paul & Ashley) wanted to run an exciting club in 2019. They bring the purpose of introducing young people to the world of enjoyable learning coding. 

Paul comes with a background in developing cool software, and Ashley has a passion for game development and has become a self-taught programmer. They start to open online and in-person classes with professional team and mentors. 

As of now, The Code Zone has its headquarters in Saffron Walden and has opened the 3 different locations spread across Saffron Walden, Cambridge, and Haverhill. 

The Code Zone Review

Learning to code should be child-led, engaging, and well-supported for children. That’s what The Code Zone thought: creating freedom, having fun yet getting creative, and exploring all the courses without compromise. 

Every session is specially designed more about mentoring, nurturing, and playing. With that learning method, the children will be more comfortable handling every lesson smoothly.

To make it easier, we’ve put the online and offline club list that is divided into your experience of code level, whether a beginner/intermediate class or intermediate/advanced class. Then you’ll find in-depth reviews in the next sections. 

The Code Zone Clubs

  • Hack Club
  • Pyclub
  • Local Club
  • Game Jam

The Code Zone Hack Club Reviews

Welcome to the Hack Club! Yup, this online club is the place where the child learns to “hack” popular games. Doesn’t it sound really fascinating? Alright, let’s see what you will get by joining this club. 

The Code Zone Review: The Code Zone Hack Club Reviews

Well, the Hack Club course is designed for the beginner or intermediate coders to unleash the children’s coding creativity. With professional mentors, your children will be guided by an easy-going learning method. 

All the lessons are doing by online with full chat and video support from the Zone Leaders. One of the mentors will notify you to prepare your child and ensure the right session. 

How does it work? In this club, there are 4 main parts to follows:

  • Code: Simple drop and drag code to create and hack your own game. 
  • Hack: Start to hack the games and create the perfect version of your game.
  • Play: Time to play your newly created game and challenge your mentor to beat your high score. 
  • Share: Share it with other members and show off all the amazing hacks you’ve made. 

Book a free session on your first class now by clicking the button below!

The Code Zone PyClub Reviews

Can you guess what this club is about? Of course, with the snake symbol, The Club Zone PyClub invites you to move on from block-based code to Phyton code.

The Code Zone Review: The Code Zone PyClub Reviews

Well, block-based code is such a fun code, but there’s no actual application. Meanwhile, Phyton code is a familiar and popular programming language which has a bigger learning curve than block-based. That’s why PyClub is perfect to level up the intermediate or advanced coders

How does it work? 

  • Drag & Drop: In this step, you’ll be able to learn the basics of Phyton and simply use your knowledge from scratch in the Phyton game.
  • Code: As you’re ready, start to writing the Phyton code and use the blocks.
  • Mod: Discuss with your mentor to find out how code works and start modding your game.
  • Share: The last step is to share your created game and show off all the incredible mods with other members.

Join online now and book your first session FREE!

The Code Zone Local Clubs Reviews

Fortunately, the Local Teach Club is available near you as another option if you want to get engaged with your mentors and collaborate with other members in person. 

The Code Zone Review: The Code Zone Local Clubs Reviews

This club comes with 3 sessions that are designed to enhance the individual ability to code a drone, break a game, or program a robot. Those three are Code Bugs, Beta-Coders, and Zone 48. 

Start to learn how the basic skills work with Code Bugs and explore how games are built with no hassles. Then solve more complex coding problems in Beta Coders club and learn how to change the element and the hack challenge. 

In Zone 48 club, your step to being a pro-coders getting closer. You will teach how to build or hack the games to make them your own. Additionally, you can also unlock new levels by joining this club. 

Find a club near you to join and come on time.

How To Join The Code Zone

Ready to be part of The Code Zone? Then, start your child’s coding journey by joining this educational platform for FREE on the first session. 

To get started, go to the “Join The Code Zone Page” and fill out the form containing your name, phone number, address, and your children’s name. Next, click the checkbox as an agreement, then create an account. 

You’ll get instant access to 5 free gaming workshops as soon as you sign up. Most interestingly, you have selections from over 120 workshops, with more new options every week. And there’s no credit card required. 

The Code Zone: A Game Jam Reviews

Feeling creative? If so, show off your creative skills to build your game individually or work in teams and share it at the Festive Game Jam.

The Code Zone Review: The Code Zone: A Game Jam Reviews

Yup, A Game Jam is one of the programs held by Code Zone and is held every time there is a big event such as Halloween, Christmas, etc. It aims to be a place to develop your creativity and your crazy ideas.  

Later on, your game work will be published on the Game Jam Page, and everyone can play your game easily. In addition, the Game Jam page is only accessible for free to all members. 

You can try to join Hack Club for £15/month or PyClub for £25/month to become a member. It’s okay if you only join for half a semester because the membership can be canceled anytime you want. 

If you need support or discussion from mentors, you can contact them from 10 AM to 7 PM. They will give you code suggestions or inspiration to create fantastic games. 

Join online and check out past Game Jams!

