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Is your room cramped with all the stuff you have? Planning to reduce some stuff to make your room more spacious? If so, TAXIBOX comes as a solution to your problem.


Who are they? They are an innovative Australian brand that offers self-storage for people with space issues who wish to store some of their stuff temporarily.

This brand is also one of the most well-known self-storage service providers in Australia. Currently, there are over 9.5k people who follow the brand on social media, which will grow once you hit the follow button on their Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re curious about this brand and want to get more information about them, then you have come to the right place in this TAXIBOX review. Here, we’ll take you through the brand’s founder, storage services offered, customer testimonials, and more. So, let’s get started!

Overview of TAXIBOX

Founded by Ben Cohn and Jeremy Rosen in 2010, TAXIBOX has now become one of the most trusted brands for everyone living in Australia. That’s evident by how thousands of people have been helped by the self-storage services the brand offers.

Yep, that’s right. This brand offers self-storage services that can solve all your problems regarding stuff and space. Not only that, but you can also use the brand’s self-storage services to store some of your belongings due to moving, home renovations, or events.

Whatever your problem with storing stuff, TAXIBOX will help you deal with it. With each box measuring 2.4m long x 1.5m wide x 2.2m high, this size is enough to accommodate regular household items as well as other heavy items.

In addition to large boxes, the brand also offers easy ordering. There is no need to book a van or truck, as your self-storage box will be delivered directly by this brand to your doorstep.

Moreover, the brand has also been incorporated in various organizations such as the Self Storage Association of Australasia, Australian Owned, and Order of Storage Keepers. With this, you can safely enjoy the services provided by this brand.

The above is a glimpse into the brand. Now let’s get to know the pros and cons of TAXIBOX through the bullet points below.


  • Provides exceptional and accessible storage services
  • Offering three self-storage options that cater to all customer needs
  • Safe and secure storage facility
  • You can easily pack and load your own belongings
  • The storage boxes are made of durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof materials
  • Storage boxes come in a large size to store mattresses, sofas, cabinets, and other heavy items
  • 7 days cancellation policy for local deliveries and 10 days cancellation policy for interstate deliveries
  • Excellent customer services
  • Many customers are satisfied with the quality provided by this brand


  • Movers and removalists cost extra


TAXIBOX offers three kinds of self-storage services that you can choose from depending on your needs, specifically Mobile Self-Storage, On-Site Storage, and Cool Storage.


Apart from that, the brand also provides a wide range of packing supplies to help you with your storing process. You can order boxes, padlocks, moving blankets, bubble wrap, mattress covers, tape, box knives, and cables from this brand if you need them.

Anyway, in this review, we’ll be looking at three types of self-storage services that this brand offers.

TAXIBOX Review: The Three Best Self-Storage Services

  • Mobile Self-Storage
  • On-Site Storage
  • Cool Storage

Without further ado, let’s break down these three services!

TAXIBOX Mobile Self-Storage Reviews

The first one is TAXIBOX Mobile Self-Storage, a storage suitable for those who wish to temporarily store their belongings due to moving locally, moving interstate, or traveling overseas. This mobile self-storage box is made of tough, secure, and durable materials that are also weatherproof, ensuring your items are stored safely.

TAXIBOX Review: TAXIBOX Mobile Self-Storage Reviews

With mobile self-storage, you can choose to temporarily store your boxes at the brand’s storage facility or move them to your new home address. It all depends on your needs.

If you plan to store your stuff at the brand’s storage facility temporarily, you’ll need to choose how long you want to keep it. The brand offers three plans: 0-3 months, 4-12 months, and 12+ months.

On the other hand, if you want to use mobile self-storage for the purpose of moving your stuff to your new home address, then you just need to fill in where your new home address. After filling it in, your items will be delivered there as soon as possible.

So what about the price? The price you’ll have to pay for mobile self-storage depends on whether you choose to store it at the brand’s storage facility or move it to your new home address.

If you choose to store your belongings at the storage facility, then you’ll have to cost $129$149, depending on your location.

In contrast, when you choose the brand’s services to send your items to your new address, the price you have to pay depends on the distance between your current home address and your new home address.

How Does Mobile Self-Storage Work

We Deliver: Order a mobile self-storage service, and the brand will deliver the box right to your doorstep.
You Pack: Once it arrives, start to pack and load your items into the box and let the crew from TAXIBOX help you.
We Store: Upon completion, the brand will store your belongings at their storage facility for the time you decide.

