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About TempraMed

For those struggling with diabetes, you must know how vital it’s to bring insulin injections. Without these injectable medications, it would be hard to do activity traveling. But it’s very prone to extreme weather and, if exposed, can be harmful. So while on the search, we came across to TempraMed!

TempraMed Review: About TempraMed
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This brand offers injectable medication cooler cases to maintain its condition of it. It has two cases of EpiPen and an insulin pen. The design is very portable and hassle-free that fits your pocket, and needs no ice packs.

In addition, it’s pretty popular in several parts of the world among people with the same issues. As a result, it obtains over 3.1K followers on Facebook and 3.2K on Instagram. Not stopping there, its highly solutive product also features Diabetes Daily, JDRF, DiabeteStrong, and Healthline.

With that being said, is its products protect your life-saving medication? Thus, our TempraMed review will dig deeper into the company profile, testimonials, and other details to seek its true self!

Overview Of TempraMed

TempraMed Inc was founded in 2014 by Ron Nagar, the CEO, and Elina Nagar, the co-founder and COO. The leading company was in Israel, headquartered in Sammamish, Washington, United States.

This company provides last-mile control and management solutions to maintain temperature-sensitive medication. Therefore, patients can bring their medications anywhere and keep them safe.

The brand keeps growing and develops a clinically proven product to guarantee the effectivity. In addition, this brand has reached the international market, such as US, Uruguay, German, UK. Cyprus, Poland, China, and others.

TempraMed Review

TempraMed is well known for its VIVI Cap Insulin Cooler, an insulin case. Aside from that, it also offers the VIVI Epi, that’s an EpiPen Temperature Shield. So currently it has only two kinds of products, but it has some future developments.

TempraMed Reviews: TempraMed Review

Coming Soon Items

  • VIVI Box: Multiple Injector Storage and Protection
  • VIVI Cap Smart: Connected Insulin Storage & Protection
  • VIVI Cool 8C: Drug Storage And Protection
  • VIVI Vial: Vial Storage and Protection
  • VIVI Vial 8C: Vial Temperature Maintenance

Because this brand still only has two products, so let’s break it down deeper in the TempraMed review section below!

TempraMed VIVI Cap Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case Reviews

Meet the TempraMed main product, the VIVI Cap Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case! This product is designed to keep your insulin pen safe everywhere, even in extreme cold or heat.

TempraMed Review: TempraMed VIVI Cap Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case Reviews

The carrying case features patented technology to keep the insulin safe and stable in all climates and temperatures. Subsequently, a scientific trial has passed to compare the Vivi cap and other products. As a result, the product was to be superior in stabilizing the insulin aspart during extreme temperatures.

In addition, it’s also straightforward o use to maintain insulin efficacy in daily life conditions. Unlike the cool insulin pack for travel, you don’t have to use an ice pack thanks to the patented technology. Just simply put the pen inside, and it’ll keep it safe.

Plus, the TempraMed insulin pen protection works with multiple kinds of insulin pens and is interchangeable among pens. In addition, we love the small, lightweight design that ensures you can bring it during travel or other activities. Lastly, the price is $149, but you can save 20% by purchasing 2 items!


  • FSA and HSA-Approved
  • No need for refrigeration, ice, or cooling packs
  • No maintenance needed
  • No charging
  • Last for years
  • Protect against the cold, heat, direct sunlight, and heat

TempraMed VIVI Epi EpiPen Temperature Shield Reviews

Epinephrine pen auto-injector is very sensitive to light and extreme conditions. If exposed, the drug will lose its potency and cause anaphylaxis. The TempraMed VIVI Epi is a temperature shield that keeps your EpiPen at the right temperature.

TempraMed Review: TempraMed VIVI Epi EpiPen Temperature Shield Reviews

This product features super insolation and self-activated heat absorption to maintain the temperature. However, the built-in temperature sensor will help you to monitor the temperature changes.

The full-covered design also provides impeccable protection against the light that can damage the epinephrine. The EpiPen carrying case also uses patented technology developed for space and has already passed clinically validated scientific trials.

Overall this Vivi Epi will safely protect the EpiPen anywhere you go. Instead of bringing the hassle of cooling packs, this compact design is a great alternative. So, to prevent a life-threatening condition, you should keep your EpiPen safe with the carrying case for $199!


  • Doesn’t require charging
  • No need for ice, cooling packs, or refrigeration
  • Ready to go
  • Last for years
  • Protection against direct light, extreme temperatures, and breakages

TempraMed Pros And Cons

Indeed, this brand seems impeccable, but we found both flaws and excess. So here are TempraMed’s pros and cons that you should consider.


