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About TeraGanix Plant Growth

All gardeners certainly want their plants to grow well and flourish. Hence, finding the right potting soil is essential to ensure your plants get the necessary nutrients. TeraGanix brings you advanced planting technology to make your plants live and thrive!

TeraGanix Review: About TeraGanix Plant Growth
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TeraGanix is the exclusive distributor of EM (Effective Microorganisms) Technology products. It is a term coined by its inventor, Japanese agricultural scientist, and university professor, Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa.

Additionally, the brand provides various gardening and agriculture products that aim to restore soil health, resulting in optimal growing conditions for each type of plant.

Established in 2014, the brand is now well known among the public and gardeners for its proven effective products. Hence, they have an impressive following on social media, with 5K+ followers on Instagram and 23K+ followers on Facebook.

This TeraGanix review will take you through the entire brand from its history, highlight products, customer reviews, and many more. So, let’s dive in!

Overview of TeraGanix Plant Growth

TeraGanix is a Continental US-certified and original EM Technology supplier. This US-based brand provides products with probiotics as the main ingredient for plants, crops, water, and human health.

Accordingly, these microbial-based products derive from Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa’s revolutionary discovery of Effective Microorganisms in 1982. He is a Japanese agricultural scientist and university professor from Okinawa, Japan.

Moreover, the brand probiotic products are commonly used to help improve the soil for stronger growth. It makes plants and gardens healthier, speeds up composting, and eliminates odors. 

One of its best-known products, EM-1, is a multi-microbial mixture consisting primarily of lactic acid and phototrophic bacteria, fermentation-active yeasts, and molds.

When the mixture is not genetically manipulated and occurs naturally in contact with organic matter, the microorganisms produce many natural substances such as vitamins, organic acids, minerals, and various antioxidants.

On top of that, the perfect blend of microorganisms in EM produces a strong regenerative power, thus developing good genetic potential in various environments. 

Today EM is used worldwide in the environmental, industrial, and healthcare fields. In addition to creating an excellent microbial balance for plants, EM is also used in animal farming to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals.

Now that you know the history behind this company, this TeraGanix review will keep moving to the highlight product review. Before that, take your time to read the section below.

TeraGanix Plant Growth Reviews

When it comes to growing healthy plants, it’s all about the soil. Potting soil contains the nutrients, air space, and water retention that plants need to grow in your container is the first element you should pay attention to.

TeraGanix Reviews: TeraGanix Plant Growth Reviews

At TeraGanix, you can get various products to support your gardening so as to produce plants that thrive and grow well with Effective Microorganisms technology from Japan.

Being a global leader in organic agriculture since 1982, this American-based company has been trusted to save 50% of farmers’ input costs while maintaining crop productivity levels.

TeraGanix Best-Selling Products:

  • TeraGanix EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant
  • TeraGanix The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit
  • TeraGanix PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotic Supplement

Alright, without further ado, let’s jump into the best product reviews!

TeraGanix EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant Review

Every gardener wants their plants to grow and thrive well. The first step to achieving this is to plant them in healthy, high-quality soil. This EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant will help you produce fertile, plant-worthy soil.

TeraGanix Review: TeraGanix EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant Review

The EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant works to restore soil health by bringing the diversity and balance of microbial communities in the soil. This conditioner promotes stronger root development, nutrient uptake, and higher yields, improving your product’s quality, size, and flavor.

EM-1 Soil Conditioner consists of three main microorganisms. These microorganisms are Yeast, Lactic Acid Bacteria, and Photosynthetic Bacteria.

Moreover, it can be used for plants, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, gardens, and lawns. No need to worry about it will poison your pets since this soil conditioner is eco-friendly, human-friendly, and pet-friendly. Also, it is OMRI Organic Certified.

Priced at $29.70/16 fl oz bottle, this soil conditioner can improve the strength and health of your plants!