TAXIBOX On-Site Storage Reviews

Are you renovating or remodelling your home and need a place to store your belongings? If so, this TAXIBOX On-Site Storage is the ideal choice for you. Made from industrial quality materials wrapped in a rock-solid steel structure, ensuring it is resistant to all kinds of weather.

TAXIBOX Review: TAXIBOX On-Site Storage Reviews

With this on-site storage, you can choose how long you want to use it to store your belongings. There are three options, 0-3 months, 4-12 months, and 12+ months, each priced differently depending on where you live, ranging from $149$169.

How Does On-Site Storage Work

We Deliver: Order an on-site storage service, and the brand will deliver the box right to your doorstep, wherever you live.
You Pack: Once it arrives, start to pack, lock, and store the box wherever you want to keep it in your home.
We Collect: Once your business is done, TAXIBOX will collect the empty box at your home.

TAXIBOX Cool Storage Reviews

The third is the TAXIBOX Cool Storage, a great choice for those of you who need storage to keep your various items cool to fulfill various events such as parties, weddings, catering, and restaurants.

TAXIBOX Review: TAXIBOX Cool Storage Reviews

This cool storage is equipped with a high-end digital cooling system that can maximally cool your items for your event needs. With this cooling system, you can also adjust the temperature to 0 degrees Celsius.

So how long can you hire this cool storage box? Well, this brand offers three options for those of you who want to use this cool storage; 0-3 days, 3-7 days, and 1+ months. The prices of these three options also vary, 0-3 days is priced at $449, and 3-7 days is quoted at $599. As for 1+ month, you need to prepare a cost of around $849.

How Does Cool Storage Work

We Deliver: Order a cool storage service, and the brand will deliver the box right to your doorstep, wherever you live.
You Pack: Once it arrives, start to pack, lock, store the box, and enjoy your items staying cool until your event starts.
We Collect: Once your event is done, TAXIBOX will collect the empty box at your home.

Who is TAXIBOX For?

As a brand that offers storage services, TAXIBOX is definitely for people who want to store their stuff for their own reasons.

TAXIBOX Review: Who is TAXIBOX For?

Whether you want to store your stuff because you’re moving house, or you’re in the middle of a home renovation and need to store some of your stuff, or even because you need storage for an event that you’re holding, TAXIBOX is designed for those who have these kinds of needs.

Not only that, but the storage services offered by this brand are also perfect for commercial use, be it construction, insurance, hospitality, education, and many more.

All in all, whoever you are who needs a storage space for your belongings with your own purpose, this brand is made for you. If you are one of these people and want to use the services of this brand, then you can directly head over to the official website to order self-storage.

TAXIBOX Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The quality of self-storage services offered by this brand is indeed no mere talk. That’s quite proven by how the brand has gotten excellent ratings on two review websites, Trustpilot and Product Review.

TAXIBOX Review: TAXIBOX Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On Trustpilot, the brand is rated 4.8/5 stars out of 2077 reviews. While on Product Review, 1085 customers gave the same rating of 4.8/5 stars for this brand.

But we’re not just going to show you the rating that this brand has earned. Here, we’ve also summarized some customer testimonials that we gathered from its official website. Without further ado, let’s start with the first customer testimonial.

TAXIBOX customer service team has been absolutely wonderful! They are willing to go out of their way to help you out. It also has easy access to your storage and on-time shipping service.

In this first testimonial, a customer expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding service quality provided by this brand. He liked how the brand’s customer service team helped him to ease his storage process.

Another customer also said the same thing.

Superb service, easy access and altogether a highly delightful experience. I would use it again if needed!

In his testimonial, this customer stated how the brand has excellent service quality that gave him a pleasant experience. At the end of his statement, he said that he would use TAXIBOX again as a form of his satisfaction with this brand.

On the other hand, there was also a customer who was satisfied with how easy to use he got from this brand.

It is simple to work with, easy to use, and highly efficient for managing my things while moving house during a hectic time.

According to her, the self-storage offered by this brand is super easy to use and highly efficient in keeping her things safe during her hectic time.

Based on the three testimonials above, this TAXIBOX review concludes that this brand has exceptional service quality from their customer service team. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by this brand in helping them pack and store their belongings.