  • Portable, convenient, and compact design
  • FDA-registered, CE-certified, and TSA approved
  • Last for years
  • No ice and charging
  • Free shipping
  • 2-year warranty¬†
  • 30-day return policy
  • The major testimonials are positive


  • Customers stated that it makes the insulin supplies bag bulkier

Who is TempraMed For?

TempraMed is a brand dedicated to those looking for portable injectable medication cooling cases. Since it still has only two products, it’s only available for diabetes patients and those with conditions that need epinephrine pen injections. But it’ll expand the collection in the future.

Aside from that, we think that the VIVI Cap is great as an insulin cold pack alternative. It’s caused by the convenient and more portable design for traveling. So, its cooling case help to enjoy the outdoors and other activities without worrying about the quality of your medication.

TempraMed Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When writing about this, we found that it has an impressive average rating of 4.8/5 based on 178 reviews on Trustpilot. These numbers are pretty remarkable since nearly all the customers leave perfect ratings. So now let’s see the TempraMed reviews from the customers to see how their experience:

TempraMed Review: TempraMed Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I bought the EpiPen device. It is slim, easy to use, and such a wonderful idea to protect this life-saving medicine at the proper temperature!! I trust this item so much I became a company’s ambassador!

Another customer also has a positive report in Vivi Cap insulin reviews:

Does not wet items in my bag! Moreover, the Vivi cap is incredible because of the other ways. I have been keeping my insulin cool by using ice packs or moist packs, often getting different items in my travel bag wet, damped, or soaked. No water is involved here, and that is terrific!

Aside from the glowing reviews, we found several numbers of complaints. Here’s one of them:

I love this item, but it does add a bulky size to the already cumbersome diabetic supplies insulin wallet. However, it does a splendid job keeping the insulin cool and safe!

Almost all of the customers said about how the cooling case works as what the company claims. For example, the product can maintain the temperature conveniently without using ice packs.

Besides, some customers report about the compactness and easiness. However, the size review is pretty mixed since other customers said the case adds bulky to the insulin bag.

Is TempraMed Worth It?

Purchasing TempraMed medication cases are very worth investing in. Its products are highly helpful in maintaining the medication quality against the temperature and the lights. So, in a life-threatening condition, you can believe the medication is safe to use and won’t damage.

TempraMed Review: Is TempraMed Worth It?

Aside from that, reviews from customers all around the world have shared their positive experiences. Moreover, many science journals have proven the quality of this product, which is FDA-registered and CE certified.

TempraMed Shipping Policy

TempraMed is available for shipping within the US from ith local Texas warehouse. Moreover, this brand has fast and free shipping on all US orders. However, after placing the orders, it usually takes 1-3 business days to process.

Once the products are shipped, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the tracking number. Then, the products will arrive within approximately 3-5 business days, but it may take longer due to unpredictable conditions.

TempraMed Return Policy

TempraMed offers a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, which means you can file for a return within 30 days of product arrival. This return only applies to products in the same condition, unworn with tags, and in original condition.

After the product arrives and is inspected, you’ll be notified about the approval or rejections. Then, the refund will be automatically reimbursed to the original payment method. Thus, to start the return, you should contact the customer service team and provide proof of purchase or receipt.

How To Contact TempraMed

Need more information or help? Then contact TempraMed customer service during the business hour of 8 am-5 pm ET, Monday-Friday, via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 (800) 871-9923
  • Live Chat: Lower left on the website
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @tempramed
  • Address: TempraMed Inc. 19481 SE 14th St. Sammamish, WA 98075 USA

Where to buy TempraMed?

This brand officially offers its authentic products on the official website at tempramed.com. It’s also available on Amazon, Instacart, and other online shopping platforms.

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TempraMed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TempraMed reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How does the Vivi Cap work?

Vivi Cap is a product that works using the patented special insulation of self-generating heat-absorbing material dn control electronic. Additionally, how to use Vivi Cap is also pretty easy that can be done in minutes. Visit the website to find the Vivi cap instructions manual or video.

How long does a Vivi Cap last?

Vivi cap is designed to last for years until it wears off or breaks. In addition, it uses no ice or charges, so there’s no time limitation in usage.

Who makes Vivi Cap?

The Vivi Cap 1 is a reusable insulin pen cap manufactured by TempraMed.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TempraMed Reviews & Ratings

Keeping your insulin pen or injectable medication from extreme temperatures and sunlight exposure is important. Our review discovers that TempraMed is a worthy brand to say bye to the hassle insulin cooler.

In addition, with sophisticated patented technology, its product is extremely convenient and compact. So you can worry-free do your outdoor activity without worrying about damaged medication in life-threatening conditions. Thus, visit TempraMed to get carrying cases that you can depend on!


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