The Code Zone Pricing

Each club will have different prices according to level and courses—no need to worry. The Code Zone offers affordable prices for all budgets. Here’s the detailed price:

  • Hack Club 
    • Hack Club: It costs £17.50/month
    • Hack Club Live: It costs £45/month
  • PyClub 
    • PyClub: Start from £30/month
    • PyClub Live: Start from £65/month
  • Minecraft MoodClub
    • Minecraft MoodClub: You need to spend £70/per year

For the beginner, you can join the club for free, except for the live club. Visit the website for further info. 

The Code Zone Pros & Cons

In this section, we’ll closely examine each club’s pros and cons in The Code Zone. You can use this comparison as a reference before you join as a member. Let’s take a look below:


  • Get free instant access for the new member
  • You’ll find excellent mentors as a guide 
  • The courses are available in both offline and online classes to choose from
  • There are many events to join for all members
  • The learning method is fun, creative, yet efficient.
  • When you open the website, you’ll notice how interesting and helpful page with detail information.


  • Only available in English language

Who Is The Code Zone For?

This fun learning platform is made for children who want to become pro coders, gamers, budding hackers, or animators. The priority is to keep the children safe online and upgrade their digital skills in using technology safely. 

The Code Zone Review: Who Is The Code Zone For?

It’s a great platform to develop talents and hone your child’s creativity which will be very useful later in life. So don’t let your kids play games continuously without knowledge, invite them to join the Code Zone and learn something new about coding. 

The Code Zone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

By hitting this section, you know what we think about the course so far. Now, it’s time to learn what the students might think about this coding course and their impressions after joining it and completing the various sessions. 

The Code Zone Review: The Code Zone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As seen on the official website, this course has 4.81/5 ratings. And we’ve already found three reviews for your consideration. For the first one, one happy customer is satisfied with the learning method and friendly tutor during Local Club, as she stated:

My son is so happy with The Code Zone Haverhill club. He can’t hardly wait to go back after this semester. The mentors are really nice and helpful. I think we are very lucky to have this club near to us.

Another parent also finds it helpful to encourage the kids’ skills on Hack Club Live with a supportive environment and excellent mentoring. 

My son started his first coding class and the patience that the coding tutor was amazing. I am very super enthusiastic and encouraging brilliant beginners class for an excitable 7 year old. 

All the courses are for kids to enjoy and develop their coding skills. And it’s confirmed by one of the parents below who said that their children really liked all the sessions at Local Club. 

Our kids love it. Of course, teaches useful coding skills in a fun way.

All in all, all the courses available at The Code Zone have a positive impact on children and can be a good platform to enhance their digital ability.

Is The Code Zone Legit?

Absolutely, yes! The Code Zone is totally a legit course that has been officially licensed. Each class teaches by an expert mentor in the field. And all the materials are designed to engage the excitement of your child. 

Moreover, the website is easy to navigate. It allows for easy access to every single class and provides additional benefits during learning. 

Is The Code Zone Worth It?

Through the concept of play and fun with easy-to-follow online materials and video tutorials from the mentor, the Code Zone is the best way to learn to code. And we’re delighted to say that this is a great platform for your children to drag and drop code to create or hack games simply.

The Code Zone Review: Is The Code Zone Worth It?

Obviously, this platform is also worth every purchase and time. You only spend £15 or £25 on each club for each month. Additionally, once you visit the website, you’ll find an interesting design with helpful information provides. 

Moreover, there are mentors who are always available to teach you and provide motivation and inspiration to keep progressing in every session. They are also happy to receive any discussions or things that you don’t understand well.

We highly recommend you join each coding class at The Code Zone. 

How To Contact The Code Zone

Need any help? Absolutely, the Zone Leader Help is ready to assist you with all the problems you have. Go to the Official Website, find the “Help bubble” button located in the bottom right corner, and start the conversation. 

Anyway, the team is online during working hours from 9 A.M. – 6 P.M. Other than those hours, please be patient and wait for the response.

Where to buy The Code Zone?

When you’re ready to join, come along to a free session and choose your club: PyClub, Hack Club, and Local Clubs. Visit the Offical Website to access further information. 

The Code Zone Coupon Codes & Promos

To find out the promotions or best offers, simply register and create an account in The Code Zone. You’ll also get more benefits such as free access to join any events, make bookings, build super lasers with ease, and the latest news once you sign up. 

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The Code Zone Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for The Code Zone reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Can I use my phone/tablet?

It’s okay to use a tablet during the class session as long as the screen size is at least 12 inches or more. Meanwhile, the team don’t recommend using a phone because of the size of the screen. 

What will I get when I sign up?

Once you sign up, you’ll have instant access to 5 free game lessons. So you can start your coding journey by then. 

How to book a free session?

Visit its page course and click the “book a free session” box. You don’t need to use credit card to get the course. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of The Code Zone Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, learning coding from an early age is important for children interested in learning computer languages and want to make it a hobby or career. But, of course, parents must be selective to find the right time and class so that everything runs in balance.

The Code Zone is the best solution that provides many clubs, projects, and 1-2-1 sessions to support your children to start a super fun experience in coding. Hopefully, children can channel their talents and continue to develop to improve their abilities. So join the club now and enjoy the lessons!

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