TeraGanix The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit Review

Compost Kit is, without a doubt, a tool that helps ensure you produce less waste and much-needed fertilizer for your plants. The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit is the perfect composter to get started.

TeraGanix Review: TeraGanix The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit Review

Whether you want to recycle any organic matter, small bones, meat, or milk, The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start composting.

The Bokashi Compost Starter Kit ferments organic waste into nutrient-rich compost in less than half the time of traditional outdoor composting methods.

One of the brand’s famous bokashi composting recipes is—  after the bucket is full, leave it for two weeks unopened and bury the inside directly into the garden. After two weeks, the organic waste will completely break down into nutrient-rich compost.

The unique bucket design of this Bokashi Compost Starter Kit captures the nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer that you can drain every 2-3 days and use to nourish indoor and outdoor plants.

Selling at $69.95, you will get the following:

  • 1 lb bag of EM Bokashi,
  • 1 or 2 4.4-gallon compost buckets; airtight lid, draining sieve, presser, dosage container, handle, drain cup, tap, base
  • A complete guide to bokashi composting.

This Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit is the perfect composting solution for your gardening needs!

TeraGanix PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotic Supplement Review

Besides being known for selling various gardening needs, this brand is famous for its product PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotic Supplement, a fast-acting and natural supplement to support healthy gut function and a more muscular immune system.

TeraGanix Review: TeraGanix PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotic Supplement Review

The PRO EM-1 Probiotic is a liquid supplement that regulates and detoxifies your digestive system, increases the number of good bacteria in your gut, and improves your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and antioxidants.

This Probiotic supplement contains a blend of 6 million live probiotics formulated by Dr. Teruo Higa- which effectively targets digestive issues.

The gut quickly absorbs the live microbes in PRO EM-1 Probiotics, thereby increasing the speed at which food moves through the digestive tract. As a result, it improves bowel regularity and increases the consistency of the stool, making it less painful to pass.

You should take one tablespoon daily (15ml) with your favorite beverage. This supplement has a mild flavor, is gluten & lactose-free, organic, and USDA Certified. For the solution to your digestive problems, this PRO EM-1 Probiotic catches it all for $44.70.

TeraGanix Pros & Cons

To be a wise shopper, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the product you are buying is essential. Hence, this section is where you can find the pros and cons of TeraGanix.


  • CDFA
  • OMRI Listing Certifications
  • BioPreferred
  • USDA Certificates
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Greener Future


  • Not provide international shipping

Who Is TeraGanix For?

TeraGanix is for those of you who want to get soil with enough nutrients to help increase the efficiency of plant nutrient absorption and fertilizer availability for plants in an easy yet effective way.

TeraGanix Review: Who Is TeraGanix For?

Using the Nitrogen Reduction Protocol, TeraGanix products can reduce the amount of nitrogen lost by accelerating the urease process through Nitrogen fermentation with probiotic microorganisms.

Using this new protocol, nitrogen fertilizer usage can be reduced by up to 50% and maintain the same level of crop productivity.

TeraGanix Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a well-known product since 2014, you might be curious what other customers think to find out what makes this brand so special. Thus, we explored the brand’s official website to give you some customer opinions about the product.

TeraGanix Review: TeraGanix Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This TeraGanix review found that the brand has over 100 5-star reviews, and has an average of 4.7/5 star reviews out of all product reviews.

Furthermore, on the official website, we found EM-1 Soil Conditioner Microbial Inoculant has an average of 4.8/5 stars out of 279 reviews. One customer liked this product because it creates good soil for plants to thrive. One reviewer commented:

Love this product! As said in previous reviews, a great addition to any living soil growers. I’ve personally had great success using 1oz per 1 gallon in my SIP reservoirs once a week.

The Essential Bokashi Compost Starter Kit has 6 reviews with a 4.7/5 star rating. Another customer wrote enthusiastically about the product:

I like the size- it’s big but not too big. It holds lots of scraps and I’ve drained the liquid once so far. I diluted it with water and fed some plants on my deck. I think I read it takes’s 2-3 months before I can compost the compost!

The PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotic Supplement has 132 reviews with a 4.8/5 star rating. One happy buyer said:

I feel healthy, my tummy is real happy and my body is functioning well. I love the flavor and have an EM-1 cocktail every night. Knowing my intestinal health is being well supported gives me hope for a bright future.

From the reviews above, we can conclude that these products work as claimed. Also, we hardly found any dissatisfied customers with the brand’s products, thus we can say they are safe, effective, and worth buying.

Is TeraGanix Worth It?

OMRI-registered, certified under the USDA National Organic Program, and having over 100 5-star reviews, there is nothing we can say other than this brand is worth it.

TeraGanix Review: Is TeraGanix Worth It?

With so many positive customer reviews of the brand’s best-selling products, it’s enough to prove that the brand’s products work as claimed and are effective in making plants thrive well. Also, with a return policy within 30 days of purchase, it should not make you hesitate to invest in this brand.

How To Contact TeraGanix

Tera Ganix has customer advocates ready to answer any questions from both customers and potential customers. You can get in touch with the brand through 3 methods as follows:

  • Live Chat: by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the page
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call: +1 866-369-3678 (within the USA) // +1 888-247-1625 (Canada)

Note that the customer advocate will respond to your email within 1 business day. Meanwhile, live chat and call services are available from 9 am-5 pm CST from Monday-Friday.

Furthermore, you can also submit your questions or complaints through the form available on the contact page on the brand’s official website.

Texas Office 1975
County Road 1605
TX 75785

TeraGanix Shipping Policy

Currently, the company only ships products within the United States and Canada. The company uses common carrier shipping (FedEx, UPS, or USPS), which usually takes about 7-10 business days.

Business days are Monday-Friday and exclude US holidays. Transit time does not include order processing days. In addition, those of you who live in the country of Hawaii can contact EMHawaii.com. If you are in other countries, please visit EMROJapan.com and find a local distributor.

TeraGanix Return Policy

Aiming to make consumers satisfied with the products they get, the company has a Return Policy that you must adhere to.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from TeraGanix, you can return your item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

To be able to request a product return, you can contact customer service via chat, email, or phone using the details below to request a refund.

Refunds for defective products will only be given if you notify the company within 48 hours of delivery of the product. Hence, the company will file a claim against the shipping provider.

Once the company processes your refund, it will credit your original payment method. Depending on your financial institution, you may wait an additional 2-10 business days for the refund credit to be sent to your bank or credit card account.

Where to buy TeraGanix?

For more detailed information about the product, you are suggested to shop for the product through the brand’s official website. Also, you can find various promos and attractive offers to save on your purchase.

TeraGanix Coupon Codes & Promos

TeraGanix provides you with many promotions and deals to make you happy with your purchase. In writing this review, some of the offers we found include the following:

  • By joining as a member, you’ll get the chance to unlock more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is all your access to exclusive rewards.
  • Earn more Tera Points for various actions, and turn those Tera Points into amazing rewards!
  • Give your friends a gift and claim your reward when they make a purchase. Each will get a $10.00 discount coupon.
  • Enjoy Free Shipping for USA orders.
  • Enjoy 15% OFF + Free Shipping during the holidays

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TeraGanix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TeraGanix reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is TeraGanix Based?

TeraGanix is based in Texas, USA. 

Does TeraGanix provide International Shipping?

Currently, the company only ships products within the United States and Canada. However, if you are based in Hawaii, you can get the products on EMHawaii.com.

Also, if you are in other countries, you can visit EMROJapan.com and find a local distributor.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TeraGanix Reviews & Ratings

Planting can be a challenging activity at times. In order to make your plants grow well and bear fruit at the right time, you need to make sure they get the right nutrients and soil conditions.

At TeraGanix, you can get everything you need to support your plants. Better yet, this brand is USDA National Organic Program Certified, so there is no reason to hesitate to invest in this brand.


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