As a brand that is incorporated with organizations such as the Self Storage Association of Australasia, Australian Owned, and Order of Storage Keepers, it can be assured that this brand is legit.


With this brand, you just have to relish how they will keep all your belongings well and safely in self-storage. You don’t have to worry about scams, fraud, or other digital crimes.

Is TAXIBOX Worth It?

After understanding the quality of each self-storage box offered by this brand and the satisfied customer reviews, this TAXIBOX review agrees to state that this brand is worth it. With this brand, you get endless convenience in storing, delivering, and moving household items and other heavy items in a self-storage box.

TAXIBOX Review: Is TAXIBOX Worth It?

Whatever your storage needs are, whether for moving, home renovation, an important event, or to reduce some items in your home, TAXIBOX can fulfill them all.

TAXIBOX Cancellation Policy

In case certain things happen when you order self-storage from this brand, you don’t have to worry about it because you have the option to cancel. According to TAXIBOX’s cancellation policy, the brand offers two different policies for local delivery and interstate delivery.

For local deliveries, you have 7 days before your self-storage is delivered to your address to request a cancellation. As for interstate deliveries, you have 10 days to make a cancellation.

However, if you make a cancellation beyond the specified time, you may have to forfeit a few percents of the booking fee you have made.

How To Contact TAXIBOX

Customer satisfaction is what Taxibox prioritizes. So, if you have any queries about this service company, you can ask them straight to their customer service team by contacting the phone numbers below.


  • Phone Number: 1300 87-60-87


  • Phone Number: 03 9012-0155
  • Location: Braeside, Reservoir, and Derrimut


  • Phone Number: 02 8090-0340
  • Location: Erskineville and Greenacre

Brisbane and Gold Coast

  • Phone Number: 07 3056-1841
  • Location: Banyo and Ormeau


  • Phone Number: 08 8317-5400
  • Location: Beverley


  • Phone Number: 1300 87-60-87
  • Location: Canning Vale

Alternatively, you can also ask your questions by filling out the form provided by the brand. Here, you only need to fill in your full name, email address, phone number, city, and message.


While compiling this review, we found that some internet users were looking for information on the comparison between TAXIBOX and PODS. To make it easier for you to get information about this, we have summarized the comparison of these two brands.

Image 1: TAXIBOX
Image 2: PODS


  • Offers a modular approach that allows you to order two storage boxes if you are unsure how many boxes you need.
  • Gives customers the possibility to store two different items. For example, a lawnmower and a mattress
  • Can reach wherever your location is because the boxes have a smaller size
  • Allows you to load your items right at your home


  • Does not offer a modular approach
  • Does not provide the option for you to store two items differently
  • Allows you to load your items directly at your home

Where to buy TAXIBOX?

As a service company, you only can order the service from Taxibox straight to the official website.

TAXIBOX Coupon Codes & Promos

Good news for you. Apart from providing outstanding services, the brand also offers discounts and promos that you can use to save money. We have summarized some of them for you. Check them out!

  • Get competitive rates on 0-3 months plans on mobile self-storage and on-site storage
  • Enjoy free delivery and reduced delivery fee for 4-12 months on mobile self-storage and on-site storage plans
  • Take advantage of 2 months free coupled with free delivery and free re-delivery for booking 12 months of plans in mobile self-storage and on-site storage.

Still not enough? If so, you can get TAXIBOX coupon codes by clicking the button below.

Reveal all coupons

TAXIBOX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for TAXIBOX reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Taxibox?

This brand was founded by Ben Cohn and Jeremy Rosen.

How much weight can a Taxibox hold?

A single Taxibox can hold up to 1 tonne of weight.

Does TAXIBOX offer interstate shipping?

Yep, the brand accepts interstate delivery in states such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

Does TAXIBOX have a removalist service?

Fortunately, the brand also offers a removalist service for those who need it. If you need this service, then you just need to send your request. After that, the removalist team will come to your home to help move your belongings to the self-storage box.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of TAXIBOX Reviews & Ratings

At the end of this review, we’ll simply say that if you are confused about where to store your belongings temporarily, then you have no excuse but to use the services from TAXIBOX. With this brand, you can seamlessly store, move, and even ship your belongings to any state in Australia.

The self-storage services offered by this brand have really helped many Australians. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the outstanding service quality provided by this brand, helping them with all their storage and moving matters.


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